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Temperance, avoidance. Abstemiousness, moderation, sobriety. Forbearance, withholding, self-denial, self-restraint.
Accretion, heap, store. Agglomeration, collecting, gathering, multiplication, amassing, aggregation, growth. Hoard, pile, quantity, mass, supply. Save, gather, amass, collect, hoard, stow, reserve.
Manage, discharge. Conduct, control, carry out, direct, execute, govern, oversee. Contribute, minister, apportion, dispense, allot, distribute.
Total, entirety, gather, add up to. Entire, complete, added, combined. Whole, amount, totality, assemblage, body, gross, sum. Accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, total. Amount to.
Cultivation. Farming, tillage, husbandry.
Absolute. Peremptory, supreme, autarchic, autocratic, strict, despotic, tyrannical.
Accessible, valid, help. Obtainable, convenient, serviceable, open, usable, befitting, at hand. Advantageous, profitable, efficacious. Assistance, benefit, furtherance, aid, relief, service, succor.

Scales, equilibrium, rest, compare, compensate, equalize. Beam, steelyard. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence. Remainder, surplus, excess, remnant, residue. Reconcile, compute, adjust, estimate, weigh, assay, prove. Equalize, counteract, make up for, offset, counterbalance. Poise, adjust, steady, stabilize, set, even, square.
Embankment, shore, financial institution, reserve, line, deposit, heap up, turn. Mound, heap, hill, knoll. Coast, ridge, rim, shoal, border, slope, ledge. Vault, treasury. Stockpile, supply, deposit, hoard, store. Panel, row, array, tier. Put aside, save, reserve, hoard, shelve. Pile up, gather, dike. Soar, slope, pitch, incline, angle, grade.
Fundamental. Key, essential, primary, cardinal, elementary.
Animal, support, transport, bear down, produce, tolerate, relate, merit, aim, behave, demonstrate. Grizzly. Hold up under, shoulder, sustain, uphold, carry on, keep up. Carry, conduct, convey, transfer, take, guide. Drive, force, press, push, thrust, pressure, shove. Beget, give birth to, bring forth, turn out, litter, spawn. Abide, suffer, endure, be capable of, sustain, brook, hold up under. Pertain, be pertinent, concern, appertain, be relevant, affect, tend. Deserve, warrant, be worthy of, invite. Turn, veer, curve, bend, deviate. Act, conduct, operate, succeed, work, govern. Display, broadcast, exhibit, show, spread, transmit, utter.
Fastener, attachment, surety, covenant, bondage, join. Band, adhesive, cord, ligament, ligature, knot, rope. Connection, tie, relation, vinculum, attraction, link, nexus. Bail, collateral, security, obligation, promise, promissory note, guarantee. Pact, compact, pledge, contract. Captivity, chains, constraint, imprisonment, prison, restriction. Connect, bind, cement, weld, glue.
Narrow mouth jar. Glass, carafe.
Stockbroker, bankrupt. Financier, middleman, merchant, businessman, buyer, agent. Insolvent, ruined, busted, destitute, impoverished.
Low cost. Low-priced, inexpensive, competitive, bargain, cheap, economical.
Facility, make, increase, found. Equipment, machinery, plant, tools. Put together, manufacture, set up, fashion, assemble, construct, erect. Mount, swell, wax, amplify, augment, grow. Establish, institute, organize, formulate, constitute.
Male animal, margin purchaser, rubbish. Sire. Speculator, buyer, financier. Nonsense, balderdash, bullshit, trash.
Occupation, company, affair, commerce, barter, duty, vocation, engaged, full, industrious, in use, active, busybody, occupy, transit vehicle, transport people by bus. Employment, profession, craft, trade, calling, vocation, pursuit. Corporation, enterprise, firm, syndicate, concern, operation, partnership. Interest, concern, matter. Exhange, industry, trade, production, sector, racket. Negotiation, traffic, transaction, bargaining. Job, function, office, position. Occupation, trade, profession, job, specialty. Occupied, employed, engrossed, absorbed, working. Bustling, crowded, swarming, packed, popular, jammed, overrun. Assiduous, fraught, diligent, sedulous, hardworking, overworked. Occupied, unavailable, taken. Vigorous, energetic, lively, brisk, bustling, nimble, spry. Officious, meddlesome, prying, intrusive, forward. Employ, work. Vehicle. Ship, transport.

