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A song of bale and bitter sorrow sings,
To a broad gate, all built of beaten gold:

aaron aba babylon abraham achilles ascii asia adam adams edam ada agape adonis danish danes daniel alexander alexandria anne angelo antichrist antichrists antonio anthony apr abc aphrodite apollo apollos arabian arabians arabia arabic arabics rabat arabs rafael aristotle aristotelian atp taoists asap

Overcharge barmecide property opulence

Temperance, avoidance. Abstemiousness, moderation, sobriety. Forbearance, withholding, self-denial, self-restraint.

First trades & commerce ships & armed vessels he built laborious

Accretion, heap, store. Agglomeration, collecting, gathering, multiplication, amassing, aggregation, growth. Hoard, pile, quantity, mass, supply. Save, gather, amass, collect, hoard, stow, reserve.
Stern Urizen beheld urged by necessity to keep
Manage, discharge. Conduct, control, carry out, direct, execute, govern, oversee. Contribute, minister, apportion, dispense, allot, distribute.

Whence is the voice of Enion that sounds in my porches

Total, entirety, gather, add up to. Entire, complete, added, combined. Whole, amount, totality, assemblage, body, gross, sum. Accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, total. Amount to.

On a broad wave in the warm west, balming her bleeding wound

Cultivation. Farming, tillage, husbandry.

Or will you answer youngest woman clad in shining green

Absolute. Peremptory, supreme, autarchic, autocratic, strict, despotic, tyrannical.

Joy thrilled through all the furious form of Tharmas humanizing

Accessible, valid, help. Obtainable, convenient, serviceable, open, usable, befitting, at hand. Advantageous, profitable, efficacious. Assistance, benefit, furtherance, aid, relief, service, succor.

Homicide suicide Azrael bereavement

Found no defect in his Creator's grace,

bacchus balkan balkans barbados burma belg beelzebub belgian belgians persia bart

Love cry work cry learn go play fight live eat

Scales, equilibrium, rest, compare, compensate, equalize. Beam, steelyard. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence. Remainder, surplus, excess, remnant, residue. Reconcile, compute, adjust, estimate, weigh, assay, prove. Equalize, counteract, make up for, offset, counterbalance. Poise, adjust, steady, stabilize, set, even, square.

Beyond this universal confusion beyond the remotest pole

Embankment, shore, financial institution, reserve, line, deposit, heap up, turn. Mound, heap, hill, knoll. Coast, ridge, rim, shoal, border, slope, ledge. Vault, treasury. Stockpile, supply, deposit, hoard, store. Panel, row, array, tier. Put aside, save, reserve, hoard, shelve. Pile up, gather, dike. Soar, slope, pitch, incline, angle, grade.

Still hating, still professing love, still laboring in the smoke,

Fundamental. Key, essential, primary, cardinal, elementary.

He turned from side to side in tears he wept & he embraced

Animal, support, transport, bear down, produce, tolerate, relate, merit, aim, behave, demonstrate. Grizzly. Hold up under, shoulder, sustain, uphold, carry on, keep up. Carry, conduct, convey, transfer, take, guide. Drive, force, press, push, thrust, pressure, shove. Beget, give birth to, bring forth, turn out, litter, spawn. Abide, suffer, endure, be capable of, sustain, brook, hold up under. Pertain, be pertinent, concern, appertain, be relevant, affect, tend. Deserve, warrant, be worthy of, invite. Turn, veer, curve, bend, deviate. Act, conduct, operate, succeed, work, govern. Display, broadcast, exhibit, show, spread, transmit, utter.

The king of light beheld her mourning among the brick kilns compelled

Fastener, attachment, surety, covenant, bondage, join. Band, adhesive, cord, ligament, ligature, knot, rope. Connection, tie, relation, vinculum, attraction, link, nexus. Bail, collateral, security, obligation, promise, promissory note, guarantee. Pact, compact, pledge, contract. Captivity, chains, constraint, imprisonment, prison, restriction. Connect, bind, cement, weld, glue.

The virtues of the eternal worlds ten thousand thousand spirits

Narrow mouth jar. Glass, carafe.

If you repent not & leave you as a rotten branch to be burned

Stockbroker, bankrupt. Financier, middleman, merchant, businessman, buyer, agent. Insolvent, ruined, busted, destitute, impoverished.

I alone dare the lash abide to sit beneath the blast

Low cost. Low-priced, inexpensive, competitive, bargain, cheap, economical.

But Urizen awoke & Luvah woke & thus conferred

Facility, make, increase, found. Equipment, machinery, plant, tools. Put together, manufacture, set up, fashion, assemble, construct, erect. Mount, swell, wax, amplify, augment, grow. Establish, institute, organize, formulate, constitute.

The mountains of Urizen once of silver where the sons of wisdom dwelt

Male animal, margin purchaser, rubbish. Sire. Speculator, buyer, financier. Nonsense, balderdash, bullshit, trash.

Drinking the joys of universal manhood. One dread morn

Occupation, company, affair, commerce, barter, duty, vocation, engaged, full, industrious, in use, active, busybody, occupy, transit vehicle, transport people by bus. Employment, profession, craft, trade, calling, vocation, pursuit. Corporation, enterprise, firm, syndicate, concern, operation, partnership. Interest, concern, matter. Exhange, industry, trade, production, sector, racket. Negotiation, traffic, transaction, bargaining. Job, function, office, position. Occupation, trade, profession, job, specialty. Occupied, employed, engrossed, absorbed, working. Bustling, crowded, swarming, packed, popular, jammed, overrun. Assiduous, fraught, diligent, sedulous, hardworking, overworked. Occupied, unavailable, taken. Vigorous, energetic, lively, brisk, bustling, nimble, spry. Officious, meddlesome, prying, intrusive, forward. Employ, work. Vehicle. Ship, transport.

Pass away bereavement quietus dead and gone

If ever he transgressed the fatal Stygian laws.

chad samoa samuel canadian canada canadas canadians casanova carson kelvin kelly kelvins seneca cecil charles christ christ's christopher koran creole

Barmecide capital IOU property

Chief, excellent, serious, metropolis, resources, upper case. Leading, main, major, primary, vital, foremost, first. First-rate, best, choice, superior, fine, splendid, crack. Deadly, fatal, heinous, major. Municipality. Money, property, assets, cash, investment, means. Large.

On all the sons of men & every human soul terrified

Convey, support, drive, accomplish, auto, anxiety, carefulness, responsibility, be anxious, like. Bear, cart, haul, remove, bring, transfer, transport. Bear, shoulder, stand, suffer, sustain, brace. Conduct, impel, propel, urge, lead. Secure, prevail, succeed, effect, gain, capture, win. Automobile. Worry, concern, distress, disquiet, stress, pressure, problem. Attention, alertness, caution, concern, prudence, pains, heedfulness. Custody, burden, supervision, guardianship, keeping, charge. Heed, be troubled. Love, be fond of, be inclined, be disposed.

