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Cain. And he is good! How know I that? Because
Adah. Let me go with thee.
Lucifer. No, she must not,
Adah. Who
Lucifer. No other choice: your sire hath chosen already:
Cain. And he is good! How know I that? Because
Lucifer. Ask Eve, your mother: bears she not the knowledge
Of being that which I am--and thou art--
One who aspired to be what made thee, and
Cain. Despise myself. Yet cannot overcome--
Lucifer. Souls who dare look the omnipotent tyrant in
Cain. If I shrink not from these, the fire-arm'd angels,
Lucifer. Evil; and what else hath he made? But let him
Adam. Dost thou not live?
Cain. Must I not die?
Eve. Alas!
Cain. Was plucked too soon; and all the fruit is death!
Lucifer. Existence--it will cease, and thou wilt be
Cain. Thou lookst almost a god; and--
Swellfoot. That point, the emblem of a pointless nothing!
Mammon. Of oracles as I do--
Purganax. You arch-priests
Zephaniah. Your sacred majesty, he has the dropsy;--
Napoleon, Saddam Hussein, Cleopatra, Ronald Reagan,
Lucifer. I am none:
Existence, true, real. Presence, life, reality, being, animation. Absolute, existent, categorical, extant, certain, factual, decided. Present, existent, tangible, substantive, concrete, material.
"While I here idle listen on the shores
Minor modification, arrangement, fit, regulate, settle. Alignment, fixing, regulating, adaptation, improvement, alleviation. Compromise, reconciliation, settlement, allotment, agreement, compensation, remuneration. Accommodate, adapt, fashion, conform, order, proportion, suit. Alter, tune, balance, change, rectify, redress, calibrate. Balance, arrange, reconcile, determine, rectify, calculate, accord.
"Unwearied ear of the whole universe
Assault. Blow, attack, charge, offensive, descent, skirmish, push.
Mammon. Do the troops mutiny?--Decimate some regiments;
'Tis the same thing, if you knew as much
Caligula, Alexander, Mussolini, Czar Nicholas,
Abel. And night, and worlds which these illuminate,
And love both them and thee--All hail! All hail!
Intoxicating beverage, ethanol. Liquor, wine, booze, hooch.
The superannuations of sunk realms,
Disagreement, divide. Movement, division, trouble, breach, words, difference, difficulty. Disunite, estrange.
Or in that place the moth could not corrupt,
Ire, provoke. Wrath, rage, animosity, passion, fury, hostility. Blow up, irritate, annoy, madden, enrage, nettle, arouse.
Purganax. Riding on the Ionian minotaur.'
Mussolini, Vlad Dracula, Cleopatra, Napoleon,
Lucifer. They have deceived thee: thou shalt live.
Distress, worry, eagerness. Trepidation, apprehension, pain, worry, sorrow, dread, fear. Concern, trouble, care. Zeal, fervor, enthusiasm.
What eyes are upward cast, as I had found
Protective covering, panzer division, appendage, offshoot, inlet, arms, cock. Member, fluke, fin. Crook, limb, prong, stump, branch, bend, hook. Estuary, bay, brook, creek, rivulet, tributary, run. Weapon, rod. Outfit.
Turning from these with awe, once more I raised
Aptitude, artfulness, work of art, the arts. Skill, adroitness, ability, dexterity, inventiveness, expertise, imagination. Artifice, cunning, deceit, deception, dishonesty, duplicity. Representation, illustration, painting, portrayal, description, modeling, shaping. Humanities.
Swellfoot. That shall be price enough, and let me hear
Tiberius, Mussolini, Doc Duvalier, Czar Nicholas,
Cain. I live,
Digestion, acclimatization, digest, adapt. Absorption, osmosis, inhalation, transformation. Adaptation, adjustment, agreement, conformity. Absorb, take up, learn, understand, grasp, sense. Acclimatize, accustom, conform.
Some mourning words, which in our feeble tongue
Alliance, relationship, mental connection, comrade, connect, affiliate, combine, associate with. Coalition, brotherhood, corporation, organization, league, club, company. Friendship, affinity, companionship, fraternization, fellowship, brotherhood, intimacy. Relation, recolleciton, correlation, impression, combination, remembrance, response. Assistant, affiliate, equal, colleague, companion, accomplice, mate. Conjoin, correlate, relate, identify with, link, ally. Ally, join, unite, federate, amalgamate, confederate. Connect, mix, blend, troop, couple, mingle, unite. Consort, fraternize, socialize, keep company, hobnob.
Could so have rapt unwilling life away.
Mindfulness, courtesy, observance. Alertness, application, focus, concentration, thoroughness, care, fascination. Civility, politeness, consideration, care, concern, regard. Tact, notice, observation, regard, reflection, thoughtfulness.
Mammon. Promising children as you ever saw,--
Doc Duvalier, Ronald Reagan, Tiberius, Ronald Reagan,
Lucifer. Thy sire's maker, and the earth's.
Worthy of thought;--'tis your immortal part
Command, head, law, permission, testimony, writer, creator. Power, strength, sway, influence, control, supremacy, rule. Expert, critic, adjudicator, master, arbiter, administrator, connoisseur. Rule, ruling, statute, govenment. Authorization, justificaiton, power, permit, sanction, liberty, warrant. Witness. Novelist, poet, producer. Inventor, designer, originator, producer.
So white the line, so, in some, distinct
Fleeing. Running away, retreat, flight.
Towards the altar sober-paced I went,
Acquaintance, conscious, apprised. Comprehension, knowledge, cognition, understanding, familiarity. Cognizant, observant, appreciative, attentive, mindful, alive, sensible. Informed, advised, notified, familiar with, enlightened, apprehensive.
Swellfoot. Ever propitiate her reluctant will
Richard Nixon, Idi Amin, Mussolini, Adolph Hitler,
Adah. Evil on ill; expulsion from our homes,
Sharp, bitter, snapping, wound, mouthful, chew, cut, corrode, cheat. Tangy, sour, bitter, keen, pungent. Caustic, mordant, acrimonious, sarcastic, scornful, acerbic, scathing. Gnawing, chewing, nipping. Cut, nip, prick, bee sting, scratch, stab, sting. Morsel, taste, scrap, snack, food. Gnaw, nibble, nip, chomp, munch, taste, snap. Burn, pierce, sting. Erode, eat away, dissolve, disintegrate, etch. Bamboozle, beguile, deceive, defraud, dupe, fool, gull.
I must not think now, though I saw that face--
Trunk, main part, person, cadaver, association, central idea. Torso, frame, flesh, size, build, physique, bones. Majority, bulk, assembly, core, substance, hull. Somebody, individual, human being, soul, character. Carrion, carcass, corpse, remains. Company, troop, corporation, clique, collection, society, band. Substance, text, consistency, density, thesis, thickness, argument.
When in mid-way the sickening east wind
Dullness, nuisance, caliber, weary, drill. Indifference, apathy, monotony, ennui, doldrums, listlessness. Pest. Diameter, hole. Annoy, fatigue, tire, ennui. Penetrate, pierce, perforate, tunnel.
