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Universal Surveillance

Deviation, abnormality, delirium. Frenzy, departure, divergence, straying, wandering, rambling. Irregularity, anomaly, curiosity, eccentricity, oddity, peculiarity, uniqueness. Delusion, derangement, hallucination, illusion, insanity.
Preoccupation. Reverie, rumination, musing, cogitation, abstraction.
Increase, speed. Intensifying, swelling, enlargement, inflation, rise, augmentation, addition. Precipitate, advance, dispatch, expedite, hasten, hurry, quicken.
Colorless. Pale, neutral, uncolored, bleached, transparent, white.
Atmosphere, wind, publication, attitude, melody, ventilate, broadcast. Medium, stratosphere, ether, sky. Puff, breath, draft, breeze, zephyr, ventilation. Circulation, dissemination, disclosure, publicity. Look, demeanor, appearance, manner, affection, aspect, behavior. Tune, song, strain, aria. Fan, vent, purify, freshen. Report, display, expose, televise, publish, tell, disclose.
With angles, bony, awkward. Jagged, angled, pointed, forked. Lank, lean, gaunt, skinny, spare, gangling. Ungainly, stiff, unbending.
Hole. Opening, break, breach, crack, chasm, tear, cleft.
Peak. Pinnacle, crest, top, acme, summit, vertex, zenith.
Primeval. Prehistoric, early, high, polar, remote, antediluvian, northerly.
Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.
Particle of matter, fragment. Molecule, proton, electron, nucleus, iota. Bit, particle, mite, whit, mote, dot.
Luminous radiance. Radiance, crown of light, corona, halo, nimbus.

Glimpse, wink, flicker, flinch. Glance, peek, flash, peep, sight, twinkle, wink. Squint, flicker, flutter, nictitate, twinkle. Glint, glimmer, twinkle, gleam, sparkle. Wince, recoil.

Calamity. Destruction, catastrophe, disaster, worst, misfortune.
Heavenly, astronomical. Divine, angelic, holy, godly, hallowed, ethereal. Planetary, astral.
Metal links, sequence, attach, shackle. Padlock, cable, restraint, bond. Progression, succession, series, continuity, string, connection, train. Connect, bind, fasten, hold, lash, secure, wrap. Restrain, bind, fetter, handcuff, hold, tie up, imprison.
Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, alkaline.
Timepiece, measure time. Watch, timer. Time, measure.
Bunch, small crowd, assemble. Clump, batch, group, knot, bundle, tuft. Concentration, following, group, assemblage, pack, mob, throng. Gather, collect, group, aggregate, congregate, convene.
Live coal. Torch, ember, brand, spark.
Coloration, pigment, outward appearance, tinge, blush, misrepresent. Hue, tint, cast, intensity, shade, brilliance, tone. Dye, stain, tincture, tint. Pretense, guise, deception, disguise, semblance. Dye, paint, tint, imbue, stain, stipple, daub. Flush, redden, bloom, glow. Distort, slant, twist, disguise, corrupt, pervert, deceive.
Connection, coincidence, part of speech. Unification, incorporation, association, union, combination, consolidation, conglomeration. Accord, agreement, coming together, parallelism. But, neither, although, and, for.
Configuration. Disposition, arrangement, pattern, formation, shape, order.
Luminous radiance. Radiance, crown of light, halo, aurora, nimbus.
Vast. Universal, grandiose.
Valley. Abyss, gulf, pit, shaft, well, depth, chasm.
Arch. Bend, round, hunch, camber, extend, stretch.

