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Silence all flesh, yourselves prepare

Bat, animal, hit. Maul, mallet, bar. Buck, sheep. Collide, drive, force, pound, beat, poke, hook.

The dire effects of wantonness.

Male animal, margin purchaser, rubbish. Sire. Speculator, buyer, financier. Nonsense, balderdash, trash.

Strange rays of light which shall dispel

Mentality, mentally unbalanced, mention, mentioned, mentioning, mentor, menu, mercantile, mercenary, merchandise, merchant, merciful, merciless, mercurial, mercy, mere, merely, meretricious, merge, merger, meridian, merit, merited, meritorious.

No exhalation did combine

Taurus, tarsus, Tauruses, tares, taros, tabus, talus, tarns, tarts.

To us whom southern Sol ne'er burns,

Twice as much. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, two, double.

Yet many men, if they'd confer

Veneration, venereal disease, vengeance, vengeful, venial, venom, venomous, vent, ventilate, ventilation, ventilator, venture, venturesome, venturous, veracious, veracity, verbal, verbal effusion, verbalize, verbally abuse, verbatim, verbiage, verbose, verboseness.

This comet ran through the Zodiac wide,

Gemini, Geminis, geminate, gemming, Germanic, germinal.

Upon the nations: on men all,

Cow, cow's flesh, cow barn, coward, cowardice, cowardly, cowed, cower, cowl, coxcomb, coy, coyness, cozen, cozy, crabbed, crabby, crack, cracked, cracking, crackle, crackpot, cradle, craft, craftiness.

Us to behold what still did hover

World, soil. Sphere, globe, creation, planet, orb, universe, star. Nature, dust, dirt, mud, dry land, ground, clay.

Will with Hell's deep and fertile wombs

Celebrity, animal. Notable, favorite, wonder, prodigy, luminary, VIP, eminence. Cat.

With heart-amazing words full true,

Leo, le, lea, lee, lei, ley, Leos, Leon, les.

This prodigy which blazed throughout


Presages greater change at hand,

Chaste, pure, fresh, maiden. Pure, undefiled, unpolluted, unsullied. Unadulterated, unalloyed, unmixed. Untouched, unspoiled, untried, unused, new, intact, maiden. Miss, maid.

And joining to each constellation.

Scales, equilibrium, rest, compare, compensate, equalize. Beam, steelyard. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence. Remainer, surplus, excess, remnant, residue. Reconcile, compute, adjust, estimate, weigh, assay, prove. Equalize, counteract, make up for, offset, counterbalance. Poise, adjust, steady, stabilize, set, even, square.

Did quickly through twelve houses glide,

Judiciously, juice, juicy, jumble, jumbled, jump, jump out, jump over, jumpy, juncion, juncture, junior, junket, junkie, juridical, jurisdiction, just, just as though, just begun, justice, justifiable, justification, justified, justify.

To fix this comet which did shine,

Scoff at, scold, scolding, sconce, scoop, scoot, scope, scorch, scorched, scorching, score, scored equally, scorn, scornful, scotch, scoundrel, scour, scourge, scout, scowl, scowling, scrabble, scramble, scrap.

What is contrived and ratified

Scorpio, Scorpios, scorpion, scorpions, scoria, scoriae, scarp, score, scope.

Shall truth be trodden to the ground

Satin, satire, satiric, satirical, satirize, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy, satisfying, saturate, saturation, Saturday and Sunday, sauce, saucer, sauciness, saucy, sauna, saunter, saute', savage, savageness, savagery.

Which is significant: yet oft

Pointer, dart. Indicator, needle, directive, gauge, sign. Bolt, shaft, missle, barb.

God's furnace now in Zion is,

Sagittarius, Sagittariuses, sanitariums, sanitarians, sanitarium.

Secured from vice, to virtue prone

Uproarious, uproot, upset, upsetting, upshot, upside-down, upstairs, upstanding, upstart, upsurge, upswing, uptight, upturn, upward, urban, urban area, urbane, urchin, urge, urgency, urgent, urging, urn, usable.

Unto that place, which few men's eyes

Go into, go off, go on, go on a diet, go on board ship, go over, go slack, go through, go toward, go under, go up, go with, goad, goal, gob, gobble, goblin, god, goddess, godless, godlike, godliness, godly, going.

To punish men not drawn by reasons.

Capricorn, Capricorns, caprice, capricious, caprioling, caparison, capacitor.

And turn the smooth-faced sea to froth.

Roman god.

Purge out the stains of sinful man,

Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.

Break forth and run in every place?

Aquarius, aquariums, aquaria, aquaria's, aquarium, Aquariuses, aquatics.

Which will apparent make to sense

Plugged in, plumb, plume, plummet, plump, plumpness, plunder, plundering, plunge, plunge into, plunge into water, plural, plurality, plus, plutonian, plutonic, ply, poach, pocket, pod, podium, poem, poet, poetic.

With heart-amazing words full true,

Denizen of the deep, seafood, catch fish. Flounder, bass, trout, carp. Salmon, catfish, snapper. Net, angle.

And when their observations all

Zany, zeal, zealot, zealous, zealous advocate, zenith, zephyr, zero, zest, zigzag, zilch, zip, zit, zodiacally, zone, zoom.

Instead of gold, obtrude his dross.