Mammon. Contrive their own fulfilment, this Iona--
Henry Tudor, Richard Nixon, Henry Tudor, Hirohito,
Abel. Earth, ocean, air, and fire, and with the day
Limit. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier.
To thin the scarlet conclave of old men,
Inhaling and exhaling, respire, exist, breathing. Alive, sensitive, panting, smelling. Inhale, exhale. Move, be alive. Inhalation, exhalation, pant, sigh, suspiration, gasp, inspiration.
But for her eyes I should have fled away.
Alter. Geld, spay, sterilize, emasculate, mutilate, fix.
Purganax. Riding on the Ionian minotaur.'
Kaiser Wilhelm, Napoleon, Louis Quattorze, Napoleon,
Cain. A loathsome, and yet all invincible
Examiner, supervise communications. Inspector, judge. Examine, expurgate, abridge, inspect, oversee.
As if with wings; but the fair trees were gone,
Characteristic, integrity, disposition, symbol, personality, eccentric. Quality, property, makeup, constitution, mannerism, features. Honesty, name, reputation, honor, repute, status, credit. Make, bent, cast, manner, constitution, sort, spirit. Figure, letter, digit, sign, byte, mark, emblem. Identity, temperament, individuality, style, temper, singularity, idiosyncrasy. Kook, weirdo, oddball, nut.
Repressing haste, as too unholy there;
Thoughtfulness. Consideration, respect, tact, courtesy, concern, regard, solicitude.
Swellfoot. That point, the emblem of a pointless nothing!
Reap the Whirlwind, Circle of Tyrants
Lucifer. And centre of surrounding things--'tis made
Rivalry, athletic event. Opposition, vying, contention, striving, marketing, trial. Match, bout, game, sport, contest, race.
"And by thyself, forlorn divinity,
Change. Revising, reworking, adaptation, correspondence.
But there came one who, with a kindred hand
Duress, obsession. Constraint, urgency, coercion, pressure, duty, necessity, requirement. Preoccupation, neurosis, hangup, engrossment, fixation, drive.
Purganax. Believe in nothing; if you were to dream
Idi Amin, Richard Nixon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Idi Amin,
Eve. Morning from night, till then divided never--
Application, collection, close attention, density, focus, collect, pay attention. Consilidation, converging, compression, compacting. Gathering, company, group, congregation, band, party, mass. Thought, engrossment, attention, deliberation, concern, application. Congestion, solidarity, reduction, condensation, consistency, thickness. Contract, center, converge, centralize, intensify, consolidate, localize. Gather, assemble, aggregate, integrate, consolidate, cluster. Focus, scrutinize, attend to, ponder.
They told the truth, though, round, the snowy locks
Affair, anxiety, importance, company, affect, be interested in, worry. Part, business, interest, matter, problem, duty, job. Fear, care, worry, consideration, burden, thought, reference. Consideration, relation, bearing, consequence, reference, connection, association. Enterprise, business, corporation, establishment, firm, office, partnership. Relate to, pertain to, depend upon, implicate, apply to, include, belong to. Trouble, disquiet, bother, disturb, care, preoccupy, perturb.
"Doth ease its heart of love in moan and wail,
Discord, battle, oppose, contest. Hostility, argument, antagonism, strife, friction, disharmony, disunity. Struggle, fight, skirmish, collision, strife, contention, contest. Clash, collide, differ, contradict, disagree, dispute. Fight, battle, combat, contend, struggle, interfere.
Mammon. Do the same actions that the virtuous do,
Maggie Thatcher, Caligula, Doc Duvalier, Victoria,
Cain. Feel the prophetic torture of its truth).
Conflux, meeting. Convergence, junction, meeting, nexus. Crowd, gathering, assembly, concourse.
To count with toil the innumerable degrees.
Being. Breast, bosom, heart, mind, character, psyche.
Girdles, and chains and holy jewelries.
Aware, aware, purposeful. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Swellfoot. Thou supreme goddess! By whose power divine
Maggie Thatcher, Caligula, Vlad Dracula, Adolph Hitler,
Lucifer. In their abasement. I will have none such:
Touch, communicaiton, communicate, touch. Impact, hit, strike, collision, union, connection, adhesion. Meeting, coming together, connection, referral, intercourse, commerce, interaction. Speak to, talk, look up, reach, call, approach. Impact, hit, strike, graze, meet, connect, adhere.
"Spin round, the stars their ancient courses keep.
Scorn, shame, snobbery. Disdain, contumely, derision, loathing, disregard, slight, abhorrence. Ignominy, ridicule, disgrace, dishonor, indignity, stigma. Arrogance, insolence, impudence, audacity.
At those few words hung vast before my mind,
Direction, discipline, monopoly, check, political power, direct, restrain, steer, subdue, verify. Power, authority, command, dominion, disposition, charge, domination. Limitation, restraint, regulation, subordination, mastery, poise, restriction. Corner, dominance, manipulation, strategy. Curb, restraint. Reign, rule, sovereignty, government, ascendancy, sway, subjugation. Guide, manage, command, lead, manipulate, govern, subject. Repress, regulate, master, reduce, contain, check, hinder. Navigate, pilot, drive. Tame, bully, whip, overpower, monopolize, intimidate, manipulate. Prove, establish, test, oversee, validate, experiment.
Swine. The murrain and the mange, the scab and itch;
Napoleon, Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, Joseph Stalin,
Cain. In the dim twilight, brighter than yon world
Aesthetic. Lovely, poetic, elegant, artistic, beautiful, decorative, musical. Originate, make, conceive. Give birth to, cause, author, invent, occasion, produce. Constitute, produce, effect, form, erect, build, forge. Devise, formulate.
The hanging gloom, and the three fixed shapes
Weeping, great, scream, clamor, entreaty, announcement, lament, weeping, weep, shout, bellow. Wailing, shrieking, sorrow. Demanding, enormous, flagrant, important, notorious, urgent. Bellow, roar, screech, shout, shriek, wail, whoop. Expletive, exclamation, outcry. Appeal. Proclamation. Lamentation, weeping, tears. Howl, yowl, bawl, sob. Whine, bawl, snivel, bemoan, moan, bewail, blubber. Screech, bellow, call, clamor, ejaculate, exclaim, roar. Bark, hoot, yelp.
That made my heart too small to hold its blood.
Civilization. Enlightenment, refinement, edification, polish.
Mammon. Of oracles as I do--
Victoria, Montezuma, Henry Tudor, Saddam Hussein,
Lucifer. What thou dar'st not deny--the history
Worship or worship not, thou shalt behold
Builded so high, it seemed that filmed clouds
Fantasy. Fancy, imagination, dream, nightmare.
Of grey cathedrals, buttressed wall, rent towers,
Downfall, bafflement, conquest, beating, conquer, master, beat, action. Reverse, failure, beating, ruin, overthrow, disappointment, debacle. Frustration. Overthrow, subjugation, destruction, annihilation. Whipping, come down, licking. Overpower, check, crush, quell, entrap, smash, overcome. Mock, baffle, balk, disconcert, undo, foil. Overpower, trounce, win over, throw, pound, outplay. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, act, performance, transaction.
