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Existence, true, real. Presence, life, reality, being, animation. Absolute, existent, categorical, extant, certain, factual, decided. Present, existent, tangible, substantive, concrete, material.
Minor modification, arrangement, fit, regulate, settle. Alignment, fixing, regulating, adaptation, improvement, alleviation. Compromise, reconciliation, settlement, allotment, agreement, compensation, remuneration. Accommodate, adapt, fashion, conform, order, proportion, suit. Alter, tune, balance, change, rectify, redress, calibrate. Balance, arrange, reconcile, determine, rectify, calculate, accord.
Assault. Blow, attack, charge, offensive, descent, skirmish, push.
Intoxicating beverage, ethanol. Liquor, wine, booze, hooch.
Disagreement, divide. Movement, division, trouble, breach, words, difference, difficulty. Disunite, estrange.
Ire, provoke. Wrath, rage, animosity, passion, fury, hostility. Blow up, irritate, annoy, madden, enrage, nettle, arouse.
Distress, worry, eagerness. Trepidation, apprehension, pain, worry, sorrow, dread, fear. Concern, trouble, care. Zeal, fervor, enthusiasm.
Protective covering, panzer division, appendage, offshoot, inlet, arms, cock. Member, fluke, fin. Crook, limb, prong, stump, branch, bend, hook. Estuary, bay, brook, creek, rivulet, tributary, run. Weapon, rod. Outfit.
Aptitude, artfulness, work of art, the arts. Skill, adroitness, ability, dexterity, inventiveness, expertise, imagination. Artifice, cunning, deceit, deception, dishonesty, duplicity. Representation, illustration, painting, portrayal, description, modeling, shaping. Humanities.
Digestion, acclimatization, digest, adapt. Absorption, osmosis, inhalation, transformation. Adaptation, adjustment, agreement, conformity. Absorb, take up, learn, understand, grasp, sense. Acclimatize, accustom, conform.
Alliance, relationship, mental connection, comrade, connect, affiliate, combine, associate with. Coalition, brotherhood, corporation, organization, league, club, company. Friendship, affinity, companionship, fraternization, fellowship, brotherhood, intimacy. Relation, recolleciton, correlation, impression, combination, remembrance, response. Assistant, affiliate, equal, colleague, companion, accomplice, mate. Conjoin, correlate, relate, identify with, link, ally. Ally, join, unite, federate, amalgamate, confederate. Connect, mix, blend, troop, couple, mingle, unite. Consort, fraternize, socialize, keep company, hobnob.
Mindfulness, courtesy, observance. Alertness, application, focus, concentration, thoroughness, care, fascination. Civility, politeness, consideration, care, concern, regard. Tact, notice, observation, regard, reflection, thoughtfulness.
Command, head, law, permission, testimony, writer, creator. Power, strength, sway, influence, control, supremacy, rule. Expert, critic, adjudicator, master, arbiter, administrator, connoisseur. Rule, ruling, statute, govenment. Authorization, justificaiton, power, permit, sanction, liberty, warrant. Witness. Novelist, poet, producer. Inventor, designer, originator, producer.
Fleeing. Running away, retreat, flight.
Acquaintance, conscious, apprised. Comprehension, knowledge, cognition, understanding, familiarity. Cognizant, observant, appreciative, attentive, mindful, alive, sensible. Informed, advised, notified, familiar with, enlightened, apprehensive.
Sharp, bitter, snapping, wound, mouthful, chew, cut, corrode, cheat. Tangy, sour, bitter, keen, pungent. Caustic, mordant, acrimonious, sarcastic, scornful, acerbic, scathing. Gnawing, chewing, nipping. Cut, nip, prick, bee sting, scratch, stab, sting. Morsel, taste, scrap, snack, food. Gnaw, nibble, nip, chomp, munch, taste, snap. Burn, pierce, sting. Erode, eat away, dissolve, disintegrate, etch. Bamboozle, beguile, deceive, defraud, dupe, fool, gull.
Trunk, main part, person, cadaver, association, central idea. Torso, frame, flesh, size, build, physique, bones. Majority, bulk, assembly, core, substance, hull. Somebody, individual, human being, soul, character. Carrion, carcass, corpse, remains. Company, troop, corporation, clique, collection, society, band. Substance, text, consistency, density, thesis, thickness, argument.
Dullness, nuisance, caliber, weary, drill. Indifference, apathy, monotony, ennui, doldrums, listlessness. Pest. Diameter, hole. Annoy, fatigue, tire, ennui. Penetrate, pierce, perforate, tunnel.
Limit. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier.
Inhaling and exhaling, respire, exist, breathing. Alive, sensitive, panting, smelling. Inhale, exhale. Move, be alive. Inhalation, exhalation, pant, sigh, suspiration, gasp, inspiration.
