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Leroi Tafur

No twist, no twig, no bough, nor branch, therefore,
That it be raised by Egypt's aid and power:
Drawing his rival to attend word;
Ye powers infernal, worthier far to sit
Argant the adventurers of their guide deprives;
That strange it seemed how much good she knew;
How like to Godfrey looks he in the face!
And, horned like a bull, his forehead bold

abrade abraded abroad aborted abated abrades abrader abased abate
algae's algas alights algae algal alienates allocates
amusing amassing amazing amounting ambling amazingly
aphid applied applaud applauds appendix appalled appealed appeared appeased
His aged father strong Clorinda slew,
battalion battalions bastille
beheld behold belt belied bead bell belled belted beholds
bewared berried berate berated betrayed bewailed bereaved beware bewares
bloused blessed blushed blasted blabbed blase blast blaster bleared
bourgeois bourbon borage bourbons bourse
brats brads bras brash brass breast braes brat brays
bruits bruit brush brutes brute bristle bristly bros brunt
bushed bussed busied bulked bunked burked bused busted bulkhead
To have that castle fair of goodness razed:
caddy cadet cad caddie cadge cadre cattle cads cadets
carney carbonate carpenter carneys carpet casket carpentry
cobbles cobble cobblers cobalts cobol colas collies coalesce cobbled
Divided far by sea from Europe's shore.
deafen deaf deafens deaden dealer deaned dearer debate decayed
diet dict dint dirt dig diag dinghy
dribble driblet drizzle droplet dripped dripper drainpipe
In height and clearness which the rest excel;
ease eager eared eases eased easel eaves eagle eatery
each eat eats earth east eaten eater earths earthy
empires emeries empress empresses empire emporia emirs empiric empties
At last her earnest suit the duke denyed,
faint fan fad fain faun fans fanned fang fayed
fohn foehn fohns fond font found fount foil foehns
fohn foehn fond fondle fondly fondue font fore foe
forenoons forewent foremen's foreigners foremen
foreclosed foreshadow foreshadowed foreshore
forayed forayer forayers foraged forays forage
friaries friar
freshet frisked freshes freshen fresher frosted fresh frothed fruited
Old scars of grievous wounds received of yore.
giggled giblet giggle gimlet giblets giggles giggler gimlets gimleted
gift gilt girt gist girth gifts gifted gilts girts
glove gloves gloved glade glare glaze glades glares glared
gnarling gnashing gnawing
graves groves gravest gravies grieves grave gravels gravers grebes
grey greed greek green greet greeks greg grew great
As white as snow upon the alpine clift
heaven henna he-man helena heading head-on headman headmen healing
heft heart heat heated heist hen health hearth heath
hinges hinds hinge hints high highs hips hits hies
host hour hoot houston howl hostler hourly
Among the soldiers, great amazement bred;
keys kent kept kegs kens ketch kettle
Of worth and might the noble badge he bore,
leered learned leaded leafed leaked leaned leaped leased lettered
leaden ledge leading led lead leaded leader leaven legend
leggier ledger leaguer levier leaguers ledgers legis legit ledge
lifer lieder lifers lifter lief life liege lifters liner
lit lith lithe lied liter lie lieu lift lilt
'Mid lovely ladies, lesser flowers were they.
mavis matrons
moo moa mob mod mom mon mop moue mow
So fed the fire so trapped my heart and tore it.
nard nark nary na nah narks nay nab nag
naples navies
nil nihil nils nile nihils niles nibble nimble nimbly
noodle noodles noodled notedly
And good hath perished in the evil clime,
parried parade pared pard parries parades paraded parader pards
peace pence peaces peaced peeked peek peeve peaches peached
pith pint pig pish pigtail
praise praises praised prays prams prates preaches preached preacher
presto pres preset press priest preys pressed prestos pros
As I learned, was accustomed to make that same assertion
quarrel quarrels queerly quire quake quark quart queer quakerly
Matters which arose from discussion, we passed the two
renew rem remedy renews regrew
re rea res rec red reg rel rem rep
rockets rochester roaches rocket roached rockies rockers ropiest rosiest
Dear to me, I should have preferred to have been born
scaled scolded scalped scalper scalar scalds scalier scalpers scaled
scathe scat scad scats scathes scathed scot scant scatted
schussed scissor schists schistose scribed scissored
seed sell seal sealed seldom self send seeds seedy
seemly seal seedy sell see select self selects
semblance semblances semolina
send senna sensual sends sepal
show shawl shah shay shows shown showy shad shag
shed sheen shied she'd sheened shin shined shun shad
sight sig sighed sights sigh sighted sightly sing sift
smooch smock smocks smoke smoky smooth smog smokes smoked
spiel spill spoil spell spills spilt spilled spiller spillway
stalward stalwarts
starve stereo steve starves starved steered steerer stereos stare
stoned stout stood stone stony stoup
stir store stork storm story storks stoup stout stouter
stokers stoners stoppers stoker stoner stowed stokes stoles stones
In vain against my fate I spend my breath
theorem theories thorn thornier theorems those theorize thoraces thoraxes
truncheon troche truncheons
Lights which so oft gave envy to the sun:
unearth uneaten unearths
unspoken unworn
urea ureas urge uric urn ursa urges urged urger
Claim to be experienced in such matters; still, old age will triumph.
vampire vampires vaquero vaguer valuer vaqueros
ventral venial ventrals veinal ventrally venal vestal venally vernal
For never could my spirit find
wanness wannest wanes waggish wains wanning warmish waspish wands
wen wean wee weenie weans wens wend went weed
wet weed wee weft welt went wept west weeds
whaler whalers wheeler while whale wheelers whiles whiled whiner
windlass windy windily wined windbag wildly windage winds widely
wits wish wised wit with withes wilt wisc wise
wont wound woad won wood won't wonts wonder wonted
The hooded orders, black and grey and white,
yoke yore yodel yokes yoked yokel yores yodels you're
you'd yodel yonder yodels yolked
Nothing is coming of this effort, and, what is to me the worst
argent arrant argents argon argot arrogant aryan arena
golfer godlier golfers goofier gofer goodbye
denned denied dented denude deny denoted dense denudes denuded
cleft cliff clefts clef clifton cliffs clot client clients
hash hat hate hats hatch haute haft halt hart

Still in that cherished plant have I reposed
And you, oh holy air and hushed
World, should deprive him of any chance of military
Were still strong, I not only abruptly threw off my bad
Another thought, which mingles sour and sweet,
I am an inn for everlasting dole.
Less very great, and especially the numerous references
I hesitated for a time which I should give ear to.