With leaves all hushed; his awful presence there
Armor, fortification, answer. Aegis, bastion, resistance, preservation, stand, guard. Trench, bulwark, palisade, dike, stockade, fort. Plea, reply, denial, apology, rejoinder, justification, retort.
Purganax. You arch-priests
revolting, sweeping change, rotation, reversal,
Cain. They may be! Let me die, as atoms die
Intentional, cautious, consider, discuss, free. Wanton, considered, conscious, advised, designed, premeditated, voluntary. Moderate, careful, prudent, sober, circumspect, leisurely, methodical. Muse, contemplate, judge, pause, meditate, ponder, premeditate. Confer, argue, consult. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release.
Like a Silenus on an antique vase.
Hollow, recession, sorrow. Basin, dent, hole, concavity, dimple, cavity, dip. Decline, slump, unemployment, stagnation. Despair, despondency, gloom, dejection, melancholy, misery, trouble.
"Why should I open your melancholy eyes?
Dull. Soften, blunt, deaden, diminish, numb, paralyze. Stimulate. Exite, sharpen, refine, animate, irritate.
Semichorus. I wish that pity would drive out the devils,
Hirohito, Joseph Stalin, Richard Nixon, Doc Duvalier,
Lucifer. Which, knowing nought beyond their shallow senses,
Loathing, dislike, nauseate, detest, blast. Gorge, sickness, abhorrence, surfeit, disrelish, distaste, hatred. Antipathy, aversion, detestation, dissatisfaction, repugnance. Make one sick, sicken. Satiate, abominate, abhor, scandalize, shock, displease, offend. Blow, gale, squall, storm, wind, draft.
"Thea, I feel you before I see your face;
Advantage. Prevalence, superiority, supremacy, leverage, precedence.
Her silver seasons four upon the night,
Mental images, self-deception, hope, fantasize, conceive, believe. Fantasy, reverie, nightmare, hallucination, apparition, daydream. Deception, illusion, fantasy, error, mirage, imagination, vision. Goal, flight of fancy, fantasy, daydream. Flash, fancy. Conjure up, visualize, daydream, imagine, fancy. Assume, create, credit, understand, presume.
Purganax. There's something rotten in us--for the level
Alexander, Cleopatra, Caligula, Tiberius,
Cain. Air, where ye roll along. As I have seen
Beverage, swallow, imbibe. Libation, draft, bottle, liquid, glass, potion, refreshment. Consume, imbibe, gulp, sup, quaff, suck, toss. Swill, tipple, booze, toast, guzzle.
Lifted his curved lids, and kept them wide.
Mastication, consume food, use up. Consumption, devouring, feeding, chewing. Consume, nibble, dine, devour. Corrode, rust, eat away, squander, waste.
In solemn tenor and deep organ tone:
Dictatorial, selfish, smart aleck, conceited, conceit, self-centeredness. Bigoted, dogmatic, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical. Egoistic, illiberal, egotistical, self-seeking. Know-it-all, busybody. Puffy, pompous, egotistical, narcissistic, vain. Arrogance, self-regard, self-esteem, self-respect, pride, self-love, self-satisfaction. Vainglory, boastfulness, overconfidence, self-importance, vanity.
Swine. I have heard your laureates sing,
reforming, uprising, go around, coup d'etat,
Lucifer. The dust which form'd your father?
Abashment, annoyance, confuse, make difficult, annoy, impede. Puzzlement, discomfiture, chagrin, quandary, unease, confusion. Deterrent, distress, harassment, hindrance, trouble, vexation. Abash, confound, chagrin, discomfit, discompose, faze. Complicate, mystify, perplex. Distress, harass, trouble, vex. Hamper, hinder.
"Of all my lucent empire? It is left
Pinch. Predicament, crisis, contingency, strait, pickle, scrape, jam.
Not heard before by gods or wondering men.
Feeling. Consciousness, pathos, affection, empathy, impression, passion.
Mammon. For prophecies, when once they get abroad,
uprising, cataclysm, radical, recasting,
Cain. Can it be?
They may be! Let me die, as atoms die
The leaves along the limpid streams of Eden?
How beautiful ye are! How beautiful
In the dim twilight, brighter than yon world
Affianced, busy, employed, hire, fascinate, keep busy, fight, mesh gears. Matched, contracted, intended, promised, betrothed, pledged. Working, occupied. Performing, pursuing. Retain, employ, commission, contract, take on, sign up, secure. Charm, captivate, engross, bewitch, occupy, absorb, divert. Occupy, employ, interest. Attack, assault, strike, fall upon. Mesh, interlace, fasten.
Was with its stored thunder laboring up.
Surroundings, setting. Atmosphere, condition, climate, circumstances, milieu. Ambience, entourage, medium, decor, milieu, scene.
There was a listening fear in her regard,
Mistake, fault, mistake. Inaccuracy, blunder, faux pas, blooper, solecism, omission, boner. Falsity, iniquity, delusion, misdeed, untruth, offense, sin. blunder, overlook, slip, confound, trip, misapprehend, misconceive.
Swellfoot. And January winds, after a day
Victoria, Montezuma, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro,
Lucifer. Echo the sound to miserable things,
Worship the word which strikes their ear, and deem
Sate nearest it?
Thrill, arouse, agitate, summon, refer to a source. Stimulation, kick, bang, boot, wallop, tingle, titillation. Inspire, animate, move, electrify, charge, thrill, awaken. Perturb, bother, ruffle, discompose, chafe, fluster, disturb. Arraign, subpoena, call, ticket, order, enjoin. Quote, allude to, excerpt, mention, point out, enumerate.
Leaning with parted lips, some words she spake
Encountering, knowledge, undergo. Occurrence, feeling. Training, skill, seasoning, sagacity, maturity, practice, wisdom. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, apperceive.
He might not:--no, though a primeval god:
Test, experimentation, try. Check, assay, examination, trial run, procedure, proof. Investigation, research. Assay, analyze, examine, probe, prove, explore.
2nd Pig. Our skin and our bones would be bitter.
Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hirohito, Kaiser Wilhelm,
Cain. The things I have not seen.
Utterance, idiom, wording, sign, air, facial cast. Assertion, exposition, vent, declaration, narration, voice, statement. Locution, phrase, term. Diction, language, phraseology, presentation. manifestation, gesture, indication, reminder. Aspect, countenance, intonation, look, mien, tone. Pout, simper, grimace, smile, sneer.
"All as you pass swell out the monstrous truth,
Fancy. Daydream, imagination, dream, nightmare.
Also, when he would taste the spicy wreaths
Alarm, anxiety, awe, dread, revere, cower. Apprehension, consternation, dismay, dread, fright, horror, terror. Perturbation, concern, disquietude, solicitude, foreboding, pusillanimity, suspicion. Reverence, veneration. Misdoubt, apprehend, falter. Reverence, venerate. Shrink, cringe, tremble, quake, blanch, start, quail.
Mammon. This sad alternative, it must arrive,
Louis Quattorze, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Richard Nixon,
Lucifer. Believe in me, as a conditional creed
Sit next thy heart?