Alter. Geld, spay, sterilize, emasculate, mutilate, fix.
Examiner, supervise communications. Inspector, judge. Examine, expurgate, abridge, inspect, oversee.
Characteristic, integrity, disposition, symbol, personality, eccentric. Quality, property, makeup, constitution, mannerism, features. Honesty, name, reputation, honor, repute, status, credit. Make, bent, cast, manner, constitution, sort, spirit. Figure, letter, digit, sign, byte, mark, emblem. Identity, temperament, individuality, style, temper, singularity, idiosyncrasy. Kook, weirdo, oddball, nut.
Thoughtfulness. Consideration, respect, tact, courtesy, concern, regard, solicitude.
Rivalry, athletic event. Opposition, vying, contention, striving, marketing, trial. Match, bout, game, sport, contest, race.
Change. Revising, reworking, adaptation, correspondence.
Duress, obsession. Constraint, urgency, coercion, pressure, duty, necessity, requirement. Preoccupation, neurosis, hangup, engrossment, fixation, drive.
Application, collection, close attention, density, focus, collect, pay attention. Consilidation, converging, compression, compacting. Gathering, company, group, congregation, band, party, mass. Thought, engrossment, attention, deliberation, concern, application. Congestion, solidarity, reduction, condensation, consistency, thickness. Contract, center, converge, centralize, intensify, consolidate, localize. Gather, assemble, aggregate, integrate, consolidate, cluster. Focus, scrutinize, attend to, ponder.
Affair, anxiety, importance, company, affect, be interested in, worry. Part, business, interest, matter, problem, duty, job. Fear, care, worry, consideration, burden, thought, reference. Consideration, relation, bearing, consequence, reference, connection, association. Enterprise, business, corporation, establishment, firm, office, partnership. Relate to, pertain to, depend upon, implicate, apply to, include, belong to. Trouble, disquiet, bother, disturb, care, preoccupy, perturb.
Discord, battle, oppose, contest. Hostility, argument, antagonism, strife, friction, disharmony, disunity. Struggle, fight, skirmish, collision, strife, contention, contest. Clash, collide, differ, contradict, disagree, dispute. Fight, battle, combat, contend, struggle, interfere.
Conflux, meeting. Convergence, junction, meeting, nexus. Crowd, gathering, assembly, concourse.
Being. Breast, bosom, heart, mind, character, psyche.
Aware, aware, purposeful. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Touch, communicaiton, communicate, touch. Impact, hit, strike, collision, union, connection, adhesion. Meeting, coming together, connection, referral, intercourse, commerce, interaction. Speak to, talk, look up, reach, call, approach. Impact, hit, strike, graze, meet, connect, adhere.
Scorn, shame, snobbery. Disdain, contumely, derision, loathing, disregard, slight, abhorrence. Ignominy, ridicule, disgrace, dishonor, indignity, stigma. Arrogance, insolence, impudence, audacity.
Direction, discipline, monopoly, check, political power, direct, restrain, steer, subdue, verify. Power, authority, command, dominion, disposition, charge, domination. Limitation, restraint, regulation, subordination, mastery, poise, restriction. Corner, dominance, manipulation, strategy. Curb, restraint. Reign, rule, sovereignty, government, ascendancy, sway, subjugation. Guide, manage, command, lead, manipulate, govern, subject. Repress, regulate, master, reduce, contain, check, hinder. Navigate, pilot, drive. Tame, bully, whip, overpower, monopolize, intimidate, manipulate. Prove, establish, test, oversee, validate, experiment.
Aesthetic. Lovely, poetic, elegant, artistic, beautiful, decorative, musical. Originate, make, conceive. Give birth to, cause, author, invent, occasion, produce. Constitute, produce, effect, form, erect, build, forge. Devise, formulate.
Weeping, great, scream, clamor, entreaty, announcement, lament, weeping, weep, shout, bellow. Wailing, shrieking, sorrow. Demanding, enormous, flagrant, important, notorious, urgent. Bellow, roar, screech, shout, shriek, wail, whoop. Expletive, exclamation, outcry. Appeal. Proclamation. Lamentation, weeping, tears. Howl, yowl, bawl, sob. Whine, bawl, snivel, bemoan, moan, bewail, blubber. Screech, bellow, call, clamor, ejaculate, exclaim, roar. Bark, hoot, yelp.
Civilization. Enlightenment, refinement, edification, polish.
Fantasy. Fancy, imagination, dream, nightmare.
Downfall, bafflement, conquest, beating, conquer, master, beat, action. Reverse, failure, beating, ruin, overthrow, disappointment, debacle. Frustration. Overthrow, subjugation, destruction, annihilation. Whipping, come down, licking. Overpower, check, crush, quell, entrap, smash, overcome. Mock, baffle, balk, disconcert, undo, foil. Overpower, trounce, win over, throw, pound, outplay. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, act, performance, transaction.