Chief, excellent, serious, metropolis, resources, upper case. Leading, main, major, primary, vital, foremost, first. First-rate, best, choice, superior, fine, splendid, crack. Deadly, fatal, heinous, major. Municipality. Money, property, assets, cash, investment, means. Large.
Convey, support, drive, accomplish, auto, anxiety, carefulness, responsibility, be anxious, like. Bear, cart, haul, remove, bring, transfer, transport. Bear, shoulder, stand, suffer, sustain, brace. Conduct, impel, propel, urge, lead. Secure, prevail, succeed, effect, gain, capture, win. Automobile. Worry, concern, distress, disquiet, stress, pressure, problem. Attention, alertness, caution, concern, prudence, pains, heedfulness. Custody, burden, supervision, guardianship, keeping, charge. Heed, be troubled. Love, be fond of, be inclined, be disposed.
Money, liquid assets, liquidate assets. Currency, legal tender, dough. Capital, funds, resources, principal, wherewithal. Cash in, discharge, redeem. Main, middle. Nuclear, chief, primary, overruling, pivotal. Midway, mid, halfway, median, internal, inner.
Distinguished, Greek, archetypal, timeless, masterpiece, group, evaluate. Established, excellent, first-rate, standard, well-known, famous, flawless. Homeric. Excellent, standard, superior, typical, consummate, model, prime. Ageless, time-honored, ancient, customary, traditional, well-established. Magnum opus, exemplar. Category, division, grade, rank, section, department, grouping. Classify, mark, grade, rank, rate.
Final, shut, sealed, near, confined, oppressive, reserved, miserly, intimate, accurate, painstaking, end, joining, shut, stop, join, conclude, close in on. Ended, finished, concluded, inactive, adjourned. Shut off, locked up, shut down. Shut, fastened, tight, locked. Immediate, near at hand, imminent, neighboring, impending, adjacent. Impenetrable, cramped, restricted, dense, crowded, firm, solid. Warm, stuffy, congested, stifling, heavy, sweltering, breathless. Close-mouthed, reticent, secretive, silent, taciturn. Mean, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, tight, closefisted. Familiar, attached, confidential, trusted, devoted, physical, dear. Exact, lifelike, strict, faithful, precise, minute, meticulous. Assiduous, concentrated, constant, earnest, fixed, intense, intent. Conclusion, adjournment, finale, termination. Connection, junciton, union. Bolt, fasten, seal, secure, latch, lock, enclose. Jam, stop up, obstruct, block, choke, clog, barricade. Link, connect, unite, tie, bind, meet, finish. Terminate, consummate, complete, determine, end, culminate, wind up. Approach, come closer, draw near, near, narrow, come together.
Item. Object, article, thing, substance, piece.
Rivalry, athletic event. Opposition, vying, contention, striving, marketing, trial. Match, bout, game, sport, contest, race.
Reliance, assurance, certainty, secret. Faith, belief, trusting, trust, hope, dependence, conviction. Poise, self-assurance, aplomb, boldness, firmness, serf-possession, self-confidence. Certitude, persuasion, reassurance, determaination, conviction. Tip.
Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.
Price, loss, obligate, valued at. Value, amount, charge, payment, expenditure, expense, outlay. Forfeiture, damage, hurt, forfeit, detriment, deprivation, pain. Expect, necessitate. Price.
Use up, utilize, ingest, squander. Finish, deplete, exhaust, expend, dissipate, burn up, devour. Use, employ, make use of, absorb, apply, take. Swallow, eat, devour, guzzle, finish off. Waste, dissipate, fritter away.
Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.
Assembly, agreement, custom, delegates. Muster, conference, caucus, congress, meeting, convocation. Contract, compact, treaty, covenant, code, precept, pact. Etiquette, practice, orthodoxy, habit, precedent, fashion. Representatives, member.
Trust, power, credibility, reputation, merit, funds, trust. Belief, confidence, credence, faith, reliance. Authority, influence. Trustworthiness. Worth, honor, character, prestige, condition, distinction, esteem. Commendation, honor. Assets, stocks, bonds, account. Believe, confide in, have faith in.
Turning point. Climax, climacteric.
Wheel, orbit, rhythm. Circle, round, bicycle. Circuit. Periodicity, succession, period, alternation.
Intermittent. Periodic, alternating, sporadic, recurring, fluctuating, periodical, regular.

Demise, stop. Doom, rst, decease, dying, curtains, fate, expiration. Destrucition, cessation, end, finale.
Liability, securities. Debit, score, arrears, due, deficit, arrearage, duty. Bonds, stocks, notes.
Deficiency. Failure, insufficiency, inadequacy.
Let the air out, discourage. Exhaust, empty, flatten, collapse, void. Dishearten, dampen, depress, daunt.
Order, request, require, ask. Necessity, claim, call, need, requirement, charge, requisition. Appeal, bid, plea, inquiry, search, entreaty. Lust, ask for, oblige, postulate, rule, call for, command. Direct, call, inquire, charge, crave, enjoin, necessitate.
Sediment, coating, place, drop, bank, pose. Grounds, drift, alluvium, deposition, mud, sand, silt. Lode, vein. Rest, lay, drop, set, lay down, locate, put. Precipitate, throw down, hail, rain, sleet, snow. Lodge, invest, hoard, amass, save, keep, secure. Propose, present, propound, state.
Detraction, devaluate, belittle. Aspersion, disparagement, debasement, lie, degradation. Cheapen, lessen, decline, devalue, downgrade, lower, mark down. Decry, disparage, discredit, ridicule, denounce, denigrate, traduce.
Decreasing, abate. Shrinking, declining, lessening, less and less, abating, reducing, dwindling. Decrease, lessen, dwindle, ease, lighten, shrink, fade.
Abate, nobleman, enumerate, influence. Allow, bate, deduct, rebate, remit, subtract. Peer. Reckon, compute, number, add up, numerate, sum, tale. Weight, tell.
Gain. Earnings, return, lucre, profit, proceeds, returns, revenue.
Allotment, boundary, section, disagreement, sight, understanding, idea, illusion. Portion, detachment, apportionment, cutting, distrubution, partition. Rank, demarcation, mark, partition. Region, portion, compartment, province, fraction, part, dominion. Movement, alienation, trouble, breach, words, difference, difficulty. Eyesight. Discernment, perception, acumen, astuteness, intuition. Concept, image, imagination, conception, view, fantasy, anticipation. Apparition, hallucination, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.

Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, commercial, financial, fiscal.
Effectual, in force, consequence, efficacy, accomplishment, significance, bring about, achieve. Energetic, potent, capable, sufficient, lively, telling, competent. Prevailing, active, sovereign, standing, operative. Purpose, conclusion, end, aftermath, issue, outcome. Force, power, validity, weight. Execution, fulfillment, operation. Import, intent, meaning, purport, signification, tenor. Execute, cause, exercise, do, induce, make. Fulfill, conclude, complete, accomplish, realize, consummate.
Ability, cost-effectiveness. Productivity, capability, effectiveness, proficiency, productiveness, efficacy. Efficacy, potency, power, adequacy, thoroughness, suitability.
Springiness, flexible, effervescent. Spring, buoyancy, vigor. Stretchable, pliant, resilient, plastic, springy, stretch. Airy, bouncy, buoyant, expansive, resilient, volatile.
Engaging, occupation, employment, engage, apply. Engagement, using, hiring, calling. Job, profession, vocation. Position, job, service. Take, place, contract, put on, hire, procure, take on. Exercise, adopt, operate, expend, utilize, make use of, manipulate.
Venture, energy, company. Endeavor, plan, performance, project, scheme, undertaking, affair. Boldness, pluck, industry, readiness, spirit. Firm, business, concern.
Businessman. Manager, administrator, capitalist, contractor, executive, producer, financier.
Balance. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence.
Justice, money. Fairness, impartiality, righteousness. Investment, property, outlay.
Barter, retort, barter, bandy, convert. Replacement, substitute, business, commerce, shift, interchange. Retaliation, reprisal, repartee, intercourse. Commute, interchange, reciprocate, swap, trade. Give and take, reciprocate, retaliate, retort, requite, return. Interchange, substitute, commute, transpose, change.
Prospect, anticipate, require. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Count, contemplate, await, hope, calculate, count on. Demand, insist on, exact.

Story, falsehood, lie. Legend, allegory, myth, parable, tale. Fabrication, fib, fiction, forgery, invention, lie, untruth. Fabricate, fib, invent.
Element, agent, consideration, truth, event, act, substantiality, being. Component, constituent, part, portion, ingredient, determinant. Representative, proxy, administrator, steward. Reason, item, influence, bias. Actuality, certainty, reality, verity, certitude, truism. Happening, phenomenon, occurrence, incident, experience, episode, manifestation. Action, deed, proceeding, accomplishment, transaction, affair, performance. Solidity, stability, permanence. Existence, entity.
Confederated. Associated, confederate, allied.
Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, commercial, fiscal.
Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, financial, commercial.
Flying, trajectory, effort, fleeing, stairs. Soaring. Flight of fancy, inspiration, imagination. Running away, retreat, avoidance. Steps, ascent, fire escape.
Oscillation, sway. Vacillation, wavering, faltering, hesitancy, misgiving, doubt, uncertainty. Oscillate, vacillate, wave, swing, bend, incline, lean.
Dysentery. Diarrhea, scour.
Strained, compelled, energy, enforcement, effectiveness, operation, coerce, drive, overcome. Farfetched, labored. Constrained. Dynamism, impetus,potential, intensity, might, power, strength. Coercion, duress, compulsion, constraint, violence. Effect, efficacy, efficiency, potency, potential, validity. Effect. Require, compel, enforce, make, constrain, demand, inflict. Impel, propel. Overpower, rape, ravish, violate.
From another country, extraneous. Alien, from abroad, exotic, different, unfamiliar, outlandish, unknown. Irrelevant, not pertinent, heterogeneous, extrinsic, unusual.
Sovereign, open, clear, unencumbered, lax, familiar, immoral, generous, gratis, liberate, exempt, relieve. Autarchic, independent, released, unfettered, autonomous. Unconfined, unimpeded, unfettered, unobstructed, unrestricted, unregulated. Exempt, immune, uncontrolled. Easy, firm, swift, unimpeded. Loose, unattached. Easy, frank, informal, open, unceremonious, unconstrained. Lewd, libertine, loose, ribald. Bountiful, charitable, lavish, liberal, munificent, open-handed. Gratuitous, complimentary. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release. Deliver. Clear, disengage, rid.
Rubbing, lack of harmony. Abrasion, rasping, resistance, attrition, wearing away, chafing. Conflict, disagreement, irritation, dissension, strife, agitation, discord.
Brimming, occupied, abundant, broad, resonant, loose, mature. Teeming, big, laden, brimful, voluminous, saturated, jam-packed. Assigned, reserved, taken. Complete, copious, ample, bounteous, plentiful, plenteous, sufficient. Unlimited, extensive. Rounded, throaty, deep, loud. Flapping, baggy, flowing. Grown, entire, complete.
Coming, aftertime, outlook. Unfolding, prospective, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Posterity, afterward, infinity, afterlife, hereafter, millennium. Forecast, foresight, prescience, hope, anticipation.