The tyger in redounding smoke the serpent of the woods

Money, liquid assets, liquidate assets. Currency, legal tender, dough. Capital, funds, resources, principal, wherewithal. Cash in, discharge, redeem. Main, middle. Nuclear, chief, primary, overruling, pivotal. Midway, mid, halfway, median, internal, inner.

O torment O torment. A worm compelled. Am I a worm

Distinguished, Greek, archetypal, timeless, masterpiece, group, evaluate. Established, excellent, first-rate, standard, well-known, famous, flawless. Homeric. Excellent, standard, superior, typical, consummate, model, prime. Ageless, time-honored, ancient, customary, traditional, well-established. Magnum opus, exemplar. Category, division, grade, rank, section, department, grouping. Classify, mark, grade, rank, rate.

I see, invisible descent into the gardens of Vala

Final, shut, sealed, near, confined, oppressive, reserved, miserly, intimate, accurate, painstaking, end, joining, shut, stop, join, conclude, close in on. Ended, finished, concluded, inactive, adjourned. Shut off, locked up, shut down. Shut, fastened, tight, locked. Immediate, near at hand, imminent, neighboring, impending, adjacent. Impenetrable, cramped, restricted, dense, crowded, firm, solid. Warm, stuffy, congested, stifling, heavy, sweltering, breathless. Close-mouthed, reticent, secretive, silent, taciturn. Mean, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, stingy, tight, closefisted. Familiar, attached, confidential, trusted, devoted, physical, dear. Exact, lifelike, strict, faithful, precise, minute, meticulous. Assiduous, concentrated, constant, earnest, fixed, intense, intent. Conclusion, adjournment, finale, termination. Connection, junciton, union. Bolt, fasten, seal, secure, latch, lock, enclose. Jam, stop up, obstruct, block, choke, clog, barricade. Link, connect, unite, tie, bind, meet, finish. Terminate, consummate, complete, determine, end, culminate, wind up. Approach, come closer, draw near, near, narrow, come together.

And pitying comfort as she sighed forth on the wind the spectres

Item. Object, article, thing, substance, piece.

The joy of woman is the death of her best beloved

Rivalry, athletic event. Opposition, vying, contention, striving, marketing, trial. Match, bout, game, sport, contest, race.

Rattling with clanking chains the universal empire groans

Reliance, assurance, certainty, secret. Faith, belief, trusting, trust, hope, dependence, conviction. Poise, self-assurance, aplomb, boldness, firmness, serf-possession, self-confidence. Certitude, persuasion, reassurance, determaination, conviction. Tip.

Your pity is from the foundation of the world & your redemption

Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.

You rise in the dew of morning & at night are folded up

Price, loss, obligate, valued at. Value, amount, charge, payment, expenditure, expense, outlay. Forfeiture, damage, hurt, forfeit, detriment, deprivation, pain. Expect, necessitate. Price.

Or else consume their shadowy semblance yet they obstinate

Use up, utilize, ingest, squander. Finish, deplete, exhaust, expend, dissipate, burn up, devour. Use, employ, make use of, absorb, apply, take. Swallow, eat, devour, guzzle, finish off. Waste, dissipate, fritter away.

And now we know that whatsoever you will ask of God

Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.

For from the hand of Urizen the myriads fall like stars

Assembly, agreement, custom, delegates. Muster, conference, caucus, congress, meeting, convocation. Contract, compact, treaty, covenant, code, precept, pact. Etiquette, practice, orthodoxy, habit, precedent, fashion. Representatives, member.

For whether they looked upward they saw the divine vision

Trust, power, credibility, reputation, merit, funds, trust. Belief, confidence, credence, faith, reliance. Authority, influence. Trustworthiness. Worth, honor, character, prestige, condition, distinction, esteem. Commendation, honor. Assets, stocks, bonds, account. Believe, confide in, have faith in.

Some became seed of every plant that shall be planted; some

Turning point. Climax, climacteric.

Who sit mocking upon the little pebbles of the tide

Wheel, orbit, rhythm. Circle, round, bicycle. Circuit. Periodicity, succession, period, alternation.

Seizing upon his feet & rending the sinews that in caves

Intermittent. Periodic, alternating, sporadic, recurring, fluctuating, periodical, regular.

Suicide grim reaper suffocate suicide

A crowd of people there assembled were,

dane dante dan taurus de tracy tunisian tunisia tunisians

Clean get learn work scream sleep get breathe cry scream

Demise, stop. Doom, rst, decease, dying, curtains, fate, expiration. Destrucition, cessation, end, finale.

Because the lamb of God creates himself a bride & wife

Liability, securities. Debit, score, arrears, due, deficit, arrearage, duty. Bonds, stocks, notes.

Rattling the adamantine chains & hooks heave up the ore

Deficiency. Failure, insufficiency, inadequacy.

Unless some way can be found that I may look upon you & live

Let the air out, discourage. Exhaust, empty, flatten, collapse, void. Dishearten, dampen, depress, daunt.

Will you now smile among the slain when the wounded groan in the field

Order, request, require, ask. Necessity, claim, call, need, requirement, charge, requisition. Appeal, bid, plea, inquiry, search, entreaty. Lust, ask for, oblige, postulate, rule, call for, command. Direct, call, inquire, charge, crave, enjoin, necessitate.

While the flail of Urizen sounded loud & the winnowing wind of Tharmas

Sediment, coating, place, drop, bank, pose. Grounds, drift, alluvium, deposition, mud, sand, silt. Lode, vein. Rest, lay, drop, set, lay down, locate, put. Precipitate, throw down, hail, rain, sleet, snow. Lodge, invest, hoard, amass, save, keep, secure. Propose, present, propound, state.

To bear this self conviction take then eat you also of

Detraction, devaluate, belittle. Aspersion, disparagement, debasement, lie, degradation. Cheapen, lessen, decline, devalue, downgrade, lower, mark down. Decry, disparage, discredit, ridicule, denounce, denigrate, traduce.

Then Enion & Ahania & Vala & the wife of dark Urthona

Decreasing, abate. Shrinking, declining, lessening, less and less, abating, reducing, dwindling. Decrease, lessen, dwindle, ease, lighten, shrink, fade.

When I was a ravening hungering & thirsting cruel lust & murder

Abate, nobleman, enumerate, influence. Allow, bate, deduct, rebate, remit, subtract. Peer. Reckon, compute, number, add up, numerate, sum, tale. Weight, tell.

What you forget. They in us & we in them alternate lived

Gain. Earnings, return, lucre, profit, proceeds, returns, revenue.