Armor, fortification, answer. Aegis, bastion, resistance, preservation, stand, guard. Trench, bulwark, palisade, dike, stockade, fort. Plea, reply, denial, apology, rejoinder, justification, retort.
Intentional, cautious, consider, discuss, free. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, voluntary. Moderate, careful, prudent, sober, circumspect, leisurely, methodical. Muse, contemplate, judge, pause, meditate, ponder, premeditate. Confer, argue, consult. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release.
Hollow, recession, sorrow. Basin, dent, hole, concavity, dimple, cavity, dip. Decline, slump, unemployment, stagnation. Despair, despondency, gloom, dejection, melancholy, misery, trouble.
Dull. Soften, blunt, deaden, diminish, numb, paralyze. Stimulate. Exite, sharpen, refine, animate, irritate.
Loathing, dislike, nauseate, detest, blast. Gorge, sickness, abhorrence, surfeit, disrelish, distaste, hatred. Antipathy, aversion, detestation, dissatisfaction, repugnance. Make one sick, sicken. Satiate, abominate, abhor, scandalize, shock, displease, offend. Blow, gale, squall, storm, wind, draft.
Advantage. Prevalence, superiority, supremacy, leverage, precedence.
Mental images, self-deception, hope, fantasize, conceive, believe. Fantasy, reverie, nightmare, hallucination, apparition, daydream. Deception, illusion, fantasy, error, mirage, imagination, vision. Goal, flight of fancy, fantasy, daydream. Flash, fancy. Conjure up, visualize, daydream, imagine, fancy. Assume, create, credit, understand, presume.
Beverage, swallow, imbibe. Libation, draft, bottle, liquid, glass, potion, refreshment. Consume, imbibe, gulp, sup, quaff, suck, toss. Swill, tipple, booze, toast, guzzle.
Mastication, consume food, use up. Consumption, devouring, feeding, chewing. Consume, nibble, dine, devour. Corrode, rust, eat away, squander, waste.
Dictatorial, selfish, smart aleck, conceited, conceit, self-centeredness. Bigoted, dogmatic, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical. Egoistic, illiberal, egotistical, self-seeking. Know-it-all, busybody. Puffy, pompous, egotistical, narcissistic, vain. Arrogance, self-regard, self-esteem, self-respect, pride, self-love, self-satisfaction. Vainglory, boastfulness, overconfidence, self-importance, vanity.
Abashment, annoyance, confuse, make difficult, annoy, impede. Puzzlement, discomfiture, chagrin, quandary, unease, confusion. Deterrent, distress, harassment, hindrance, trouble, vexation. Abash, confound, chagrin, discomfit, discompose, faze. Complicate, mystify, perplex. Distress, harass, trouble, vex. Hamper, hinder.
Pinch. Predicament, crisis, contingency, strait, pickle, scrape, jam.
Feeling. Consciousness, pathos, affection, empathy, impression, passion.
Affianced, busy, employed, hire, fascinate, keep busy, fight, mesh gears. Matched, contracted, intended, promised, betrothed, pledged. Working, occupied. Performing, pursuing. Retain, employ, commission, contract, take on, sign up, secure. Charm, captivate, engross, bewitch, occupy, absorb, divert. Occupy, employ, interest. Attack, assault, strike, fall upon. Mesh, interlace, fasten.
Surroundings, setting. Atmosphere, condition, climate, circumstances, milieu. Ambience, entourage, medium, decor, milieu, scene.
Mistake, fault, mistake. Inaccuracy, blunder, faux pas, blooper, solecism, omission, boner. Falsity, iniquity, delusion, misdeed, untruth, offense, sin. blunder, overlook, slip, confound, trip, misapprehend, misconceive.
Thrill, arouse, agitate, summon, refer to a source. Stimulation, kick, bang, boot, wallop, tingle, titillation. Inspire, animate, move, electrify, charge, thrill, awaken. Perturb, bother, ruffle, discompose, chafe, fluster, disturb. Arraign, subpoena, call, ticket, order, enjoin. Quote, allude to, excerpt, mention, point out, enumerate.
Encountering, knowledge, undergo. Occurrence, feeling. Training, skill, seasoning, sagacity, maturity, practice, wisdom. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, apperceive.
Test, experimentation, try. Check, assay, examination, trial run, procedure, proof. Investigation, research. Assay, analyze, examine, probe, prove, explore.
Utterance, idiom, wording, sign, air, facial cast. Assertion, exposition, vent, declaration, narration, voice, statement. Locution, phrase, term. Diction, language, phraseology, presentation. manifestation, gesture, indication, reminder. Aspect, countenance, intonation, look, mien, tone. Pout, simper, grimace, smile, sneer.