Precious metal, color. Wealth, riches. Flaxen, yellow.
Act of governing, system of administration, rule, manage. Command, ruling, direction, power, equity, dominion. Administration, assembly, congress, legislature, regime. Reign, command, overrule, control, sway, hold sway. Handle, direct, guide, superintend, supervise, conduct, check.

Intake, crop, reap. Cropping, gathering, results. Produce, yield, output. Collect, plow, pick, harrow, cull, glean, amass.
Riches, stash. Cache, accumulation, store, stockpile, treasure, wealth. Stow, accumulate, save, acquire.

Foreign-made, introduce from abroad. Foreign, exotic, imported, from abroad. Introduce.
Progress, better, gain, illuminate. Betterment, development, growth, increase. Correct, emend, rectify, right, amend, ameliorate, help. Recuperate, convalesce, mend, recover, get better, ameliorate, look up. Enrich, enlighten, uplift.
Earnings, arrive, show up, reach, reach orgasm. Allowance, commission, fee, pay, payment, emolument, pittance. Draw near, approach, appear, advance, close in, reach. Turn up, be convenient, appear. Spread, stretch, join, expand, develop, grow, become. Ejaculate, climax, copulate.
Single, person. Separate, singular, specific, distinct, particular, personal, distinctive. Human being, animal, thing, one, unit, woman, man.
Activity, sector of commerce. Application, enterprise, perseverance, zeal, hard work, diligence, assiduity. Sector, branch, business, trade, manufacturing, enterprise.
Baby. Tot, kid, newborn, suckling.
Burst of growth, swell, boost. Rise, increase, rush, boom. Expand, bloat, distend, puff up, puff out. Exalt, compliment.
Possessions. Fortune, estate, wealth.
Share, regard, welfare, appeal. Percentage, claim, stake. Concern, attention, enrossment, curiosity. Advantage, benefit, good, well-being. Fascinate, intrigue, attract, pique, arouse, excite.
Universal, civil, nationwide, people, realm. Cosmopolitan, worldly, catholic, general, generalized. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.
Empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.
Resources, empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Money, property, assets, cash, capital, means. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.
Entrepreneur, empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Capitalist, financier, banker, landowner, businessman. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.
Accidental, automatic, unwilling, intentional. Unintentional, incidentally, unwitting, reluctant. Unconscious, instinctive, uncontrolled, reflex, impromptu. Ordered, forced, grudging. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, deliberate.

Employment, task, dupe. Vocation, business, position, post, billet, engagement, appointment. Assignment, chore, duty, role. Fool, gull, hoax.

Work, childbirth, working class, work, suffer, belabor. Exertion, strain, toil, drudgery, moil, drive. Childbearing, delivery, parturition, travail. Bourgeoisie. Toil, drudge, strive, cultivate. Be troubled, be distressed. Elaborate, overdo.
Solid earth, property, soil or dirt, country, expanse, drop anchor, come into port, leave the ship, come down in aircraft. Earth, ground, bank, dry land, mountains. Real estate, estate, tract, acreage, farmland, quarry. Soil, dirt, clay, gravel, loam, sand. Nation, fatherland, region, province, continent. Area, field, region, stretch, sweep, terrain, turf. Dock, set down, put in. Dock, arrive, moor, berth. Disembark, arrive, descend. Touch down, alight.
Convenience. Circumstances, chance, occasion, place.
Mellifluous, fluid. Soft, mellow, honeyed. Elixir, solution, liquor.
Advance, lend. Credit, mortgage, debt. Accomodate, advance, credit, debit.
Native, confined. Provincial, parochial, indigenous, regional, insular. Restricted, limited, bounded, isolated, narrow.
Lengthy, boring, yearn. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.
Damage, deprivation. Destruction, ruin, toll, havoc, detriment, injury. Privation.

