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Bower. Arbor, trellis, gazebo, retreat, lattice, hideaway
Colonnade. Corridor, mezzanine.
Designer, originator. Creator, author, prime mover, mastermind, designer, engineer.
Covering. Hatch, ceiling, case, umbrella, roofing, cover, integument.
Movie house. Cinema, playhouse, film society.

Strip of wood, room and board, council, cover with boards, go on board ship, lodge. Wood, plank, lumber, two by four. Fare, meals, mess, victuals, provisions, food, eats. Committee, cabinet, board of directors. Board up, plank, cover, paper. Embark, put to sea. Room and board, feed, accommodate, put up, house, care for, bed.

Oh! May I live exempted (while I live
Compared with the repose the sofa yields.
That life holds out to all, should most abound
To slumber in the carriage more secure,
Barn attic. Barn, hayloft, storehouse, silo, haymow.
Of thorny boughs; have loved the rural walk
Ponderous, and fixed by its own massy weight.
And still remember, nor without regret,
Cellar, foundation. Excavation, vault. Footing, wall, bed, bottom, groundwork. Base. Low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand, principle, camp, point of departure, establish. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tained, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched. Dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest. Element, essence, root, basis, core, support. Site, station, headquarters, settlement, post, center, garrison. Terminal, goal, object, radical. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, predicate.
A tooth or auburn lock, and by degrees
Is Nature's dictate, strange there should be found
Nor his who quits the box at midnight hour

Color. Brown, brownish-red, bay, reddish-brown, ruddy, reddish.

Thus first necessity invented stools,
By soft recumbency of outstretched limbs,
Time was, when clothing sumptuous or for use,
Hard fare! But such as boyish appetite
Facility. Equipment, machinery, plant, tools. Build. Make, increase, found. Put together, manufacture, set up, fashion, assemble, construct, erect. Mount, swell, wax, amplify, augment, grow. Establish, institute, organize, formulate, constitute.
He seeks them headlong, and is seen no more.
The occasion--for the fair commands the song.
And skirted thick with intertexture firm
Adhesive, stick. Glue, mortar, epoxy, grout. Paste, glue, fasten, mortar, plaster, tar, connect.
Or velvet soft, or plush with shaggy pile:
Nor sofa then I needed. Youth repairs
The chase for sustenance, precarious trust!

Black, black tropical wood. Coal black, indigo, jet black, midnight. Hardwood.

While admiration feeding at the eye,
Compared with the repose the sofa yields.
Their length and color from the locks they spare.
And not a year but pilfers as he goes
Room, container, assembly. Cubicle, apartment, antechamber, cabin, berth, closet. Compartment, cell, case, cavity, cubbyhole. Congress, legislature, organization, government, representatives, parliament.
Hard fare! But such a boyish appetite
Of libertine excess, the sofa suits
Ocean has caught the frenzy, and upwrought
Smokestack. Stack, funnel, flue, exhaust pipe.
And then skip down again; pronounce a text,
And stand exposed by common peccancy
Which winds and waves obey, invades the shore

Leaf. Leaflet, needle, petiole, blade, stalk.

More distant, and that prophecy demands
He finds his fellow guilty of a skin
Where beauty oft and lettered worth consume
Conspire against him, with his breath he draws
Actual, physical, made of cement, pavement. Specific, particular, real, accurate, definite, solid, singular. Solid, firm, stron, compressed, hard, dense, tangible. Solid. Cement, mortar, asphalt.
Was to encourage goodness, he would stroke
And roofs embattled high, the gloomy scenes
Fires from beneath, and meteors from above,
Cop. Steal. Pilfer, swipe, appropriate, abstract, lift, filch.
Upridged so high, and sent on such a charge,
Like kindred drops been mingled into one.
He finds his fellow guilty of a skin

Grove, shelter. Timber, wood, timberland, weald, woods. Chase, brake, copse, weald.

