DECONSCRIPTION-Writings of Curtis Cottrell

Comics Trip

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Alley Oop


Caveman Alley Oop

With his faithful dinosaur

Looks for Miss Oola,

His sidekick cracking in rhyme

Antediluvian time.




I can talk to ants.

My silver cyberhelmet

Tunes to their wavelength,

Then I ride to victory

With my Myrmidon army.


Asterix the Gaul


From Armorica,

Asterix and Obelix,

Miss Panacea,

Warrior Tragicomix

And Getafix, The Druid.


The Atom


Why does Doctor Light

Appear only black and white,


Our hero caught in a lamp

Cyan, yellow and magenta?




An angel is love

Psychedelic space cadet

Bound by the black queen

On Duran Duran's machine

Orgasmatron from above


Beany and Cecil


Beany and Cecil

The big seasick sea serpent

Had buttons for eyes.

They began as hand puppets

Before they became cartoons.




Blackhawk squadron of

Paramilitary jets

Swoops in for the kill.

Another petty tyrant

Falls to the coup d'evil.


Brenda Breeze


Skirt above her knees,

Brenda Breeze was quite a tease,

Made me pant and wheeze.

Since the feminists complain

We won't see Brenda again.


Buster Brown


That brat Buster Brown

Almost electrocuted

His poor old father

When he fixed the radio

To fall into the bathtub.


Chip and Dale


These good buddies are

The epitome of cool,

Calm and collected.

Their etiquette never missed.

"After you."  "No, I insist."


Dennis the Menace


Dennis the Menace

And neighbor Mister Wilson

Are at it again

Displaced Oedipal complex

Or Kronos eating children?


Doctor Seuss


The Cat in the Hat

Went down to Mulberry Street

For green eggs and ham

Horton hears a Who today

Or the Grinch that stole Christmas




Hell's Angels, Fear and Loathing,

And The Great Gonzo Shark Hunt

Duke Hunter Thompson's

Cremains shot into the sky

Just like the circus


Donald Duck


Uncle Scrooge McDuck,

Inventor Gyro Gearloose,

And Donald's nephews

Huey, Dewey and Louie,

Ain't no Mickey Mouse outfit.


The Fantastic Four


Plastic fantastic,

Pilot Ben Grimm, called The Thing,

And The Human Torch--

But The Invisible Girl

Can use imagination.


In their skyscraper,

What's with the "Giant Map Room?"

It's no giant room!

Do they have some giant maps?

Ben and Johnny shooting craps?


Fearless Fosdick


Get wildroot, Charlie,

And square the end of your chin,

Then you'll get your man

Unless it's Sadie Hawkins,

And then you run for your wife.


Flash Gordon


Flash Gordon and Dale

Flee from Ming the Merciless


Paranoid xenophobic

Fear of all things alien.


G.I. Combat


Ride The Haunted Tank

With Jeb Stuart on the track


Mapping ghostly strategies

Against the ghastly Nazis.


The Great Pumpkin


Good grief!  A pumpkin

Has taken root in my yard:

Washed up by the flood

From Hurricane Katrina

Just in time for Halloween.


 Green Lantern



Focused through alien lens

Brings the ring power.

You are only limited

By the freedom of your will.




Weapons of the past

Join science of the future:

Fight present danger

With a beautiful partner

Flying on waves of the wind.


Iron Man


If you have money,

You can replace your body

With metallic parts.

Unfortunately, one part

Needs more than a little oil.


The Katzenjammer Kids


Katzenjammer Kids

Play their mischief-making pranks

On the poor captain,

Who wishes he had never

Come to this tropic island.


Krazy Kat


A brick on the head

Brings sudden enlightenment

And encouragement

To the eternal triangle

With rat and Officer Pup.


Little Nemo


Living in the dreams

Of a flying rarebit fiend,


Clown, prince and savage bushman

Merge with baroque arabesque.


Gerald Mac Boing Boing


Onomato boy

Gerald Mac Boing Boing,

Cousin of John Cage,

Industrial ancestor

Audio expressionist.


Bill Mauldin


Take a tour of the

European Theater

With our dogface pals

Bold GI's Joe and Willie

Tired of wading through the mud




Down the mountain pass

A Bentley skids off the road

The rocket's hijackers

The werewolves hound our hero

But Bond is back in action




Nancy and Sluggo,

Quite an unlikely couple.

Right way and wrong way

Or is it a class conflict

Culture assimilation?




Hawk nose and square jaw,

A grotesque heiroglyphic

Of law and order:

Law of commercial design;

Art of sequential order.


Icon of action:

Car curves around a corner;

Tracy dodges past,

Swasticated arms and legs,

Coattail signifying speed.


A reader complains,

"Your villains are so ugly!"

Popular phrenology

Characterizing affects.

There's nothing cute about crime.


Flattop, B.B. Eyes,

Littleface, Pruneface, Shakey,

Breathless Mahoney,

Mumbles, Mole, The Brow, The Blank,

Stooge Viller and Sketch Paree.


Too many questions

On two-way wrist radios:

Proper procedure

Calls for us to go at once,

Sign off with a big ten-four.




Popeye, goon and jeep

Enact Thimble Theater

Saving Olive Oyl

From evil sea hag potion

Exclaiming, "Et tu, Bluto?"


Buck Rogers


Anthony Rogers,

Airlords of Han nemesis

Better known as Buck,

Awoke in a world of war

Ruled by anti-gravity.


Leonard Sansone


Who's that lurking here?

The Wolf in GI Clothing

With a nasty leer

For Miss Red Hot Riding Hood

And he don't mean her no good




Jack Kirby’s heroes

Challengers of the Unknown

Live on borrowed time—

Puzzle in a mystic box

Courtesy of Gardner Fox.





Peter Parker picked a pack

Of gossamer web

Swinging from all the rooftops

Just hanging around downtown.


The Spirit


Detective comics

And sequential narrative

On the edge of time

Humor, glamor and suspense

Zoot suit, wide brimmed hat

Terry and the Pirates


The Dragon Lady

Sends a horde of her henchmen

To greet downed pilots,

While she waits in her salon

Smoking a long cigaratte.




Come along with me,

Journey into Mystery.

What’s that eerie sound?

Strike your hammer on the ground

Be the thunder god you are!


Wonder Woman


Why is Diana

More sexy with her glasses

Than Amazon garb?

When she goes into action

She loses all her repose.




The Checkered Demon's

Creator S. Clay Wilson

Recoiled in horror

When shown a child porn comic:

"I don't dig 'short eyes,'" he sighs.


Phoebe Zeitgeist


Mike O'Donahue

Wrote absurd adventures in

Evergreen Review

No tarpits or ex-Nazis

Tarnish the name of Zeitgeist