Design, body, value, compute, think. Device, motif, motive, pattern. Frame, torso, shape, configuration, posture, pose, carriage. Price, worth, terms, sum, total. Calculate, count, reckon, estimate. Suppose, comprehend, reason, master, opine.
And all the gloom and sorrow of the place,
Obsession, dilemma, attach, define, assign, repair. Habit, addiction. Jam, pickle, plight, predicament, spot. Establish, fast, fasten, implant, make, pin, plant. Conclude, determine, establish, limit, settle. Refer. Correct, adjust, emend, mend.
"This cradle of my glory, this soft clime,
Sovereign, open, clear, unencumbered, lax, familiar, immoral, generous, gratis, liberate, exempt, relieve. Autoarchic, independent, released, unfettered, autonomous. Unconfined, unimpeded, unfettered, unobstructed, unrestricted, unregulated. Exempt, immune, uncontrolled. Easy, firm, swift, unimpeded. Loose, unattached. Easy, frank, informal, open, unceremonious, unconstrained. Lewd, libertine, licentious, loose, ribald. Bountiful, charitable, lavish, liberal, munificent, open-handed. Gratuitous, complimentary. Deliver, discharge, loosen, emancipate, manumit, release. Deliver. Clear, disengage, rid.
Swellfoot. Of Queen Iona,
Caligula, Ronald Reagan, Tiberius, Vlad Dracula,
Cain. The things I see.
Coldness, unresponsive, cold. Cold, chill, ice, freeze, frost, iciness. Cold, inhibited, indifferent, passionless, chilly. Freezing, frosty ,cool.
Which comes upon the silence, and dies off,
Duty, reception, perform. Business, service, capacity, purpose, office, utility, province. Celebration, meeting, party. Act, officiate, go, operate, run, work.
Which comes upon the silence, and dies off,
Coming, aftertime, outlook. Unfolding, prospective, destined, impending, fated, imminent, inevitable. Posterity, afterward, infinity, afterlife, hereafter, millennium. Forecast, foresight, prescience, hope, anticipation.
Laoctonos. That pleasure I well knew,
Alexander, Tiberius, Doc Duvalier, Czar Nicholas,
Lucifer. But what
By greater things, and they themselves far more
Evil or good what is proclaimed to them
Aim, proceed, leave, spend, conform, work. Idea, objective, design, plan, end, object, intent. Progress, push on, repair, travel, journey, cruise, fare. Depart, move, pull out, take off, retire. Consume, use up, exhaust, expend, run through, terminate, conclude. Agree, accord, harmonize. Perform, operate, run.
Which comes upon the silence, and dies off,
Lust. Desire, fervor, passion, carnality, pleasure, rage.
As if calamity had but begun;
Sorrow. Anguish, pain, remorse, distress, misery, sadness, woe.
Mammon. This sad alternative, it must arrive,
Idi Amin, Kaiser Wilhelm, Montezuma, Doc Duvalier,
Cain. Air, where ye roll along, as I have seen
Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
And from the mirrored level where he stood
Development, product, tumor. Expansion, increase, augmentation. Result, outgrowth, produce. Swelling, outgrowth, excrescence, cancer.
And still these two were postured motionless,
Remorse. Shame, compunction, contrition.
Swellfoot. Boeotian cheeks, like Egypt's pyramid,
That point, the emblem of a pointless nothing!
Henry Tudor, Hirohito, Henry Tudor, Mussolini,
Lucifer. In their abasement. I will have none such:
She nearest it?
Inclination, custom, dress, obsession, clothe. Routine, tendency, penchant, proclivity, bent, disposition. Convention, tradition, practice, manner, fashion, way, observance. Clothes, garb, costume, rig, habiliment. Fixation, addiction. Attire, dress, garb, deck out, array, equip, rig.
Her silver seasons four upon the night,
Suspended, unresolved, dangle, execute, decorate, cling, hesitate, hover, impend. Dangling, swinging, overhanging. Pending, tentative, iffy, indeterminate, uncertain, deadlocked. Hook, suspend, attach. Lynch. Adorn, drape, furnish. Adhere, depend, rely, rest. Demur, halt, waver. Float, linger, poise, loiter. Be imminent.
Dream, and so dream all night without a stir.
Satisfaction, merriment, glad, fortunate, fitting, laughing, exhilarated. Rapture, blessedness, bliss, tranquillity. Mirth, cheer, vivacity, laughter, delight, exuberance. Blissful, blithe, cheerful, contented, delighted, gay, gladdened. Advantageous, favored, lucky, propitious, prosperous, successful. Appropriate, apt, befitting, felicitous, opportune, pertinent. Shouting, cheering, sparkling, jesting, smiling. Rapt, intoxicated, ecstatic, overjoyed, vivacious, rollicking.
Purganax. The patronage, and pensions, and by-payments,
That her most sacred majesty should be
That is--it is a state-necessity--
go around, rotation, radical, insurgent,
Cain. The things I have not seen.
I maybe in the rest as angels are.
Audition, earshot, listen, heed. Audience, interview, test, tryout, attendance, congress, conference. Reach, sound, range, extent. Attend, descry, perceive, apprehend, detect. Attend, regard.
Until at length old Saturn lifted up
Animosity, conflict, adverse. Antagonism, bitternes, hatred, malice, ill will, opposition. Fighting, war, warfare. Antagonistic, repugnant, unfriendly, antipathetic, dim, conflicting, opposing.
When earthquakes jar their battlements and towers.
Malevolent, harm, maltreat, ache, torment. Malignant, damaging, opprobrious, spiteful. Wound, injury, damage, bruise, ill-treatment, disservice, persecution. Harm, injure, damage, impair, mar. Pain, suffer, grieve, afflict, wound. Abuse, smite, lambaste, lash, distress, bruise, kick.
Semichorus II. Whenever royal spouses bicker,
rotation, remodel, upsetting, revolting,
Lucifer. Would run the edict of the other god,
Anxiety neurosis. Imagined ill-health, morbid melancholy, neurosis, depression, despondency, low spirits.
"Knows you not, thus afflicted, for a god;
Perfect, imaginary, typical, model, goal. Absolute, ultimate, consummate, complete. Theoretical, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, impractical, unreal, chimerical. Classic, classical, exemplary, model, representative. Epitome, standard, archetype, exemplar, example, conception. Aim, intention, object, objective, target.
Groaned for the old allegiance once more,
Recognize. Know, distinguish, make out, tell, detect, perceive.
Purganax. And the lean sows and boars collect about her,
Friedrich the Great, Montezuma, Amenhotep, Mussolini,
Cain. Spirit! Let me expire, or see them nearer..
It be as thou hast said (and I within
Restless, impetuous, chafing, intolerant, eager. Uneasy, unquiet. Abrupt, brusque, curt, hasty, sudden, precipitate, vehement. Irritable, fretful, testy, choleric, hot, violent, itching. Harsh, demanding. Anxious, ardent, avid, keen.
As with a palsied tongue, and while his beard
Babyish, baby. Childish, immature, puerile, weak. Tot, kid, newborn, suckling.