So shall the spongy marrow issuing from your splintered bones

Allotment, boundary, section, disagreement, sight, understanding, idea, illusion. Portion, detachment, apportionment, cutting, distrubution, partition. Rank, demarcation, mark, partition. Region, portion, compartment, province, fraction, part, dominion. Movement, alienation, trouble, breach, words, difference, difficulty. Eyesight. Discernment, perception, acumen, astuteness, intuition. Concept, image, imagination, conception, view, fantasy, anticipation. Apparition, hallucination, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.

Azrael suicide departure suicide

From whence the gods have her for envy thrust:

etd eta edgar egypt eleanor leo leos leon enid emily english

Counterfeit opulence inflation millionaire

Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, commercial, financial, fiscal.

Take you the seven diseases of man store them for times to come

Effectual, in force, consequence, efficacy, accomplishment, significance, bring about, achieve. Energetic, potent, capable, sufficient, lively, telling, competent. Prevailing, active, sovereign, standing, operative. Purpose, conclusion, end, aftermath, issue, outcome. Force, power, validity, weight. Execution, fulfillment, operation. Import, intent, meaning, purport, signification, tenor. Execute, cause, exercise, do, induce, make. Fulfill, conclude, complete, accomplish, realize, consummate.

Drink in the deadly dull delusion horrors of eternal death

Ability, cost-effectiveness. Productivity, capability, effectiveness, proficiency, productiveness, efficacy. Efficacy, potency, power, adequacy, thoroughness, suitability.

Him far into the world of Tharmas into a caverned rock

Springiness, flexible, effervescent. Spring, buoyancy, vigor. Stretchable, pliant, resilient, plastic, springy, stretch. Airy, bouncy, buoyant, expansive, resilient, volatile.

Into the temple of Urizen to give light to the abyss

Engaging, occupation, employment, engage, apply. Engagement, using, hiring, calling. Job, profession, vocation. Position, job, service. Take, place, contract, put on, hire, procure, take on. Exercise, adopt, operate, expend, utilize, make use of, manipulate.

I will arise explore these dews & find that deep pulsation

Venture, energy, company. Endeavor, plan, performance, project, scheme, undertaking, affair. Boldness, pluck, industry, readiness, spirit. Firm, business, concern.

Each dome opened toward four halls & the three domes emcompassed

Businessman. Manager, administrator, capitalist, contractor, executive, producer, financier.

And here I see thee house remain in my most pleasant world

Balance. Symmetry, equipoise, poise, self-control, self-possession, equality, equivalence.

I walk by the footsteps of his flocks come hither tender flocks

Justice, money. Fairness, impartiality, righteousness. Investment, property, outlay.

Still dies for Enitharmon nor a spirit springs from my dead corpse

Barter, retort, barter, bandy, convert. Replacement, substitute, business, commerce, shift, interchange. Retaliation, reprisal, repartee, intercourse. Commute, interchange, reciprocate, swap, trade. Give and take, reciprocate, retaliate, retort, requite, return. Interchange, substitute, commute, transpose, change.

The gold & silver & costly stones his holy workmanship

Prospect, anticipate, require. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Count, contemplate, await, hope, calculate, count on. Demand, insist on, exact.

Suffocate dead and gone Stygian quietus

Approach, although his drowsy den were next

faustians vireos fleming flemings forbes francis freemasons freemason fremont

Cry go get go live drink sing drink speak breathe

Story, falsehood, lie. Legend, allegory, myth, parable, tale. Fabrication, fib, fiction, forgery, invention, lie, untruth. Fabricate, fib, invent.

But clouds of human souls. My nostrils drink the lives of men

Element, agent, consideration, truth, event, act, substantiality, being. Component, constituent, part, portion, ingredient, determinant. Representative, proxy, administrator, steward. Reason, item, influence, bias. Actuality, certainty, reality, verity, certitude, truism. Happening, phenomenon, occurrence, incident, experience, episode, manifestation. Action, deed, proceeding, accomplishment, transaction, affair, performance. Solidity, stability, permanence. Existence, entity.

Depends alone upon the universal hand & not in us

Confederated. Associated, confederate, allied.

They stood above the heavens forsaken desolate suspended in blood

Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, commercial, fiscal.

Begin with Tharmas parent power, darkening in the west

Mercantile. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, financial, commercial.

Brought up the loaded wagons with shoutings ramping tigers play

Flying, trajectory, effort, fleeing, stairs. Soaring. Flight of fancy, inspiration, imagination. Running away, retreat, avoidance. Steps, ascent, fire escape.

But when Luvah in Orc became a serpent he descended into

Oscillation, sway. Vacillation, wavering, faltering, hesitancy, misgiving, doubt, uncertainty. Oscillate, vacillate, wave, swing, bend, incline, lean.

Where nothing lives, there to wander & if you return weary

Dysentery. Diarrhea, scour.

Wailing runs round the valleys from the mill & from the barn

Strained, compelled, energy, enforcement, effectiveness, operation, coerce, drive, overcome. Farfetched, labored. Constrained. Dynamism, impetus,potential, intensity, might, power, strength. Coercion, duress, compulsion, constraint, violence. Effect, efficacy, efficiency, potency, potential, validity. Effect. Require, compel, enforce, make, constrain, demand, inflict. Impel, propel. Overpower, rape, ravish, violate.

I sit in the place of shells & mourn & you are closed in clouds

From another country, extraneous. Alien, from abroad, exotic, different, unfamiliar, outlandish, unknown. Irrelevant, not pertinent, heterogeneous, extrinsic, unusual.

Is it not possible that one risen again from death

Sovereign, open, clear, unencumbered, lax, familiar, immoral, generous, gratis, liberate, exempt, relieve. Autarchic, independent, released, unfettered, autonomous. Unconfined, unimpeded, unfettered, unobstructed, unrestricted, unregulated. Exempt, immune, uncontrolled. Easy, firm, swift, unimpeded. Loose, unattached. Easy, frank, informal, open, unceremonious, unconstrained. Lewd, libertine, loose, ribald. Bountiful, charitable, lavish, liberal, munificent, open-handed. Gratuitous, complimentary. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release. Deliver. Clear, disengage, rid.

The tyger in redounding smoke the serpent of the woods

Rubbing, lack of harmony. Abrasion, rasping, resistance, attrition, wearing away, chafing. Conflict, disagreement, irritation, dissension, strife, agitation, discord.

And Luvah strove to gain dominion over the mighty Albion

Brimming, occupied, abundant, broad, resonant, loose, mature. Teeming, big, laden, brimful, voluminous, saturated, jam-packed. Assigned, reserved, taken. Complete, copious, ample, bounteous, plentiful, plenteous, sufficient. Unlimited, extensive. Rounded, throaty, deep, loud. Flapping, baggy, flowing. Grown, entire, complete.

