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Conjurer. Sorcerer, wizard, shaman, charmer, diviner, enchanter. Magic. Charm. Sorcery, incantation, hex, spell, witchcraft.
Previous, previously, prevision, prey, prey on, price, price tag, priced, priceless, prick, prickle, prickly, pride, priest, priesthood, priestly, prig, priggish, prim, primacy, primarily, primary, primate, prime.
Female ruler. Czarina, queen, maharini, emperor's wife, ruler, monarch, sovereign.
Title. Eminence, highness, sire, lord, king, queen, majesty.
Heeded, heedful, heedfulness, heedless, heel, hefty, hegemony, hegira, height, heighten, heightening, heinous, heir, heirloom, held, held up, helical, helix, hell, hellish, helmsman, help, help out, helper.
Paramour, boyfriend, addict, mistress. Admirer, sweetheart, boyfriend, man, master, gigolo. Beau, steady, sweetheart. Fan, buff, follower, devotee. Paramour, girlfriend, woman, gold digger. Love. Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.
Chaplain, chapter, char, character, characteristic, characteristic weather, characteristically, characterize, charade, charge, charge with electricity, chargeable, charged, charger, charisma, charitable, charity, charity ball, charlatan, charlatanism, charm, charmed, charmer, charming.
Energy, efficacy, intensity. Power, vigor, force, might, potency, health, capacity. Cogency, effectiveness, potency, soundness, validity. Depth, concentration, brightness, pungency, loudness, fervor.
Solitary. Recluse.
Treasure, possessions, luck. Bomb, capital, bundle, gold, mint, packet. Inheritance, estate, wealth. Fate, lot, windfall, fluke, portion.
Rectitude. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, right, equity.
Dangle, execute, decorate, cling, hesitate, hover, impend. Hook, suspend, attach. Lynch. Adorn, drape, furnish. Adhere, depend, rely, rest. Demur, halt, waver. Float, linger, poise, loiter. Be imminent.
Demise, stop. Doom, rest, decease, dying, curtains, fate, expiration. Destruction, cessation, end, finale.
Reserve. Control, restraint, constraint, abstinence, humility, modesty.
Satan, villain. Beelzebub, fiend, Lucifer, serpent. Renegade, dastard.
Tall structure. Minaret.
Celestial body, conventional figure, famous person. Celebrity, headliner, superstar, luminary.
Planet. Earth, orb, globe.
Sol, sunlight, bask. Luminary, orb. Sunshine.
Estimate. Calculation, appraisal, computation, appraisement, estimation, assessment, opinion.
Earth, realm. Globe, orb, planet, biosphere. Sphere, domain, circle, kingdom, province, environment.
Dunce, clown, moron, cheat, dawdle. Blockhead, ass, booby, butt, dolt, idiot, ignoramus. Buffoon, cretin, drool, harlequin, jester, zany. Idiot, imbecile, stupid person, wag, jerk, twerp. Mislead, con, cozen, deceive, delude, dupe. Dally, idle, jest, joke, loiter, play, tarry.