Shook horrid with such aspen-malady:
Unresponsive, restrain, forbid. Cold, frigid, indifferent, passionless, chilly. Hinder, obstruct, discourage, arrest, constrain, limit, repress. Ban, prohibit, prevent, outlaw, interdict.
Old Sow. Squabbling makes pig-herds hungry, and they dine
Caligula, Czar Nicholas, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm,
Lucifer. The dust which form'd your father?
Beginning, started, beginner, begin, instruct. Introductory, inaugural, incipient, initiatory, initial. Amateur, pledge, novitiate, learner, tyro, freshman. Start, originate, introduce, instate, commence, launch, induct. Tutor, teach, train, edify, enlighten, indoctrinate, orient.
The other upon Saturn's bended neck
Understanding, vision, noteworthy scene. Recognition, perception, sense, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Eyesight, perception, seeing, view, inspection. Scene, spectacle, display, show, view, eyesore.
As if the vanward clouds of evil days
Sleeplessness. Agitation, restlessness, turmoil.
Purganax. And that both you and I, and all assert.
Increase with piggishness itself; and still
cataclysm, uprising, convulsion, revolving,
Cain. Can it be?
To anticipate my immortality.
Solidarity, blend, abolish segregation. Adherence, union, unity, coherence, cohesion. Combine, unite, complete, synthesize, harmonize, mix. Mix, unite.
"And press it so upon our weary griefs
Share, regard, welfare, appeal. Percentage, claim, stake. Concern, attentin, engrossment, curiosity. Advantage, benefit, good, well-being. Fascinate, intrigue, attract, pique, arouse, excite.
"And press it so upon our weary griefs
Version, explanation, translate, explain. Rendition, rendering, reading. Definition, explication, exposition, construction. Explain, explicate, define, decipher, depict, elucidate, portray. Construe, clarify, translate, understand.
Semichorus I. Cloven foot and jackdaw feather,
Friedrich the Great, Idi Amin, Cleopatra, Mussolini,
Lucifer. Believe--and sink not! Doubt--and perish! Thus
Subjective. Contemplative.
"And press it so upon our weary griefs
Mandible. Muzzle, maw, beak, snout, mouth.
His ancient mother, for some comfort yet.
Possessiveness, envious, watchful. Insecurity, distrust, mistrust, envy, enviousness. Resentful, invidious, grudging, suspicious. Suspicious, solicitous, vigilant.
Purganax. (Which is not green, but only bacon colour)
And all that fit Boeotia as a nation
The patronage, and pensions, and by payments,
That her most sacred majesty should be
His majesty to investigate their truth:--
As she flies up to heaven. Now , my proposal
Seeks to obtain that hog-wash, which has been
With living fragrance, are so beautiful!--
Does the revenue, that great spring of all
To teach the other nations how to live?),
Increase with piggishness itself; and still
Unravelled on the blast from a white mountain;
That is the very thing that I was saying,
Not for his own sake; he could be content
Louis Quattorze, Caligula, Tiberius, Amenhotep,
Cain. Than things to be inhabited themselves.
So shadowy, and so full of twilight, that
Information, understanding. Wisdom, learning, enlightenment, erudition, lore, science, scholarship. Comprehension, perception, judgement, wisdom, insight, discernment, apprehension.
And in the proof much comfort will I give,
Communication, dialect, diction. Speech, rhetoric, tongue, prose, poetry. Idiom, jargon, lingo, terminology, vernacular, speech. Phraseology, speech, lingo, expression, slang, jargon, style.
"Should cower beneath what, in comparison,
Opposite to right, remaining, radical, gone, position. Port, near. Extra, over, continuing. Left-wing, liberal, progressive, revolutionary. Departed, gone out, split. Port.
Pigs. 'She is innocent! Most innocent!'
recasting, go around, coup d'etat, gyration,
Lucifer. Must pass through what the things thou see'st have pass'd--
Inferior as thy petty feelings and
So changed by its convulsion, they would not
Lewd. Lascivious, lecherous, licentious, prurient, salacious, wanton, lustful.
"Thereby more conquered, than by us the rule
Desire, yearning, lengthy, boring, yearn. Yearning, craving, hankering, wish, aspiration, dream. Desiring, hankering, wanting. Extensive, prolonged, drawn out, extended, attenuated, dragging. Tedious, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, dragging. Crave, desire, hunger, ache, yearn for.
Who cost her mother Tellus keener pangs,
Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.
Purganax. Grow with the growing populace of swine,
Montezuma, Ronald Reagan, Louis Quattorze, Friedrich the Great,
Cain. And yet my sire says he's omnipotent:
All things, my father says; but I confess
Of matter, which seem'd made for life to dwell on,
Resembling somewhat the wild habitants
Devotion, constant. Allegiance, homage, faithfulness, fidelity, fealty. Devoted, attached, trustworthy, faithful, staunch, true, trusty.
The heaven itself, is blinded throughout night.
Charm. Sorcery, incantation, hex, spell, witchcraft.
Their heads appeared, and up their stature grew
Age, adult, grow. Majority, infancy, decline, adulthood, childhood, old age, adolescence. Developed, grown, aged, full-grown, ripe. Develop, age, ripen, evolve, mellow.
Semichorus II. Yes! No!
Fidel Castro, Ronald Reagan, Doc Duvalier, Alexander,
Lucifer. Knowledge was barr'd as poison, but behold
As much superior unto all thy sire,
Virtue, ethics, chastity, good, increased, also. Righteousnes, rectitude, uprightness. Morals. Purity, decency, gentleness, virtue. Upright, virtuous, righteous, worthy, exemplary, conscientious, blameless. Expanded, enhanced, extended. Beyond, in addition.
As though in pain; for still upon the flint
Mechanism, comment. Device, contrivance, instrument, machine, implement, gadget, computer. Return, witticism, jest, crack.
"And with it light, and light, engendering
Grieving, anguish, symbols, lament. Lamentation, sorrowing, lamenting, languishing. Sadness, dolor, sorrow, bereavement. Black, arm band. Grieve, bemoan, bewail, deplore, weep.
2nd Boar. Scorpions are green, and water-snakes, and efts,
How glorious it will be to see her majesty
recasting, radical, overthrow, coup d'etat,
Cain. It is not with the earth, though I must till it,
Necessity, insufficiency, poverty, lack. Emergency, obligation, exigency, compulsion, requirement, urgency, want. Demand, occasion, lack, shortage, use, necessity, inadequacy. Deprivation, destitution, distress, indigence, necessity, neediness, penury. Crave, require, want.
"Because it coos, and has snowy wings
Obsession. Phobia, mania, complex, fixation, repression, hangup, delusion.
Each several one against the other three,
Authority. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, power.
Semichorus I. No! Yes!
revolving, insurgent, gyration, debacle,
Lucifer. Knowledge was barr'd as poison. But behold
Briefing, alignment, far east, align, familiarize. Adjustment, introduction, bearings. Asia, Middle East, china. Adjust, line up, lead, turn, direct, locate, determine. Accustom, acclimate, adapt, conform.
