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Chromatic Scale

Dark, dim, dismal, evil, negro, dingy. Raven, ebony, coal black, jet black, inky, sable, swarthy. Shadowy, murky, gloomy, dark, cloudy, overcast, dusky. Forbidding, ominous, gloomy, somber, doleful, threatening, melancholy. Infamous, wicked, villainous, fiendish, monstrous, traitorous, diabolic. Dark-skinned, colored. Dirty, sooty, soiled, stained.
Color, cook. Chestnut, mahogany, reddish-brown, tan. Fry, roast, saute', scorch, roast.
Colored, color, communist. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, sanguine, cerise. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, cerise, maroon. Comrade, bolshevik.
Oppugn, opt for, optic, optical, optimism, optimistic, optimum, option, optional, opulence, opulent, oracle, oracular, oral, orangutan, orate, oration, orator, oratorical, oratory, orb, orbit, orchestra, orchestrate, orchestration, ordain, ordained, ordeal, order, order around.
Cowardly, color. Chicken, timid, timorous, craven, lily-livered. Tawny, sand, tan.
Color, leafy, immature, inexperienced, grass. Verdant, yellow-green. Lush, verdant, sprouting, growing, flourishing. Unripe, maturing, sappy, young, sour, inedible. Callow, youthful, novice, immature, greenhorn, unsophisticated, untrained. Lawn, common, field, square, playing field, meadow.
Color, despondent, indecent, puritanical, bluestocking, blueness. Azure, cerulean, sapphire, turquoise, bluish. Unhappy, depressed, glum, dispirited, dejected, morose, down in the dumps. Bawdy, immoral, obscene, lascivious, lewd, licentious, ribald. Righteous, moral, prudish, squeamish, rigorous, self-righteous. Censor, pedant, prude. Azure, cerulean, indigo, sapphire, turquoise.
Blueness. Azure, cerulean, blue, sapphire, turquoise.
Vindicated, vindication, vindictive, vindictiveness, vintage, violate, violated, violation, violence, violent, violent death, violent disturbance, violent storm, violently, VIP, viper, virago, virgin, virginal, virginity, virile, virility, virtual, virtually, virtue, virtuoso, virtuous, virtuously, virulence, virulent.
Color, having gray hair. Colorless, drab, dusky, ashen, leaden, neutral. Aged, old, decrepit, hoary, grizzly.
Color, fair-skinned, pale. Milky, chalky, bleached, frosty, frosted. Aryan, fair. Wan, pallid, anemic, chalky, ashen, bloodless, peaked.
Bright, distinct, apparent, certain, innocent, calm, free, unblemished, free, brighten, cleanse, absolve, extricate, liberate, jump over, profit. Transparent, lucid, limpid, crystal-clear, unclouded, crystalline, cloudless. Lucid, legible, comprehensible, intelligible, visible, perceptible, conspicuous. Explicit, unequivocal, unmistakable, unambiguous, evident, indisputable, manifest. Strong, assured, alert, keen, definite, positive, sure. Excused, absolved, exonerated, vindicated, irreproachable, acquitted. Serene, pacific, rainless, cloudless, untroubled, fair, sunny. Open, unobstructed, unencumbered, unhindered, unimpeded, unfettered. Clean, undefiled, unsullied, smooth, immaculate, pure, spotless. Remove, rid, flush, empty, drain. Lighten, expose, clarify, break up, illuminate. Wash, purify, wipe clean, erase, purge, blank out, expurgate. Pardon, clear up, resolve, explain, acquit, excuse, exonerate. Disentangle, free, disencumber, disengage, remove obstructions, vacate, cut away. Emancipate, free, let go, set free, unchain, unfetter, set loose. Hurdle, vault, go over. Earn, realize, net, make, receive.

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