Discours D'amour

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Ventidius. 'Tis mournful. Wondrous mournful!

Antony. Count thy gains

Deficiency, non-appearance. Defect, inadequacy, dearth, default, lack, miss, need.

Gentleman. The boy Octavius; then he draws his mouth


Serapion. I uttered was most true.

Valley. Depth, gulf, pit, shaft, well, crater, chasm.

Alexas. A foolish dream,

auspicious beatific

Gentleman. Then he defies the world, and bids it pass;

Separate, solitary, solely, solitary, isolated, unity. Apart, detached, isolated, removed, private, in isolation, remote. Unique, singular, unaccompanied, unparalleled, forlorn, unequaled, desolate. Only, uniquely, singly, simply. Alone, separate, separated,, unaccompanied, secluded, apart, lonesome. Sole, solitary, separate, unique, lonely. One, single, sole, particular, unique.

Alexas. O'er all his cooler hours, and morning counsels.


Serapion. On the utmost margin of the water-mark,

Delightful, like. Luscious, darling, heavenly. Love, adulate, cherish, affection, be ford of.

Alexas. Proclaim your orders loudly.

Maecenas and Agrippa, who can most

elated exuberant

Serapion. An armed ghost start up: the boy-king last

Assertion, avowal, certification, assert, approve. Statement, avowal, declaration, announcement, pronouncement, attestation. Affidabit, confirmation, testimony, sworn statement, oath, attestation, profession. Acceptance, endorsement, sanction, warranty, corroboration. Declare, swear, maintain, warrant, aver, claim, depose. Confirm, endorse, establish, ratify.

Ventidius. Virtue's his path; but sometimes 'tis too marrow

As the first Romans when they went to war;

exultant felicitous

Alexas. Depend on one, with him to rise or fall.

Is lamely followed by our pow'r, we must

Modification, change, castrate, remodel. Change, shift, variation, movement, transformation, mutation, turn. Reverse, adjust, convert, modify, differ, turn, vary. Geld, spay, sterilize, emasculate, mutilate, fix. Transform, renovate, reconstruct, refurbish.

Serapion. He's of no vulgar note.


Alexas. Oh, 'tis Ventidius.

Nullification, cancel. Invalidation, cancellation, repeal, dissolution, retraction. Void, invalidate, nullify, neutralize, vacate, overrule.

Ventidius. And not forgiving what as man he did,

triumphant convivial

Serapion. Lay lashing the departing waves: hard by em,

Distress, worry, eagerness. Trepidation, apprehension, pain, worry, sorrow, dread, fear. Concern, trouble, care. Zeal, fervor, enthusiasm.

Gentleman. 'Tis to himself, and then 'tis perfect raving:


Alexas. And black prognostics; labor to confirm

Frequent, escort. Visit, haunt, show up. Chaperon, accompany, go with, follow.

Serapion. Ev'n of the hinds that watched it: men and beasts

colorful effervescent

Ventidius. I bring him news will raise his drooping spirits,

Trunk, main part, person, cadaver, association, central idea. Torso, frame, flesh, size, build, physique, bones. Majority, bulk, assembly, core, substance, hull. Somebody, individual, human being, soul, character. Carrion, carcass, corpse, remains. Company, troop, corporation, clique, collection, society, band. Substance, text, consistency, density, thesis, thickness, argument.

Serapion. Then, with so swift an ebb the flood drove backward,

debonair ethereal

Ventidius. He must not thus be lost.

Assort, put on file. Classify, arrange, class, type, group, pigeonhole. Catalog, index, classify, file, categorize, record.

Serapion. Here monstrous Phocae panted on the shore;


Alexas. Proclaim your orders loudly.

Calamity. Destruction, worst, disaster, cataclysm, misfortune.

Serapion. It slipt from underneath the clay herd:

picturesque hilarious

Ventidius. And bounds into a vice that bears him far

Trace a line around, limit. Encircle, girdle, surround, encompass, outline, circle. Restrict, confine, define, outline, prohibit, demarcate, delimit.

Antony. To curse this madman, this industrious fool.


