DECONSCRIPTION-Writings of Curtis Cottrell

Hollow Fame

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Whole lotta Rosie
I'm on the highway to hell
Walk all over you
I'm going to Sin City
Morituri we salute
Janie's got a gun
Love in an elevator
Seasons of wither
Last child...a punk in the street
Dream until your dream comes true
Amon Duul
Der Phallus Dei
Wolf City and Deutsch Nepal
Made in Germany
Hijack--explode like a star
Wind at the end of the street
The Animals
I'll do what I want
Don't bring me down, sky pilot
Get out of this place
White houses when I was young
Let me be misunderstood
The Avengers
Crazy homicide
White nigger, teenage rebel
The end of the world
The American in me
Something's wrong, open your eyes
Bad Brains
The regulator
You don't want me any more
Leaving Babylon
Don't need no Ivory liquid
Decisions with precision
Beach Boys
Heroes and villains
There's a place that I can go
Be true to your school
She's real fine, my 409
Spirit of America
Paperback writer
Lovely Rita meter maid
All you need is love
Back in the USSR
Strawberry Fields forever
Jeff Beck
Shapes of things to come
Blues deluxe and rice pudding
You know what I mean
Constipated scatterbrain
Cause we've ended as lovers
Captain Beefheart
Lick my decals off
Ella guru, Dachau blues
Orange claw hammer
She's too much for my mirror
Hair pies steal softly thru snow
Chuck Berry
Go Johnny B. Goode
You can't catch me, Maybelline
Ring, ring goes the bell
I just want to play with my
Little Queeny and Nadine
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Women is losers
Another piece of my heart
Like a ball and chain
Combination of the two
Whole darned world is down on me
Black Flag
White minority
A TV party tonight
I've got no values
Seeing the world through rat's eyes
Who's got the ten and a half?
Black Sabbath
I love you, Sweet Leaf
Like witches at black masses
Gone into the void
I'm beyond the wall of sleep
On sabbath bloody sabbath
David Bowie
Ziggy played guitar
Put your raygun to my head
Lady grinning soul
Ground control to Major Tom
It's a drive in Saturday
The bells of Rhymney
I'll feel whole lot better
The chimes of freedom
I think...maybe I'm dreaming
All I really want to do
Johnny Cash
I still miss someone
I fell for you like a child
And it burns, burns, burns
I like to get my loving
While I've got it on my mind
Wishing you were here
25 or 6 to 4
South California purples
Feeling stronger every day
Circle Jerks
I was so wasted
I've got the world up my ass
I just want some skank
You're backed up against the wall
And I don't want to hear it
The Clash
Go straight to hell boys
My safe European home
Shariff don't like it
Lost in the supermarket
Should I stay or should I go?
Eddie Cochran
Cut across Shorty
Come on everybody
I'm too tired to rock
There are three steps to heaven
No dice, you gotta work late
John Coltrane
My favorite things
Spiral countdown Naima
Take a giant step
Explore the core of the chord
A love supreme, love supreme
Alice Cooper
You can go to hell
Refrigerator heaven
Only women bleed
Levity ball reflected
I've got you under my wheels
I'm the garbage man
I was a teenage werewold
On my TV set
Daddy drives a UFO
Don't eat stuff off the sidewalk
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Born on the bayou
Have you ever seen the rain?
Sinister purpose
Who is burning effigies?
