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Assimilate, occupy, understand. Cushion, sop, incorporate, soak up, sponge, consume, devour. Engross, engage, employ. Assimilate, grasp, learn, sense.

O son, when will you learn of those that are born of despair,

Valley. Depth, gulf, pit, shaft, well, crater, chasm.

Realization of socialism is now pressing on us. I think that

aaron aeronaut aero aeration

able bail ably bal bale ball ape abbe abl

abigail baggily apical aping

abraham abash

achilles axillae achieves axilla asocial actives active

akron acorn karen acorns acre acronym akin across acronyms

adam dam adams edam damp ada adm adman dams

adams dams damps adam atlas dames damns admits ados

Sarcastic, corrosive. Cutting, biting, incisive, ill-natured, poignant, ill-tempered, satirical. Erosive.

edam edams adam eta edema dead deaf deal dean

ada ado ida adam ad add at ate dab

adonis atones danish atone danes adenoids admonish adorns attains

danish danes danishes tansy dandies dandyish tans tannics tannins

danes danish tansy dane dances tans dales dames dares

easters easter eaters eastern easts easterly eater aesthetes earners

africans african africas afrikaans africa avarices farinas farcing farina

afrikaans africans afrikaanses african

Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, chemical.

african africans africa africas afrikaans farcing farina avarice farce

africas africans africa african afrikaans farinas aphasics avarices farces

galilean galileans galilee gallivant galleon agilely galley gallivants galled


allah allay allahs ally aloha ala alae alai allays

alberta albert alertly albeit alert lacerate alerts alerted algeria

allen alien alley ellen alan aliens alae aline ally

allentown alienation

Formless. Unformed, indistinct, shapeless, distorted, deformed, misshapen, inchoate.

alexandria alexander alexandrine alexandrines

alexander alexandria alexandrine

alice alike laic lacy laical lake aline alive lackey

alton alto alta altos lateen latin alan alit latent

alan elan ala alae alai alien align allen aline

albany albania albanian labia labially alan


anderson andiron nadirs ambers angers andrew anodes nacres

With angles, bony, awkward. Jagged, angled, pointed, forked. Lank, lean, gaunt, skinny, spare, gangling. Ungainly, stiff, unbending.

america americas american americans americana americium amerce amnesiac amnesia

marie maria mare marge mary naris nary marred mardi

amer amber ambers ampere amour ambler ampler amperes amen

anna anne anno annie annoy nanny ann akin anal

na ma nah nay nab nag nap nat nav

nah na nay neh ann nab nag nap nat

andrew andre nadir nacre anode anger anderson

andre andrew nadir android andy nacre nadirs andorra anode

Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.

andy amid and andre any nadir ands annoy anode

andorra nadir andre angora android anode angoras andromeda

angelo angel angeles angelic angelus angels angle angelica angles

angeles angelus angels angelfish angelo nameless angel angeluses angles

angelus angeles angels angeluses angelfish angelo annulus angel angles

angus anguish ambush nags angels angers angles angst ames

ames amos ambush amass amish amiss ambers amnesia mas

anne anna annie anno annex annoy nanny ann anneal

Low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tainted, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched, dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest.

annie anne anna anno annex ann anneal anti amino

antonio anthony antonym ammonia amino nation natos among

anthony antonym antoinio antonyms nation anion anthology antinomy natos

antichrist antichrists antitrust antiheros antechoirs antiheroics antiheroic narcissist

amish amiss ambush ames amos ambits anise amps ambushes

aphrodite afraid

apollo apollos apologia apology abloom

apollos apollo abolish appalls apolms apology apple apropos apologias

Cellar, foundation. Excavation, vault. Footing, wall, bed, bottom, groundwork. Base.

arabian arabians arabia arabic radian rabbi arabics rabbinate radians

arabia arabian arabic arabians rabbi arab arabics arabs rabat

arabians arabian arabia radians arabics radiants arabic radian arcadian

arabic arabics arabia arabian rabbi arab arabians aramaic arabs

arab arabs arabia area aria awry arabic arable arbor

arabics arabic rabies arabians arabia arables rabbis rabbits arabian

aramaic aroma arabic archaic armada armenia arabia arabics aromatic

Seashore, put aground. Shore, seaside, strand.

arabs arab areas arias arras arabia arbors ares arrays

arthurs arthur ratters archers earthy rashers raters rather arguers

arthur arthurs rather earthly earthy earthier earth earthward earthwork

aryan aryans rayon arraign arrant awry raying rayons area

arcadian arcade arabian arabians armada arabia

arnold earned armload rankled armloads

asians asian assigns ascends ascents asia actions ashing ashen

asian asians asia ashing ashen asking assign ascii aslant

Wash. Marsh, swamp, slough, morass, fen.

acth act acct cathy acts actg ascot catch acted

asia ascii asian assay apse ashy acid ashier said

ascii asia acid asian sac azoic acids acct ashier

asiatic ascetic ascetics aseptic actinic acidic

satans satan satanism satanist satins catnaps astonish sateens saturns

atlanta atlanta's atlantic atlantis attaint adulate adman adilt adult

athens attends addends atheism atheist atheneum ate adheres adhesion

austin auctin auctions audition auxin austrian auditing audit

austrian austria austrians austral austin australian

va val van var vat vain vamp vade vale

to give it a share of the joy and the satisfaction of need

Imitation. Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, copy.

I read what I could, and will hope that some information

abby baby abbe abbey babe abbes abbeys abbot babes

balkan balkans balking balky balk balks balsa backhand baklava

bacchus abacus

Cast of characters, hint, fortune, fling, appearance, kind, inclination. Casting, character. Hue, tinge, tint, conplexion, shade, color, dash. Predicition, lot, conjecture, forecast, prophesy, turn, twist. Pitch, lob, throw, hurl, toss, launch, sling. Mien, semblance, demeanor, form, guise, shape. Fashion, sort, style, type. Bent, proclivity, tendency, propensity, leaning, trend, turn.

abdomens barmen abdomen apogees apolunes abodes ape-man apogean barons

abm amb ibm app balm aba abc abl abp

barbados abrades barbarous barbed abraders barmaids abrade abroad parasols

Adhesive, stick. Glue, mortar, epoxy, grout. Paste, glue, fasten, mortar, plaster, tar, connect.

barbara barbarian barbaric barbara's barbarous barber barbarism barbarity barbarize

barbara's barbarous barbara barbarians barbarism barbarian barbarisms barbarizes

paris parish pares parse bares pariahs parrs parries pears

Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, alkaline.

bart part bard beard brat bear parts party bait

belg bell beg peg beagle belt berg pelf pelt

beaufort beaumont

Type of earth, made of clay. Loam, loess, terra cotta, adobe. Earthen, terra cotta, adobe.

beaumont beaufort beacon

belgian belgians belgium belling beluga belying pelican penguin beeline

berlin beryl perlite belling belying persian belgian berrying perking

Violation. Division, infraction, fracture, breaking.

belize belie believe belittle pelisse bedizen belied belief belies

peen pen penn ben pein penny peon benny pens

berber berbers barber beriberi berserk berserks percher betrayer beret

Final, shut, sealed. Ended, finished, concluded, inactive, adjourned. Shut off, locked up, shut down. Shut, fastened, tight, locked. Close.

berbers berber peppers perchers berates beriberi berserks betrayers perches

bernard berated perorated

bernardino benzedrine

Application. Consolidation, converging, concentration, compacting.

beverly beverly's bevel beveled bevels

beverly's beverly beveled

berkeley perkily perked

Agreeing. Alike, harmonious, unanimous, concerted, accordant, concurrent, unified. Concord.

boston boston's potion postmen bosum postpone potions boost pots

brahman brahmans brahmin brahmins bream prams

brahmin brahman brahmins brahmans breaming breaching bream breathing preaching

Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.

brian brain bryan bruin bran brains brainy brawn brine

bruce brioche brume prude prune breech bruise brunch brute

buddha buddy buddhism buddhist bounded bough bound

Amid them shall spring up the story: yea the very breath of the air

Country. Nation, fatherland, region, province, land.