Serapion. Then, with so swift an ebb the flood drove backward

Forsaken dolphins there, with their broad tails,

Haze, shadow, crowd, becloud. Mist, fog, billow, vapor, smog, puff. Blur, smudge, stain, smear, blotch, smirch, gloom. Army, horde, host, multitude, swarm, throng. Obfuscate, overcast, befog, mist, obscure, overshadow.

antonio antonym anthony antonyms anodyne amino amity nato natty

whimsical ridiculous

octaves octavos octave octavo oxtails oxtail

Thoughtfulness. Consideration, respect, tact, courtesy, concern, regard, solicitude.

caesar caesars caesura caesuras caesural aces chafer scalar safer

delicate enrapturing

marches marcs narcissi marcels marchers markups maracas mares narcoses

Understand, comprise. Apprehend, conceive, realize, discern, grasp, assimilate, know. Include, embrace, contain, take, embody, involve.

emulous embolus embolism emily empirics embroils english meiosis melissa


elides leprous elide

Behavior, guidance, escort, direct, guide, conduct oneself. Action, manners, response, comportment, performance, demeanor, actions. Control, administration, direction, management, execution, leadership, care. Procedure, convoy, guard, guidance, leadership. Govern, manage, operate, guide, order, carry on, regulate. Show, lead, escort, convey, usher, chaperon, transport. Behave, bear, act, deport.

sextons sexes estrus setups sextets scents sextuple zests setup

frivolous harmonious

pompous poppies potpies potpie

Conspiracy, conspire, purposely overlook. Scheme, intrigue, machination, artifice, cabal. Intrigue, plot, scheme, collude. Ignore, wink at, disregard.

oddities domini

blissful facetious


Touch, communication, communicate, touch. Impact, hit, strike, collision, union, connection, adhesion. Meeting, coming together, connection, referral, intercourse, commerce, interaction. Speak to, talk, look up, reach, call, approach. Impact, hit, strike, graze, meet, connect, adhere.

Antony. When--and what harms's in this?

ludicrous personable

Alexas. None, none, my lord,

Eventuality, accident. Chance, possibility, event, likelihood, probability, circumstance, odds. Fortuity, incident, exigency, luck, predicament.

Cleopatra. I have no more to lose; prepare thy bands;

beguiling prepossessing

Alexas. Please you, retire a while; I'll work him first,

Scream, clamor, entreaty, announcement, lament, weeping, weep, shout, bellow. Bellow, roar, screech, shout, shriek, wail, whoop. Expletive, exclamation, outcry. Appeal. Proclamation. Lamentation, weeping, tears. Howl, yowl, bawl, sob. Whine, bawl, snivel, bemoan, moan, bewail, blubber. Screech, bellow, call, clamor, ejaculate, exclaim, roar. Bark, hoot, yelp.

Antony. He has not warmth enough to die by that.

buoyant bewitching

Cleopatra. Flatter me not; if once he goes, he's lost,

Assertion, formal statement, declaring, announce, maintain, disclose. Allegation, avowal, disclosure, affirmation, notification, presentation. Statement, affirmation, confirmation, manifesto, proclamation, profession, attestation. Announcement, notification, proclamation, expression, communication, utterance. Swear, expound, proclaim, pronounce. Express, affirm, allege, assert, advocate, mention, asseverate. Confess, advertise, manifest, avow, publish, notify.

Antony. Fool that I was, upon my eagle's wings

enchanting tantalizing

Cleopatra. Each hour the victor's chain? These ills are small:

Consecration, loyalty, consecrate, set aside. Devotion, sanctification, celebration, glorification. Commitment, devotion, allegiance, love. Hallow, sanctify, bless, anoint. Devote, assign, allot, apportion, donate, give.

Ventidius. He first would choose an ague, or a fever.

cordial enthralling

Cleopatra. For Antony is lost, and I can mourn

Evil spirit, rascal. Devil, fiend, imp, monster, incubus, vampire. Villain, fiend, rogue, brute, beast.

Alexas. Come, free me from Ventidius, from my tyrant:

entrancing agitating

Cleopatra. Thou wouldst say. He would not see me?

Colonial state, cling. Territory, settlement, protectorate, colony. Adhere, hang, rely, rest.

Alexas. By ev'ry circumstance I know he loves.

glamorous galvanizing

Cleopatra. I have no more to lose; prepare thy bands;

Show, acting. Boards, play, footlights, stage, theater. Farce, showmanship, climax, emotion, tension, tragedy.

Antony. But he would choose 'em all before that one.

sanguine ravishing

Cleopatra. Is this to be a queen, to be besieged

Abashment, annoyance, confuse, make difficult, annoy, impede. Puzzlement, discomfiture, chagrin, quandary, unease, confusion. Deterrent, distress, harassment, hindrance, trouble, vexation. Abash, confound, chagrin, discomfit, discompose, faze. Complicate, mystify, perplex. Distress, harass, trouble, vex. Hamper, hinder.