Appointment, period of time, see, register. Tryst, engagement, assignation, rendezvous, interview, call, visit. Epoch, period, era, day, term, course, spell. Escort. Appoint, determine, measure, mark.
Period of time. Epoch, period, era, date, term, course, spell.
Dawn. Daybreak, light, illumination, radiance.
Period of time. Epoch, period, era, date, term, course, spell.
Deviation, slope, decrease, refuse, descend, abase, weaken. Variance, departure. Descent, pitch, declivity, dip, hill, incline. Decay, dissolution, degradation, degeneration, ebb, deterioration, failure. Repel, avoid, desist, disapprove, deny, dismiss. Dip, sag, droop, set, incline, settle. Condescend, debase, lower oneself, stoop. Die, cheapen, decay, dwindle, worsen, degenerate, fade.
Corrupt, worsen, make, produce. Depraved, wicked, immoral. Decay, lessen, decrease, fall off. Create, originate, procreate, produce, sire, spawn, parent. Breed, engender, cause, hatch, induce, provoke.
Distance. Stretch, extent, span, reach, range, measure, length.
Immersion, swim, drop, immerse, drop, scoop. Plunge, soaking. Plunge, bath, dive. Sag, slip, decline. Submerge, baptize, dive, slosh, douse, duck, steep. Set, decline, slope, subside, recede, incline, slip. Ladle, spoon, lade, bale.
Destruction. Defeat, demolition, overthrow, rout, ruin.
Length, way, outskirts. Reach, stretch, span, range, compass. Hinterland, background, outpost, horizon, objective.
Twice as much, stand in, make twice as much, substitute. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, twin. Clone, counterpart, duplicate, twin, mate, match. Duplicate, increase, grow. Stand in, fill in for.
Dirt, sprinkle, clean house. Ashes, grime, powder. Sift, powder, scatter, spread, shake. Polish, clean, wipe, scrub, mop, sweep.
Small, midget, runt, stunt. Diminutive, dwarfed, Lilliputian, little, stunted, tiny, undersized. Gnome, homunculus, Lilliputian, manikin, pygmy. Peewee. Retard, hinder.
Active. Energetic, vital, vivid, live, vigorous.

World, soil. Sphere, globe, creation, planet, orb, universe, star. Nature, dust, dirt, mud, dry land, ground, clay.
Trembler. Quake, upheaval, shake, shock.
Quaint, original. Queer, odd, strange, droll, erratic, outlandish. Case, character, duck, oddball, oddity, quiz, spook.
Shade. Adumbration, silhouette, shadow, darkness.
Effectual, in force, consequence, efficacy, accomplishment, significance, bring about, achieve. Energetic, potent, capable, sufficient, lively, telling, competent. Prevailing, active, sovereign, standing, operative. Purpose, conclusion, end, aftermath, issue, outcome. Force, power, validity, weight. Execution, fulfillment, operation. Import, intent, meaning, purport, signification, tenor. Execute, cause, exercise, do, induce, make. Fulfill, conclude, complete, accomplish, realize, consummate.
Particle in an atom. Atom, neutron, proton, particle.
Component, basics, milieu. Member, matter, portion, factor, substance, constituent, particle. Basis, principle, rudiments. Environment, habitat, medium.
Circle. Circumvent, ring, circuit, apogee, round, orbit.
Activity, intensity. Nerve, verve, animation, hardihood, dash, dynamism. Violence, travail, efficacy, force, might, power, strength.
Liken, equalize. Assimilate, compare, match, paragon, parallel.
Equilibrium. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, balance.
Match. Equal, peer, counterpart, mate, analogue, approximation.
Flight, exit, flee, avoid. Retreat, breakout, release, evasion, leave, escaping, hegira. Hatch, vent. Abscond, break, decamp, fly, run away. Elude, evade, shun.
Atmosphere. Medium, stratosphere, air, sky.
Progress. Outgrowth, elaboration, gain, development, expansion, rise.
Arouse, agitate. Inspire, animate, move, electrify, charge, thrill, awaken. Perturb, bother, ruffle, discompose, chafe, fluster, disturb.
Development. Growth, increase, augmentation.
Organ of sight, observation, core, stare. Attention, perception, appreciation, discrimination, taste, judgment. Center, middle, focus, crux, midpoint, hub, heart. Glance, look at, look over, blink, view.

Spider web. Web, cobweb, gossamer, net, fiber.
Strain, seep. Distill, purify, sift, filtrate, refine, sieve, separate. Trickle, infiltrate, penetrate, permeate, percolate.
Pyrotechnic device, shine. Torch, beacon. Glare, flash, blaze, glow.
Flight, insect, soar, glide, flee, navigate. Soaring. Gnat. Flap, fleet, flit, sail, flutter, sweep, hover. Pass, slip, elapse. Rush, dart, retreat, escape. Pilot, operate, jet, take off, maneuver, control.
Point, point of convergence, converge, adjust lens. Nucleus, axis, center, hub, focus, pivot, heart. Focal point, center, locus. Convene, concentrate, center, emphasize, attract.
Radio waves, relative numbers. Pulse, periodicity, cycle, oscillation. Number, occurrence, recurrence, regularity, reiteration, rotation, ratio.
Rubbing, lack of harmony. Abrasion, rasping, resistance, attrition, wearing away, chafing. Conflict, disagreement, irritation, dissension, strife, agitation, discord.