And hopes for the future for what they may be worth.

sabbath sabbaths scabbard shabby scabby sabot cabby sabah sabbatic

chad cad shad chat chid chads shads shade shady

caesar caesars caesura caesuras caesural aces chafer scalar safer

caesars caesar caesuras kaisers caesura caesarean caesarian kansas cameras

cain chain chains can saint coin acne cairn cans

chads chats cads shads chad chaos chaste shad shades

sh shah chg chi chm chad chap char chat

chaos chis cash shays shes chase chasm chess chads

saline scalene scaliness salines chalice scaling scallion kaoline salience


salvador salvager salivator salved calved salivary saliva salivators salads

california californias californian californians californium californiums caledonia calipering calcifying

samuel sample shamble shambles shambled shame same samples sampled

cappella chapel scapula scapulas scapulae scapular chapels camellia capillary

canada canadas canadian canasta caned scanned canard candela candy

canadian canadians canada sandman canadas candling candying sandbank canaling

charles charleys charley caries carols carrels scarless scarlets kales

karen careen akron care caring careens charring carbon cares


Essence, center. Gist, kernel, heart, substance, contents. Hub, nucleus, pivot, focus.

carolina caroling carolina's carolyn scarlatina carolling charlatan carnelian scarlatinas

carolyn caroling carolina carolling charley carol caroled caroler scarcely

carolina's carolina scarlatinas charlatans caroling carnelians scarlatina carolling carbonizes

carson carbon carton scares across cares carrion scansion scars

sarah share scarab scare scary sari carat care sear

cassandra cassandras sassafras

cassandras cassandra sassafras

castro castor chaster caster castors castrate chaste captor cast

cathy catty kathy chatty scathe scanty acth catchy chat

Erosion. Fret, gnawing.

kathy cathy chatty catchy chat kate chastely catch chats

cecil cecal eccl ceca ecclus sec secular check seclude

kelvin kelvins keeling chevron chela chelarion cheviot chelating

seneca senecas scenic scene scenery scenics senna shine skeane

chilean chileans chile cilia chelae chiles chili chela chidden

sheila chela chelae shellac shell chelate shellacs shield shill

chileans chilean chiles chilies chillers chitlins chickens chicles chinless

cherokee cherokees scherzo kerosene

cherokees cherokee

Climb. Trail, run.

cheshire cheshires cheesier choosier cheekier cheerier kestrel

cheshires cheshire cheesier kestrels chastisers cherishes

chester chaster cheater chaste cheaters chest chested scepter schist

cheyenne cheyennes keenness keynote keening keens keyed

kenya kenyan keno ken kenyans keen keenly chewy kens

cheyennes cheyenne keenness keynotes scheelites kenyan cheapen

kremlins kremlin cretins cretin

christ christen christy crest chist's chemist kris chrism crests

christ's christ christens crests christen christmas christy chrisms shrifts

Clear. Cloudless, bright, limpid, pelludid, transparent.

christian christians christine christies cresting crisis christen christened christy

christians christian christies christine christens christiansity christianize christmas crispiness

christine christian christians christies cresting christened cretin crispiness christen

christianity christianize christianizes christianized christianizing christians

christmas christmases christens christy christies christ's christians chrisms choristers

christmases christmas


churchill churchly churchless churching chinchilla

cinderella cinderellas sincerely cindered


Odium. Dishonor, disgrace, shame, obloquy, opprobrium, scandal. Degrade, gradation.

cinderellas cinderella

clara sclera chloral chlorate clair claret clarion clark clear

clair clear slayer clara clark claim clay clears slain

clark clerk clerks clair cloak clack clank clara clear

clarence clearance clarinet clearances claret

collins colleens collies colons columns kolinsky solons codlins colleen

colombian colombia colombians columbian columbians columbia columbine columbines cognomina

columbian colombian colombians columbia columbians columbine colombia columbines

Evaporate. Desiccate, parch, dry, concentrate.

colombia colombian columbia columbian colombians columbians colonial

colombians colombian columbian columbians columbines colombia collegians columbia collodions

columbia clombia columbian colombian coumbians columbus columbine colombians colluvia

columbians colombian colombians columbian columbines columbia columbine collegians colombia

solomon solomons colombian solemn column colophon columns cologne colophons

compton compote compete competent compound compute chomping comet common

comsat comsats comet comma compact chomps compacts chomp somatic


Declaration, discharge. Attestation, allegation, affirmation, announcement. Displacement, removal, degradation. Position.

connecticut connecticut's connectivity connective connection connectives

connecticut's connecticut connectivity

korea chorea koreas korean core chore chores choreas okra

constance constancy constancis constantly constant conscience constable constants constrain

sorrel sorely shore sore sourly core corral shores shored

cornell corneal scornful cornea cornmeal scorned sorrel cornelian corbel

scorpio scorpios scorpion scorpions scoria scoriae corp scarp score


Embankment. Dam, barrier, wall, gate.

cupid cupids couped cupped coupe coupled cuspid supt cuprite

cupids cupid couped coupes cuprites cuspids couples coupons sculpts

susan sousing cushion shushing souse sustain cussing shush cuss

syrian syrians syria siring siren syringe syringes syringed shyer

syria syrian sire syrians sir shyer siring sirs syringe

syrians syrian sirens syria siring siren skylines sylvans syringe

Seemed the hope that had led us to live or to die.

Immersion, swim, drop, immerse, drop, scoop. Plunge, soaking. Plunge, bath, dive. Sag, slip, decline. Submerge, baptize, dive, slosh, douse, duck, steep. Set, decline, slope, subside, recede, incline, slip. Ladle, spoon, lade, bale.

In answer to our comrade Blackwell's suggestion and in

ada ado ida adam ad add at ate dab

dane danes dine done dune dyne dan dance tan

danes danish tansy dane dances tans dales dames dares

dante daunt tanned dan dandle date tan dainty dander

dallas dallies tallish tallies dales tales tallest talus dahlias


Emission, shooting, fulfillment, unpack, get rid of, shoot, release. Flow, ejection, remission, evacuation, expulsion, removal. Detonation, firing. Satisfaction, execution, observance, performance. Empty, disburden, issue, relieve, unburden, unload. Teem, eject, send, void, emit, flow. Detonate, blast, fire, set off. Absolve, let go, acquit, clear, exonerate, free, liberate.

dayton tautonym taxon

dakotas dakota's dakota takeouts takeout adopts

daniel darnel dane tangelo dance dandle darnels danes tangelos

dan tan dna den din don dun dane dank

denton tendon tendons denote dentin tenon tenet dent tenons


Conflicting. Antagonistic, clashing, contrary, antipathetic. Discord.

adonis atones danish atone danes adenoids admonish adorns attains

david davit davits davis advt taxied adv advice advise

davis advise davits daddies david davit dadas taxis advises

darwin tarring daring taring taurine darking darling darning darting

diane diana dine dyne disannul dinned dines dined diner


Separateness. Detachment, separation, distinctness, dissimilarity, division, isolation. Dissociate.

eden edens ethel deed deem deep edge ether ethnic

teflon teflons telson thereon telsons tenon defiling theol telethon

tempe tempi tempo teepee temper theme temp temple tepee

dennis tennis dentin dentins tenens tennises tenons edens denning

dennis denies tennis denims tenens tennises tenons edens denials

Disintegration, termination, death. Decomposition, decay, destruction, resolution. Adjournment, end, ending, dismissal, death. Extinction, demise, release, slaughter. Solution.

edens eden deeds deems deps edges ethers edemas edgers

diana diane disannul dine dyne tiara din disarray ida

ida idaho idea ada ital diag dial id idly

diego dingo diag tiger dig die dingoes tie dudgeon

dolores dolorous dolors tollers odorless odorous dollars toilers tolerates

Essence. Argument, condensation, core, abstract, heart, idea, substance. Distill, distillate.

donna tonneau done tone tony donned tonal don donate

downey downy downed downer down downier town donkey downers

tony tone done donna tiny ton don thorny tonal

doormat dormant torment doormats dorm torments torah dogma doorman

dormancy domain domains

Unlike. Distinct, altered, opposite, changed, special, contrary, different.

torah torahs thorax thorough tore tory dory torch torr

dorothy tortoni doormat torah torte doorway torso torts odors

doric dorics torch doris dory tore tory dories torches

doris dories torsi torso tories odors dorics torahs doers

douglas doglegs dogmas doubles tousles toughly dollars dogie dullards

Separate, distribute, alienate, arrange. Rend, cleave, disconnect, tear, cut off, disjoin, part. Parcel, apportion, deal, wall, deal out, dole, partition. Disunite, estrange. Articulate, partition, classify, distinguish, distribute, sort.

tracy trace trachea traces traced tracer track tract trance

tuesday tuesdays thursday thursdays tossed duets tubed tulsa tuned

tuesdays tuesday thursday thursdays tuxedo

tulsa thusly tousle dulls duels duly tousles tousled tubas

doug dug dog dough tough doughy dugs dogs due

Arch. Vault, arcade, ceiling, roof.

dublin doubling doubloon double doubloons doubly dubbing dueling doubles

tunisian tunisia tunisians tunnies tunics

durham durhams dough

durhams durham

tunisia tunisian tunisians dunnies tunas tunes dunes tunics utensil

And she no less as she hearkened, as one thought through their bodies had sped.

Sewer, draw, deplete, trickle, bail out. Cesspool, duct, channel. Draft, milk, divert, bleed, pump, remove. Exhaust, empty, weary, sap, tax. Ooze. Pour, dump.

Morals, the art of living worthily, and like a man. I must

ethel tee tees teed teem teen ether ethyl teheran

edgar edger edgier degree edgers edge edgy degas deja

edward edward's dewed edgar

etruscan etruscans


edward's edward

elizabeth elizabeth's elizabethan

Dismiss, throw out. Boot, dislodge, chase, oust, reject, chuck. Chuck, expel, expatriate, expulse, ostracize, displace, excommunicate.

elizabeth's elizabeth elizabethans elizabethan

elizabethan elizabethans elizabeth elizabeth's

Flexible, effervescent. Stretchable, pliant, resilient, plastic, springy, stretch. Airy, bouncy, buoyant, expansive, resilient, volatile.

elizabeth's elizabeth elizabethans elizabethan

elizabethan elizabethans elizabeth elizabeth's

Springiness. Spring, buoyancy, vigor. Elastic.

elaine leaned leaner leanness elan lean elfin elans eland

eleanor learner elector ellen leeward learn elans eland

Period of time. Date, period, era, day, term, course, spell.

elaine leaned leaner leanness elan lean elfin elans eland

eleanor learner elector ellen leeward learn elans eland

Time. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season.

emily employ employe employee emptily employs employed employes employer

melissa emissary emily meals meiosis melds melts nelsons nemesis

Peel. Flake, scale, skin.

english englishes engulfs enlist enlists entails embellish engines ensiles

englishes english negligees englishmen englishman enlistees enlists embellishes

Jutting. Outstanding.

enid emit need endue embed end endif emits needs

epsom peso pesos epoch ebbs epoxy eskimo

Defect, error, delinquency, responsibility, fail. Blemish, failing, flaw, foible, frailty, imperfection, shortcoming. Blunder, mistake, misdeed, slip. Culpability, solecism, wrongdoing, indiscretion, impropriety, misdeed, dereliciton. Liability, accountability, blame. Bungle, err, blunder.

eros eras ewers errs reps erase errors ergs ewes

eskimo eskimos epsom

I look and behold the days of the years that are passed away,

Distillation. Effervescence, boiling, ebullition, seething, working. Ferment.