Next Cottus: prone he lay, chin uppermost,
Picture, covering with paint, pigment, veneer, make-up, portray, coat. Depiction, canvas, composition, landscape, portrait, mural. Coloring. Coloring, stain, dye, tint, tincture. Varnish, coat, covering, overlay, layer, cover. Cosmetics, rouge, tint, war paint. Draw, depict, delineate, sketch, compose, design, draft. Veneer, cover, swab, tint, daub, lacquer, gild.
Remorse, spleen, hope, but most of all despair.
Genitor, source. Ancestor, forefather, father, mother, forbear, dam, sire. Origin, root, forerunner, prototype, model, fountainhead.
Purganax. Does the revenue, that great spring of all
The patronage, and pensions, and by-payments,
remodel, overthrow, revolving, convulsion,
Cain. Rather than life itself. But here, all is
Inactive, patient, receptive, opening, permit, advance, state, proceed, disregard, exceed, spend, transfer, enact, pronounce, depart, end, occur, disappear. Motionless, inert, idle, prone, quiescent. Resigned, acquiescent, receiving, submissive, suffering, nonresistant. Affected, stirred, influenced. Canyon, crossing, channel, path, defile, way, gorge. License, admission, passport, furlough, permission, order, ticket. Lunge, approach, thrust, proposition. Condition, juncture, situation, stage. Go, progress, move, advance. Omit, ignore, neglect, pass over, skim, skim over. Excel, surpass, transcend. Circulate. Convey, relinquish, deliver, send, transmit. Approve, establish, legislate, okay, sanction. Deliver, claim, express, state, announce, utter, declare. Go away, leave. Cease, expire, terminate. Go on, happen, take place. Die, fade, vanish.
But cogitation in his watery shades,
Diligent, submissive, calm, susceptible, invalid. Assiduous, indefatigable, persevering, persistent, sedulous, untiring. Calm, meek, tolerant, passive, resigned, long-suffering. Composed, quiet, self-possessed, serene, stoical, unexcited, unruffled. Shut-in, victim, sufferer, case, inmate.
Shed from the broadest of her elephants.
Sensibility, aware, discerning, perceiving, insight. Delicacy, awareness, judgment, sensitivity, consciousness, alertness, keenness. Observant, sensitive, conscious, keen, alert, incisive, open. Perspicacious, sharp, sagacious, wise, on the ball, astute, shrewd. Apprehension, cognition, discernment, recognition, understanding. Observation, viewpoint, thought.
Minotaur. I am the Ionian minotaur, the mightiest
Kaiser Wilhelm, Montezuma, Adolph Hitler, Alexander,
Lucifer. Must pass through what the things thou see'st have pass'd--
They did inhabit,
Character, celebrity, inner, individual, character. Nature, disposition, temper. Star. Private, intimate, internal, privy, secret, visceral. Human, human being, man, one, personage, somebody. Part, role.
Or word, or look, or actin of despair.
Compassion, commiserate, cavity, excavation, hollow, core. Leniency, commiseration, rue, charity, condolence, mercy. Condole, comfort, feel for. Burrow, hole, hollow. Pitfall, trap, well. Dent, depression, indentation. Pip, seed, stone.
By Oxus or in Ganges' sacred isles.
Performance, recreation, fun, action, liberty, act, compete, use, bet, do, romp. Comedy, drama, farce, piece, show, tragedy, melodrama. Amusement, relaxation, disport, diversion, entertainment, game, pastime. Frolic, jest, trifling. Activity, exercise, motion, movement, operation. Freedom, scope. Characterize, enact, impersonate, perform, personate, emulate, imitate. Contend with, engage. Employ. Stake, wager. Render, bring about, execute, perform. Caper, dally, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, revel.
Liberty. Mighty empress! Death's white wife!
go around, gyration, revolting, convulsion,
Cain. Adam is the first.
Work of art, writer. Literature, novel, fiction, symphony, essay, composition, writing. Bard, minstrel, muse, troubadour.
Saturn sat near the mother of the gods
Stance, attitude. Port, attitude, carriage, pose, position. Condition, position, sentiment, state.
"Of thunder, or of Jove, great Saturn, you
Ability, strength, authority. Skill, arm, capability, endowment, beef, capacity, dint. Energy, vigor, force, stamina, might. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, omnipotence.
Swellfoot. Grunting about the temple.
Henry Tudor, Vlad Dracula, Adolph Hitler, Ronald Reagan,
Lucifer. Which struck a world to chaos, as a chaos
Thee and thy son;--and how weak they are, judge
Intolerance, bias. Bigotry, bias, umbrage, one-sidedness, discrimination, disposition, slant. Predispose, incline, influence, predetermine, twist, warp.
Flew from his lips up to the vaulted rocks,
Current, now, gift, give, submit, show, perform, direct. Attendant, modern, contemporary, immediate, existing, existent, latest. Nowadays, today. Benefaction, bonus, boon, doantion, grant, gratuity, largess. Bestow, confer, doante, endow, grant. Afford, furnish, offer, proffer, yield. Display, exhibit, manifest, expose, introduce. Act, enact, imitate, impersonate, personate, represent. Aim, level, point.
"O heaven wide! O unseen parent dear!
Prominence, forecast. Bulge, jut, overhang, protrusion, protuberance. Prediction, prognostication, guess.
Dakry. In a crisis
Louis Quattorze, Adolph Hitler, Czar Nicholas, Adolph Hitler,
Cain. But that on drawing near them I beheld
(At least so seeming) to the things we have pass'd,
Impervious, evidence, trial, impression, concerning. Firm, impenetrable, invulnerable, steadfast. Credentials, certification, substantiation, confirmation, attestation, demonstration, affidavit. Essay, examination, test. Slip, pull, revise. Connected with, respecting, in regart to, about.
Not far hence Atlas; and beside him prone
Freudian therapy. Psychiatry, analysis.
Phorcus, the site of gorgons, neighbored close
Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.
Priests. The earth pours forth its plenteous fruits,
uprising, upsetting, gyration, upsetting,
Lucifer. As much superior unto all thy sire,
Explanation. Definition, reason, interpretation, justification, key, meaning, solution. Reason, make excuses. Think, contemplate, deliberate. Explain away, account for.
With damp and slippery footing from a depth
Direct response, reply, political conservatism, respond, return, feel, action, law, performance, do, behave, dramatize, fake. Response, counteraction, recoil, backlash, retrogression, return, reversal. Answer, rebuttal, rejoinder, feedback, impression, retort. Status quo. Reply, return, behave, answer, retort, rebut, counter. Recede, offset, reverse, oppose, go back, relapse, revert. Experience, endure, get involved, take it. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, feat, performance, transaction. Award, verdict, decree, order, edict, writ, judgment. Sketch, impersonation, scene, routine, stint, turn. Bear, execute, officiate, make, transact, react. Deal, seem, comport oneself, appear, conduct, deport, perform. Present, play, imitate, simulate, rehearse, impersonate, parody. Pretend, counterfeit, impersonate, feign, sham, imitate.