I ain't no fortunate son
Miles Davis
The birth of the cool
Spanish key--sketches of Spain
A trumpet possessed
Bitches brew is kind of blue
Miles chases the hoodoo down
Dead Boys
Sonic reducer
All this and more little girl
If you want me to
Sam controls my forty-four
Caught with the meat in your mouth
Deep Purple
Smoke on the water
Space trucking into the fire
The flight of the rat
My woman from Tokyo
Highway star sweet child in time
Neil Diamond
Solitary man
Travelling salvation show
I am the lion
Thank the Lord for the nighttime
And the grass won't pay no mind
Help me doctor please
I think that I got disease
Minnesota strip
I stand proud of what I am
Don't forget to wipe your ass
Fats Domino
Now ain't that a shame
I'm walking to New Orleans
From Blueberry Hill
And I want you to want me
So I can give you that thrill
Hurdy gurdy man
An epistle to Dippy
Sunshine superman
I'll buy you a sugar cube
Retired writer in the sun
Season of the witch
Retired writer in the sun
Singing songs of love
A violent hash smoker
Shook a chocolate machine
Bob Dylan
Blowing in the wind
A hard rain is gonna fall
Ye masters of war
Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
The vandals took the handle
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Just take a pebble
And cast it into the sea turn me on
Like brain salad surgery
You got from your Dr John
Foreign policy
Beef beef beef beef baloney
Establish the new order
It's manifest destiny
Rory Gallagher
The tattooed lady
Daughter of the Everglades
At the laundromat
Calling card racing the breeze
What style for a country mile
Grateful Dead
The golden road to
Unlimited devotion
Light into ashes
Been balling that jack hammer
Busted down on Bourbon Street
Woody Guthrie
This land is your land
From the gulf stream waters to
The New York island
Nobody can sing like me
Yonder in the minor key
Jimi Hendrix
Manic depression
Burning of the midnight lamp
Castles made of sand
Let me stand next to your fire
Buddy Holly
That'll be the day
Pretty, pretty Peggy Sue
So doggone easy
All my love, all my kissing
Love is love, not fade away.
John Lee Hooker
Send me your pillow
The Motor City's burning
Done lost everything
The flood down in Tupelo
Let that boy boogie woogie
Iron Butterfly
Unconscious power
Inna gadda da vida
In the time of our lives
Flowers and beads are one thing
I'll be seeing my mirage
We make the standards
So this is the modern world
Life from a window
In the tubeway at midnight
Pocketful of pretty green
Rick James
She's a freaky girl
Busting out of L7
The fool on the street
Fire it on up, Superfreak
Hollywood Jefferson Ball
Tommy James
Crimson and clover
The cellophane symphony
Papa rolled his own
And I think we're alone now
Dragging a sweet cherry wine
Jefferson Airplane
Somebody to love
How stron my love is for you
Crown of creation
After bathing at Baxter's
Why can't we go on as three?
Robert Johnson
Hellhound on my trail
I went down to the cross road
All your love's in vain
I've got ramblin' on my mind
I've got these old walking blues
Janis Joplin
Golden triangle
Combination of the two
Child of confusion
Buy me a Mercedes Benz
I've got them old cosmic blues
Waterloo sunset
All day and all of the night
You really got me
Why don't you stop your sobbing?
Number one--Top of the Pops
The money-go-round
Village green preservation
Waterloo sunset
I want to be an apeman
Kong with a hydrogen bomb
Looking for a home
Those cotton balls get rotten
Shine its light on me
We're in the same boat, brother
I will see you in my dreams
Jerry Lee Lewis
Great balls of gracious
Rockin' at the high school hop
Killer on the loose
What about Mickey Gilley
And cousin Jimmy Swaggart?
Little Richard
You keep a-knockin'
Whomp bomba luna wham bam
But you can't come in
Long tall Sally and Miss Ann
Tutti frutti au Rudy
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Free bird on the hunt
I ain't the one, simple man
I know a little
Tuesday's gone down south jukin'
To sweet home Alabama
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Open country joy
Sapphire bullets of pure love
Thousand Island Park
Hope one word sanctuary
Birds of fire resolution
Mamas & Papas
Dancing in the street
I walked into a church and
I began to pray
I wish I was in L.A.