Heart-sick hand workers, in a word, in which all men

ven fen vein van vend vent fend fens venue

deadly deaden dead eddied deadens edged eta deadpan eddy

veda vedas fed feed vela vera feds fedn veld

vague vaguer fag avg vagina vaginae vaguely vaguest fags

Break. Crack, split, cleavage, fracture, severing, disjunction, breach.

fabian fabians fabling valiant farina phasing vagina phalanx vaginae

africa africas african africans farina farce afire avarice farcical

afro fare afar afros aver far affray farad farce


Deluge, glut, inundate. Downpour, surge, cataclysm, drencher, tide, cataract. Oversupply. Deluge, engulf, flow, immerse, swamp, overflow, submerge.

faustian faustians fasting faulting fascia

faustians faustian fasting faultiness fascias

verruca verrucae ferric

Point of convergence, converge, adjust lens. Focal point, center, locus. Convene, concentrate, center, emphasize, attract.


fin finn finns finny phon fins find fine fink

fins finns finds fines finis finn vines finish finnish

Ancient. Antique, hoary, antediluvian, venerable, archaic, prehistoric, bygone.

fla flay flea flu fly flab flag flak flap

fleming flaming flemings flamingo flexing flamingos flaking flaring flawing

flemings fleming flaming flamingos flamingo flutings flexing fleecing fleeting

Piece. Bit, fragment, grain, crumb, particle, speck, scrap,

forbes phoebes forbears forbids forces fores forges phobias forbear

fortran forerun forlorn fortune footman forty fortunate forbear forte

france frances franc phrenic francis francium franked franker francs


frances francis france frenches francs frankers franchise franciums francisco

francis frances francs franchise francisco franciums france francium phrenic

francisco franciscan franchise francis franciscans franchisee frances franchises franchised

Coat with ice. Coat, ice, freeze, turn to ice, congeal.

franciscan franciscans francisco franchising franchise franchisee franchises franchised franchiser

franciscans franciscan francisco franchising franchisers franchisees franchises

Evaporating quickly. Vaporous, expansive, explosive, effervescent, volatile.

frankenstein frankensteins

frankensteins frankenstein


Earthly. Tellurian, terrestrial, planetary. Globe.

friday fridays friary fried friar

fridays friday friary fried friars frilly

The hope of the day was enough; but now 'tis the very day


Faith in the analyst which I confess I could not share, as it

galilee galilean galileans agilely agile gallery galley gaily galled

gabriel gabbier garble gambrel garbles garbled gambrels garbed garbing

guam gam gum jump gams game gums gamey gamma

Degree, slope, year in school, military rank, scholastic rating, rate scholastically. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, category. Incline, gradient, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch. Class, form, rank, status, standard. Rank, status, position, title. Mark, category, incomplete, passing. Rate, evaluate.

jan yak yam yap yaw jun jane gang yank

janet gannet jane jaunty jaunt gander ganged gannets garnet

jamaica jamaican jamaicans gamma gametic gamin

Slope. Incline, grade, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch.

ghanaian ghanaians ganging guarani

zech sec sect gecko search sects sected geckos secant

jehovah jehovahs jehovah's yeshivah yeshiva

Stone. Boulder, rock, slab.

german germans germane germany germanic germinal gherkin germ guarani

gerald geared

jerry jerky jewry jer jerries jersey ger jeer jeerer

Gravitation, importance. Weight, heaviness, pressure, pull, force. Magnitude, significance, weight, enormity, concern, solemnity, seriousness. Grave.

gertrude gestured gesture gestures

jill gill gills jell jilt gila gild gilt jul

gila guile gilas gala igloo gill guiles guilty jill

Hothouse. Arboretum, nursery.

ghana ghanaian guano gang gannet gander ganged ganger guava

gibing gilling jibbing jibing gypping gilding jilting guiding gigging

gloria glorias glory glorious glories gloried glorify glorying gloxinia

Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.

glorias glories glorious gloria glory gloried glottis glorify glorifies

gouda goudas ghoul guide goad good gout god gourd

jordan gored gouda gonad

Solid, difficult, complicated, stormy, cruel, severe, irrefutable. Adamantine, compact, firm, impenetrable, inflexible, resistant. Arduous, burdensome, exhausting, fatiguing, laborious, onerous, toilsome. Complex, effortful, formidable, difficult, intricate, perplexing, puzzling. Inclement, severe, tempestuous, vigorous, violent. Grinding, harsh, oppressive, rough, severe, unmerciful, unrelenting. Adamant, austere, callous, cruel, exacting, harsh, relentless. Incontrovertible, undeniable.

greta grata great greatly greet grit groat greats grease

griffith graffito griffin graffiti griffins

germans german germanies germane germany gherkins germanic guaranis jerkins

Frozen water, coat with ice, decorate a cake. Frost, hail. Coat, frost, freeze, turn to ice, congeal. Decorate, frost, trim, adorn, embellish, mist.

germanies germanics germaniums germans germane germanic germanium germany guaranis

germanics germanic germanies germaniums egomanics germane germanium germanizes germany

Busybody. Officious, meddlesome, prying, busy, forward.

gnp gnu gm gun ghana gulp guns gunk gnat

jupiter jupiters yummier guilder juicer jumpier guider guitar juicier

gilas guiles gila gills igloos guilds guile guilts gulags

My love, and the love we have fashioned, my wife and the little lad.

Made of iron, like iron, metal, smooth clothing. Wrought iron, steel. Hard, stern, harsh, unyielding, unfeeling, inexorable, indomitable. Wrought iron, steel, andiron. Smooth, press, flatten, steam.

Face to face: the struggle between the classes therefore is

hades hakes hales habeas haloes whales wheedles hake hale

hamilton hamlet hailstone

harold harlot haploid hared harlots hearsed haploids harlotry hearted

halloween halloweens hallowing hallowed hallows

Cooperative, connection, dive. Shared, collective, mutual. Coupling, junction, juncture, union, joining, seam. Dump, slum.

harriet harried hardier harrier harries headiest hardiest harriers harris

harris harries hearers hares harriers harrison hearses wharves harpies

harrison harridan harris harries hearers


havana havanas haven

havanas havana havens haven

hawaiians hawaiian hawaii's

Mellifluous, fluid. Soft, mellow, honeyed. Elixir, solution, liquor.

haitians haitian hairpins habiting

hayes hay hayed hays ahoy hate hates hap hare

hardhead hardheads hardheaded harden harder hardhack hardened

Type of earth. Loam, clay, terra cotta, adobe.

heidi head headier heed heir he'd heading heeding heiring

helen helena herein hereon heaven hellion hempen whale wheeling

helena helen hellenic wheeling whale heeling henna wheelbase

Captivating. Inviting, irresistible, alluring, appealing, faxcinating, attractive, drawing.

wheeling whaling whiling whelming whelping wheezing whirling heeling

hellenic hellenics hellenism hellenist helena hellenisms hellenists

henry wherry henries where whiny here hero when hearty

Size, importance. Extent, breadth, dimension, enormity, bulk, mass, measure. Consequence, significance, degree, distinction, eminence, renown, repute.

henries wherries whinnies heavies heroes hebrews heiress henry hernias

hercules heckles herculean hecklers heckle

herbert herder whereby hereby hewer hexer whereat wherever wheres

Layer. Covering, sheath, blanket, snowfall.

herculean hercules

hayward hazard hazards haywire

hialeah hyaena whiplash hyaenas whiles whiled

Vain, miscarry, scrap. Sterile, hollow, futile, barren, fruitless, delusive. Cancel, nullify, stop, annul, fail, interrupt. Miss, terminate, cancel, fail, destroy, fall short.

hindi hindu hindis whined whinnied hind hinder hindus whine

hugh hug hush hugs huge hour hung high humph

hogan hoagie hogging horn hoarsen hoaxing hobnail hog holland

Preoccupation. Reverie, rumination, musing, cogitation, abstraction.

omahas omaha omens moans moats mocha

hoosier hoosiers holier homier horsier hosiery hooker hooper hoover

hudson huron hours housing house whoso hounds

Convenient, entrance. Nearby, handy, at hand, available. Entree, entry, ingress.

huron hurons heron hudson hour hurling hurting hours whoreson

hun hue hour hub hug hugh hum hut hound

huns hubs hugs hums huts hours hounds hunts hues

houston outdone hustling outdo outdoing housing oust hosting house

Of the life that they live there, so haggard and grim,

Bitterness, sarcastic, corrosive. Tartness, acerbity, astringency. Cutting, biting, incisive, ill-natured, poignant, ill-tempered, satirical. Erosive.