Sustenance, upkeep. Support, subsistence, living, livelihood, provisions, victuals, food. Preservation, subsistence, continuance.
Administration, achieve, direct, educate, human beings, male, partner, staff. Government, supervision, organization, command, authority. Accomplish, arrange, bring about, succeed, contrive. Administer, conduct, control, govern, regulate, guide, supervise. Handle, dominate, influence, train. Humankind, mankind, humanity, populace, race, folk. Fellow, chap, guy, gentleman, beau, swain, blade. Lover, spouse, husband, boyfriend, married man. Garrison, people, station, guard, protect, defend, fortify.
Borderline, bordering, border, leeway. Peripheral, passable, minimal, nonessential. Edging. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.
Arithmetic. Calculation, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, computation.
Commercial. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, financial, fiscal.
Factory. Shop, plant, forge.
Financial. Fiscal, nummular, pecuniary.
Currency, assets. Token, cash, check, blunt, change, brass. Capital, funds, property, riches, wealth.
Control. Corner, dominance, manipulation, strategy.
Debt. Contract, lease, title, lien, deed.
Producing offspring, increase, reproduce, calculate, layer, bent, utilize, carry on, provide, beat. Breeding, reproduction, bearing young, generation. Augment, double, add, boost, enlarge, expand. Propagate, generate, populate, produce. Compound, repeat, aggregate, raise, square, cube, increase. Thickness, sheet, fold, overlay, leaf, stratum, tier. Inclination, leaning, tendency, bias, temperament, predisposition, proclivity. Employ, wield, use, apply, manipulate, handle, bend. Pursue, practice, undertake, exercise, work at, engage in, follow. Furnish, equip, replenish, feed, load, heap, store. Thrash, attack, whip, strike, flog, trounce, flail.

Civil, nationwide, people, realm. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.
After deductions, mesh, earnings, profit. Clear, remaining, pure, exclusive, excluding. Grill, lattice, screen, web, netting. Income, pay. Clear, make, accumulate, gain.
Indeterminate, uninvolved, impartial, nonpartisan. Abstract, drab, colorless, vague, dull. Noncombatant, nonpartisan, inactive, disengaged, inert. Detached, unbiased, nonchalant, dispassionate, disinterested, impersonal.
Fresh, additional, fresh, latest, different, untrained, recently. Current, late, modern, modernistic, new-fashioned. Increased, fresh, supplementary, further, extra. Unique, unaccustomed, original, unused, bizarre, unusual, unspoiled. Modish, fashionable, modern. Unlike, dissimilar, distinct. Unseasoned, unskilled, incompetent, inexperienced. Afresh, anew, freshly, lately, newly.
Usual, routine, sane, healthy, mean. Common, ordinary, typical, standard, customary, prevalent. Orderly, regular, methodical. Lucid, wholesome, rational, reasonable, right. Sound, whole. Average, normal, median, par, standard, mean proportion.

Old-fashioned, archaic. Dated, antiquated, superannuated, antique, obsolete, old-time. Extinct.
Uncovered, admissible, unoccupied, debatable, exposed, honest, perforated, extended, generous, obvious, unblocked, unclose, revoke, reveal, unfold. Unclosed, denuded, naked, patent. Accessible, permitted, available, allowable, free, public, unrestricted. Unfulfilled, emptied. Controversial, disputable, questionable, undecided, uncertain, undetermined, unsettled. Bare, unguarded, uncovered, liable, insecure, undefended, unsafe. Above-board, plain, artless, straightforward, candid, fair, frank. Airy, filigree, penetrable, porous. Expanded, spread out, unclosed. Bounteous, bountiful, free, liberal, magnanimous, munificent, open-handed. Apparent, well-known, clear, evident, plain. Unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unfastened, cleared, removed, unsealed. Unbar, unlock, clear, admit, reopen, free, loosen. Recall. Bare, disclose, divulge, expose, lay bare, uncover. Unravel, expand, unroll, disentangle, extend, spread out.
Hopefulness, confidence, faith. Cheerfulness, happiness, brightness, enthusiasm, elation, exhilaration. Assurance, encouragement, trust, calmness, expectancy, expectation, anticipation. Idealism.
Price, place, impose, state, install. Figure, expenditure, amount, outlay. Deposit, settle, lay, seat, set. Levy, set. Express, utter. Establish, quarter, fix.
Claim, proprietor, possess, admit, personal. Right, privilege, title, interest, due. Holder, landlord, possessor, landholder, buyer, heir, master. Have, enjoy, hold, control, dominate, boast, reserve. Acknowledge, grant, assent to, allow, declare, avow, concede. Mine, individual, owned.

Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.
Indigent, meager, inferior, barren, underfed, abject, humble, unlucky. Destitute, insolvent, distressed, broke, underprivilege, impecunious, impoverished. Deficient, paltry, incomplete, scanty, insufficient, lacking. mediocre, faulty, shoddy, second-rate, rustic, seedy, jerry-built. Fruitless, sterile, unfertile, unproductive. Emaciated, gaunt, hungry, lank, lean, meager. Base, cowardly, mean. Unpretentious. Doomed, hapless, luckless, miserable, piteous, pitiable, star-crossed.
Society, reproduce. Public, community, nation, people, folk, order. Propagate, generate, multiply, produce.
Forethought, care, warning, alert. Foresight, anticipation, providence, prudence, wariness. Circumspection, discretion, wariness, heedfulness, prudence, vigilance, heed. Notice, admonition, forewarning, counsel, hint, injunction, advice. Admonish, advise, exhort, warn, forewarn, counsel, enjoin.
Valuable, beloved, delicate. Costly, expensive, inestimable, dear, invaluable, priceless. Prized, cherished, favorite, darling, dear. Choice, fragile, dainty, fine, refined, pretty, select.
Charge, appraise. Figure, tariff, price tag, cost, payment, rate, expenditure. Assess, rate, value, mark, reduce.
Primary, excellent, original. Principal, chief, fundamental. Unparalleled, superior, top, choice, best. Earliest, beginning, first.
Possibility. Likelihood, odds, chance, contingency.
Profit, return, progress, arise. Gain, net, income, result, reward, remuneration, outcome. Yield, interest, gain, gross, revenue, receipts. Advance, continue, go on, move on, pass on. Come forth, emanate, ensue, go forth, issue, originate, result.
Creation, exhibition. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.
Ability, yielding, output, commodity, sewer. Efficiency, capability, effectiveness, proficiency, productiveness, efficacy. Producing, fertile, profitable, prolific, luxuriant, fruitful, bounteous. Production, yield, turnout, outcome, result, outgrowth, produce. Merchandise, stock, goods. Cesspool, drain, channel.
Gain, advantage, gain, suitable, qualified, trim, seizure, equip, suit. Earnings, return, lucre, dividend, proceeds, returns, revenue. Advancement, benefit, gain, good, improvement, welfare. Benefit, advance, harvest, clear, better, prosper, recover. Appropriate, apt, befitting, fitting, just, meet, proper. Competent, matched, suited, adapted, tailor-made. Robust, healthy, competent. Spasm, stroke, paroxysm, spell. Furnish, arm, implement, man, outfit, provide. Agree, accord, apply, harmonize, belong, conform, relate.
Inclination, talent. Partiality, bent, penchant, bias, predilection, disposition, leaning. Ability, capacity, competence.
Coming, expectation, view, explore. Unfolding, future, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Outlook, sight, perspective, landscape, scene, survey, vista. Search.
Guardianship, shield. Safekeeping, cover, defense, custody, guard, preservation, refuge. Aegis, screen, bulwark.
Proviso, preparation, sight, understanding, idea, illusion. Condition, prerequisite, if, terms, requirement, stipulation. Arrangement, supplying, procurement. Eyesight. Discernment, perception, acumen, astuteness, intuition. Concept, image, imagination, conception, view, fantasy, anticipation. Apparition, hallucination, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.
Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.
Communal, unrestricted, civic, populace. General, common, joint, national, shared, collective, widespread. Open, accessible, known, free. Civil, governmental, societal. Society, people, men, following, audience, citizens.

Amount. Aggregate, measure, mass, bulk, number.

Relative amount, incidence, pace, appraise. Fare, freight, percentage, commission, allowance. Frequency, occurrence, proportion, fraction, ratio, standard. Gait, speed, velocity, clip, tempo, dash, momentum. Evaluate, rank, assess, grade, reckon, calculate, measure.
Genuine, material. Actual, authentic, true, sincere, indisputable, undeniable, factual. Existent, tangible, substantive, physical, incarnate, palpable, corporal.
Rental, rip, schism, hire. Payment, return. Breach, break, cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, fracture. Breach, disunion, separation. Contract, lease, pay, let, engage, charter.
Stand in, substitute, restore, location, duty, region, dwelling, occasion, put, appoint. Surrogate, substitute, proxy, alternate, deputy, equivalent, double. Supplant, succeed, supersede. Replenish, refund, reinstate, return, repay, make good.
Recovery, react, replace, reply, revolution, trend, deviation, talent, need, revolve, change, aim, form, bend, distract, sour. Restoration, restitution, yield, results, proceeds, repossession. Repeat, reconsider, recur, recover, revert. Reinstate, reestablish, restore, requite, render, take back. Retort, respond, answer. Rotation, spin, gyration, cycle. Drift, direction. Change, variation, bend, twist, turning, reversal, talent. Proclivity, inclination, bent, propensity, tendency, aptitude. Necessity, requirement, exigency. Circle, rotate, spin, gyrate. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, metamorphose, transmute. Direct, point, set. Mold, shape, fashion. Curve, swerve, veer, deviate, twist, deflect, dodge. Disturb, infatuate, derange, infuriate. Acidify, curdle, ferment.
Danger, gamble. Jeopardy, hazard, peril, gamble, venture, uncertainty, chance. Jeopardize, imperil, endanger, chance, venture, dare, hazard.
Circuitous. Devious, winding, tortuous, oblique.