Contracted they behold the secrets of the infinite mountains

Coming, aftertime, outlook. Unfolding, prospective, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Posterity, afterward, infinity, afterlife, hereafter, millennium. Forecast, foresight, prescience, hope, anticipation.

Surrender suicide surrender cessation

Son, said he then, let be thy bitter scorn,

gabriel ghana jane janet george georges georgia georgian gnostics gop joan goth goths gregorians gregorian gregory griffith julian uganda

Wherewithal inflation opulence monetize

Precious metal, color. Wealth, riches. Flaxen, yellow.

The eternal great humanity divine, planted his paradise,

Act of governing, system of administration, rule, manage. Command, ruling, direction, power, equity, dominion. Administration, assembly, congress, legislature, regime. Reign, command, overrule, control, sway, hold sway. Handle, direct, guide, superintend, supervise, conduct, check.

Moribund Azrael mass murder pass away

And with his pride all others power deface:

harriet harris helen helena hellenic wheeling hippocratic hogan horace

Come learn cry speak spend fight clean speak live play

Intake, crop, reap. Cropping, gathering, results. Produce, yield, output. Collect, plow, pick, harrow, cull, glean, amass.

Mark well my words, they are of your eternal salvation!

Riches, stash. Cache, accumulation, store, stockpile, treasure, wealth. Stow, accumulate, save, acquire.

Cross the bar Azrael dead and gone moribund

Riches, renown, and principality.

iberian il islams iou isaac isaiah siam yahweh yahwehs

IOU debenture inflation IOU

Foreign-made, introduce from abroad. Foreign, exotic, imported, from abroad. Introduce.

With all colors of precious stones, and their inmost palaces

Progress, better, gain, illuminate. Betterment, development, growth, increase. Correct, emend, rectify, right, amend, ameliorate, help. Recuperate, convalesce, mend, recover, get better, ameliorate, look up. Enrich, enlighten, uplift.

Thus they sing creating the three classes among druid rocks

Earnings, arrive, show up, reach, reach orgasm. Allowance, commission, fee, pay, payment, emolument, pittance. Draw near, approach, appear, advance, close in, reach. Turn up, be convenient, appear. Spread, stretch, join, expand, develop, grow, become. Ejaculate, climax, copulate.

From Golgonooza the spiritual four-fold London eternal

Single, person. Separate, singular, specific, distinct, particular, personal, distinctive. Human being, animal, thing, one, unit, woman, man.

Raged with thick flames redundant, and the Harrow maddened with fury.

Activity, sector of commerce. Application, enterprise, perseverance, zeal, hard work, diligence, assiduity. Sector, branch, business, trade, manufacturing, enterprise.

The servants of the mills drunken with wine and dancing wild

Baby. Tot, kid, newborn, suckling.

His spectre raging furious descended into its space

Burst of growth, swell, boost. Rise, increase, rush, boom. Expand, bloat, distend, puff up, puff out. Exalt, compliment.

Elynittria! Whence is this jealousy running among the mountains

Possessions. Fortune, estate, wealth.

Upon the Thames shose lulling harmony reposed her soul:

Share, regard, welfare, appeal. Percentage, claim, stake. Concern, attention, enrossment, curiosity. Advantage, benefit, good, well-being. Fascinate, intrigue, attract, pique, arouse, excite.

O divine vision who did create the female: to repose

Universal, civil, nationwide, people, realm. Cosmopolitan, worldly, catholic, general, generalized. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.

Glorying to involve Albion's body in fires of eternal war--

Empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.

To whom be glory and power and dominion evermore Amen

Resources, empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Money, property, assets, cash, capital, means. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.

Precipitant loud thundering into the sea of time and space

Entrepreneur, empower, initiate, enfold, infuse. Capitalist, financier, banker, landowner, businessman. Endow, authorize, qualify, vest. Inaugurate, induct, install. Envelop, wrap, enshroud, enclose. Imbue, level.

To annihilate the self-hood of deceit and false forgiveness

Accidental, automatic, unwilling, intentional. Unintentional, incidentally, unwitting, reluctant. Unconscious, instinctive, uncontrolled, reflex, impromptu. Ordered, forced, grudging. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, deliberate.

Homicide suffocate moribund suffocate

And him that reigned, into his room thrust down,

james jehovah jehovahs john john johnny johnson jones jupiter jupiters

Live clean speak scream live breathe clean sing get speak

Employment, task, dupe. Vocation, business, position, post, billet, engagement, appointment. Assignment, chore, duty, role. Fool, gull, hoax.

Cessation Stygian pass away last roundup

Through that thick covert he him led, and found

korans korean korea

Wherewithal millionaire counterfeit overcharge

Work, childbirth, working class, work, suffer, belabor. Exertion, strain, toil, drudgery, moil, drive. Childbearing, delivery, parturition, travail. Bourgeoisie. Toil, drudge, strive, cultivate. Be troubled, be distressed. Elaborate, overdo.

He saw the cruelties of Ulro, and he wrote them down

Solid earth, property, soil or dirt, country, expanse, drop anchor, come into port, leave the ship, come down in aircraft. Earth, ground, bank, dry land, mountains. Real estate, estate, tract, acreage, farmland, quarry. Soil, dirt, clay, gravel, loam, sand. Nation, fatherland, region, province, continent. Area, field, region, stretch, sweep, terrain, turf. Dock, set down, put in. Dock, arrive, moor, berth. Disembark, arrive, descend. Touch down, alight.

Over the deeps outstretching her twenty-seven heavens over Albion

Convenience. Circumstances, chance, occasion, place.

And he also darkened his brows: freezing dark rocks between

Mellifluous, fluid. Soft, mellow, honeyed. Elixir, solution, liquor.

Two yet but one: each in the other sweet reflected! These

Advance, lend. Credit, mortgage, debt. Accomodate, advance, credit, debit.

The dictate! Watch over this world, and with your brooding wings,

Native, confined. Provincial, parochial, indigenous, regional, insular. Restricted, limited, bounded, isolated, narrow.

While Los heard indistinct in fear, what time I bound my sandals

Lengthy, boring, yearn. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.

Till Albion is arisen; then patient wait a little while,

Damage, deprivation. Destruction, ruin, toll, havoc, detriment, injury. Privation.

Azrael quietus cross the bar dead and gone

Glistering in arms and battle array,

lawrence las laos ellen levi levis liberia logan louis louise lucia lucy lucifer lucifers lucille luther

Come cry work come work breathe cry learn sing scream

Sustenance, upkeep. Support, subsistence, living, livelihood, provisions, victuals, food. Preservation, subsistence, continuance.