Fancy. Daydream, imagination, dream, nightmare.
Alarm, anxiety, awe, dread, revere, cower. Apprehension, consternation, dismay, dread, fright, horror, terror. Perturbation, concern, disquietude, solicitude, foreboding, pusillanimity, suspicion. Reverence, veneration. Misdoubt, apprehend, falter. Reverence, venerate. Shrink, cringe, tremble, quake, blanch, start, quail.
Design, body, value, compute, think. Device, motif, motive, pattern. Frame, torso, shape, configuration, posture, pose, carriage. Price, worth, terms, sum, total. Calculate, count, reckon, estimate. Suppose, comprehend, reason, master, opine.
Obsession, dilemma, attach, define, assign, repair. Habit, addiction. Jam, pickle, plight, predicament, spot. Establish, fast, fasten, implant, make, pin, plant. Conclude, determine, establish, limit, settle. Refer. Correct, adjust, emend, mend.
Sovereign, open, clear, unencumbered, lax, familiar, immoral, generous, gratis, liberate, exempt, relieve. Autoarchic, independent, released, unfettered, autonomous. Unconfined, unimpeded, unfettered, unobstructed, unrestricted, unregulated. Exempt, immune, uncontrolled. Easy, firm, swift, unimpeded. Loose, unattached. Easy, frank, informal, open, unceremonious, unconstrained. Lewd, libertine, licentious, loose, ribald. Bountiful, charitable, lavish, liberal, munificent, open-handed. Gratuitous, complimentary. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release. Deliver. Clear, disengage, rid.
Coldness, unresponsive, cold. Cold, chill, ice, freeze, frost, iciness. Cold, inhibited, indifferent, passionless, chilly. Freezing, frosty ,cool.
Duty, reception, perform. Business, service, capacity, purpose, office, utility, province. Celebration, meeting, party. Act, officiate, go, operate, run, work.
Coming, aftertime, outlook. Unfolding, prospective, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Posterity, afterward, infinity, afterlife, hereafter, millennium. Forecast, foresight, prescience, hope, anticipation.
Aim, proceed, leave, spend, conform, work. Idea, objective, design, plan, end, object, intent. Progress, push on, repair, travel, journey, cruise, fare. Depart, move, pull out, take off, retire. Consume, use up, exhaust, expend, run through, terminate, conclude. Agree, accord, harmonize. Perform, operate, run.
Lust. Desire, fervor, passion, carnality, pleasure, rage.
Sorrow. Anguish, pain, remorse, distress, misery, sadness, woe.
Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
Development, product, tumor. Expansion, increase, augmentation. Result, outgrowth, produce. Swelling, outgrowth, excrescence, cancer.
Remorse. Shame, compunction, contrition.
Inclination, custom, dress, obsession, clothe. Routine, tendency, penchant, proclivity, bent, disposition. Convention, tradition, practice, manner, fashion, way, observance. Clothes, garb, costume, rig, habiliment. Fixation, addiction. Attire, dress, garb, deck out, array, equip, rig.
Suspended, unresolved, dangle, execute, decorate, cling, hesitate, hover, impend. Dangling, swinging, overhanging. Pending, tentative, iffy, indeterminate, uncertain, deadlocked. Hook, suspend, attach. Lynch. Adorn, drape, furnish. Adhere, depend, rely, rest. Demur, halt, waver. Float, linger, poise, loiter. Be imminent.
Satisfaction, merriment, glad, fortunate, fitting, laughing, exhilarated. Rapture, blessedness, bliss, tranquillity. Mirth, cheer, vivacity, laughter, delight, exuberance. Blissful, blithe, cheerful, contented, delighted, gay, gladdened. Advantageous, favored, lucky, propitious, prosperous, successful. Appropriate, apt, befitting, felicitous, opportune, pertinent. Shouting, cheering, sparkling, jesting, smiling. Rapt, intoxicated, ecstatic, overjoyed, vivacious, rollicking.
Audition, earshot, listen, heed. Audience, interview, test, tryout, attendance, congress, conference. Reach, sound, range, extent. Attend, descry, perceive, apprehend, detect. Attend, regard.
Animosity, conflict, adverse. Antagonism, bitternes, hatred, malice, ill will, opposition. Fighting, war, warfare. Antagonistic, repugnant, unfriendly, antipathetic, dim, conflicting, opposing.
Malevolent, harm, maltreat, ache, torment. Malignant, damaging, opprobrious, spiteful. Wound, injury, damage, bruise, ill-treatment, disservice, persecution. Harm, injure, damage, impair, mar. Pain, suffer, grieve, afflict, wound. Abuse, smite, lambaste, lash, distress, bruise, kick.
Anxiety neurosis. Imagined ill-health, morbid melancholy, neurosis, depression, despondency, low spirits.