Rescuing, compensatory, thrifty, preservation, discount, rescue, keep, store, avoid, but. Freeing, protective, protectin, safeguarding, redeeming. Conditional, redeeming. Frugal, careful, parsimonious, sparing, economical, temperate. Husbandry, conservation, economy, maintenance, frugality, thrift. Economy, proceeds, deduction, rebate, profit, gain. Salvage, deliver, extricate, free, release, liberate, emancipate. Protect, safeguard, preserve, maintain, conserve. Accumulate, gather, amass, collect, hoard, stow, reserve. Spare, curtail, lessen. Except.
Want, rare. Lack, deficiency, insufficiency, dearth, meagerness, inadequacy, scantiness. Uncommon, unusual, infrequent, sparse, meager, limited, singular.
Educational institution, style. Fashion, manner, persuasion, tendency, method, character, system.
Small, brief, curt, lacking, inferior. Little, tiny, brief, slight, undersized, diminutive, low. Concise, succinct, condensed, laconic, sententious. Abrupt, shart, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, short-tempered, testy. Deficient, insufficient, incomplete, inadequate, skimpy, scant, scarce. Substandard, unacceptable, below.
Decline, basin, submerge, fall. Ebb, fading, abatement, slack, way. Tub, bowl, sewer, cesspool. Immerse, dip, soak, swamp, scuttle, depress. Drop, descend, decline, dip, slump, lower, droop.
Fraternize. Hobnob, associate, mix, consort, join, mingle.
Friendly, human, humane, polite, sociable. Genial, amiable, aggable, gregarious, pleasant, sociable, convivial. Cultural, racial, secular, worldly, public, societal, political. Benevolent, charitable, philanthropic, altruistic. Mannerly, pleasant, civil, polished, informative, hospitable. Soiree, tea party.
Thought, theory, conjecture, gamble. Contemplation, consideration, meditation. Hypothesis, conjecture, supposition, surmise, view, conclusion. Theorize, contemplate, surmise, consider, hypothesize, cogitate, infer. Venture, buy and sell, wheel and deal, chance.
Theoretical, cogitative, conjecture, gamble. Academic, hypothetical, conjectural, presumed, supposed, suppositional, tentative. Reasoning, pensive, meditative, contemplative, reflective, thoughtful. Theorize, contemplate, surmise, consider, hypothesize, cogitate, infer. Venture, buy and sell, wheel and deal, chance.
Margin purchaser. Bull, buyer, financier.
Blemish, place, blemish, detect. Blot, mark, stain, speck, taint, stigma, flaw. Locale, locality, site, post, situation. Blot, mark, stain, soil, sully, taint, tarnish. Discover, find, locate, recognize.
Substantiality. Solidity, fact, permanence.
Hammered, impression, mark. Pounded, forged, beaten. Brand, engraving, cast, seal, mark, pattern, print. Brand, imprint, impress, label.
Regular, basis, emblem, support. Basic, normal, typical, sample, stock, regulation, approved. Model, measure, gauge, example, criterion, pattern, rule. Banner, ensign, symbol, flag, pennant, streamer, pennon. Bar, rod, timber, upright.
Government, condition, form, position, nation, say. Public. Case, circumstances, plight, predicament, situation, position, standing. Phase, structure, constitution. Rank, standing, station, estate. Republic, commonwealth, country, community, federation, government, land. Speak, declare, pronounce, assert, authorize, determine, fix.
Standing still. Stagnant, immobile, stationary, motionless, quiescent, inert, torpid.
Stagnant. Motionless, standing, still, unmoving, idle, unused.
Standard, goods, livestock, lineage, handle, store. Regular, normal, typical, customary, commonplace, ordinary, usual. Merchandise, produce, inventory, provision, store, supplies, reserve. Cattle, sheep. Stem, trunk, plant. Ancestry, species, breed, parentage, pedigree, race, descent. Haft. Supply, hoard, equip, fill, furnish.
Exchange. Interchange, mutation, change, conversion, permutation, trade, switch.
Additional. Subsidiary, auxiliary, ancilary, secondary, accessory, appurtenant, subordinate.
Stock, furnish. Quantity, inventory, reserve, accumulation, store, fund, hoard. Equip, provide, stock, fill, replenish, fulfill, satisfy.
Superfluous, excess, also. Remaining. Superabundance, surfeit, remainder, residue. As well, moreover, likewise, even.