Sections, the first composed of men who would in any age of

ida idaho idea ada ital diag dial id idly

idaho idahos ida idahoe idea ital diag dial itch

ada ado ida adam ad add at ate dab

High. Elevated, towering, lofty, airy, tall.

ignores inrush ignore igneous iguanas igniters inroads ignored ignitors

milan mislay million myelin mile milton muling mislaid mislays

indiana indian indiana's indians indignant india indicia indias indicant

Period, maturity, era, mature. Duration, generation. Majority, infancy, decline, adulthood, childhood, old age, adolescence. Epoch, generation, period, time, date, century. Decline, ripen, develop, season, deteriorate, mellow.

indian indians indiana india indias indicate

indiana's indiana indians

indians indian indias indiana indents indies india indites indiums

Accretion. Accumulation, collecting, gathering, multiplication, amassing, aggregation, growth.

india indias indian indies indite indium ind indians indiana

indias indies india indians indian indites indiums indiana indicate

nigeria nigerian nigerians niagara ingrain ingress ingrid nicer ingle

Painful, torture, severe pain, anguish. Depressing, distressing, disturbing, excruciating, tormenting, saddening. Annoy, abuse, distress, harry, vex, afflict, torment. Torment, distress, torture, pain, suffering, pang. Misery, wretchedness, heartache, suspense, torment, torture, woe.

ingrid ingrain ingrains inquired

iou ion you yom yon your youth oil you's

iowa iota yoga iowan iotas yogas iowa's iowans yowl

Rural, cultivation. Pastoral, agrarian, rustic. Farming, tillage, husbandry.

iran iron ira irene irons irony iraq israel irate

iran iranians uranian ironing iraqi irrational rican

iranians iranian ironings irradiates riding

Atmosphere, wind, publicatin, attitude, melody, ventilate, broadcast. Medium, stratosphere, ether, sky. Puff, breath, draft, breeze, zephyr, ventilation. Circulation, dissemination, disclosure, publicity. Look, demeanor, appearance, manner, affection, aspect, behavior. Tune, song, strain, aria. Fan, vent, purify, freshen. Report, display, expose, televise, publish, tell, disclose.

siam shim skim skimp seam psalm cia ciao shims

israeli israelis israelite israel israelites iraqi irately irate sizable

israel israeli israelis israelite ira sire irate ire iran

Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, chemical.

israelis israeli israelites israelite israel iraqis irately iraqi

ia yak yam yap yaw iamb yaks yams yank

isaac isaiah issuance siam iambic

Sediment. Grounds, drift, deposit, deposition, mud, sand, silt.

isaiah isaac

islam islams ileum ilium islamic isle ilea silo isl

simon simony summon simian summons shimming skimming skimping simians

In the order of the alphabet, classify. Consecutive, ordered, systematic, one after another. Index, categorize, codify, annotate, catalog, record, log.

sioux ciao scion zion

israelite israelites israeli israelis

ira ire era ora ri iran iraq israel irate

And who was helping or heeding? The gaudy shops displayed

Mountainous. Lofty, mountain, towering, soaring.

Not favorable to such questions, which seem sheer nonsense

jacob jacobs

jacobs jacob jacobean

jane janet june jan janus gannet yahweh yankee yawed

james games jambs game gamey gammas jams gams yams

Living, bestial, physical, living thing, brute. Breathing, sentient. Beastly, brutal, wild, feral, untamed, gross. Bodily, corporeal, fleshly, carnal, natural, base. Creature, quadruped, organism, mammel, reptile, invertibrate, vertebrate. Beast, savage, monster, fiend, reptile.

janus jane gangs gannets yams yankees yaps yarns yaws

jason gassing gashing yarn yawn gas gash gasohol jasmine

george georges georgia georgian zero genre geog zeroed zeroes

jesus jesses jests jesuits jess jesuit yews jerseys geysers

Life, alive, enliven, encourage, excite. Vitality, vigor, vivacity, activity, energy, spirit, effervescence. Vital, living, breathing. Activate, quicken, energize, vitalize. Cheer, hearten, inspire, inspirit, wake up, fortify, waken. Invigorate, buoy, stimulate, arouse, exhilarate, elevate, rouse.

jezebel jezebels

jezebels jezebel

jo go yom yon you joe joy your job

joe yom yon you jo joie joy go yoke

Human. Anthropomorphic, manlike.

joan john join yon jean juan johns joins joint

john joan join johs yon johnny joins joint going

juan jun guano jean joan june junk junks guam

johns joins john jones joan johnson join joints goings

Separated, away in time or place, asunder, piece, allotment, division, duty, role, divide, apportion, depart. Distant, disassociated, disconnected, isolated, special. Separately, alone, individually, away, independently, exclusively, to one side. In pieces, to pieces, in two.

johnny johnnies john johns

johnnies johnny johns joining

johnson johns jone joins

jones yokes yores gone goners johns joins goons jokes

Component, cut, constituent, division, element, fraction, moiety. Quota, proportion, apportionment, concern, dividend, interest, participation. District, partition, quarter, segment, region, section. Charge, function, office, responsibility, role. Character, impersonation, personification. Break, cleave, detach, disconnect, disjoin, dissociate. Allot, deal out, distribute, mete out, parcel out, portion, share. Withdraw, die, go, leave, pass away, pass on, quit.

joshua joshuas josh gosh goshawk goshawks

joshuas joshua joshes goshawks goshawk

jordanian jordanians

jordanians jordanian joyridings

Nautical. Seafaring, naval, marine, navigational, maritime.

judas judos judaism guides yuccas judases judges judo judy

juneau june guinea junes junta jounce journey guineas jounces

judaic judas judaism judicial guidance judaisms

judaism judaisms judas judoist judos judaic judases

Ethnic group. Ishmaelite, moor.

judases judaisms judas judos judaism guides judges guidances guide

judy judo jutty guide yummy judas judge judos judaic

judith judoist guide judoists joust

junes yules june jounces jones juneau guineas guns gunnies

Detention, stay, capture, attract, delay. Apprehension, confinement, capture, constraint, imprisonment, seizure. Check, stop, obstruction, deterrent, halt, hindrance, interruption. Apprehend, bust, incarcerate, detain, catch, nab, seize. Capture, absorb, catch, occupy, engage, rivet, secure. Block, retard, stay, detain, stop, check, inhibit.

julies julius gullies guiles joules yules juleps joyless julians

julius julies guiles joules gullies yules julians gulls joule

julian julians julienne gulling joule guile gulfing gulping gulag

julians julian juliennes guldens julius julies gullies guidons guiles

Ascent. Rising, climbing, rise, mounting.

july gully joule yule jowly jul guile gull joules

jupiters guppies jupiter yummiest jumpiest gustoes juices jutties guiles

ghoulishness gutlessness ghastliness

Yet found them deeds to be doing; and no feeble folk were they

Alliance, relationship, mental connection, comrade, connect, affiliate, combine, associate with. Coalition, brotherhood, corporation, organization, league, club, company. Friendship, affinity, companionship, fraternization, felllowship, brotherhood, intimacy. Relation, recollection, correlation, impression, combination, remembrance, response. Assistant, affiliate, equal, colleagtue, companin, accomplice, mate. Conjoin, correlate, relate, identify with, link, ally. Ally, join, unite, federate, amalgamate, confederate. Connect, mix, blend, troop, couple, mingle, unite. Consort, fraternize, socialize, keep company, hobnob.

Shape of men fit to represent the gods and heroes? If

karen careen akron care caring careens charring carbon cares

akron acorn karen acorns acre acronym akin across acronyms

katherine catherine catering chatelaine chattering chatelaines chartering chartreuse

catherine katherine catering chatelaine chattering scattering cauterize chatelaines saturnine

Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.

kate chat chattel cater chats chateau cheat kite chart

kenneth kenned kennedy keynote keenest kennel kennels cement

Car, movable. Auto. Unsteady, moving, unfixed, unstable.

kennedy kenned kenneth keened kennel chewed

kent cent cents ken center keen chert chest kens

Pivot, crux. Shaft, spindle, axle, arbor. Basis, essence.

chester chaster cheater chaste cheaters chest chested scepter schist

ky kid cyan kick kids cyme cyst

Embankment, shore, financial institution, reserve, line, deposit, heap up, turn. Mound, heap, hill, knoll. Coast, ridge, rim, shoal, border, slope, ledge. Vault, treasury. Stockpile, supply, deposit, hoard, store. Panel, row, array, tier. Put aside, save, reserve, hoard, shelve. Pile up, gather, dike. Soar, slope, pitch, incline, angle, grade.

cia ciao chi sci ice icy chis chic scil

clara sclera chloral chlorate clair claret clarion clark clear

Obstacle, obstruction. Difficulty, hurdle, deterrent, boundary, hindrance, encumbrance. Restraint, bar, barricade, fence, stockade, palisade, railing.