And eyes at horrid working, nearest him
Being convenient, prepared, eager, adroit, prepare, seen and understood, interpret the written word. Fitness, availability, utility, usefulness, convenience. Equipped, set, adjusted, fit, arranged, fitted. Willing, inclined, enthusiastic, disposed, agreeable, ardent, cheerful. Skillful, clever, quick, sharp, keen, nimble, alert. Make ready. Understood, perceived, examined. Perceive, grasp, understand, comprehend, interpret, discern, skim.
Iona. Through forest, furze, and bog, and den, and desert,
Kaiser Wilhelm, Saddam Hussein, Kaiser Wilhelm, Vlad Dracula,
Cain. Had deem'd them rather the bright populace
Memory, aggregation, contribution, collecting. Recall. Variety, accumulation, set, multitude, assortment, series, store. Donation, charity, relief, offering, alms, dole. Compilation, amassing, assembling, acquisition, discovering.
As grazing ox unworried in the meads;
Law, management, adjust, govern. Rule, statute, ordinance, precept, direction, order. Control, arrangement, direction, adjustment, disposal, disposition, ordering. Set, arrange, control, direct, manage, order, coordinate. Legislate, manage, control, rule.
Not far hence Atlas; and beside him prone
Setback. Rebuff, reverse, repulse, check.
Priests. Through thee, for emperors, kings, and priests and lords.
Those who consume these fruits through thee grow fat.
Louis Quattorze, Henry Tudor, Hirohito, Vlad Dracula,
Lucifer. Is come.
Rest, abatement, slacken, lessen, ease, free. Leisure, repose, ease, mellowness, meditation. Slackening, lessening, diminishing, loosening, decrease, moderation. Loosen, recline, repose, rest, unwind. Diminish, reduce, weaken, abate, enervate, mitigate, enfeeble. Ease off, relent, soften. Loose, unattached.
To hide themselves in forms of beast and bird.
Repeat, appeal, ask. Application, entreaty, prayer, request, solicitation, suit, supplication. Appeal, request, beg, entreat, pray, solicit.
Who shall delay her flight? And she mus chant
Coercion, restrain, newsmen, compress, crowd, flatten. Force, compulsion, pressure, restraint, constraint, stifling. Bridle, check, slacken, control, curb, govern. Constrain, crowd, crush, jam, mash, push, squash. Cram, crush, jam, squash, squeeze. Iron, smooth.
Iona & Swine. Tally ho! Tally ho!
Reap the Whirlwind, Circle of Tyrants
Cain. And these, too; can they ne'er repass
It speaks of a day past.
Grudge, be insulted. Rancor, spite, hostility, bitterness, animosity, enmity, hatred. Dislike, be vexed.
Now tiger-passioned, lion-thoughted, wroth,
Hindering, fighting back, durability. Opposition, impeding, obstruction, blocking, hindrance, halting. Warding off, insubordination, insurgency. Invulnerability, immunity, hardness, endurance, impenetrability, immovability.
So leant she, not so fair, upon a tusk
Reliability, accountability. Trustworthiness, stability, efficiency, capability, capacity. Liability, amenability, anserability, contract, duty, obligation, burden.
Priests. Through thee, for emperors, kings, and priests and lords,
Hirohito, Mussolini, Victoria, Henry Tudor,
Lucifer. It is the realm
Memory. Reminiscence, recollection, account, pondering, memoirs, remembrance.
Dead; and because the creature could not spit
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim, rectitude, directly, precisely, justly, suitably, favorably. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, justice, equity. Immediately, straight. Actually, truly. Equitably, fairly, rightfully, uprightly, lawfully, rightly, righteously. Appropriately, fittingly, properly, fitly. Advantageously, well.
"Yields to my step aspirant? Why should I
Habitual, habit. Predictable, customary, reflex, usual, methodical, standard, regular. Pattern, practice, method, system.
Iona. Come, let us hunt these ugly badgers down,
overthrow, convulsion, upsetting, sweeping change,
Cain. I rather would remain; I am sick of all
Than things to be inhabited themselves,
Perversion. Cruelty, malice, bondage.
"That wails every morn and eventide,
Melancholy, unhappy, somber, tragic, poor. Unhappiness, depression, despondency, gloom, dejection, grief, blues. Melancholy, sorrowful, downhearted, morose, rueful, dispirited, dejected. Dismal, gloomy, doleful, mournful, dark, dreary, oppressive. Unfortunate, grievous, dire, woeful, poignant, moving, pitiable. Wretched, cheap, common, bad.
"In cool mid-forest. Surely I have traced
Arena, picture, incident. Theater, stage, setting, spot, locate, environment, region. View, landscape, seascape. Episode, spectacle, exhibition, display, situation, show, sight.
Minotaur. And can leap any gate in all Boeotia,
Friedrich the Great, Alexander,Richard Nixon, Louis Quattorze,
Lucifer. Oh, what a beautiful world it was!
Safety, confidence, collateral, safe, confident, obtain, protect, fasten. Protection, immunity, shield, defense, invulnerability, salvation, shelter. Assurance, conviction, certainly, reassurance, soundness, peace of mind, faithfulness. Bail, deposit, forfeit, pledge, promise, hostage, contract. Protected, stable, fast, fastened, fixed, bound, firm. Assured, positive, certain, sure, hopeful, carefree, easy. Acquire, procure, gain, achieve, grasp, get. Defend, guard, ensure, safeguard, guarantee, assure. Lock, close, tighten, tie, padlock, clinch, bind.
Thy lips, and antheming a lonely grief.
Observant, diocese, observe, understand, experience, receive, accompany, consider. Perceiving, noticing, noting, saying. Parish, bishopric. View, witness, notice, look, watch, behold, spy. Comprehend, discern, distinguish, perceive, recognize, determine, ascertain. Feel, know, undergo, suffer. Consult, discuss, entertain. Attend, escort. Think, deliberate.
And not a wind of heaven but will breathe
Feeling. Sensorial, sensuous, tactile, pleasing, sexual, sharpened, sensual.
Priests. We call thee famine!
Victoria, Henry Tudor, Doc Duvalier, Hirohito,
Cain. And is.
Practice. Preparation, repetition, exercise, drill.
"Majesties, sovran voices, agonies,
Carnal, intercourse. Sensual, lustful, libidinous, lascivious, lecherous, prurient, lewd. Copulation, love-making, penetration.
"A wonderous lesson in your silent face;
Stillness, not speaking, still. Serenity, hush, tranquility. Reticence, secrecy, quiet, hush. Hush, gag, quell, quiet, muzzle, dumbfound, stifle.
Minotaur. Even the palings of the royal park,
Reap the Whirlwind, Circle of Tyrants
Lucifer. Yes. From their earth, as thou wilt fade from thine.
Location, circumstances, job, status, place. Place, position, site, spot, whereabouts, locale, locality. Predicament, condition, case, plight, state. Position, post, profession, trade, employment, seat, place. Standing, station, rank, sphere, footing. Locate, put, settle, position, discover, fix.
A solitary sorrow best befits
Utterance, address, language. Remark, talk, comment, speaking, conversation, mention, parlance. Lecture, recitation, dissertation, oration, discourse, sermon, harangue. Dialect, lingo, words, tongue, patois.