Such evil sin has wrought; and such a flame
My man of morals, nurtured in the shades
Of brotherhood is severed as the flax
Not colored like his own, and having power
Arcade. Colonnade, mezzanine.
On God's behalf, lays waste his fairest works.
Explains all mysteries, except her own,
And then skip down again; pronounce a text,
Base, establishment, girdle. Basement, basis, groundwork, footing, bed, ground, substructure. Endowment, institution, organization, settlement, institute, society, company. Corset. Found. Discovered, lay the foundation. Met, detected, rescued. Establish, begin, create, set up, fix firmly, erect.
Pours she not all her choicest fruits abroad,
And drown him in her dry and dusty gulfs.
By infidelity and love of the world,

Gang, lump, puzzle. Crew, company, group, squad, crowd, clique, cluster. Swelling, knob, bump. Tangle, perplexity, web, snarl, difficulty, conundrum.

The voice of singing and the sprightly chord
Ocean has caught the frenzy, and upwrought
To adorn the sofa with eulogium due,
And winds his way with pleasure and with ease;
Brace. Stud, timber, joist, rafter, strut, stay, beam. Gird. Brace, bind. Fortify, prepare, ready, steel, strengthen, support. Fasten, secure, surround, encircle, girdle.
Been hurt by the archers. In his side he bore,
Domestic life in rural leisure passed!
He shuts it close, and the first labor ends.
Joist. Brace. Stud, timber, beam, rafter, strut, stay, girder.
Since then, with few associates, in remote
A senseless bargain. When I see such games
And cherries hangs her twigs. Geranium boasts

Foliage, sheet. Leaflet, needle, petiole, blade, stalk. Sheath, skin, coat, foil.

Is ofttimes proof of wisdom, when the fault
And find the total of their hopes and fears
In which obscurity has wrapped them up,
And winds his way with pleasure and with ease;
Bower. Alcove, trellis, gazebo, retreat, arbor, hideaway.
And pregnant with discoveries new and rare.
When he shall call his debtors to account.
And thus gives virtue indirect applause;
Bathroom. Bath, shower, spa, sauna, shower room.
There was I found by one who had himself
Than to release the adultress from her bond.
And silent woods I wander, far from those

Lumbering. Milling. Log. Register. Ledger, book, record, roster, list, account.

To adorn the sofa with eulogium due,
Some write a narrative of wars, and feats
To tell its slumbers and to paint its dreams,
Each in his own delusions; they are lost
Timber, trudge. Boards, wood, hardwood. Plod, clump, shamble, barge, stumble, slog.
Men too were nice in honor in those days,
Which, save himself who trains them, none can feel:
And winds his way with pleasure and with ease;
Architectural ornament. Frame, frieze, embellishment, decoration. Mold. Form, distinctive nature, fungus, fashion, influence, decay. Model, cast, die, matrix, pattern, shape, cavity. Type, cast, class, character, sort, kind, stamp. Mildew, mould, parasite, decay. Form, model, shape, make, forge. Bend, govern, transform, develop, convert, transfigure. Mildew, rot, spoil, molder, rust.
To adorn the sofa with eulogium due,
Hear the faint echo of those brazen throats,
Hark! 'Tis the twanging horn! Over yonder bridge,

Timber, trudge. Boards, wood, hardwood. Plod, clump, shamble, barge, stumble, slog.

And spreads the honey of his deep research
He sucks intelligence in every clime,
Her elbows ruffled, and her tottering form
Observed as prodigies, and soon reclaimed.
Adhesive. Glue, cement, epoxy, grout.
It seems the part of wisdom, and no sin
To palliate dulness, and give time a shove.
And having dropped the expected bag--pass on.
Larder. Storehouse, warehouse, room. Pant. Gasp, gasp, yearn, pulsate. Huff, heave, puff, throb. Blow, puff. Desire, hunger, long, thirst. Palpitate, throb. Try. Attempt, test, refine, judge. Endeavor, strive, assay, offer, essay, seek. Check, examine, prove, investigate. Extract, distill, melt, render. Decide, hear, examine, referee.
And gathering, at short notice, in one group
Begs a propitious ear for his poor thoughts,
Cold and yet cheerful: messenger of grief

Color. Chestnut, brown, reddish-brown, tan.

He whistles as he goes, light-hearted wretch,
And sigh, but never tremble at the sound.
But urged by storms along its slippery way;
While fancy, like the finger of a clock,
Distribution, division, part, wall, divide. Allotment, apportionment, division, portion, share. Disjunction, separation. Piece, section, segment. Barrier, screen. Apportion, deal out, mete out, parcel out, portion, separate, share.
On the same cushion of habitual sloth.
Suits well the thouful or unthinking mind,
Pay contribution to the store he gleans;
Column. Support, pillar, post, prop, minaret, shaft.
Down to the rosy west; but kindly still
Descending, and, with never-ceasing lapse,
With all its generations; I behold

Hard wood. Hardwood, ash, mahogany.