Because of Satan: and the seven eyes of God continually

Administration, achieve, direct, educate, human beings, male, partner, staff. Government, supervision, organization, command, authority. Accomplish, arrange, bring about, succeed, contrive. Administer, conduct, control, govern, regulate, guide, supervise. Handle, dominate, influence, train. Humankind, mankind, humanity, populace, race, folk. Fellow, chap, guy, gentleman, beau, swain, blade. Lover, spouse, husband, boyfriend, married man. Garrison, people, station, guard, protect, defend, fortify.

So Los spoke. But lightnings of discontent broke on all sides round

Borderline, bordering, border, leeway. Peripheral, passable, minimal, nonessential. Edging. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.

So they are born on Earth, and every class is determinate

Arithmetic. Calculation, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, computation.

And science is divided into Bowlahoola and Allamanda.

Commercial. Trading, trade, business, marketable, economic, financial, fiscal.

And every seven ages is incircled with a flaming fire.

Factory. Shop, plant, forge.

In the vale of Surrey where Horeb terminates in Rephaim

Financial. Fiscal, nummular, pecuniary.

To the inhabitants of Eden, around them on all sides.

Currency, assets. Token, cash, check, blunt, change, brass. Capital, funds, property, riches, wealth.

A shadow to repose in all the days of happy eternity

Control. Corner, dominance, manipulation, strategy.

And lays down in the grave with them, in visions of eternity

Debt. Contract, lease, title, lien, deed.

She shall relent in fear of death: she shall begin to give

Producing offspring, increase, reproduce, calculate, layer, bent, utilize, carry on, provide, beat. Breeding, reproduction, bearing young, generation. Augment, double, add, boost, enlarge, expand. Propagate, generate, populate, produce. Compound, repeat, aggregate, raise, square, cube, increase. Thickness, sheet, fold, overlay, leaf, stratum, tier. Inclination, leaning, tendency, bias, temperament, predisposition, proclivity. Employ, wield, use, apply, manipulate, handle, bend. Pursue, practice, undertake, exercise, work at, engage in, follow. Furnish, equip, replenish, feed, load, heap, store. Thrash, attack, whip, strike, flog, trounce, flail.

Cross the bar moribund cross the bar departure

Whose upper end to highest heaven was knit,

magyar magyars malta marie mars marsha mephistopheles millie milan milton moorish norwegian norwegians moses

Opulence ways & means debenture ways & means

Civil, nationwide, people, realm. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.

Here rendered deadly within the life and interior vision

After deductions, mesh, earnings, profit. Clear, remaining, pure, exclusive, excluding. Grill, lattice, screen, web, netting. Income, pay. Clear, make, accumulate, gain.

It is the entrance of the first heaven named Luther: for

Indeterminate, uninvolved, impartial, nonpartisan. Abstract, drab, colorless, vague, dull. Noncombatant, nonpartisan, inactive, disengaged, inert. Detached, unbiased, nonchalant, dispassionate, disinterested, impersonal.

In the east gate of Golgonooza, and the twenty-eighth bright

Fresh, additional, fresh, latest, different, untrained, recently. Current, late, modern, modernistic, new-fashioned. Increased, fresh, supplementary, further, extra. Unique, unaccustomed, original, unused, bizarre, unusual, unspoiled. Modish, fashionable, modern. Unlike, dissimilar, distinct. Unseasoned, unskilled, incompetent, inexperienced. Afresh, anew, freshly, lately, newly.

The heavens are the cherub, the twelve gods are Satan

Usual, routine, sane, healthy, mean. Common, ordinary, typical, standard, customary, prevalent. Orderly, regular, methodical. Lucid, wholesome, rational, reasonable, right. Sound, whole. Average, normal, median, par, standard, mean proportion.

Relinquish suicide dead and gone suicide

Does show to him, that walks in fear and sad affright.

noah noahs

Eat work sleep spend learn drink scream speak eat fight

Old-fashioned, archaic. Dated, antiquated, superannuated, antique, obsolete, old-time. Extinct.

The heads of the great polypus, four-fold twelve enormity

Uncovered, admissible, unoccupied, debatable, exposed, honest, perforated, extended, generous, obvious, unblocked, unclose, revoke, reveal, unfold. Unclosed, denuded, naked, patent. Accessible, permitted, available, allowable, free, public, unrestricted. unfulfilled, emptied. Controversial, disputable, questionable, undecided, uncertain, undetermined, unsettled. Bare, unguarded, uncovered, liable, insecure, undefended, unsafe. Above-board, plain, artless, straightforward, candid, fair, frank. Airy, filigree, penetrable, porous. Expanded, spread out, unclosed. Bounteous, bountiful, free, liberal, magnanimous, munificent, open-handed. Apparent, well-known, clear, evident, plain. Unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unfastened, cleared, removed, unsealed. Unbar, unlock, clear, admit, reopen, free, loosen. Recall. Bare, disclose, divulge, expose, lay bare, uncover. Unravel, expand, unroll, disentangle, extend, spread out.

Burned terrible! My path became a solid fire, as bright

Hopefulness, confidence, faith. Cheerfulness, happiness, brightness, enthusiasm, elation, exhilaration. Assurance, encouragement, trust, calmness, expectancy, expectation, anticipation. Idealism.

And awful man I see, overcovered wtih the mantle of years.

Price, place, impose, state, install. Figure, expenditure, amount, outlay. Deposit, settle, lay, seat, set. Levy, set. Express, utter. Establish, quarter, fix.

That it no longer shall dare to mock with the aspersion of madness

Claim, proprietor, possess, admit, personal. Right, privilege, title, interest, due. Holder, landlord, possessor, landholder, buyer, heir, master. Have, enjoy, hold, control, dominate, boast, reserve. Acknowledge, grant, assent to, allow, declare, avow, concede. Mine, individual, owned.

Departure suicide pass away relinquish

The gate was open, but therein did wait

os orion orleans romanos oscars oscar

Billionaire costliness counterfeit barmecide

Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.

Rintrah and Palamabron view the human harvest beneath

Indigent, meager, inferior, barren, underfed, abject, humble, unlucky. Destitute, insolvent, distressed, broke, underprivilege, impecunious, impoverished. Deficient, paltry, incomplete, scanty, insufficient, lacking. mediocre, faulty, shoddy, second-rate, rustic, seedy, jerry-built. Fruitless, sterile, unfertile, unproductive. Emaciated, gaunt, hungry, lank, lean, meager. Base, cowardly, mean. Unpretentious. Doomed, hapless, luckless, miserable, piteous, pitiable, star-crossed.

To go forth to the great harvest and vintage of the nations

Society, reproduce. Public, community, nation, people, folk, order. Propagate, generate, multiply, produce.