Perfect, imaginary, typical, model, goal. Absolute, ultimate, consummate, complete. Theoretical, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, impractical, unreal, chimerical. Classic, classical, exemplary, model, representative. Epitome, standard, archetype, exemplar, example, conception. Aim, intention, object, objective, target.
Recognize. Know, distinguish, make out, tell, detect, perceive.
Restless, impetuous, chafing, intolerant, eager. Uneasy, unquiet. Abrupt, brusque, curt, hasty, sudden, precipitate, vehement. Irritable, fretful, testy, choleric, hot, violent, itching. Harsh, demanding. Anxious, ardent, avid, keen.
Babyish, baby. Childish, immature, puerile, weak. Tot, kid, newborn, suckling.
Unresponsive, restrain, forbid. Cold, frigid, indifferent, passionless, chilly. Hinder, obstruct, discourage, arrest, constrain, limit, repress. Ban, prohibit, prevent, outlaw, interdict.
Beginning, started, beginner, begin, instruct. Introductory, inaugural, incipient, initiatory, initial. Amateur, pledge, novitiate, learner, tyro, freshman. Start, originate, introduce, instate, commence, launch, induct. Tutor, teach, train, edify, enlighten, indoctrinate, orient.
Understanding, vision, noteworthy scene. Recognition, perception, sense, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Eyesight, perception, seeing, view, inspection. Scene, spectacle, display, show, view, eyesore.
Sleeplessness. Agitation, restlessness, turmoil.
Solidarity, blend, abolish segregation. Adherence, union, unity, coherence, cohesion. Combine, unite, complete, synthesize, harmonize, mix. Mix, unite.
Share, regard, welfare, appeal. Percentage, claim, stake. Concern, attentin, engrossment, curiosity. Advantage, benefit, good, well-being. Fascinate, intrigue, attract, pique, arouse, excite.
Version, explanation, translate, explain. Rendition, rendering, reading. Definition, explication, exposition, construction. Explain, explicate, define, decipher, depict, elucidate, portray. Construe, clarify, translate, understand.
Subjective. Contemplative.
Mandible. Muzzle, maw, beak, snout, mouth.
Possessiveness, envious, watchful. Insecurity, distrust, mistrust, envy, enviousness. Resentful, invidious, grudging, suspicious. Suspicious, solicitous, vigilant.
Information, understanding. Wisdom, learning, enlightenment, erudition, lore, science, scholarship. Comprehension, perception, judgement, wisdom, insight, discernment, apprehension.
Communication, dialect, diction. Speech, rhetoric, tongue, prose, poetry. Idiom, jargon, lingo, terminology, vernacular, speech. Phraseology, speech, lingo, expression, slang, jargon, style.
Opposite to right, remaining, radical, gone, position. Port, near. Extra, over, continuing. Left-wing, liberal, progressive, revolutionary. Departed, gone out, split. Port.
Lewd. Lascivious, lecherous, licentious, prurient, salacious, wanton, lustful.
Desire, yearning, lengthy, boring, yearn. Yearning, craving, hankering, wish, aspiration, dream. Desiring, hankering, wanting. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.
Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.
Devotion, constant. Allegiance, homage, faithfulness, fidelity, fealty. Devoted, attached, trustworthy, faithful, staunch, true, trusty.
Charm. Sorcery, incantation, hex, spell, witchcraft.
Age, adult, grow. Majority, infancy, decline, adulthood, childhood, old age, adolescence. Developed, grown, aged, full-grown, ripe. Develop, age, ripen, evolve, mellow.
Virtue, ethics, chastity, good, increased, also. Righteousnes, rectitude, uprightness. Morals. Purity, decency, gentleness, virtue. Upright, virtuous, righteous, worthy, exemplary, conscientious, blameless. Expanded, enhanced, extended. Beyond, in addition.
Mechanism, comment. Device, contrivance, instrument, machine, implement, gadget, computer. Return, witticism, jest, crack.
Grieving, anguish, symbols, lament. Lamentation, sorrowing, lamenting, languishing. Sadness, dolor, sorrow, bereavement. Black, arm band. Grieve, bemoan, bewail, deplore, weep.
Necessity, insufficiency, poverty, lack. Emergency, obligation, exigency, compulsion, requirement, urgency, want. Demand, occasion, lack, shortage, use, necessity, inadequacy. Deprivation, destitution, distress, indigence, necessity, neediness, penury. Crave, require, want.
Obsession. Phobia, mania, complex, fixation, repression, hangup, delusion.
Authority. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, power.
Briefing, alignment, far east, align, familiarize. Adjustment, introduction, bearings. Asia, Middle East, china. Adjust, line up, lead, turn, direct, locate, determine. Accustom, acclimate, adapt, conform.