Universe. Cosmos.
Evaporating quickly. Vaporous, expansive, explosive, effervescent, volatile.
Large. Immense, big, huge, gigantic, broad, tremendous, vast.
Air bubble. Foam, bubble, sac, balloon, froth, lather.
Seed of cereal, minute particle, fiber. Corn, oats, wheat. Particle, bit, pellet, speck, fragment, grit. Texture, fabric, nap, striation, warp, woof, tendency.
Grind. Shred, grate, rasp, pulverize, crystallize, powder.
Gravitation, importance, solemn, important, dangerous, burial. Weight, heaviness, pressure, pull, force. Magnitude, significance, weight, enormity, concern, solemnity, seriousness. Serious, sober, staid, thoughtful, dignified, earnest, sedate. Serious, weighty, critical, consequential, grievous, momentous, dangerous. Ominous, serious, critical. Vault, mausoleum, sepulcher, mound, tomb, barrow.
Turn. Revolve, rotate, twirl, whirl, pirouette, gyrate, spin.

Representation, idea, facsimile, imagine. Figure, likeness, semblance, form, icon, idol, statue. Notion, conception, perception. Copy, match, mirror, counterpart, reflection. Conceive, depict, portray, render, describe.
Sluggishness. Inactivity, indolence, passivity, listlessness, idleness, laziness.
Dead. Flat, sluggish, dull, stagnant, low, torpid, inactive.
Obstruction, impediment. Intervention, resistance, obstruction, impediment, clashing. Barrier, deterrent, obstruction, hindrance, obstacle, restraint, block.
Universal. Cosmopolitan, worldly, catholic, general, generalized.
Affinity. Magnetism, susceptibility.
Uneven, aberrant, unorthodox. Disproportionate, jagged, rough, unequal, unsymmetrical, asymmetric. Erratic, divergent, disorderly, aimless, random, anomalous. Unusual, unofficial, unaccepted, unceremonious.

Scope. Inclusion, incorporation, extent, comprehension, embodiment, measure, circumscription.
Pane or mirror. Mirror, looking glass, glass.
Animation, biography, existence. Vitality, vigor, vivacity, activity, energy, spirit, effervescence. Autobiography, memoir, confession. Mortality, being.
Whitish, buoyant, unsubstantial, agile, happy, frivolous, dizzy, dawn, aspect, descend, ignite, illuminate. Blanched, pale, fair. Weightless, easy, lightsome. Trivial, trifling, slight, shallow, petty, minor, inconsiderable. Nimble, airy, effortless, easy, docile, alert. Carefree, cheerful, cheery, gay, light-hearted. Easy, loose, giddy, lightsome, light-headed, volatile, whorish. Light-headed, delirious, giddy. Daybreak, daylight, illumination, radiance. Perspective, angle, point of view, viewpoint, approach. Land, come down, get down, disembark, alight. Inflame, set afire, set fire to, fire, kindle. Brighten, lighten, illume.
Leg, branch. Appendage, extremity, arm, wing, part, member. Bough, shoot, offshoot, twig.
Lengthy, boring, yearn. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.
Ring, staple, surround. Hoop, circumference, eye. Eye, hook, ring. Encircle, encompass, ring, arch, crook, curve, gird.
Radiance. Brilliance, luster, resplendence, brightness, light.

