DECONSCRIPTION-Writings of Curtis Cottrell


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Wildflowers sprinkling the cemetery
With bold splashes of purple and gold
Are prettier than any of the decorations
That the moldy old morticians sold.

Family Values
The bridge is almost burnt behind me
The last smoldering timbers tumble away
To be swept along by the stream below;
Destination, oblivion.

Yet I almost smile remembering
Several small moments of satisfaction,
The comfort of visiting the home
In which I am no longer welcome.


Feral Frag
I am an orphan,
An only child;
No hand to guide,
I grew up wild.

A 14er on Football
An orchestrated slam dance
A cotillion
Of collision
And evasion

Martial Meets Ramones
Gabba was Caesar's fool;
Gabba broke the golden rule:
Why should august rulers put up
Jesters who just won't shut up?

Robin Hood Crowd
Gimme a pacifier; let me be a slave,
So we can dance at the zombie rave.

Tweedle-dee-dee and bump-de-bump
As we move our rumps to the junkie funk.

My heart is racing but not my head
Cause this is the night of the living dead.

Gimme a drink; gimme a hug,
So I can't think, and they won't bug.

Uncanny Deja Vu Synchronicity

Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op

Kept calling ex-cons 'yeggs.'

What's a 'yegg?' I asked myself.

Later puzzling a crossword,

'Yegg' came up as answer

To the clue "safecracker."

I felt as if

I'd cracked a code--

Or had it cracked me?