Flavor, morsel, preference, discrimination, sample, experience, savor. Savor, relish, zest, sensation, scent, tang, aroma. Bit, sample, bite, tidbit, appetizer, sip, dainty. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition. Discernment, cultivation, distinction, perception, judgment, refinement, sense. Savor, try, sip. Undergo, feel, perceive, know. Relish, enjoy, sense, smack, tang.
Levy, levy, accuse, burden. Assessment, charge, tariff, toll, duty, obligation, impost. Impose, assess. Reproach, charge, reprove, censure. Strain, overwork, encumber, overload, tire.
Agreement, word, period of time. Compromise, settlement, concession, negotiation, covenant, understanding, bargain. Phrase, name, designation, terminology, locution, expression. Period, session, semester, quarter, duration.
Hypothesis, philosophy. Guess, conjecture, speculation, assumption, rationale, explanation. View, conception, outlook, contemplation.
Preservation. Husbandry, conservation, economy, maintenance, frugality, saving.
Duration, term, era, tempo, gauge. Past, present, future, continuance. Interval, period, space, span, spell, year. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season. Measure, beat, rhythm, cadence, rate, swing. Measure, regulate.
Exchange, occupation, exchange, patronize. Barter, swap, dealing, traffic, commerce, business, purchase. Vocation, profession, business, livelihood, avocation, employment. Swap, barter. Shop, purchase, buy, sell.
Barter, movement, deed, behavior, mechanism, conflict, lawsuit, anointing. Negotiation, traffic, business, bargaining. Activity, moving, response, operation, energy, performance, business. Exercise, act, blow, accomplishment, feat, maneuver, doing. Practice, conduct. Apparatus, contrivance. Affair, sortie, battle, contest, brush, combat, encounter. Case, claim, litigation, proceeding, process, suit. Oil, demulcent, emollient, lubricant, balm, unguent.
Shift, convey, carry. Change, assignment, movement, traffic. Assign, cede, sign, deed, make over, alien. Transport, deliver.
Financial institution. Vault, bank.
Essay. Composition, dissertation, paper, theme.

Doubt, sureness, truth. Incertitude, indecision, dubiety, vacillation. Trust, assurance, certitude, confidence, faith, conviction. Reality, fact, actuality, validity, verity.
Below, obedient to, underling. Beneath, supporting. Inferior, subject, assistant, helper, aide, collateral, subordinate.
Inactivity, engaging, occupation, employment, engage, apply. Loitering, indolence, idleness, not working. Engagement, using, hiring, calling. Job, profession, vocation. Position, job, service. Take, place, contract, put on, hire, procure, take on. Exercise, adopt, operate, expend, utilize, make use of, manipulate.
Coupled, combine, amalgamate, marry. Joined, connected, combined, linked, attached. Join, link, couple, connect, associate, ally, incorporate. Blend, combine, consolidate, compound, coalesce, fuse, weld. Wed, join, couple.
System, section. Complement, element, component, member, part, total, assemblage. Piece, square, block, factor, joint, length, quantity.
Operator, operation, appropriateness, help, habit, need, handling, employ, consume, exercise, treat, habituate. Worker, workman, driver, motorist, engineer, operative. Application, utilization, manipulation, employment, appliance, play, exercise. Profit, benefit, advantage, utility, usefulness, service, applicability. Good, profit. Custom, manner, way, practice, usage, wont. Demand, occasion. Treatment, usage. Utilize, apply, exploit, make use of, work, run, bestow. Expend, exhaust, use up, waste. Practice, put to use. Manage, handle, deal with, act, toward, behave toward. Familiarize, accustom, inure, wont.
Use, business. Usefulness, service, product, productiveness, adequacy, avail. Monopoly, trade, industry, enterprise, company.

Changeable. Alterable, alternating, variegated, mutable, fluid, temporary, protean.
Pace. Gait, speed, rate, clip, tempo, dash, momentum.
Pertain. Appertain, concern, relate, belong.
Intentional. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, deliberate.

Payment, humorist, shake. Remuneration, wage, salary, compensation, allowance, stipend, recompense. Comedian, joker, zany, card. Wave, waggle, beat, lash, switch.
In anticipation, delay, await, serve. Expecting, hopeful, eager, awaiting, expectant, watchful. Pause, lingering, waiting, halt, stop. Anticipate, expect, abide, delay, linger, remain, tarry. Tend, deliver, help.
Bulwark, obstacle, enclose. Barrier, bastion, bunker, rampart, dike, battlement. Barrier, obstruction, impediment, hindrance, resistance. Partition, divide, shut off, protect, immure.
Armed conflict. Battle, warfare, fighting, encounter, conflict, contest, combat.
Rich, abundant, riches, abundance. Affluent, moneyed, prosperous, well-to-do, opulent. Ample, copious. Fortune, treasure, affluence, cash, assets, property, resources. Profusion.
Untamed, uncivilized, stormy, crazy, eager, unrestrained, extravagant, bizarre, unkempt, wilderness. Savage, ferocious, feral, unbroken, native, agrarian. Barbarian, barbarous, uncultivated, uninhabited. Frenzied, turbulent, violent, tempestuous, impetuous, furious, boisterous. Insane, mad, frantic, raging, distracted. Excited, ecstatic, enthusiastic, thrilled, anxious. Lawless, riotous, undisciplined, unruly, uncontrolled, unbridled, uncontrollable. Impracticable, reckless, rash, fantastic. Strange, grotesque, queer, imaginary, fanciful, visionary. Disheveled, disorderly. Waste, desert.
Benison. Consecration, Eucharist, baptism, benediction, sanctification, blessing.
Practical, labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish, form, influence. Applicable, applied, active. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about. Fashion, make, finish, execute. Persuade, move.

Crop, produce, surrender, grant. Harvest, product. Render, supply, furnish, bear, bestow, give forth, afford. Abandon, abdicate, cede, concede, forgo, relinquish, resign. Bow, acquiesce, concede, give, bend, assent, agree.