Captivating. Inviting, irresistible, alluring, appealing, fascinating, attractive, drawing.
Size, importance. Extent, breadth, dimension, enormity, bulk, mass, measure. Consequence, significance, degree, distinction, eminence, renown, repute.
Principal, channel, strength, sea. Chief, primary, paramount, leading, foremost, capital, cardinal. Conduit, duct, pipe. Force, might, power, effort. Ocean, high seas.
Sailor, nautical. Navigator, tar, salt, seafarer, sea dog. Maritime, oceanic, thalassic, navigational.
Lump, quantity, expanse, pile, body, greater portion, worship. Hunk, chunk, piece, batch, portion, section, body. Accumulation, collection, aggregate, volume, bulk, whole, conglomerate. Size, magnitude, extent, span. Heap, mound, stack, stockpile, pack. Crowd, mob, company, rabble, masses. Bulk, majority, plurality. Celebration, observance, holy communion, Eucharist, ceremony.
Substance, affair, trouble, subject, pus, count, discharge pus. Material, element, medium, body, stuff, thing, substantiality. Business, undertaking, circumstance, concern, situation. Difficulty, distress, perplexity. Topic, content, essence, focus, theme, resolution, interest. Sore, infection, maturation. Value, mean, signify, weigh, import. Fester, decay.
Apex, noontime. Zenith, culmination, extremity, peak, climax, acme, apogee.
Twelve p.m. Night.
Pale, liquid, fleece. Pallid, light, sallow, fair, white, flaxen, blond. Sap, emulsion, cream. Extort, pump, bleed, exploit, exhaust, drain, wring.
Unit, atom. Particle, bit, fragment, iota, jot, speck, ounce. Electron, particle.
Planet. Earth, orb, globe.
Action, gesture, suggestion. Gesture, stir, direction, move, stirring, course, movement. Gesticulate, sign, move, beckon, wave, call, prompt. Proposition, consideraton, plan.

Lowest part. Depths, sole, base, underneath, foot, bottom, underside.
Steer. Control, pilot, drive.
Galactic dust. Galaxy.
Roman god.
Complex. System, structure, tangle, group, compound, compication, net.
Particle in an atom. Atom, electron, proton, particle.
Cellular. Organic.

Impartial, actual, invariable, aim. Fair, detached, impersonal, unbiased, unprejudiced. External, material, scientific, sure, extrinsic, measurable, extraneous. Unchangeable. Mission, purpose, butt, destination, end, object, target.
Hidden, mystical. Cabalistic, esoteric, concealed, obscure, recondite, secret, shrouded. Preternatural, metaphysical, psychic, supernatural, weird, mysterious.
Nontransparent, ambiguous. Obscure, cloudy, impenetrable, dark, filmy, murky, blurred. Unclear, hazy, vague, obscure, nebulous, uncertain, enigmatic.
Uncovered, admissible, unoccupied, debatable, exposed, honest, perforated, extended, generous, obvious, unblocked, unclose, revoke, reveal, unfold. Unclosed, denuded, naked, patent. Accessible, permitted, available, allowable, free, public, unrestricted. Unfulfilled, emptied. Controversial, disputable, questionable, undecided, uncertain, undetermined, unsettled. Bare, unguarded, uncovered, liable, insecure, undefended, unsafe. Above-board, plain, artless, straightforward, candid, fair, frank. Airy, filigree, penetrable, porous. Expanded, spread out, unclosed. Bounteous, bountiful, free, liberal, magnanimous, munificent, open-handed. Apparent, well-known, clear, evident, plain. Unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unfastened, cleared, removed, unsealed. Unbar, unlock, clear, admit, reopen, free, loosen. Recall. Bare, disclose, divulge, expose, lay bare, uncover. Unravel, expand, unroll, disentangle, extend, spread out.
Course, circle, area, circle. Passage, lap, path, cycle. Circumvent, ring, circuit, apogee, round, ellipse. Trajectory, arena, locus, range, scope, field, boundary. Encircle, encompass, ring, revolve.

Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.
Repeated, duration, cycle.
Irritation, annoy, confuse. Pique, displeasure, exasperation, ferment, annoyance, distress. Agitate, pester, disquiet, worry, disturb, irritate, stir up. Addle, perplex, confound, derange, bewilder, disorder, disturb.
Legendary bird. Bird, idol.
Detailed, picture, take a picture. Pictorial, realistic, lifelike, exact, accurate, graphic, descriptive. Photo, print, snapshot, image, shot, glossy, likeness. Shoot, snap, film, microfilm, reproduce.
Sphere. Earth, star.
Arrow, detail, validity, time, tip, speck, indicate. Indicator, needle, directive, gauge, sign. Article, element, item, particular, thing. Cogency, effectiveness, force, punch. Instant, juncture, period, moment, duration. Apex, prong, barb, cusp, prick, spike. Dot, mote. Hint, denote, imply, suggest.
Opposite, cold. Contrasting, counter, different, contrary, antagonistic, antithetic, extreme. Frigid, wintry, glacial, frozen, arctic.
Society, reproduce. Public, community, nation, people, folk, order. Propagate, generate, multiply, produce.
Physical phenomenon. Magnetism, electricity.
Primary, excellent, original. Principal, chief, fundamental. Unparalleled, superior, top, choice, best. Earliest, beginning, first.
High. Prehistoric, early, arctic, polar, remote, antediluvian, northerly.
Multicolored. Kaleidoscopic, colorful, spectral, bright, brilliant.
Fame, projection. Distinction, renown, eminence, influence, greatness, popularity, note. Bump, jut, protrusion, bulge, outgrowth, extrusion.
Suitable, personal, correct. Adapted, just, appropriate, becoming, befitting, convenient, correct. Individual, peculiar, special, specific. Accurate, exact, formal, just, precise, strict.
Particle of matter. Molecule, atom, electron, nucleus, iota.
Beat. Throb, pulsation, oscillation, vibration, beating, throbbing, stroke.