Dream a little dream of me
Gluey porch treatments
Houdini anaconda
Ozma eggnog stoner witch
Bullhead stag disinvite him
Minor Threat
Stand up, think again
Cause I don't wanna hear it
Screaming at a wall
Look back and laugh, little friend
I'm out of step with the world
Brothers and sisters,
Let me see a sea of hands
American ruse
The Motor City's burning
Rama lama fa fa fa
Mississippi queen
Sun is shining on my world
Never in my life
I'm sitting on a rainbow
On a Nantucket sleighride
New York Dolls
Jet boy Puss in Boots
Personality crisis
Looking for a kiss
A Vietnamese baby
Is stranded in the jungle
Smells like teen spirit
Never mind Floyd the barber
Grandma take me home
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love:
Sid and Nancy wannabees
Ted Nugent
The call of the wild
To the center of your mind
Great white buffalo
Wango tango stranglehold
Cat scratch fever dog eat dog
Roy Orbison
Working for the man
Pretty woman, come my way
Only the lonely
In dreams I can talk with you
In dreams I will walk with you
Pere Ubu
Final solution
The book is on the table
Lonesome Cowboy Dave
Heart of darkness, my dark ages
Peter Laughner's modern dance
Pink Floyd
Chapter 24
Careful with that axe, Eugene
I'm comfortably numb
A saucerful of secrets
On the dark side of the moon
Can't stand losing you
So don't stand so close to me
Walking on the moon
With every breath you take
A message in a bottle
Elvis Presley
Viva Las Vegas
Ain't nothing but a hound dog
Return to cinder
Heartbreak hotel all shook up
Do the jailhouse rock with me
Little red Corvette
I wanna be your lover
Raspberry beret
When doves cry in purple rain
Then nothing compares 2 U
Rock'n'roll High School
Sheena is a punk rocker
With a baseball bat
A teenage lobotomy
On a rocket to Russia
Paul Revere
The great airplane strike
When you find out its too late
Stepping out on me
I'm hungry for those good things
With a real fine girl like you
The Rolling Stones
Between the buttons
Let's spend the night together
The salt of the earth
Can't get no satisfaction
Two thousand light years from home
Roxy Music
The thrill of it all
Do The Strand, Casanova
Heartache in every home
Love is the drug more than this
Todd Rundgren
Hello, it's me, Todd
Runt, A wizard, a true star
Can we still be friends?
I saw the light in your eyes
A dream goes on forever
You're pushing too hard
March of the flower children
The wind blows your hair
Fall into the web of sound
Mister Farmer grow your crop
Sex Pistols
Don't know what I want
But I know how to get it
It's an abortion
Anarchy in the UK
God save the pretty vacant
Leader of the pack
You're going to be in trouble
Walking in the sand
Gonna walk right up to him
And give him a great big kiss
Sir Douglas Quintet
Farfisa organ
Come back to Mendocino
About a mover
San Antonio, Texas
Revolutionary ways
Stomp hands clap your feet
Mama we're all crazy now
Goodbye to Sweet Jane
We've got new boots and braces
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."
Small Faces
I'm only dreaming
Lazy Sunday afternoon
In Itchycoo Park
Every little bit hurts
The afterglow of your love
Sonny & Cher
You'd better sit down
You were five and I was six
And the beat goes on
Pounding rhythms to the brain
You know I saw him today
Topanga windows
Taurus mechanical world
Dream within a dream
Nature's way of telling you
There's so little time to fly
Bruce Springsteen
Spirits in the night
Darkness on the edge of town
Blinded by the light
Mister Nebraska trooper
Born to run to Jungleland
Goddam the pusher
There's a monster on the loose
Don't step on the grass
Those who give can take away
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Ball of confusion
But I can't get next to you
Psychedelic shack
I'm doing fine on cloud nine
Ain't to proud to beg my girl
Thin Lizzy
Spread the word around
That the boys are back in town
Don't believe a word
They're dancing in the moonlight
Jailbreakers in the spotlight
13th Floor Elevators
Slip inside this house
Roller coaster slide machine
It's all over now
Her voice sounds a tone within
And leave your body behind
Love is all around
So I can't control myself
With a girl like you
Wild thing, you make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
T Rex
Go ride a white swan
Deboreedub, Deborah
Baby boomerang
I'm a jeepster for your love
Telegram Sam, my main man
Muddy Waters
Rollin' and tumblin'
I'm your hoochie coochie man
Kicking in your stall
I've got my mojo working
I've got a long distance call
The Who
Won't get fooled again
A quick one while he's away
To be the sad man
Now I call that a bargain
A plastic spoon in my mouth

A heart full of soul
Over under sideways down
But I ain't got you
I would give the stars above
Happenings ten years ago
ZZ Top
Just got paid today
They gotta lotta nice girls
Ride my Chevrolet
I've been waiting for the bus
Gotta get that brown sugar