Picture, covering with paint, pigment, veneer, make-up, portray, coat. Depiction, canvas, composition, landscape, portrait, mural. Coloring. Coloring, stain, dye, tint, tincture. Varnish, coat, covering, overlay, layer, cover. Cosmetics, rouge, tint, war paint. Draw, depict, delineate, sketch, compose, design, draft. Veneer, cover, swab, tint, daub, lacquer, gild.
Genitor, source. Ancestor, forefather, father, mother, forbear, dam, sire. Origin, root, forerunner, prototype, model, fountainhead.
Inactive, patient, receptive, opening, permit, advance, state, proceed, disregard, exceed, spend, transfer, enact, pronounce, depart, end, occur, disappear. Motionless, inert, idle, prone, quiescent. Resigned, acquiescent, receiving, submissive, suffering, nonresistant. Affected, stirred, influenced. Canyon, crossing, channel, path, defile, way, gorge. License, admission, passport, furlough, permission, order, ticket. Lunge, approach, thrust, proposition. Condition, juncture, situation, stage. Go, progress, move, advance. Omit, ignore, neglect, pass over, skim, skim over. Excel, surpass, transcend. Circulate. Convey, relinquish, deliver, send, transmit. Approve, establish, legislate, okay, sanction. Deliver, claim, express, state, announce, utter, declare. Go away, leave. Cease, expire, terminate. Go on, happen, take place. Die, fade, vanish.
Diligent, submissive, calm, susceptible, invalid. Assiduous, indefatigable, persevering, persistent, sedulous, untiring. Calm, meek, tolerant, passive, resigned, long-suffering. Composed, quiet, self-possessed, serene, stoical, unexcited, unruffled. Shut-in, victim, sufferer, case, inmate.
Sensibility, aware, discerning, perceiving, insight. Delicacy, awareness, judgment, sensitivity, consciousness, alertness, keenness. Observant, sensitive, conscious, keen, alert, incisive, open. Perspicacious, sharp, sagacious, wise, on the ball, astute, shrewd. Apprehension, cognition, discernment, recognition, understanding. Observation, viewpoint, thought.
Character, celebrity, inner, individual, character. Nature, disposition, temper. Star. Private, intimate, internal, privy, secret, visceral. Human, human being, man, one, personage, somebody. Part, role.
Compassion, commiserate, cavity, excavation, hollow, core. Leniency, commiseration, rue, charity, condolence, mercy. Condole, comfort, feel for. Burrow, hole, hollow. Pitfall, trap, well. Dent, depression, indentation. Pip, seed, stone.
Performance, recreation, fun, action, liberty, act, compete, use, bet, do, romp. Comedy, drama, farce, piece, show, tragedy, melodrama. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, pastime. Frolic, jest, trifling. Activity, exercise, motion, movement, operation. Freedom, scope. Characterize, enact, impersonate, perform, personate, emulate, imitate. Contend with, engage. Employ. Stake, wager. Render, bring about, execute, perform. Caper, dally, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, revel.
Work of art, writer. Literature, novel, fiction, symphony, essay, composition, writing. Bard, minstrel, muse, troubadour.
Stance, attitude. Port, attitude, carriage, pose, position. Condition, position, sentiment, state.
Ability, strength, authority. Skill, arm, capability, endowment, beef, capacity, dint. Energy, vigor, force, stamina, might. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, omnipotence.
Intolerance, bias. Bigotry, bias, umbrage, one-sidedness, discrimination, disposition, slant. Predispose, incline, influence, predetermine, twist, warp.
Current, now, gift, give, submit, show, perform, direct. Attendant, modern, contemporary, immediate, existing, existent, latest. Nowadays, today. Benefaction, bonus, boon, doantion, grant, gratuity, largess. Bestow, confer, doante, endow, grant. Afford, furnish, offer, proffer, yield. Display, exhibit, manifest, expose, introduce. Act, enact, imitate, impersonate, personate, represent. Aim, level, point.
Prominence, forecast. Bulge, jut, overhang, protrusion, protuberance. Prediction, prognostication, guess.
Impervious, evidence, trial, impression, concerning. Firm, impenetrable, invulnerable, steadfast. Credentials, certification, substantiation, confirmation, attestation, demonstration, affidavit. Essay, examination, test. Slip, pull, revise. Connected with, respecting, in regart to, about.
Freudian therapy. Psychiatry, analysis.
Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.
Explanation. Definition, reason, interpretation, justification, key, meaning, solution. Reason, make excuses. Think, contemplate, deliberate. Explain away, account for.