The family dispersed, and fixing thought,
Sermons and city feasts, and favorite airs,
He whistles as he goes, light-hearted wretch,
And having dropped the expected bag--pass on.
Stucco, coat with plaster. Mortar, grout. Cover, daub, face, mortar, bind, cement.
He severs it away: no needless care
Imperial mistress of the fur-clad Russ!
All hearts to sadness, and none more than mine;
Plumb. Sound, vertically. Fathom, measure, explore, search, mark, gauge. Squarely, straight, uprightly.
Thus nature works as if to mock at art,
To those who, posted at the shrine of truth,
To bear this burdens; drawing in his gears

Stake, lookout, demonstrator, strike, enclose. Post, pole, peg, tether, paling, pale, pillar. Scout, spotter, watchman, sentinel, guard, sentry, patrolman. Dissident, protestor, objector, agitator. Blockade, boycott, protest, demonstrate, rally, march. Fence, pale, corral, imprison, bound.

To escape the impending famine, often scared
That I myself am but a fleeting shade,
Imperial mistress of the fur-clad Russ!
But now and then with pressure of his thumb
Brace. Stud, timber, joist, beam, strut, stay, girder.
Shoot into pillars of pellucid length,
From every herb and every spiry blade
Not so, where scornful of a check it leaps
Scant. Bare. Meager, just, mere, sheer, simple, sole, alone.
The long-protracted rigor of the year
That trickle down the branches, fast congealed,
Beneath the dazzling deluge; and the bents

Worry. Eat one's heart out, fret, grieve, be distressed, brood.

The growing wonder takes a thousand shapes
That I myself am but a fleeting shade,
That I myself am but a fleeting shade,
That I myself am but a fleeting shade,
Sheath, sheathe. Quiver. Scabbard. Wrap. Cover, surround, envelop.
Mine, spindling into longitude immense
That in its fall the liquid sheet throws wide.
Through the imperceptible meandering veins
Side. Secondary, edge, team. Indirect, lateral, auxiliary, oblique, subordinate, extraneous, off center. Border, flank, rim, fringe, margin, verge, wing. Position, party, faction, wing, viewpoint, caucus, camp.
Where memory slept. Wherever I have heard
Roved far, and gathered much: some harsh, 'tis true,
The night was winter in his roughest mood,

Mass. Block, chunk, cube, brick, section, cake, hunk.

But all is in his hand whose praise I seek.
Then stops and snorts, and throwing high his heels,
The grand transition, that there lives and works
While sloth seduces more, too weak to bear
Detail. Circumstance, particular, feature, item, particularity, point. Specific. Particular. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.
These, and a thousand images of bliss,
Whose outspread branches overarch the glade.
And lanes in which the primrose ere here time
Construction, edifice. Fabrication, configuration, arrangement, composition, organizaiton, form, shape. Building, bridge, dam, framework.
His influence, if that influence all be spent
Charms more than silence. Meditation here
Roved far, and gathered much: some harsh, 'tis true,

Fashionable. Dashing, dapper, rakish, debonair, natty, neat, jaunty.

To steel their hearts against the dread of death."
And worships. Her report has travelled forth
With easy force it opens all the cells
The state beneath the shadow of whose vine
Plaster. Mortar, grout.
So man, the moth, is not afraid, it seems,
And worships. Her report has travelled forth
The playful humor; he could now endure
Stud. Upright beam, breeding animal. Post, upright, joist, rafter, timber, two by four. Stallion.
An agency divine, to make him know
He has outslept the winter, ventures forth
Would urge a wiser suit than asking more.

Sheltered. Protected, hidden, topped, covered, disguised. Surface. Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.

Till. Drawer, cultivate. Compartment, bin, receptacle, tray. Farm, labor, harrow, grow, work.
Beam, wood. Mast, boom, frame, tie, balk. Lumber, hardwood, forest, timberland.
Shelf. Ledge, counter, bench, stand, booth, board.
Veneer. Facing, false front. Thin layer, surface treatment, cover, wrapper, coating. Facade, front, pretension.
Foyer. Hallway, entry, lobby, anteroom.