clark clerk clerks clair cloak clack clank clara clear

krishna christen christian crimean chrism christ crimson crisp christians

Rod, saloon, legal profession, band, bank, barrier, obstruct, exclude. Shaft, standard, pole, stick, traverse, boom, ingot. Lounge, public house, pub, tavern, road house, barroom. Court. Ribbon, stripe. Reef, ridge, shallow, shoal. Check, barricade, blockade, deterrent, fence, hindrance. Block, hinder, impede, stop, prohibit, restrain, check. Outlaw, exile, shut out, boycott, forbid, close.

christian christians christine christies cresting crisis christen christened christy

crimean crimeans crime crimson chrome crewman scrimped creme crewmen

Basic, low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand, principle, camp, point of departure, establish. Essential, elementary, fundamental, elemental, simple, uncomplicated. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tainted, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched. Dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest. Element, essence, root, basis, core, support. Site, station, headquarters, settlement, post, center, garrison. Terminal, goal, object, radical. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, predicate.

christ christen christy crest christ's chemist kris chrism crests

christians christian christies christine christens christianity christianize christmas crispiness

Color, body of water, animal sound. Brown, brownish-red, chestnut, reddish-brown, ruddy, reddish. Harbor, gulf, cove, inlet, lagoon, firth, estuary. Howl, bark, caterwaul, cry, bellow, trumpet, wail.

cuban cubans scuba cuba cubing scubas cube chub subbing

cuba's scubas cubans cubes scuba cuba cuban chukkas curbs

cubans cuban scubas cuba's cubes scuba cuba chukkas suasions

But for some, they seemed to think that a prelude was all this

Seashore, put aground. Shore, seaside, strand. Strand.

Race as the thirsty creatures in the hay-field; they had been

alfred alfreds laired already allured altered alarmed alfresco alder

lancaster lancets lactate lackluster

lancelot lances lanced lancer lancet

latins latin laotians lapins lathings laities laotian lashings lateness

lanka lanky lank lanai lankly lane lankier lake laky

lanka lawrencium laureate laureled lawmen laurel

latvian latvians laotian laotians latrine alpha lantana larva latin

Parturition, ancestry, origin. Bearing young, delivery, childbearing, nativity. Family, extraction, descent, line, blood, status, race. Beginning, commencement, derivation, source, rise, nativity.

latin latins laotian lapin lathing alton lashing lading lamina

eleanor learned elector ellen leeward learn elans eland

leonard leopard leotard leeward leopards leotards elongated

Dark, dim, dismal, evil, negro, dingy. Raven, ebony, coal black, jet black, inky, sable, swarthy. Shadowy, murky, gloomy, dark, cloudy, overcast, dusky. Forbidding, ominous, gloomy, somber, doleful, threatening, melancholy. Infamous, wicked, villainous, fiendish, monstrous, traitorous, diabolic. Dark-skinned, colored. Dirty, sooty, soiled, stained.

levi levy levee levis leave levier levies levied level

leon lean len lion loon leo ellen leans leant

ellen allen elan elaine ell else eleanor elec elem

Roar, explosion, gust, blare, explode, destroy. Boom, bang, clang, din, peal, blare. Burst, detonation, discharge, outbreak, outburst, eruption. Blow, gale, squall, storm, wind, draft. Trumpet, boom, bellow, wail, yell. Blow up, detonate, burst, split. Revile, denounce, blight, curse, condemn, dash, berate.

iliad island ilea islands islam isolated linda islanded islander

lima lime limy limas limbo limby lama limb limp

illinois isolations

Vital fluid of life, ancestry. Gore. Stock, descent, family, line, lineage.

lincoln lincolns lynch

lincolns lincoln

linda lined liana linden linseed line lint lineal linear

Wash. Marsh, swamp, slough, morass, fen.

lynn lion lynx link lint lynch links lying lyons

lifo life lief lifer lift lifers limbo litho lifts

lucia lucid lucy lucite lucidly lucille luck luckier ulna

Limit. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier.

lyra lira lyre lire liras lyres lyric lyrics lingua

libya libyan libra lib libyans libras ilea libs lily

logan loge logo logy loran logging log lorans lodging

Forepart, obeisance, incline, yield, subdue, bend. Nose, bowsprit, front, head, prow, stem. Reverence, bend, nod, curtsy, kowtow. Bend, dip, stoop, bob. Submit, surrender, acquiesce, give away, capitulate. Compel, cast down, crush, depress. Curve, inflect, buckle.

loving love olefin lotion olive lowing olio olivine lotions

louis louise olios louts loins loss louse lousy lugs

louise louises louis louse lousier lousy loose louses loused

Twine, work into a braid. Plait, mesh, filigree, rope, net. Twine, weave, plait.

luke lake like looked looker look loupe louse ulcer

lowell lowly lowed lower

lucy lucia lacy lucky lucid lucre lousy ulcer lucite

Gray matter in the skull, intellect, intellectual. Gray matter. Mind, mentality, genius. Egghead, scholar, academician, genius.

lucite lucid lucia lucre lucille luckier louise luckiest lumpiest

lucille luckily lucidly lucia lucifer lucite lucid louisville

lucifer lucifers luckier lucille lucia

lucifers lucifer luckier


lucidness luridness luckiness lousiness lupines lucidities lucifers lucite lupine

louises louses looses losses louise lousiest loesses loosest loutish

As I spoke the word "Betrayed," my eyes met his in a glance.

Bovine animal. Beast.

Democratic measures above mentioned are all of them

maches maces nacres machetes macho makes nacreous mace machete

magyar magyars magma malay

made madam madly amid mad mayday maid nadir naiad

maine amino main mane magnet mainly mains maine's maize

amish amiss ambush ames amos ambits anise amps ambushes

marcia maraca marxian marc march maria nacre marie marxians

marxism marxisms marxist marxists maxis marries marxian naris marcs

marxist marxists markets marxism marcasite marxisms maxis marries meatiest

Agenda. Timetable, schedule, plan, program.

mardi married nard maria marie mare mart mary matrix

marie maria mare marge mary naris nary marred mardi

margaret marguerite marauder marinate manager massager managers manage

marian marion marina maria margin marine marino marlin martin

marion marian marino maroon margin marina marine marlin martin

Passageway for liquid, container, be able to, preserve, rod. Conduit, channel, pipe, sewer, strait, tube, gutter. Tin, canister, bin, receptacle, bucket, package. Be capable of. Put up, keep, bottle. Bar, shank, handle, pole, shaft, axle, stem.

marino marina marine marion amino marian marinas marinate marines

marry mary nary mare maria marie mar marly mardi

marxian marxians marian marcia martian marking marion martians marring

martha marsha mart maria narthex marital marts meaty manta

marsha marshy marshal marshall marsh mares marshes marshals marshier

Tumor. Swelling, outgrowth, excrescence, growth.

martinez martinet martini marine martin martinis matinee martian martinets

milford milord milords mildred miler

melissa emissary emily meals meiosis melds melts nelsons nemesis

emily employ employe employee emptily employs employed employes employer

mendelians mendelian medallions meridians mediaevals mendicants meandering

Furnishings. Rug, carpet, runner, curtain, cover.


merrills merrill merrily merriest neurol nereid empire

merrill merrills merrily merrier merry nervily merit

mings ming miens minds mines minis mints minus mynas

ming mings min minn mien mind mine mingle mini

Ravine. Chasm, gorge, cleft, fissure, crevasse, notch, valley.

milan mislay million myelin mile milton muling mislaid mislays

milton mullion milan million milt militant millions mulatto midtown

milford milord milords mildred miler

mildred milder mildest milford mildewed mildew milord misdeed milked

mic misc mich mix much mica mice miscue nice

Promontory, garment. Jetty, point. Cloak, mantle, wrap, shawl, gabardine.

miriam myriad misread minim myriads minima mistral misname migraine

nobel noble nobels nobly nobles nobler mobile model knob

mohammed mohammedan

omaha omahas moa moan moat mocha mochas

noah moa noahs nosh gnash moan moat knob knot

Blood vessel. Vein, artery, aorta, tube.

mont monte month mount mint moat mon montes months

monday mondays monody money moody moony moldy modal monetary

monica mooncalf nonfact nonfacts

montana montana's montage mountain mountains monomania monte month mount

montana's montana monomanias mountains

Chief, excellent, serious, metropolis, resources, upper case. Leading, main, major, primary, vital, foremost, first. First-rate, best, choice, superior, fine, splendid, crack. Deadly, fatal, heinous, major. Municipality. Money, property, assets, cash, investment, means. Large.

morpheuses morpheus morphemes morphines morpheme moroseness northeasts

morpheus morphias morpheuses moorhens morpheme morphemes northers

omahas omaha omens moans moats mocha

morse mores norse morsel moose morass mouse noose more

norse morse mores morsel noose nurse onrush more morose

Train. Convoy, procession, cortege, file, fleet.

mormon mormons norman normans moron morton norma morons norm

morton mouton mormon moron moutons morons north northern more

morgan morgans norman moron moraine moray mordant more normans

morgans morgan morgues normans moraines mormons morons moorages mordants

norman normans norma mormon mormons normas normal morgan moron

normans norman normas mormons normals morgans mormon norma mormonism

moscow moscow's

moses mosses moseys nooses noses noshes mosey mouses nose

In the cold and sad time ere the dawn of day.

Imitation. Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, copy.