Direct response, reply, political conservatism, respond, return, feel, action, law, performance, do, behave, dramatize, fake. Response, counteraction, recoil, backlash, retrogression, return, reversal. Answer, rebuttal, rejoinder, feedback, impression, retort. Status quo. Reply, return, behave, answer, retort, rebut, counter. Recede, offset, reverse, oppose, go back, relapse, revert. Experience, endure, get involved, take it. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, feat, performance, transaction. Award, verdict, decree, order, edict, writ, judgment. Sketch, impersonation, scene, routine, stint, turn. Bear, execute, officiate, make, transact, react. Deal, seem, comport oneself, appear, conduct, deport, perform. Present, play, imitate, simulate, rehearse, impersonate, parody. Pretend, counterfeit, impersonate, feign, sham, imitate.
Being convenient, prepared, eager, adroit, prepare, seen and understood, interpret the written word. Fitness, availability, utility, usefulness, convenience. Equipped, set, adjusted, fit, arranged, fitted. Willing, inclined, enthusiastic, disposed, agreeable, ardent, cheerful. Skillful, clever, quick, sharp, keen, nimble, alert. Make ready. Understood, perceived, examined. Perceive, grasp, understand, comprehend, interpret, discern, skim.
Memory, aggregation, contribution, collecting. Recall. Variety, accumulation, set, multitude, assortment, series, store. Donation, charity ,relief, offering, alms, dole. Compilation, amassing, assembling, acquisition, discovering.
Law, management, adjust, govern. Rule, statute, ordinance, precept, direction, order. Control, arrangement, direction, adjustment, disposal, disposition, ordering. Set, arrange, control, direct, manage, order, coordinate. Legislate, manage, control, rule.
Setback. Rebuff, reverse, repulse, check.
Rest, abatement, slacken, lessen, ease, free. Leisure, repose, ease, mellowness, meditation. Slackening, lessening, diminishing, loosening, decrease, moderation. Loosen, recline, repose, rest, unwind. Diminish, reduce, weaken, abate, enervate, mitigate, enfeeble. Ease off, relent, soften. Loose, unattached.
Repeat, appeal, ask. Application, entreaty, prayer, request, solicitation, suit, supplication. Appeal, request, beg, entreat, pray, solicit.
Coercion, restrain, newsmen, compress, crowd, flatten. Force, compulsion, pressure, restraint, constraint, stifling. Bridle, check, slacken, control, curb, govern. Constrain, crowd, crush, jam, mash, push, squash. Cram, crush, jam, squash, squeeze. Iron, smooth.
Grudge, be insulted. Rancor, spite, hostility, bitterness, animosity, enmity, hatred. Dislike, be vexed.
Hindering, fighting back, durability. Opposition, impeding, obstruction, blocking, hindrance, halting. Warding off, insubordination, insurgency. Invulnerability, immunity, hardness, endurance, impenetrability, immovability.
Reliability, accountability. Trustworthiness, stability, efficiency, capability, capacity. Liability, amenability, anserability, contract, duty, obligation, burden.
Memory. Reminiscence, recollection, account, pondering, memoirs, remembrance.
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim, rectitude, directly, precisely, justly, suitably, favorably. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, justice, equity. Immediately, straight. Actually, truly. Equitably, fairly, rightfully, uprightly, lawfully, rightly, righteously. Appropriately, fittingly, properly, fitly. Advantageously, well.
Habitual, habit. Predictable, customary, reflex, usual, methodical, standard, regular. Pattern, practice, method, system.
Perversion. Cruelty, malice, bondage.
Melancholy, unhappy, somber, tragic, poor. Unhappiness, depression, despondency, gloom, dejection, grief, blues. Melancholy, sorrowful, downhearted, morose, rueful, dispirited, dejected. Dismal, gloomy, doleful, mournful, dark, dreary, oppressive. Unfortunate, grievous, dire, woeful, poignant, moving, pitiable. Wretched, cheap, common, bad.
Arena, picture, incident. Theater, stage, setting, spot, locate, environment, region. View, landscape, seascape. Episode, spectacle, exhibition, display, situation, show, sight.
Safety, confidence, collateral, safe, confident, obtain, protect, fasten. Protection, immunity, shield, defense, invulnerability, salvation, shelter. Assurance, conviction, certainly, reassurance, soundness, peace of mind, faithfulness. Bail, deposit, forfeit, pledge, promise, hostage, contract. Protected, stable, fast, fastened, fixed, bound, firm. Assured, positive, certain, sure, hopeful, carefree, easy. Acquire, procure, gain, achieve, grasp, get. Defend, guard, ensure, safeguard, guarantee, assure. Lock, close, tighten, tie, padlock, clinch, bind.
Observant, diocese, observe, understand, experience, receive, accompany, consider. Perceiving, noticing, noting, saying. Parish, bishopric. View, witness, notice, look, watch, behold, spy. Comprehend, discern, distinguish, perceive, recognize, determine, ascertain. Feel, know, undergo, suffer. Consult, discuss, entertain. Attend, escort. Think, deliberate.