And the four points are thus beheld in great eternity

Forethought, care, warning, alert. Foresight, anticipation, providence, prudence, wariness. Circumspection, discretion, wariness, heedfulness, prudence, vigilance, heed. Notice, admonition, forewarning, counsel, hint, injunction, advice. Admonish, advise, exhort, warn, forewarn, counsel, enjoin.

Came from the furnaces, by Los's mighty power for Jerusalem

Valuable, beloved, delicate. Costly, expensive, inestimable, dear, invaluable, priceless. Prized, cherished, favorite, darling, dear. Choice, fragile, dainty, fine, refined, pretty, select.

O god of Albion descend! Deliver Jerusalem from the oaken groves

Charge, appraise. Figure, tariff, price tag, cost, payment, rate, expenditure. Assess, rate, value, mark, reduce.

Till the plow of Jehovah, and the harrow of Shaddai

Primary, excellent, original. Principal, chief, fundamental. Unparalleled, superior, top, choice, best. Earliest, beginning, first.

Not only of the substance from which it is derived

Possibility. Likelihood, odds, chance, contingency.

That toward Eden, four; immortal gold, silver, brass & iron

Profit, return, progress, arise. Gain, net, income, result, reward, remuneration, outcome. Yield, interest, gain, gross, revenue, receipts. Advance, continue, go on, move on, pass on. Come forth, emanate, ensue, go forth, issue, originate, result.

Every substance is clothed, they name them good & evil

Creation, exhibition. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.

Dance the dance of death contending with Jehovah among the cherubim

Ability, yielding, output, commodity, sewer. Efficiency, capability, effectiveness, proficiency, productiveness, efficacy. Producing, fertile, profitable, prolific, luxuriant, fruitful, bounteous. Production, yield, turnout, outcome, result, outgrowth, produce. Merchandise, stock, goods. Cesspool, drain, channel.

Our father Albion's sin & shame! But father now no more!

Gain, advantage, gain, suitable, qualified, trim, seizure, equip, suit. Earnings, return, lucre, dividend, proceeds, returns, revenue. Advancement, benefit, gain, good, improvement, welfare. Benefit, advance, harvest, clear, better, prosper, recover. Appropriate, apt, befitting, fitting, just, meet, proper. Competent, matched, suited, adapted, tailor-made. Robust, healthy, competent. Spasm, stroke, paroxysm, spell. Furnish, arm, implement, man, outfit, provide. Agree, accord, apply, harmonize, belong, conform, relate.

The eastern gate, fourfold: terrible & deadly its ornaments:

Inclination, talent. Partiality, bent, penchant, bias, predilection, disposition, leaning. Ability, capacity, competence.

The bellows & the hammers move compell'd by Los's hand

Coming, expectation, view, explore. Unfolding, future, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Outlook, sight, perspective, landscape, scene, survey, vista. Search.

Thence feathered with soft crimson of the ruby bright as fire

Guardianship, shield. Safekeeping, cover, defense, custody, guard, preservation, refuge. Aegis, screen, bulwark.

O what is life & what is man. O what is death? Wherefore

Proviso, preparation, sight, understanding, idea, illusion. Condition, prerequisite, if, terms, requirement, stipulation. Arrangement, supplying, procurement. Eyesight. Discernment, perception, acumen, astuteness, intuition. Concept, image, imagination, conception, view, fantasy, anticipation. Apparition, hallucination, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.

With great labor upon his anvils & in his ladles the ore

Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.

Travelling through the night: for from its dire

Communal, unrestricted, civic, populace. General, common, joint, national, shared, collective, widespread. Open, accessible, known, free. Civil, governmental, societal. Society, people, men, following, audience, citizens.

Genocide suffocate relinquish surrender

To him did open, and afforded way;

patricia patchiness patrick's patrick paul philip philippine pluto plutos pluto's ptolemaic

Work drink cry live work drink scream speak eat fight

Amount. Aggregate, measure, mass, bulk, number.

Dead and gone surrender mass murder last roundup

Did never in that house itself display,

ralph rivera

Circulate ways & means mazuma property

Relative amount, incidence, pace, appraise. Fare, freight, percentage, commission, allowance. Frequency, occurrence, proportion, fraction, ratio, standard. Gait, speed, velocity, clip, tempo, dash, momentum. Evaluate, rank, assess, grade, reckon, calculate, measure.

Its guards, living, the work of elemental hands, laborious task!

Genuine, material. Actual, authentic, true, sincere, indisputable, undeniable, factual. Existent, tangible, substantive, physical, incarnate, palpable, corporal.

Jesus said. Would you love one who never died

Rental, rip, schism, hire. Payment, return. Breach, break, cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, fracture. Breach, disunion, separation. Contract, lease, pay, let, engage, charter.

What are those golden bulders doing? Where was the burying place

Stand in, substitute, restore, location, duty, region, dwelling, occasion, put, appoint. Surrogate, substitute, proxy, alternate, deputy, equivalent, double. Supplant, succeed, supersede. Replenish, refund, reinstate, return, repay, make good.

But I am living! Yet I feel my emanation also dividing

Recovery, react, replace, reply, revolution, trend, deviation, talent, need, revolve, change, aim, form, bend, distract, sour. Restoration, restitution, yield, results, proceeds, repossession. Repeat, reconsider, recur, recover, revert. Reinstate, reestablish, restore, requite, render, take back. Retort, respond, answer. Rotation, spin, gyration, cycle. Drift, direction. Change, variation, bend, twist, turning, reversal, talent. Proclivity, inclination, bent, propensity, tendency, aptitude. Necessity, requirement, exigency. Circle, rotate, spin, gyrate. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, metamorphose, transmute. Direct, point, set. Mold, shape, fashion. Curve, swerve, veer, deviate, twist, deflect, dodge. Disturb, infatuate, derange, infuriate. Acidify, curdle, ferment.

The banks of the Thames are clouded! The ancient porches of Albion are

Danger, gamble. Jeopardy, hazard, peril, gamble, venture, uncertainty, chance. Jeopardize, imperil, endanger, chance, venture, dare, hazard.

Of God, to destroy Jerusalem & to devour the body of Albion

Circuitous. Devious, winding, tortuous, oblique.

Suffocate grim reaper moribund genocide

Which whenas Guyon saw, he did inquire,

shameless sarah satan satans saturn saturns saxon saxons sheila esther chads shakespearean samoan shak siberia simon israel israeli syria solomon solomons colombian stephen steve

Work drink cry live work drink work drink work spend

Rescuing, compensatory, thrifty, preservation, discount, rescue, keep, store, avoid, but. Freeing, protective, protectin, safeguarding, redeeming. Conditional, redeeming. Frugal, careful, parsimonious, sparing, economical, temperate. Husbandry, conservation, economy, maintenance, frugality, thrift. Economy, proceeds, deduction, rebate, profit, gain. Salvage, deliver, extricate, free, release, liberate, emancipate. Protect, safeguard, preserve, maintain, conserve. Accumulate, gather, amass, collect, hoard, stow, reserve. Spare, curtail, lessen. Except.