Work, do not produce, and even when they do produce,

anna anne anno annie annoy nanny ann akin anal

anne anna annie anno annex annoy nanny ann anneal

nina nine ninny min inn innate nines ninon nisi

annie anne anna anno annex ann anneal anti amino

Convey, support, drive, accomplish, auto, anxiety, carefulness, responsibility, be anxious, like. Bear, cart, haul, remove, bring, transfer, transport. Bear, shoulder, stand, suffer, sustain, brace. Conduct, impel, propel, urge, lead. Secure, prevail, succeed, effect, gain, capture, win. Automobile. Worry, concern, distress, disquiet, stress, pressure, problem. Attention, alertness, caution, concern, prudence, pains, heedfulness. Custody, burden, supervision, guardianship, keeping, charge. Heed, be troubled. Love, be fond of, be inclined, be disposed.

naples maples maple napes napalms navels mappers marbles nape

marcia maraca marxian marc march maria nacre marie marxians

Pour out. Gush, rush, spurt, squirt, drain, overflow.

nasa nasal nausea mash mashie nasty nays maser mason

navaho navahos knave navajo naval knavish navajos

Money, liquid assets, liquidate assets. Currency, legal tender, dough. Capital, funds, resources, principal, wherewithal. Cash in, discharge, redeem.

navajo navajos navaho navahos knave naval

navahos navaho navajo naval matzohs

Standing. Order, rank, level, dignity, station.

navajos navajo navaho

nestors nesters nestlers nestor nestles nestler nectars nester ensures

Of the Roman church, universal. Papal. Cosmopolitan, worldly, international, general, generalized.

messrs messes nesses nesters mess messiahs ness mesas nests

nicholas michaelmas inchoate inches

Livestock. Stock, sheep.

michaelmas michaelmases

mickey mickeys nicked nickel mucked miscue niche nick nicks

Cave. Hole, cove, burrow, den, tunnel, hovel, shelter.

noahs noah gnash moans moats noes ones onus knobs

norway noway norway's norw noways norma normally knows known

Main, middle. Nuclear, chief, primary, overruling, pivotal. Midway, mid, halfway, median, internal, inner.

nobels nobles nobel noblesse noblest noble mobiles models nobly

ny my nj nyc nib knox nyse nibs nice

Era. Epoch, generation, period, time, date, age.

nyc nice nick ny niche nicks my nj niece

nj ny nd nyc knee

nyse nisei nisi nose niseis nissen nile nine myself

And her foot set firm on the rampart, as she hastened here and there,

Task, dare, dispute. Dare, provocation, threat, objection, venture, hazard. Affront, defy, denounce, threaten, brave. Contest, question, ask for, assert, impose.

Of art, the beauty which man creates when he is most a

oper hooper hopper opera hope obey obeyer hooker hoover

odysseus odysseys odyssey dowses

oedipus oedipuses oedipal

oedipuses oedipus

Modification, exchange, variety, money, modify, shift, substitute. Alteration, shift, variation, movement, transformation, mutation, turn. Interchange, mutation, substitution, conversion, permutation, trade, switch. Innovation, difference, variation, diversity, shifting, vicissitude, vicissitudes. Silver, cash, currency. Modulate, regulate, alter, vary, convert, turn. Fluctuate, transform, vacillate, resolve. Commute, invert, replace, exchange, swap, switch, alternate. Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, alkaline.

hogan hoagie hogging horn hoarsen hoaxing hobnail hog holland

Far east. Asia, Middle East, orient.

alan elan ala alae alai alien align allen aline

Religious, Nazarene, divinity. Gentile, orthodox, catholic, believing, pietistic, faithful. Gentile, professor, catholic, true believer, convert. God, messiah, lord, the supreme being.

oliver olive olives holdover logier loiter holdovers loitered loiterer

Account. Yarn, narrative, description, history, recital, story, tale.

oregon oregano oregon's oreganos horizon oreg organ hormone roger

Hot coal. Clinker, ash, ember, coal, soot.

orion orlon orient roan hormone orlons horsing orbing orients

Rotation, distribution of periodical, get around, distribute. Revolution, current, circling, flowing, flow, circuit. Distribution, dissemination, transmission, delivery, dispersion, apportionment. Go around, travel, circle. Broadcast, report, disseminate, promote, publicize, disperse, diffuse.

orlon orlon orion role oral orleans rolling orlando hormone

Municipal, municipality. Metropolitan, civil, urban, civic, county. Urban area, metropolis, capital.

oreg orig orgy ore roe hope ores oregon organ

Culture, civilized world, refine. Enlightenment, refinement, edification, polish. Society, cultivation. Polish, finish.

orlando organdy orlon orleans

Categorizing, division. Arrangement, grouping, assortment, organization, allotment, allotting, apportionment. Class, order, group, kind, category, section, branch.

orleans orlons organs orphans roles ordains orients orlon hornless

rom room romp rhomb roam ram rem rim rum

oscar oscars occur soccer occurs osier soaker ossa soccers

somalia somatic comae comatic soapily zombi comas zonal

Yet, yet the tears on my cheek! And what is this does move

Characteristic weather, milieu. Atmospheric conditions, weather, atmosphere. Ambience, tenor, mood, spirit, surroundings, atmosphere.

Dials streets to make our way to St. Martin's Lane, than

apollo apollos apologia apology abloom

apollos apollo abolish appalls aplombs apology apple apropos apologias

paracletes paraclete parachutes parrakeets parakeets parachute parameters parrakeet barnacles

paraclete paracletes parachute parrakeet barnacled parachutes parachuted parable

Haze, shadow, crowd, becloud. Mist, fog, billow, vapor, smog, puff. Blur, smudge, stain, smear, blotch, smirch, gloom. Army, horde, host, multitude, swarm, throng. Obfuscate, overcast, befog, mist, obscure, overshadow.


paris parish pares parse bares pariahs parrs parries pears

Live coal. Torch, ember, brand, spark.

patrick patrick's patricia partook patrician patriot partake patricide party

patrick's patrick patricians

Chilly, chilled, unfeeling, indifferent, faint, depressing, illness, coldness. Inert, icy, dead, frigid, still, extinguished, frosty. Shivering, numb, benumbed, chilly. Unfriendly, heartless, glacial, hostile, inimical, cool. Unemotional, apathetic, emotionless, passionless, imperturbable, unaggected, unresponsive. Weak. Calm, dull, disheartening, spiritless, deliberate. Virus, chill, cough, flu, fever. Frigidity, chill, ice, freeze, frost, iciness.

patricia patrician patricians patricide patrick batrachian patricidal patricides parisian

paul pawl pail pal pall pawls paw bawl psalm

Border, leeway. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.

peru prey perry berry proud per perh prot prov

philippines philippine philistines filipinos philippics filipino filthiness philippic philistine

Maze, wander. Labyrinth, intricacy. Ramble, wind, twist, turn, stroll.

philip fillip file fillips phil filial filius phial fill

pierre pierce pyorrhea pier bier pyre pismire pierces pierced

Automatic, standardized, machinery, perfunctory. Automated, programmed. Stereotyped, monotonous, unchanging, fixed. Machine, physics, production, fabrication. Regular, thoughtless, involuntary, artificial, habitual, unreasoning. Mechanic.

puerto poured pouter uproot pure puree pseudo pouters purer

pyrex pyre byre pyres pyrexes byres

Change. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, turn, transmute.

pisa ipso pi pie pis pish pies bison ipsos

pluto plutos pluton bluet plat platoon plot pluto's plutons

Momentary. Ephemeral, fleeting, short, short-lived, temporary, transient, brief.

plutos pluto pluto's plutons bluets platoons pluton plats plots

pluto's plotos plutons pluto pluton blunts blurts bluet

Inorganic, inorganic substance. Rock, metallic. Rock, fossil, crystal, metal, petroleum.

pole pollee bole poles poled polo bola boles poleax

proteus proteges pertness protegees protons brothels peters petrels protest

bryan brian prying pry

purge purges purged purger burg burgeon burgess burgle barge

pitot pitots pistol piston pilot pitted piton pity pivot

And the grey of the morn was upon us as we sped through the poplar plain,

Form, distinctive nature, fungus, fashion, influence, decay. Model, cast, die, matrix, pattern, shape, cavity. Type, cast, class, character, sort, kind, stamp. Mildew, mould, parasite, decay. Form, model, shape, make, forge. Bend, govern, transform, develop, convert, transfigure. Mildew, rot, spoil, molder, rust.

Need fear the growth of a new authority taking the place

Minute, importance, momentum. Flash, instant, jiffy, second, trice, twinkling. Consequence, consideration, gravity, import, significance, weight. Drive, force, impetus, power.

Embalm. Preserve, wither, shrivel, mortify.

Change, deviation. Modification, variation, alteration, variety, turn, permutation, innovation. Anomaly, aberration. Mute.

Slanting, indirect, askew. Inclined, sloping, tilted, angled, inclining. Devious, circuitous, furtive, roundabout, underhanded, vague, obscure. Awry, crooked, lopsided, twisted, distorted, skew, askance.

Mud, seep, spurt, perspire. Mire, fluid, slime. Trickle, drip, leak, drop, flow, exude, percolate. Well, issue. Sweat, swelter.

quito quit quite quitely quiet quietly quoit quid quits

Uncovered, admissible, unoccupied, debatable, exposed, honest, perforated. Unclosed, denuded, naked, patent. Accessible, permitted, available, allowable, free, public, unrestricted. Unfulfilled, emptied. Controversial, disputable, questionable, undecided, uncertain, undetermined, unsettled. Bare, unguarded, uncovered, liable, insecure, undefended, unsafe. Above-board, plain, artless, straightforward, candid, fair, frank. Airy, filigree, penetrable, porous.