Feeling. Sensorial, sensuous, tactile, pleasing, sexual, sharpened, sensual.
Practice. Preparation, repetition, exercise, drill.
Carnal, intercourse. Sensual, lustful, libidinous, lascivious, lecherous, prurient, lewd. Copulation, love-making, penetration.
Stillness, not speaking, still. Serenity, hush, tranquility. Reticence, secrecy, quiet, hush. Hush, gag, quell, quiet, muzzle, dumbfound, stifle.
Location, circumstances, job, status, place. Place, position, site, spot, whereabouts, locale, locality. Predicament, condition, case, plight, state. Position, post, profession, trade, employment, seat, place. Standing, station, rank, sphere, footing. Locate, put, settle, position, discover, fix.
Utterance, address, language. Remark, talk, comment, speaking, conversation, mention, parlance. Lecture, recitation, dissertation, oration, discourse, sermon, harangue. Dialect, lingo, words, tongue, patois.
Malice, annoy, grudge. Ill will, maliciousness, malevolence, rancor, grudge, hate, hatred. Harass, beset, thwart, persecute, harm, hurt, injure. Begrudge, covet.
Crack, divide. Fissure, cleft, division, rupture, breach, break, rift. Sever, break, separate, disjoin, cleave, splinter, cut off.
Openness. Frankness, forthrightness, ingenuousness, freedom.
Crowd. Jam, ram, cram, stuff, charge, cramp, force.
Falter. Stumble, hesitate, stutter, pause, hammer.
Expanse, extend, range, tighten, exaggerate. Range, reach, distance, extent, extension, length, compass. Broaden, elongate, lengthen, widen, dilate, distend. Extend, spread, reach, occupy. Strain, tauten. Strain.
Elevated, outstanding. Lofty, inspiring, imposing, majestic, noble, virtuous, stately. Excellent, superb, peerless, marvelous, splendid, wonderful, grand.
Agony, sustain, ail. Anguish, torment, misery, distress, torture. Endure, tolerate, bear, stand, stomach, undergo, permit. Hurt, languish, droop, writhe, agonize, sicken.
Mourning, emblem, character. Black, arm band. Sign, badge, mark, token, attribute. Letter, figure, numeral, representation.
Empathy, condolence. Compassion, understanding, commiseration, warmth. Consolation, solace, comfort.
Indication. Evidence, manifestation, sign, explanation, meaning.
Flavor, morsel, preference, discrimination, sample, experience, savor. Savor, relish, zest, sensation, scent, tang, aroma. Bit, sample, bite, tidbit, appetizer, sip, dainty. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition. Discernment, cultimation, distinction, perception, judgment, refinement, sense. Savor, try, sip. Undergo, feel, perceive, know. Relish, enjoy, sense, smack, tang.
Anxiety, tautness. Pressure, strain, stress, unease. Force, tightness.
Treatment. Care, mediation, prescription, regimen, doctoring.
Discarding. Dispatch, disposition, disposal, dumping, transfer, jettison, sale.
Fearful. Morbid, alarming, awesome, grisly, awful, frightful, dire.
Victory, celebration, win, celebrate. Success, achievement, conquest, mastery, ascendancy. Exultation, jubilation, joy, ecstasy. Prevail, succeed. Exult, rejoice, glory, rejoinder.
Oblivious, conscious, apprised. Undiscerning, blundering, unconscious, overlooking. Cognizant, observant, appreciative, attentive, mindful, alive, sensible. Informed, advised, notified, familiar with, enlightened, apprehensive.
Out cold, aware, aware, purposeful. Insinsible, comatose, oblivious, anesthetized, drugged, unperceiving. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Incomplete, bare, completed, accomplished, polished, close, polish, conclude, wax, accomplish, appendage. Deficient, unfulfilled, postponed, shelved, imperfect, in the making. Crude, raw, unadorned, uncovered, untouched, unchanged. Full, complete, consummate, consummated, done, done with, full-fledged. Elegant, experienced, gifted, perfected, polished, practiced, proficient. Rubbed, burnished, varnished. Conclusion, end, termination. Elegance, shine, burnish, refinement, surface. Cease, close, end, terminate, complete, consume, use up. Polish, stain. Achieve, complete, do, execute, perform. Member, fluke, arm.
Oral, lexical. Spoken, stated. Literal, rhetorical.
Choice, speech, pronunciation. Decision, preference, option, opinion, say, vote. Inflection, vociferation, utterance, tongue. Diction, articulation, accent.
Remove from nursing. Stop suckling, reconcile to a loss, disengage, disunite, gently break a habit, phase out.
Labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish, form, influence. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about. Fashion, make, finish, execute. Persuade, move.
Opening, gape. Cavity, space, chasm. Gap, yawp.