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Conjurer. Sorcerer, wizard, shaman, charmer, diviner, enchanter. Magic. Charm. Sorcery, incantation, hex, spell, witchcraft.

W. Knight. What my heart meant.
B. Knight. And call you that a vice?--

Previous, previously, prevision, prey, prey on, price, price tag, priced, priceless, prick, prickle, prickly, pride, priest, priesthood, priestly, prig, priggish, prim, primacy, primarily, primary, primate, prime.

B. Duke. Now you're a brother to us.
B. Knight. What we have done

Female ruler. Czarina, queen, maharini, emperor's wife, ruler, monarch, sovereign.

W. King. You'll need have some of majesty and power

Title. Eminence, highness, sire, lord, king, queen, majesty.

W. Knight. As ever spake with tongue.
B. King. Censure him mildly, sir;

Heeded, heedful, heedfulness, heedless, heel, hefty, hegemony, hegira, height, heighten, heightening, heinous, heir, heirloom, held, held up, helical, helix, hell, hellish, helmsman, help, help out, helper.

B. Knight. Or exercise the old Roman painful idleness
From our chief oven, Italy, the bake-meats;
We cram no birds, nor, epicurean-like,
You that are wound up to the height of feeding

Paramour, boyfriend, addict, mistress. Admirer, sweetheart, boyfriend, man, master, gigolo. Beau, steady, sweetheart. Fan, buff, follower, devotee. Paramour, girlfriend, woman, gold digger. Love. Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.

W. Duke. You quite forget me; I shall be locked out

Chaplain, chapter, char, character, characteristic, characteristic weather, characteristically, characterize, charade, charge, charge with electricity, chargeable, charged, charger, charisma, charitable, charity, charity ball, charlatan, charlatanism, charm, charmed, charmer, charming.

W. Knight. Clean abstinence, and scarce one meal a day,

Energy, efficacy, intensity. Power, vigor, force, might, potency, health, capacity. Cogency, effectiveness, potency, soundness, validity. Depth, concentration, brightness, pungency, loudness, fervor.

W. King. To put their heads into the bag for shame;

Solitary. Recluse.

B. Knight. With two and twenty courses at one dinner,
Which Scaliger cites, that could not move for fat,

Treasure, possessions, luck. Bomb, capital, bundle, gold, mint, packet. Inheritance, estate, wealth. Fate, lot, windfall, fluke, portion.

W. Knight. This of all others bears the hiddenest venom.

Rectitude. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, right, equity.

B. Knight. With two and twenty courses at one dinner,
The policy of empires; O take heed, sir,
And in the large feast of our vast ambition
On all occasions: when the voider comes,
Can dress that dinner: your ambition, sir,
To Nicholas the First, can tell you how;
Whose worth's not known but to the skillful lapidary;

Dangle, execute, decorate, cling, hesitate, hover, impend. Hook, suspend, attach. Lynch. Adorn, drape, furnish. Adhere, depend, rely, rest. Demur, halt, waver. Float, linger, poise, loiter. Be imminent.

W. Knight. There comes a trouble; you will hardly find

Demise, stop. Doom, rest, decease, dying, curtains, fate, expiration. Destruction, cessation, end, finale.

B. Pawn. So overlaid me, I have no verjuice left in me!

Reserve. Control, restraint, constraint, abstinence, humility, modesty.

B. Knight. And other sea-fish, who, beside the pleasure of his
After the rate of cooks; which must needs make
And other sea-fish, who, beside the pleasure of his
You that are wound up to the height of feeding
On all occasions: When the voider comes,

Satan, villain. Beelzebub, fiend, Lucifer, serpent. Renegade, dastard.

W. King. To Keep good rule amongst you: make room, Bishop.
(Puts B. King into the bag.)

Tall structure. Minaret.

B. Knight. Toads have their titles, and creation gave
Your wealthy, plump plebians, like the hogs
'Tis all the fruit we have here after supper;

Celestial body, conventional figure, famous person. Celebrity, headliner, superstar, luminary.

W. Knight. But for the diet of my disposition,

Planet. Earth, orb, globe.

B. Knight. Can fetch no farther compass than the world?
Way. At the ruins of a nunnery once,

Sol, sunlight, bask. Luminary, orb. Sunshine.

W. Duke. Some that are pleased to make a wanton on it,
Estimate. Calculation, appraisal, computation, appraisement, estimation, assessment, opinion.

W. Knight. Luxurious falsehood!
W. Duke. Dissembler, that includes all.

Earth, realm. Globe, orb, planet, biosphere. Sphere, domain, circle, kingdom, province, environment.

W. King. He's in my bosom safe; and yond fair structure

Dunce, clown, moron, cheat, dawdle. Blockhead, ass, booby, butt, dolt, idiot, ignoramus. Buffoon, cretin, drool, harlequin, jester, zany. Idiot, imbecile, stupid person, wag, jerk, twerp. Mislead, con, cozen, deceive, delude, dupe. Dally, idle, jest, joke, loiter, play, tarry.