DECONSCRIPTION-Writings of Curtis Cottrell

2010s Poems

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The Art of ReInvention

Daphne enigmatically invites
Those dirty looks then repels
Them with the shield of Athena
While humiliating the onlooker
With the laugh of the Medusa
Which turns him into stone.

Specular sex object--
Sun Records at 78 rpm

A unified vision fragmented
Into an infernal rosette.


At the moment of your death
As you draw your final breath
Father Adam will appear
Saying, "Welcome, now and here
At the cusp of never and forever,
My child, we are together
Skull to skull and bone to bone
You die--not for my sin--but for your own.

Midwest Vortex Awakens Heartland
For Also Aswell

When twisters tear down tornado alley
Into Oklahoma and North Texas
God is sending oil barons a message:
Your pollution is abomination.
The air has become too filthy to breathe
And ozone has punched a hole in the sky.
You wage war to control the price of oil.
Your greed admits no piety at all:
Judas goats leading the poor to slaughter,
The roar of the Beast echoes your laughter.
Hear the loud call of Gabriel's trumpet
And feel the full force of his mighty wings.
He who sows discord to profit from strife
Shall reap the whirlwinds and lose his own life!