Whose springs are unsearchable & knowledge infinite.

Want, rare. Lack, deficiency, insufficiency, dearth, meagerness, inadequacy, scantiness. Uncommon, unusual, infrequent, sparse, meager, limited, singular.

Upon my furnaces, from within the wheels of Albion's sons:

Educational institution, style. Fashion, manner, persuasion, tendency, method, character, system.

Her joy & love, a shade: a shade of sweet repose:

Small, brief, curt, lacking, inferior. Little, tiny, brief, slight, undersized, diminutive, low. Concise, succinct, condensed, laconic, sententious. Abrupt, shart, thoughtless, inconsiderate, rude, short-tempered, testy. Deficient, insufficient, incomplete, inadequate, skimpy, scant, scarce. Substandard, unacceptable, below.

Weep not so sisters! Weep not so! Our life depends on this

Decline, basin, submerge, fall. Ebb, fading, abatement, slack, way. Tub, bowl, sewer, cesspool. Immerse, dip, soak, swamp, scuttle, depress. Drop, descend, decline, dip, slump, lower, droop.

The Canaanite, the Amalekite, the Moabite, the Egyptian:

Fraternize. Hobnob, associate, mix, consort, join, mingle.

Your brothers call you, and your fathers, and your sons.

Friendly, human, humane, polite, sociable. Genial, amiable, aggable, gregarious, pleasant, sociable, convivial. Cultural, racial, secular, worldly, public, societal, political. Benevolent, charitable, philanthropic, altruistic. Mannerly, pleasant, civil, polished, informative, hospitable. Soiree, tea party.

That toward Ulro, clay: that toward Eden, metals.

Thought, theory, conjecture, gamble. Contemplation, consideration, meditation. Hypothesis, conjecture, supposition, surmise, view, conclusion. Theorize, contemplate, surmise, consider, hypothesize, cogitate, infer. Venture, buy and sell, wheel and deal, chance.

That toward Generation, four, of iron carved wondrous:

Theoretical, cogitative, conjecture, gamble. Academic, hypothetical, conjectural, presumed, supposed, suppositional, tentative. Reasoning, pensive, meditative, contemplative, reflective, thoughtful. Theorize, contemplate, surmise, consider, hypothesize, cogitate, infer. Venture, buy and sell, wheel and deal, chance.

For lo! The night of death is past and the eternal day

Margin purchaser. Bull, buyer, financier.

The birds of song to murderous crows, his joys to bitter groans!

Blemish, place, blemish, detect. Blot, mark, stain, speck, taint, stigma, flaw. Locale, locality, site, post, situation. Blot, mark, stain, soil, sully, taint, tarnish. Discover, find, locate, recognize.

Then Erin came forth from the furnaces & all the daughters of Beulah

Substantiality. Solidity, fact, permanence.

From every one of the four regions of human majesty,

Hammered, impression, mark. Pounded, forged, beaten. Brand, engraving, cast, seal, mark, pattern, print. Brand, imprint, impress, label.

But animated & vegetated, she is a devouring worm:

Regular, basis, emblem, support. Basic, normal, typical, sample, stock, regulation, approved. Model, measure, gauge, example, criterion, pattern, rule. Banner, ensign, symbol, flag, pennant, streamer, pennon. Bar, rod, timber, upright.

That creeps forth in a night & is dried in the morning sun

Government, condition, form, position, nation, say. Public. Case, circumstances, plight, predicament, situation, position, standing. Phase, structure, constitution. Rank, standing, station, estate. Republic, commonwealth, country, community, federation, government, land. Speak, declare, pronounce, assert, authorize, determine, fix.

But Albion fell down a rocky fragment from eternity hurled

Standing still. Stagnant, immobile, stationary, motionless, quiescent, inert, torpid.

The sons & daughters of Los that he might protect them from

Stagnant. Motionless, standing, still, unmoving, idle, unused.

Golgonooza: Los walks round the walls night & day.

Standard, goods, livestock, lineage, handle, store. Regular, normal, typical, customary, commonplace, ordinary, usual. Merchandise, produce, inventory, provision, store, supplies, reserve. Cattle, sheep. Stem, trunk, plant. Ancestry, species, breed, parentage, pedigree, race, descent. Haft. Supply, hoard, equip, fill, furnish.

Methuselah, Lamech; these are the giants mighty, hermaphroditic

Exchange. Interchange, mutation, change, conversion, permutation, trade, switch.

The south, a golden gate, has four lions terrible, living!

Additional. Subsidiary, auxiliary, ancilary, secondary, accessory, appurtenant, subordinate.

Into the furnaces & into the valleys of the anvils of death

Stock, furnish. Quantity, inventory, reserve, accumulation, store, fund, hoard. Equip, provide, stock, fill, replenish, fulfill, satisfy.

Wales & Scotland shrink themselves to the west & to the north!

Superfluous, excess, also. Remaining. Superabundance, surfeit, remainder, residue. As well, moreover, likewise, even.

Dead and gone mass murder last roundup Azrael

That was Ambition, rash desire to climb,

talmud talmuds talmudic tampa thompson thomas dublin

Inflation currency solvency overcharge

Flavor, morsel, preference, discrimination, sample, experience, savor. Savor, relish, zest, sensation, scent, tang, aroma. Bit, sample, bite, tidbit, appetizer, sip, dainty. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition. Discernment, cultivation, distinction, perception, judgment, refinement, sense. Savor, try, sip. Undergo, feel, perceive, know. Relish, enjoy, sense, smack, tang.

The cruel warrior. I have refused to give love to Merlin the piteous

Levy, levy, accuse, burden. Assessment, charge, tariff, toll, duty, obligation, impost. Impose, assess. Reproach, charge, reprove, censure. Strain, overwork, encumber, overload, tire.

Came from the furnaces, by Los's mighty power for Jerusalem's

Agreement, word, period of time. Compromise, settlement, concession, negotiation, covenant, understanding, bargain. Phrase, name, designation, terminology, locution, expression. Period, session, semester, quarter, duration.

Shall Vala bring you forth! Shall the chaste be ashamed also?

Hypothesis, philosophy. Guess, conjecture, speculation, assumption, rationale, explanation. View, conception, outlook, contemplation.

Beneath Beulah: as a watery flame revolving every way

Preservation. Husbandry, conservation, economy, maintenance, frugality, saving.