Antony. But just enough to season him from coward.

O'er fourscore thousend men, of whom each one

delectable spectacular

Iras. Call reason to assist you.

Hug, accept, contain. Strain, press, clasp, enfold, clinch, squeeze, grip. Involve, take, adopt, espouse, seize, welcome. Hold, encircle, enclose, surround, comprehend, comprise, cover.

Cleopatra. I have none,

dashing engaging

Antony. To storm a town), 'tis when he cannot choose;

Meeting, fight, meet, attack. Concurrence, interview, rendezvous, appointment. Clash, battle, passage, combat, shock, conflict, skirmish. Experience, come upon, confront, stand, face. Strike, battle, struggle, cope with.

Alexas. By ev'ry circumstance I know he loves.

idyllic stimulating

Cleopatra. By yon insulting Roman, and to wait

I have no more to lose; prepare thy bands;

Aberrant, erratic, mistake. Wayward, devious, erring. Itinerant, fugitive, rambling, planetary, shifting, wandering. Blunder, overlook, slip, confound, trip, misapprehend, misconceive.

Alexas. But'tis our utmost means, and fate befriend it!

alluring animating

Antony. For, all the pleasures I have known beat thick

And, would you multiply more ruins on me?

When all the world have fixed their eyes upon him;

Banishment, person in exile, banish. Expulsion, exclusion, ostracism, displacement. Man without a country, fugitive, refugee, outlaw. Cast out, deport, expatriate, ostracize, expel, ban, drive out.

Ventidius. Or old age and abed.

festive enticing

Antony. Aye, there's his choice,

Price. Figure, amount, output, outlay.

Charmion. He bid me say, he knew himself so well.

seductive fascinating

eros eras ewers errs reps erase err

Decline, bleach, disappear, hush. Wane, decrease, dwindle, droop, diminish, taper, languish. Blanch, pale, etiolate. Dissolve, disperse, pass away, evaporate, vanish. Quiet, sink.

ors ergs ewes

gala arousing

scares saris scars shares scabrous scarabs scare scarfs scariest

Defect, error, delinquency, responsibility, fail. Blemish, failing, flaw, foible, frailty, imperfection, shortcoming. Blunder, mistake, misdeed, slip. Culpability, solecism, wrongdoing, indiscretion, impropriety, misdeed, dereliction. Liability, accountability, blame. Bungle, err, blunder.

descents educates depredates detracts

exciting provocative

demerits edematous deleterious dementias demerit temerarious temerities

Celebration, delightful. Holiday, festival, revelry, jubilation, carnival, feast, spree. Glorious, gratifying, pleasant, admirable.

philol philos file phil filly phial philip fill filar

inflaming phosphorescent

mechanics mechanism mechanist emends medians merchants mercenary

Lambaste. Blister, lash, scorch, castigate, drub, excoriate, scourge.


zestful inspiring


Completion, accomplish, perform, satisfy, complete. Consummation, realization, perfection, achievement, culmination. Achieve, carry out, complete, consummate, discharge, effect, execute. Discharge, implement, do, obey, observe. Answer, comply with, fill, meet. Conclude, end, finish, terminate.

broccolis proclaims percolates procurers brochures proscenias prickliest

resplendent scintillating

Antony. As meeting streams, both to ourselves were lost;

Suppose me come from the Phlegraean plains,

I should have seen him, then, ere now.

Rumor, snoop, tattle. Hearsay, scandal, chatter, news, slander, calumny, defamation. Meddler, tattler, chatterbox, blabbermouth, chatterer. Prattle, chatter, blab, palaver, noise, prate, rumor.

Ventidius. Perhaps.

airy transporting

Octavius. For you may spear and he may own you too.

Inclination, custom, dress, obsession, clothe. Routine, tendency, penchant, proclivity, bent, disposition. Convention, tradition, practice, manner, fashion, way, observance. Clothes, garb, costume, rig, habiliment. Fixation, addiction. Attire, dress, garb, deck out, array, equip, rig.

Dolabella. If all be safe.

arresting clarifying

Antony. Thou hast what's left of me;

Blood pump, seat of passion, core, guts, heart-shape. Aorta. Breast, feeling, spirit, response, soul, pity, empathy. Center, crux, gist, quintessence, essence, nucleus, pith. Courage, bravery, nerve, valor, gallantry, fortitude, mettle. Shape, playing card.

Cleopatra. Should I not think 'em? Should I be ashamed,

challenging edifying

Antony. Thee of thy part. But, O my Dolabella

Pelt, conceal. Skin, fur, rawhide. Cloak, cover, obscure, disguise, mask, shroud, veil.