Combustion. Burning, flaming, fire, explosion, firing, kindling.

Burn. Consume, burn up, incinerate, flame.

Like, harmonic, counterpart, resemblance, match. Comparative, analogous, conforming, correspondent, identical, corresponding, equal. Tonic. Analogue, match, correlation. Analogy, correspondence, likeness, similarity. Correlate, resemble, correspond.

Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.

Interfuse. Pervade, saturate, impregnate, percolate.

Ossify, frighten. Harden, solidify, clarify, fossilize, strengthen, stiffen.

Bodily, material. Corporal, corporeal, mortal. Visible, natural, tangible, real, palpable, sensible, concrete. Physic.

Cushion. Sham, bolster, mat, pad, seat.

Sphere. Earth, star.

Pliable, synthetic, artificial product. Flexible, supple, impressionable, elastic, pliant, ductile, mobile. Substitute, molded, cast, artificial, fake, erzatz, phony. Synthetic, substitute.

Bravery, pick. Boldness, courage, determination, mettle, nerve, resolution, spirit. Jerk, pull, rip, snatch, tear, tug, yank.

Your life is full of mourning, and theirs so empty and bare

Infernal. Plutonian.

Would accomplish towards it, or when there would be

raleigh railing ramie raven

ralph rail raleigh wrath

raymond ramrod ramrods

rafael raffle ravel raffles raffled areal raaf arguable rateable

Perforated. Airy, filigree, penetrable, open.

regina reginas region regional regain regained regia regental regions

reginas regina regions regains regionals refines regents regimes regional

Principal, earliest, fundamental, immediate. Chief, first, highest, main. Beginning, aboriginal, prime, first, original, primeval, primitive. Basic, beginning, elementary, opening. Direct. Previous. Primitive, early, former.

rhode rode rhodes rodeo rod rodeos rhodium road rhodesia

richard richer riche richter rightward rican


richter richters rioter richer rioters wright writhe right righted


Particle of matter. Molecule, atom, electron, nucleus, iota.

riesling rieslings rilling wresting wrestling wriggling riffling rifling rinsing

rieslings riesling wrestlings rumblings rilling wresting wrestling wriggling rifling

Hot. Dangerous, active, poisonous.


robert robber robed orbed robot orbit robe robbers robbery

Economic slump, going back. Stagnation, decline, depression, inflation, slowdown. Withdrawal, regression, reversal, respite, retreat, receding.

rochester orchestra orchestras orchestral orchestrate orchids rheometer roaches rockets

rogers roger rogues wrongers orgies rouges rovers rowers orders


romeo rome rhyme rhomboid rhomb rodeo rom romp romped

rome romeo rhombi rhyme rhomb rime rom romp roomy

Decrease, alleviation. Reducing, decline, lessening, diminishing, lowering, contraction. Relaxation, mitigation, relief, decrease, slackening, abatement.


ronald wronged roundly

Stand in. Surrogate, substitute, proxy, alternate, deputy, equivalent, double. Replace, placement.

romanian romanians roumanian romaine romancing romano romany romanies rumanian

romanies romances romanos romaine romanians roominess romantic romans romance

russian russians russia russias rushing ruffian rusting rouses ruses

russians russian russias ruffians russia

And of other horrors they told not, except in a word or two,

Address. Abode, headquarters, domicile, dwelling, habitation, location, house.

Effete system of production will not, we are convinced,

sacramento sacrament sacraments sacramental sacramentals

caledonia chalcedony chalcedonic chalcedonies caldron california scalloping

salem shale shaley shalom scale salaam sale psalm salami

Facing. Abreast, fronting, contrasting, against, opposite, opposing, diametrical.

samoan sampan samoans samoa campaign shaman sampans shamans zambian

samoans sampans samoan campaigns shamans shampoos zambians salmons sampan

scand scant sand scan candy sands sandy scad scants

Fracture. Cleft, crack, break, split, tear, rupture, division.


capt chap chapter cap scat kaput sap cat chant

satan satans catnap satanic sateen satin saturn catkin astron

Inflexibility. Hardness, stiffness, austerity, acerbity, formality. Rigid.

satans satan satanism satanist satins catnaps astonish sateens saturns

saturn saturns astern astron satyr satan skater shatter scatter

saturns saturn satyrs astron satans caverns astern astounds satraps

Wave, undulate, fret. Undulation. Vibrate, purl, wave, ruffle, oscillate. Agitate, curl, dimple, riffle.

sylvia sylvan shyly sylvans silica skyline skydive syria silicate

sheila chela chelae shellac shell chelate shellacs shield shill

sahara ashtray sabra sacra ashlar scalar ashtrays shahs ashlars

Stone, foundation, rock music, rock and roll, move to and fro. Boulder, granite, slab. Support, footing, bedrock, bastion, solidity. Rock and roll, pop, jazz. Dance, gyrate, swing, undulate, shake, shimmy. Oscillate, sway, totter, undulate, wobble, jiggle.

shirley skirled shaley sheerly sharply shire shirred shrilly chorale

siam shim skim skimp seam psalm cia ciao shims

socrates scorches socratic cognates scorchers oscars socratics socialites osculates

Salted, sodium chloride, various mineral chlorides, wit, add salt. Pickled, preserved, cured, marinated. Condiment, seasoning. Spice, humor, relish, piquancy, pungency, bite. Season, cure, flavor, preserve.

socratic socratics scorbutic socrates somatic somatics oscars scholastic

oscars oscar occurs soccers occur osiers soakers socials oceans

socratics socratic sclerotics somatics scorbutic socrates somatic psoriasis scholastics

Subordinate, indirect. Second, lesser, lower, subsidiary, petty, inferior, small. Derived, subsequent, dependent, resultant, proximate, consequent.

solomon solomons colombian solemn column colophon columns cologne colophons

solomons solomon colombians columns colophons column solemn colognes colophon

colombian colombia colombians columbian columbians columbia columbine columbines

Division. Region, portion, compartment, province, fraction, part, dominion.


congo conga congos kong song congas conger scone condo

stanley stable stainless stale stance standee staple stably stained

Dregs, loess. Deposit, settlings, residue, grounds, precipitate, lees. Sand, silt, grit, soot, powder, alluvium.

stan stain stun stand stank skean sta stanch stanks

staten state states stated stain stately statue shuttle stamen

stuart stewart strut stout strutter tsar stunt shutout tsars

stewart steward stewards stewarded stellar skewer stealth skater

And ever more and more seemed the town like a monstrous tomb

Winding. Bent, hooked, bending, tortuous, curved, bowed, crooked.

At first sight, indeed, it would seem impossible to make

tampa tame tamp dame damp tamped tamper tampon damped

delegacies delicacies delegatees delagates demagogies

tennessee tennessee's tennises tenures

Carnal. Sensual, lustful, libidinous, lascivious, lecherous, prurient, lewd.

tennessee's tennessee

thess the thee them then these thew they thens

Hint, shade, follow. Intimation, implication, suggestion, suspicion, phantom, shade, specter. Adumbration, silhouette, eclipse, darkness. Tail, trace, track, stalk, trail, watch, dog.

texas texans theta texan texts thews tens thess thermals

thais thai thaws theism theist thighs thins tabs tags

Cut. Clip, prune, shave, trim, pare, lop, crop.

thai thais than that thaw thigh tail their thin

thomas tomes thompson tombs toms tomboys thermos togas tome

Bed linen, layer. Cloth. Covering, coat, mantle, leaf, thickness, ply, film.

thompson thomas thumps tomes tombstone tombs topes topis

tory dory tore troy torah thorny torr thorax torsi

Defense, protect. Protection, armor, guard, cover, buffer, aegis. Shelter, defend, mask, conceal, fend off, preserve, cover.

turk turks tour turkey tours tuck turf turn tusk

tunisians tunisian tunisia

Coast, brace, support. Beach, seashore, seaside, seacoast, lakeside. Stay, support, prop, post, beam, buttress, strut. Prop, brace.

tunisia tunisian tunisians tunnies tunas tunes dunes tunics utensil

tokays tokay todays tokyo tokyo's thomas togas today toady

Dirt, sully. Earth, mud, silt, loam, clay. Contaminate, taint, stain, disgrace, dirty, debase, degrade.

tokay tokays tokyo today toady took toga toby todays

tony tone done donna tiny ton don thorny tonal

Answer, homogenous mixture. Discovery, resolution, conclusion, clarification, explanation, explication, settlement. Suspension, emulsion, mixture, solvent.

donna tonneau done tone tony donned tonal don donate

thumped thumper thump thumbed thumpers thyme thrum thumb thumps

Particular. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.

durham durhams dough

durham durhams

tibet tippet tubed tibetan type tidbit tube tipsiest tippets

Where the poor are dumb and deedless, where the rich are not afraid.

Circular. Round, ring-shaped, rotund.

Notice. The "square," i.e. the sunken space, was guarded

Springtime, jump, springiness, crack, origin, jump, recoil. Prime. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Elasticity, buoyancy, vigor. Split, fissure, bend, warp. Beginning, source, fountainhead, head, mouth. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Rebound, fly back.