Remote detection. Monitor, observer.
Bright. Luminous, shining, brilliant, resplendent, beaming, lucent, lucid.
Divergence, glow, spread around. Deviation, split, division, branch, ramificaton, offshoot, separation. Shine, illuminate, heat, illumine, light up, shimmer, warm. Broadcast, divulge, circulate, scatter, dispel, diffuse, disseminate.
Fundamental, revolutionary, revolutionary. Basic, essential, ingrained, innate, original, constitutional. Excessive, seditious, refractory, extravagant, extreme, fanatical, violent. revolutionist, extremist, fanatic, insurgent, nonconformist, rebel, leftist.
Put on the air. Televise, air, transmit, send, broadcast.
Hot. Dangerous, active, poisonous.
Extent, class, row, expanse, classify, extend, traverse. Magnitude, scope, reach, limits, sweep, confine, compass. Kind, rank, order, sort. Line, series, file, tier. Area, region, length. Arrange, array, order, rank, align, class, dispose. Run, stretch out, occupy, go, lie. Roam, rove, explore, stroll, wander, straggle, encompass.
Repeated. Frequent, perpetual, usual, incessant, periodic, continual, pleonastic.
Colored, color, communist. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, sanguine, cerise. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, cerise, maroon. Comrade, Bolshevik.
Mirror, mirror, think, resonate. Looking glass, glass. Copy, rebound. Consider, contemplate, deliberate, ponder, cogitate, meditate, muse. Echo, reverberate, emulate, rebound, follow.
Comparative, connected, family member, tell, connect. Correspondent, proportionate, comparable, applicable, pertinent, dependent, germane. Related, allied, affiliated, concerning, about, pertaining to, interconnected. Family, blood relation, sibling, kinsman. Recount, repeat, describe, state, report, narrate, recite. Link, ally, correlate, associate.
Resolution, purpose, determine, separate, change, solve. Solution, answering, outcome, denouement, issue, end result, explanation. Intention, will, decision, determination, resolution. Decide, establish, fix on, deliberate, confirm. Break up, analyze, clear, dispel, reduce, disintegrate, disperse. Transform, convert, reduce. Explain, unravel, untangle, explicate.
Opposite, opposite, tail, misfortune, invert, alter, annul, exchange. Contrary, converse. Contradiction, contrary, converse, paradox, counterpart. Back, behind, rear, hind. Mishap, adversity, misadventure, mischance, defeat, catastrophe, affliction. Inverse, transpose, revert. Change, modify, convert. Invalidate, rescind, repeal, revoke, nullify, veto, overthrow. Transpose, rearrange, shift.
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim, rectitude, directly, precisely, justly, suitably, favorably. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, justice, equity. Immediately, straight. Actually, truly. Equitably, fairly, rightfully, uprightly, lawfully, rightly, righteously. Appropriately, fittingly, properly, fitly. Advantageously, well.
Missile, spacecraft, climb skyward. Projectile, torpedo, mortar. Booster, propulsion. Zoom, ascend, skyrocket, soar, shoot up.
Fleeing, fugitive. Escaped, fugitive, running away, outlaw, truant, renegade. Delinquent, deserter, truant, lawbreaker, defector.