Ventidius. Him would I see, that man of all the world;

balmy compelling

Cleopatra. And mark you red with many an eager kiss,

Categorizing, means of verifying identity, recognize. Classification, naming, description, grouping. Passport, credentials, badge, letter of credit, letter of introduction. Know, distinguish, make out, tell, detect, perceive.

Antony. If the yuoung bridegroom, longing for his night,

diverting elevating

Ventidius. And, at his back, nations come pouring in,

Representation, idea, facsimile, imagine. Figure, likeness, semblance, form, icon, idol, statue. Notion, conception, perception. Copy, match, mirror, counterpart, reflection. Conceive, depict, portray, render, describe.

Antony. We were one mass; we could not give or take,

Suppose me come from the Phlegraean plains,

breezy engrossing

Ventidius. It argues that he loved you more than her,

A messenger from Caesar's camp, with letters.

Reasoning, making electricity, initiation. Deduction, inference, judgement, conjecture, rationalization, reason. Installation, conscription, investiture, selection.

Cleopatra. And mark you red with many an eager kiss.

intriguing enlightening

Antony. My brighter Venus!

Stool pigeon, acquaint, teach, snitch, appearance, model, kind, group, ceremony, business form, formula, cast, make, arrange, teach, invent. Spy, secret agent, squealer, infiltrator. Familiarize, make known, notify, tell, clue, warn, advise. Instruct, inspire, inspirit, enliven, animate, quicken. Tattle, squeal, testify. Plan, conformation, cast, framework, configuration, structure, cut. Mold, pattern. Arrangement, manner, order, sort, style, type. Assemblage, organization. Ceremonial, conformity, liturgy, convention, formality, formula, ritual. Application, duplicate, blank, questionnaire, pattern, document, paper. Approach, method, mode, practice, procedure, system. Design, construct, contrive, fashion, carve, frame, chisel. Create, originate, produce, compose, constitute, make up, invent. Combine, dispose, order, organize, systematize. Discipline, rear, educate, instruct, train. Contrive, devise, frame.

Cleopatra. O my greater Mars!

effulgent ineffable

Dolabella. Like a long-absent man, and wanders o'er

Tiring, average. Overpowering, crushing, excessive, merciless, taxing, fatiguing, onerous. Mediocre, ordinary, middling, passable, reasonable, fair.

Cleopatra. I fear thou flatter'st me.

comic emblazoned

Ventidius. Not to conceal it longer, he has sent

Distressing. Onerous, grievous, heartbreaking.

Octavius. To be a slave in Egypt; but I come

glittering sentimental

Dolabella. I bring conditions from him.

Emission, edition, topic, effect, outlet, product, publish, emit, emerge, spring. Delivery, sending, promulgation. Publication, printing, copy, number. Point, problem, question, crux. Result, outcome, product, consequence, conclusion, end, consummation. Exit, vent, egress. Offspring, brood, fruit, progeny, children, consequence, descendants. Circulate, distribute, dispatch, put out, transcribe, deliver. Discharge, vent, release. Come forth, flow out. Arise, spurt, flow, come, emanate, proceed, originate.

Antony. Are thy noble?

Is in thy arms; the ripened fruit but fall,

Why, then I yet am so; for thou art all.

May call me thankless and ungrateful man:--

The hearing gave new pleasure to the sight,

mirthful radiant

perilunes perilune

Possessiveness, envious, watchful. Insecurity, distrust, mistrust, envy, enviousness. Resentful, invidious, grudging, suspicious. Suspicious, solicitous, vigilant.

threes tyros throes thymes threads threats thymus they're throe

translucent sympathetic

galleys galas gales galls galliums jalousie galleons gallons gallops

Lethargy. Lassitude, drowsiness, fatigue, tiredness, weariness, faintness.

menus means neons men's mends menials mentis menu mesas

inspiring formidable

medicates meliorates meteorites emigrates mendicants medicares menstruates

Message, character, inscribe. Memorandum, note, communication, report, dispatch, epistle, missive. Symbol, type. Sign, initial, stamp.

various farriers varies farrows varnish variously farrier avoid

charming aesthetic

taurus tarsus tauruses tares taros dares atriums tabus talus

Insane, angry, violent, unsound, infatuated. Crazy, crazed, lunatic, deranged, maniacal, raving, distracted. Furious, enraged, irate, raging, incensed, wrathful. Frantic, frenzied, rabid, wild, excited. Senseless, absurd, foolish, nonsensical, dangerous, reckless, perilous. Desirous, wild about.

scandiums sanities candies scandalous sandiest candle canned scandium acidic

artistic Herculean

Cleopatra. But, 'tis your nation's vice: all of your country

Ah, what will not a woman do, who loves!