Balanced, constant, steadfast, stabilize. Even, stable, fixed, firm, steadfast, regular. Continuous, invariable, regular, unchanging, uninterrupted, unremitting, unvarying. Poised, staid, firm, unwavering, settled, cool, calm. Brace, firm, stiffen.

ulysses lushes lushness lusts

Standard, goods, livestock, stalk, lineage, handle, store. Regular, normal, typical, customary, commonplace, ordinary, usual. Merchandise, produce, inventory, provision, store, supplies, reserve. Cattle, sheep. Stem, trunk, plant. Ancestry, species, breed, parentage, pedigree, race, descent. Haft. Supply, hoard, equip, fill, furnish.

Made of stone, rock. Granite, adamantine, rocky, stony, craggy. Boulder, gravel, precious stone, bedrock.

undershot undershoot nudest undies undoes unesco undershirt understood

Effort, injury, breed, suggestion, anxiety, stretch, exert. Exertion, force, pressure. Twist, sprain, bruise, wrench. Species, ancestry, race, descent, stock, extraction, family. Hint, trace, streak. Tension, stress, pressure. Tauten, tighten. Strive, labor, try, endeavor.

Atmosphere. Medium, air, ether, sky.

undersea nudes unease intestate underseas undies undos undoes nudest

Importance, anxiety, emphasize, pressure. Emphasis, force, weight, significance, accent. Tension, apprehension, trepidation, disquietude, affliction, misgiving. Accent. Strain, tension, intensity, traction.

Hit, light, impress, picket, discover. Beat, slap, knock, buffet, clout, cuff. Ignite, inflame, burn. Affect, overwhelm. Boycott, oppose, resist, stop, quit. Unearth, find, uncover.

hotel other ode hot toe hotter otter odder odes

Construction, edifice. Fabrication, configuration, arrangement, composition, organization, form, shape. Building, bridge, dam, framework.

Elevated, outstanding. Lofty, inspiring, imposing, majestic, noble, virtuous, stately. Excellent, superb, peerless, marvelous, splendid, wonderful, grand.

tue due thu duo tough tee tie toe dues

Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.

Hang, postpone, reject. Attach, dangle, swing. Delay, intermit, hold up, withhold, defer, hold off, arrest. Refuse, exclude, bar, omit.

Respite. Stay, recess, intermission, discontinuity, hiatus, interruption, break.

Grand, distention, growth, surge, dandy, expand. Elegant, stylish, fashionable, first-rate, fine. Inflation, swelling. Increase, bulge, augmentation, protuberance. Billow, surf, sea, wave. Blade, buck, fop, coxcomb. Increase, enlarge, balloon, inflate, bloat, bulge, grow.

Board, chart, postpone. Counter, stand, desk, console. Appendix, index, summary, tabulation, record, schedule, report. Delay, defer, shelve.

Embankment. Earthwork, trench, ditch.

Anxiety, tautness. Pressure, strain, stress, unease. Force, tightness.

End, computer screen. Boundary, limit, termination, terminus, extremity. Monitor, screen.

No share for me then in the stir, no share in the hurry and mirth.

Trial, exam, try. Inquest, investigation, inquiry, inspection, experiment, analysis, probation. Examination, quiz, questionnaire. Experiment, examine, analyze, prove, verify, assay, inquire.

Seems to me nothing more than a machinery of socialism.

faustian faustians fasting faulting fascia


ven fen vein van vend vent fend fens venue


venus venues venous evens venue veins fens vends venoms

Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.

visceral viscera viscerally fixers

Hang, postpone, reject. Attach, dangle, swing. Delay, intermit, hold up, withhold, defer, hold off, arrest. Refuse, exclude, bar, omit.

virgil vigil virgule vigils virgin virgo viral virgules virile

Respite. Stay, recess, intermission, discontinuity, hiatus, interruption, break.

virginia virginal virgin virginia's virginity virgins virginals virginally virion

Grand, distention, growth, surge, dandy, expand. Elegant, stylish, fashionable, first-rate, fine. Inflation, swelling. Increase, bulge, augmentation, protuberance. Billow, surf, sea, wave. Blade, buck, fop, coxcomb. Increase, enlarge, balloon, inflate, bloat, bulge, grow.

virginia's virginia virginals virginities virginal virginalist virginity virginally

Board, chart, postpone. Counter, stand, desk, console. Appendix, index, summary, tabulation, record, schedule, report. Delay, defer, shelve.

vi vii viii visa vise via vie visit fie

Embankment. Earthwork, trench, ditch.

fyi phi fie phis phil fib fig fin fir

Anxiety, tautness. Pressure, strain, stress, unease. Force, tightness.

vii viii visa vise visit vision vis ivied ivies

Would flatter adown before us and tell of the acres of sheaves,

End, computer screen. Boundary, limit, termination, terminus, extremity. Monitor, screen.

Let me turn the leaf and find a new picture, or my holiday

washington washington's washings

washington's washington

wesley weasel whiskey weasels welsh welshes welshed welsher while

Fiber. Grain, fabric, nap, striation, warp, woof, tendency.

westerner westerners western westerns westernize weatherman westerlies whetstone

Slender, sparse, rare, insubstantial, dilute. Slim, lean, skinny, gaunt, lank, scrawny, emaciated. Scanty, meager, insufficient, inadequate, scarce. Attenuate, attenuated, tenuous, fluid. Slight, poor, flimsy, weak, faint, shallow, sketchy. Weaken, diminish, reduce, attenuate, expand.


Drive, jab. Ram, shove, plunge, lunge, jab, dig, propulsion. Stick, stab, pierce, puncture, penetrate, shove.

westerners westerner westerlies westernmost westernizes westerns westernize whetstones

Drawer, cultivate. Compartment, bin, receptacle, tray. Farm, labor, harrow, grow, work.


Trail, mark, track, investigate, draw. Sign, vestige, footprint, mark, record, track, spoor. Evidence, indication, hint, suggestion, shred, fragment, dash. Trail, pursue, hunt, follow. Discover, determine, ascertain, find out. Outline, copy, sketch, diagram, delineate.

william willis willing willard williwaw wilily

Pressure. Strain, tension, intensity, stress.

willis whiles wiles wills wiliest willows will william while

Change. Avert, divert, alter, convert, turn, metamorphose, transmute. Form.

willard willed wizard wizards william

Transit. Carriage, transport, conveyance, movement.

wilson wilton whiles wiles whiling wills while whilst whilom

Bower. Alcove, arbor, gazebo, retreat, lattice, hideaway.

wilton wilson wilt whiling wilting while wilts whilom whilst

wy wi why who whiz whom whop wick wide

As a map is to a picture, so is all that my words can say.

Three-way, three times, increase threefold. Treble. Triad, threesome, trio. Treble, triplicate.

We shall not bear it when the workers get out of their

jan yak yam yap yaw jun jane gang yank

jane janet june jan janus gannet yahweh yankee yawed

janet gannet jane jaunty jaunt gander ganged gannets garnet

Obscured. Vaporous, misty, foggy, cloudy, indistinct, obscure, thick.

janus jane gangs gannets yams yankees yaps yarns yaws

Tumultuous. Riotous, uproarious, violent.

yankee yankees yanked yank yanks jane jake janet jacketed

Unvaried, plain, constant, similar, clothing. Regular, unchanging, unwavering, invariable, unvarying, unchanged. Solid. Consistent, unchanging, regular, even, unchanged. Alike, comparable, corresponding, analogous, akin, agreeing. Wardrobe, habit, robe, dress, livery. Form.

lyra lira lyre lire liras lyres lyric lyrics lingua

Interior. Upriver, inland, hinterland, backwoods.

york yolk yolks yolky your jour yore york's yorker

Rehabilitation. Upgrade, restoration.

york's york yolks yorkers yores yokes jokes

Depth. Abyss, gulf, pit, shaft, well, crater, chasm.

yorker yorkers joker yonkers jokers york yore yoke joke

Pace. Gait, speed, rate, clip, tempo, dash, momentum.

judy judo jutty guide yummy judas judge judos judaic

Coherence. Texture, hardness, softness, density, firmness, consistency, flexibility.

juan jun guano jean joan june junk junks guam

Bulwark, obstacle, enclose. Barrier, bastion, bunker, rampart, dike, battlement. Barrier, obstruction, impediment, hindrance, resistance. Partition, divide, shut off, protect, immure.

june juneau yule junes gunny jounce jane jun guinea

judg judge jug judges judged judger judo judy jugs

But not for dreams of rejoicing had we come across the sea:

Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.

Us cease to be fools then, and they will be our masters no

zealand sealant sealants sealed sealing seaman sea-lane sea-lanes

zeus zeds zens gets geums sets sews zest geum

Atmospheric conditions, season, endure. Climate, sunshine, cold. Harden, deteriorate, discolor, disintegrate. Survive, hold up, resist.

zens gens scans sense scenes scents zen zeus gen

zunis zuni zones suns sunfish sundaes sundays sun suits

Breeze, hint, vanity, bend, coil. Gale, gust, bluster, blast, air, draught. Gossip, report, suggestion, intimation. Flatulence, emptiness. Curve, twist, turn, swerve, snake, meander, convolute. Curl, twist, twine, entwine, corkscrew, encircle.

soses souses osseous shores shoves soles sores souse cosmos

"Well, sir, you have got your wish, as far as I can hear,