Moon, subjugated nation. Dependency, colony, protectorate.
Broadcast, separate, spent. Disseminate, dispense, throw, sprinkle, shower, shed, strew. Dispel, diffuse, disband, disperse, sunder, divide, disunite. Expend, squander, exhaust, dissipate, waste, spend.
Term, flavor, accustom. Period, time, division.
Worldly. Profane, lay, temporal, transitory.
Observant, diocese, observe, understand, experience, receive, accompany, consider. Perceiving, noticing, noting, saying. Parish, bishopric. View, witness, notice, look, watch, behold, spy. Comprehend, discern, distinguish, perceive, recognize, determine, ascertain. Feel, know, undergo, suffer. Consult, discuss, entertain. Attend, escort. Think, deliberate.
Earthquake. Quake, tremor, shock.
Picked, choice, choose. Named, preferred, conscript, elected, favored, chosen. Best, preferred, elite, chosen, exclusive, cream, picked. Pick, elect, prefer, decide, pick out, cull, winnow.
Hard outer covering, explosive projectile, sea shell, husk, bombard. Case, sheath, casing. Bomb, grenade, neutron bomb. Shuck, bare, decorticate, exfoliate, strip, scale. Bomb, strafe, torpedo, shoot, blitz, barrage.
Accompanying. Concomitant, collateral, attendant, coincident, concurrent.
Atmosphere. Medium, stratosphere, ether, air.
Off-planet, room, infinite distance, time, range. Extraterrestrial, unearthly. Area, gap, chasm, expanse, amplitude, distance, spread. Infinity, outer space, cosmos, universe. Period, extent, stretch, interval, span, while, stage. Arrange, line up, align, keep apart, spread, organize.
Circular. Round, ring-shaped, rotund.
Ride, twist, turn, tell. Drive, run. Wind, weave, shape, draw out. Revolve, rotate, twirl, whirl, pirouette, gyrate, gyre. Narrate, relate.
Helical, helix. Scrolled, corkscrew, curled. Gyre, corkscrew, coil, curl, ringlet, whorl.
Track. Rink, course, court, arena, circus, playground, field.
Regular, basis, emblem, support. Basic, normal, typical, sample, stock, regulation, approved. Model, measure, gauge, example, criterion, pattern, rule. Banner, ensign, symbol, flag, pennant, streamer, pennon. Bar, rod, timber, upright.
Celestial body, conventional figure, famous person. Celebrity, headliner, superstar, luminary.
Pure, stiff, desolate. Downright, unmistakeable, sheer, utter, mere, absolute, simple. Rigid, firm. Dreary, grim, harsh, drear.
Balanced, constant, steadfast, stabilize. Even, stable, fixed, firm, steadfast, regular. Continuous, invariable, regular, unchanging, uninterrrupted, unremitting, unvarying. Poised, staid, firm, unwavering, settled, cool, calm. Brace, firm, stiffen.
Sol, sunlight, bask. Luminary, orb. Sunshine.
Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.
Examination, examine. Poll, study, inspection, review, outline, critique. Inspect, observe, scrutinize, scan, view, watch.

Global. Tellurian, earthly, planetary.
Current. Course, flow, drift, flood, ebb, flux, stream.
Duration, term, era, tempo, gauge. Past, present, future, continuance. Interval, period, space, span, spell, year. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season. Measure, beat, rhythm, cadence, rate, swing. Measure, regulate.
Mild. Gentle, balmy, pleasant, warm, temperate, fair.

Nature. Earth, cosmos, creation, world, macrocosm.

Changeable. Alterable, alternating, variegated, mutable, fluid, temporary, protean.

Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.
Breaker, undulate, great. Surf, curl, swell, surge, crest, ripple. Swell, billow, fluctuate, flutter, quaver, oscillate, sway. Beckon, call, motion, signal.
Atmospheric conditions, season, endure. Climate, sunshine, cold. Harden, deteriorate, discolor, disintegrate. Survive, hold up, resist.
Importance, heaviness, counterbalance. Significance, import, consequence, influence, moment, power. Mass, density, ballast. Ballast, anchor, stone.
Breeze, hint, vanity, bend, coil. Gale, gust, bluster, blast, air, draught. Gossip, report, suggestion, intimation. Flatulence, emptiness. Curve, twist, turn, swerve, snake, meander, convolute. Curl, twist, twine, entwine, corkscrew, encircle.


Term. Interval, period, space, span, spell, time.

Climax. Culmination, acme, pinnacle, summit, extremity, ascendancy.
Cipher. Naught, blank, goose egg.
Area, climate, band. Territory, region, section, district, tract, belt, girth. Meridian, latitude, region, band. Gird, girdle, encircle.