Charm. Sorcery, incantation, hex, spell, witchcraft.

Dolabella. I, who have seen--had I been born a poet,

comely aspiring

Antony. Most basely, and maliciously belie her.

Huge, terrible, abnormal. Colossal, cracking, enormous, fantastic, gigantic, massive, great. Atrocious, dreadful, frightful, hideous, horrendous, horrible, repulsive. Grotesque, uncanny, unnatural, freakish.

Dolabella. To tell ill news: and I, of all your sex,

I forged that lie; for whose forgiveness kneels

And shows a moment's day.

ecstatic predominant

Cleopatra. Has thrust me out to the wide world, unfurnished

Silence. Quiet, still, hush, muffle, smother, stifle.

Antony. Or are you turned a Dolabella, too.

exalted captivating

Alexas. Of loving you: the least kind word or glance

Need, requirement, fate, exigency. Qualification, demand, vital part, postulate, essential, imperative, necessary. Compulsion, destiny, inevitability, karma, kismet. Indigence, pinch, need, stress, neediness, urgency.

Dolabella. He's rough by nature.

fetching impassioned

Antony. Oh, he'll speak too harshly;

Blackness. Dimness, gloom, dark, dusk, darkness, nightfall, twilight.

Dolabella. Nature has cast me in so soft a mould,

To tell ill news: and I, of all your sex,

To find your griefs so moderately borne.

That but to hear a story feigned for pleasure

instinctive efficacious

Cleopatra. Your Roman wits, your Gallus and Tibullus.

Thing, objective, intention, recipient, protest. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something. Mission, aim, wish, destination, end, goal, target. Motivation, base, basis, intent, motive, purpose, reason. Target, victim, receiver. Demur, take exception, except, remonstrate, disapprove, dispute.

Antony. For, though 'tis past, I would not that the world

And each of your own sad fate, with mine, deplore;

I dare not trust my tongue to tell her so:

toothsome romantic

Dolabella. You o'erjoy me, madam,

Should choose a nobler name.

Lewd. Indecent, racy, ribald, naughty, off-color, suggestive, risque.

Antony. For, though 'tis past, I would not that the world

And each of your own sad fate, with mine, deplore;

I dare not trust my tongue to tell her so:

sensible energetic

Dolabella. You o'erjoy me, madam,

Should choose a nobler name.

Jealousy, own. Insecurity, distrust, mistrust, envy, enviousness. Contain, retain, hold, occupy, have.

Antony. For, though 'tis past, I would not that the world

And each of your own sad fate, with mine, deplore;

I dare not trust my tongue to tell her so:

sensitive imperative

Dolabella. You o'erjoy me, madam,

Should choose a nobler name.

Charm, rape. Transport, delight, enrapture, captivate, enthrall, enchant. Violate, deflower, abuse, defile, seduce, assault.

Antony. Should tax my former choice, that I loved one

You should have wished it.

winsome ascetic

Dolabella. Why?

Remorse, mourn. Grief, sorrow, lamentation, contrition, compunction, penitence, repentance. Grieve, lament, repine, rue, bemoan, bewail.

Antony. Because you love me.

When Jove was young, and no examples known

Oh he'll speak too harshly;

powerful overwhelming

sullies ciliums silos sisals sissies isles sulkies cilia ciliates

Roar, echo. Bellow, howl, shout, clamor, thunder, detonation, explosion. Resonate, ring, resound.

euphonious euphonies euphoniums euphorias euphonium euphonic euphoniously euphoria euphoric

Arena, picture, incident. Theater, stage, setting, spot, locate, environment, region. View, landscape, seascape. Episode, spectacle, exhibition, display, situation, show, sight.

lakes lades lamas lames algas almas

piquant brilliant

marian mardi martian marxian marion martians marxians marring margin

Indication, symbol, prediction, indicate, endorse, bless, hire. Hint, clue, suggestion, symptom, portent, gesture, countersign. Emblem, badge, mark, abbreviation, flag, beacon. Omen, premonition, foreshadowing, foreboding, portent, presage, divination.

selects select shelves

tenacious dazzling glowing

domed odometers tombed doomed

Commemoration, memory, souvenir. Remembrance, observance, testimonial, celebration, ceremony, memento, memorial. Recollection. Keepsake, relic, memento, memorial, reminder, token.