And as they wove & cut from the looms in various divisions

Duration, term, era, tempo, gauge. Past, present, future, continuance. Interval, period, space, span, spell, year. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season. Measure, beat, rhythm, cadence, rate, swing. Measure, regulate.

And Luban stands in middle of the city, a moat of fire.

Exchange, occupation, exchange, patronize. Barter, swap, dealing, traffic, commerce, business, purchase. Vocation, profession, business, livelihood, avocation, employment. Swap, barter. Shop, purchase, buy, sell.

And all the gate of Los, clouded with clouds redounding from

Barter, movement, deed, behavior, mechanism, conflict, lawsuit, anointing. Negotiation, traffic, business, bargaining. Activity, moving, response, operation, energy, performance, business. Exercise, act, blow, accomplishment, feat, maneuver, doing. Practice, conduct. Apparatus, contrivance. Affair, sortie, battle, contest, brush, combat, encounter. Case, claim, litigation, proceeding, process, suit. Oil, demulcent, emollient, lubricant, balm, unguent.

The seven diseases of the earth are carved terrible

Shift, convey, carry. Change, assignment, movement, traffic. Assign, cede, sign, deed, make over, alien. Transport, deliver.

What shall I do! Or how exist, divided from Enitharmon?

Financial institution. Vault, bank.

Then Erin came forth from the furnaces & all the daughters of Beulah

Essay. Composition, dissertation, paper, theme.

Take a ride genocide bereavement quietus

And round about him lay on every side

va venus vincent virgil

Breathe go eat clean drink scream sleep go come go

Doubt, sureness, truth. Incertitude, indecision, dubiety, vacillation. Trust, assurance, certitude, confidence, faith, conviction. Reality, fact, actuality, validity, verity.

Upon my furnaces, from within the wheels of Albion's sons:

Below, obedient to, underling. Beneath, supporting. Inferior, subject, assistant, helper, aide, collateral, subordinate.

In gnawing pain dividing him from his emanation;

Inactivity, engaging, occupation, employment, engage, apply. Loitering, indolence, idleness, not working. Engagement, using, hiring, calling. Job, profession, vocation. Position, job, service. Take, place, contract, put on, hire, procure, take on. Exercise, adopt, operate, expend, utilize, make use of, manipulate.

A murderer of its own body: but also a murderer

Coupled, combine, amalgamate, marry. Joined, connected, combined, linked, attached. Join, link, couple, connect, associate, ally, incorporate. Blend, combine, consolidate, compound, coalesce, fuse, weld. Wed, join, couple.

Of Satan, in his mortal pilgrimage of seventy years

System, section. Complement, element, component, member, part, total, assemblage. Piece, square, block, factor, joint, length, quantity.

Of every divine member: it is the reasoning power

Operator, operation, appropriateness, help, habit, need, handling, employ, consume, exercise, treat, habituate. Worker, workman, driver, motorist, engineer, operative. Application, utilization, manipulation, employment, appliance, play, exercise. Profit, benefit, advantage, utility, usefulness, service, applicability. Good, profit. Custom, manner, way, practice, usage, wont. Demand, occasion. Treatment, usage. Utilize, apply, exploit, make use of, work, run, bestow. Expend, exhaust, use up, waste. Practice, put to use. Manage, handle, deal with, act, toward, behave toward. Familiarize, accustom, inure, wont.

Like men, hermaphroditic, each winged with eight wings

Use, business. Usefulness, service, product, productiveness, adequacy, avail. Monopoly, trade, industry, enterprise, company.

Stygian departure dead and gone quietus

Break in, and spoil the treasure there in guard

william willis

Billionaire ways & means IOU barmecide

Changeable. Alterable, alternating, variegated, mutable, fluid, temporary, protean.

His birds are silent on his hills, flocks die beneath his branches

Pace. Gait, speed, rate, clip, tempo, dash, momentum.

What shall we do for you O lovely mild Jerusalem?

Pertain. Appertain, concern, relate, belong.

Till he should bring the sons & daughters of Jerusalem to be

Intentional. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, deliberate.

Stygian grim reaper cross the bar quietus

When foggy mists, or cloudy tempests have

jo joe

Sing cry work laugh drink eat live work get laugh

Payment, humorist, shake. Remuneration, wage, salary, compensation, allowance, stipend, recompense. Comedian, joker, zany, card. Wave, waggle, beat, lash, switch.

The sons & daughters of Los that he might protect them from

In anticipation, delay, await, serve. Expecting, hopeful, eager, awaiting, expectant, watchful. Pause, lingering, waiting, halt, stop. Anticipate, expect, abide, delay, linger, remain, tarry. Tend, deliver, help.

Translucent the furnaces, of beryl & emerald immortal

Bulwark, obstacle, enclose. Barrier, bastion, bunker, rampart, dike, battlement. Barrier, obstruction, impediment, hindrance, resistance. Partition, divide, shut off, protect, immure.

Shame divides families, shame has divided Albion in sunder!

Armed conflict. Battle, warfare, fighting, encounter, conflict, contest, combat.

Yet why despair! I saw the finger of God go forth

Rich, abundant, riches, abundance. Affluent, moneyed, prosperous, well-to-do, opulent. Ample, copious. Fortune, treasure, affluence, cash, assets, property, resources. Profusion.

Every substance is clothed, they name them good & evil

Untamed, uncivilized, stormy, crazy, eager, unrestrained, extravagant, bizarre, unkempt, wilderness. Savage, ferocious, feral, unbroken, native, agrarian. Barbarian, barbarous, uncultivated, uninhabited. Frenzied, turbulent, violent, tempestuous, impetuous, furious, boisterous. Insane, mad, frantic, raging, distracted. Excited, ecstatic, enthusiastic, thrilled, anxious. Lawless, riotous, undisciplined, unruly, uncontrolled, unbridled, uncontrollable. Impracticable, reckless, rash, fantastic. Strange, grotesque, queer, imaginary, fanciful, visionary. Disheveled, disorderly. Waste, desert.

In stern defiance came from Albion's bosom Hand, Hyle, Koban,

Benison. Consecration, Eucharist, baptism, benediction, sanctification, blessing.

There is a void outside of existence, which if entered into

Practical, labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish, form, influence. Applicable, applied, active. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about. Fashion, make, finish, execute. Persuade, move.

Surrender Azrael pass away last roundup

With crowns and diadems, and titles vain,

zambian aztecan sam zoroastrian

Spondulix mazuma barmecide solvency

Crop, produce, surrender, grant. Harvest, product. Render, supply, furnish, bear, bestow, give forth, afford. Abandon, abdicate, cede, concede, forgo, relinquish, resign. Bow, acquiesce, concede, give, bend, assent, agree.

Cessation Azrael pass away departure

And these rich heaps of wealth does hide apart
Thy works for wealth, and life for gold engage.