Meantime touch piously the Delphic harp,
Malice, annoy, grudge. Ill will, maliciousness, malevolence, rancor, grudge, hate, hatred. Harass, beset, thwart, persecute, harm, hurt, injure. Begrudge, covet.
Iona. Give them no law (Are they not bests of blood?)
Kaiser Wilhelm, Maggie Thatcher, Saddam Hussein, Cleopatra,
Cain. Of some all unimaginable heaven.
It speaks of a day past.
Crack, divide. Fissure, cleft, division, rupture, breach, break, rift. Sever, break, separate, disjoin, cleave, splinter, cut off.
During the pain Mnemosyne upheld
Openness. Frankness, forthrightness, ingenuousness, freedom.
His very hair, his golden tresses famed
Crowd. Jam, ram, cram, stuff, charge, cramp, force.
Purganax. Constitution of the pigs!
gyration, revolting, uprising, reversal
Lucifer. It is the realm.
Falter. Stumble, hesitate, stutter, pause, hammer.
O tell me, lonely goddess, by your harp,
Expanse, extend, range, tighten, exaggerate. Range, reach, distance, extent, extension, length, compass. Broaden, elongate, lengthen, widen, dilate, distend. Extend, spread, reach, occupy. Strain, tauten. Strain.
"Knowlege enormous makes a god of me,
Elevated, outstanding. Lofty, inspiring, imposing, majestic, noble, virtuous, stately. Excellent, superb, peerless, marvelous, splendid, wonderful, grand.
Swine. In the pride of they ghastly mirth;
Montezuma, Maggie Thatcher, Caligula, Victoria,
Cain. And gazing on eternity, methought
Come thou shalt be amerced for sins unknown,
In their pure incarnation, vying with
For being dust, and grovelling in the dust,
To us? They sinn'd, then let them die!
And stone.
Agony, sustain, ail. Anguish, torment, misery, distress, torture. Endure, tolerate, bear, stand, stomach, undergo, permit. Hurt, languish, droop, writhe, agonize, sicken.
Throbbed with the syllables,--Mnemosyne!
Mourning, emblem, character. Black, arm band. Sign, badge, mark, token, attribute. Letter, figure, numeral, representation.
Or liker still to one who should take leave
Empathy, condolence. Compassion, understanding, commiseration, warmth. Consolation, solace, comfort.
Purganax. On lady P--; it cannot fail. Your majesty
Reap the Whirlwind, Circle of Tyrants
Abel. Choose thou!
Indication. Evidence, manifestation, sign, explanation, meaning.
Of pale immortal death, and with a pang
Flavor, morsel, preference, discrimination, sample, experience, savor. Savor, relish, zest, sensation, scent, tang, aroma. Bit, sample, bite, tidbit, appetizer, sip, dainty. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition. Discernment, cultimation, distinction, perception, judgment, refinement, sense. Savor, try, sip. Undergo, feel, perceive, know. Relish, enjoy, sense, smack, tang.
In aid soft warble from the Dorian flute;
Anxiety, tautness. Pressure, strain, stress, unease. Force, tightness.
Minotaur. I am not the old traditional man-bull;
reversal, revolting, gyration, radical,
Cain. I have chosen.
Treatment. Care, mediation, prescription, regimen, doctoring.
Thus with half-shut suffused eyes he stood,
Discarding. Dispatch, disposition, disposal, dumping, transfer, jettison, sale.
"And stars by thousands! Point me out the way
Fearful. Morbid, alarming, awesome, grisly, awful, frightful, dire.
Liberty. Mighty empress! Death's white wife!
Reap the Whirlwind, Circle of Tyrants
Abel. Nothing can err, except to some good end
Victory, celebration, win, celebrate. Success, achievement, conquest, mastery, ascendancy. Exultation, jubilation, joy, ecstasy. Prevail, succeed. Exult, rejoice, glory, rejoinder.
"For prophecies of you, and for the sake
Oblivious, conscious, apprised. Undiscerning, blundering, unconscious, overlooking. Cognizant, observant, appreciative, attentive, mindful, alive, sensible. Informed, advised, notified, familiar with, enlightened, apprehensive.
For you are weak to sing such tumults dire:
Out cold, aware, aware, purposeful. Insinsible, comatose, oblivious, anesthetized, drugged, unperceiving. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Priests. Goddess of fasts and fests, starving and cramming!
rebellion, recasting, remodel, rebellion,
Cain. The germs of an eternal misery
How lovely he appears! His little cheeks
Incomplete, bare, completed, accomplished, polished, close, polish, conclude, wax, accomplish, appendage. Deficient, unfulfilled, postponed, shelved, imperfect, in the making. Crude, raw, unadorned, uncovered, untouched, unchanged. Full, complete, consummate, consummated, done, done with, full-fledged. Elegant, experienced, gifted, perfected, polished, practiced, proficient. Rubbed, burnished, varnished. Conclusion, end, termination. Elegance, shine, burnish, refinement, surface. Cease, close, end, terminate, complete, consume, use up. Polish, stain. Achieve, complete, do, execute, perform. Member, fluke, arm.
Beneath his white soft temples, steadfast kept
Oral, lexical. Spoken, stated. Literal, rhetorical.
And in the morning twilight wandered forth
Choice, speech, pronunciation. Decision, preference, option, opinion, say, vote. Inflection, vociferation, utterance, tongue. Diction, articulation, accent.
Iona & Swine. Through fen, flood, and mire,
revolting, reforming, recasting, remodel,
Adah. How beautifuly parted! No: you shall not
Remove from nursing. Stop suckling, reconcile to a loss, disengage, disunite, gently break a habit, phase out.
He listened, and he wept, and his bright tears
Labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish, form, influence. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about. Fashion, make, finish, execute. Persuade, move.
Of such new tuneful wonder, is it not strange
Opening, gape. Cavity, space, chasm. Gap, yawp.
Circle of Tyrants, Reap the Whirlwind
Cain. The ages prophesied, upon our seed.
Mammon. A simple kickshaw by your Persian cook,
Priests. The earth pours forth its plenteous fruits,
Liberty. To brief alliance, hollow truce,--rise now!
Remit, O Queen! Thy accustomed rage!
Iona. These hares, these wolves, these anything but men.
Adah. And love thyself for our sakes, for we love thee.
Cain. That I was nothing!
Adah. Wherefore said he so?
Cain. With all the elements ere they will yield
Adah. These are a goodly offering to the Lord.
Cain. The bread we eat? For what must I be grateful?
Adah. Thy own, but of the spirit who was with thee.
Cain. Give way! Ere he hath more!
Abel. In His Great Name.
Cain. Shows more of fear than worship, as a bribe
Adah. And loving him? Soft! He awakes, sweet Enoch!
Fitting to shadow slumber.
Cain. Ay, the last--
That saying jars you, let us only say--
Adah. Can we not make another?
Cain. Where?
Adah. Here, or
Cain. I have toiled and till'd, and sweaten in the sun.
Worlds which he once shone on and never more
For life, nor did I make myself; but could I
That I was nothing!
Adah. Wherefore said he so?

Byron, Shelley, Keats, Roget, Gates, & Cottrell 2001