octave octavo octaves octavos oxtail octal okapi

commanding lustrous sparkling

chairman charming chairmen chairmans champion carmine carrion charring



ardent dynamic

ires iris irish ira ribs rids rigs irs iran

Fondness, delicacy, delicate, weak, youthful, kind, careful, sensitive, offer, boat, give, be inclined, care for. Affection, love, thoughtfulness, kindness, gentleness, care. Gentleness, softness, mellowness, sensitivity, subtlety, finesse. Fragile, soft, supple. Frail, fragile, delicate, feeble. Immature, childish, young, childlike. Compassionate, sympathetic, affectionate, responsive, merciful, pitiful, mild. Reluctant, chary, considerate. Delicate, sore, touchy, acute, painful, ticklish. Proposal, proffer, offering. Dinghy, skiff, motorboat, lifeboat. Offer, present, volunteer, proffer. Be disposed, lean. Attend to, guard, watch over, protect, keep, take care of.

Cleopatra. I can no more: thou, and my griefs, have sunk

Of promised faith!--I'll die; I will not bear it.

Hence from my sight! I will not hear a traitor;

effective fervid intense

Serapion. With a dissembled smile would kiss at parting.

From viewing (spare me, and imagine it)

Consequently. Therefore, hence, so.

Alexas. As if not yet recovered of th' assault.

These two long lovers, soul and body, dread

robust magnetic

Cleopatra. And choke this love.

Veracity, integrity. Actuality, genuineness, accuracy, exactness, precision, reality, fact. Honesty, sincerity, candor, frankness, uprightness, virtue, fidelity.

Iras. Help, O Alexas, help!

militant Spartan stoic

Cleopatra. Now for thy life, which basely thou wouldst save

Coalition, alliance, marriage, joint, upon, against, near, forward, approaching. Unity, junction, merger, combination. Confederacy, congress, association, order, league, brotherhood, society. Matrimony, wedlock, nuptials, commitment, joining, coupling. Weld, coupling, juncture, connection, seam. Over, above, touching, in contact with, covering, on top of, about. Next, close to, in contact with. Beside, adjacent to, bordering, close to. Ahead, onward, advancing, along, forth, toward. Toward, proceeding, at, moving.

Antony. And seeks the spring of Caesar.

puissant potent striking

Alexas. Think not so:

Fiction, synthetic, genuine, material. Figment, fabrication, untruth, fable, prevarication, falsity, invention. False, counterfeit, artificial, unnatural, inorganic, fake. Actual, authentic, true, sincere, indisputable, undeniable, factual. Existent, tangible, substantive, physical, incarnate, palpable, corporal.

Cleopatra. I know him noble: when he banished me,

virile accomplished

Antony. What shold I fight for now? My queen is dead.

Delay, await, serve. Pause, lingering, waiting, halt, stop. Anticipate, expect, abide, delay, linger, remain, tarry. Tend, deliver, help.

Serapion. Thrice he attempted headlong to have fall'n.

capable competent blithe

Cleopatra. Oh, for a little breath, to vent my rage!

But hast , each moment's precious,

Funeral, trial, arise, awaken, animate. Vigil. Course, path, track, train. Awake, rise, get up. Arouse, stir, rouse, waken, call, prod. Activate, provoke, stimulate, motivate, kindle.

Ventidius. 'Lo, this is he who died with Antony!'

endowed proficient

Alexas. (Unhappy only to myself) have left

For what reason.


Cleopatra. I've heard my doom.--This needed not, you gods

You may hold me--

But I can keep my breath; I can die inward,

Of promised faith!--I'll die; I will not bear it.

But I can keep my breath; I can die inward.

'Twas thy design brought all this ruin on us.

Thou best of thieves, who, with an easy key.

qualified talented droll

Antony. Since I have heard of Cleopatra's death.

Decision, desire, command, command, bequeath. Choice, determination, resolution, volition, resoluteness, forcefulness. Determination, purpose, inclination, disposition, fancy, pleasure, wish. Decree, direction, order, bidding, behest, insistence. Bid, decree, direct, determine, decide. Bequest, leave, devise.

Alexas. Till you can clear your innocence.

suave suave suave suave suave suave suave

Cleopatra. I'll stay.

Inscribe, compose. Engross, scrawl, scribe, sign, print, letter. Draft, formulate, record.

Alexas. And list'ning for the sound that calls it back.

Charmion. And shuffles, with a random hand, the lots