Masking Tape

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Grief, which, he told her, would not only be destructive
Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress.
He knew of these affairs, than all he could say on
Gladness, pleasure.
Constancy in Distress
Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.
Entreated her to remain there his guest, as she had
Delight, exultation, rapture, satisfaction. Bliss, ecstacy, happiness, transport, enchantment.
To his harmonious tongue, though every sense is full
Pledge, entrust, perpetrate, institutionalize. Promise, guarantee, assurance, word, warrant. Commend, promise, confide, delegate, consign, allocate, appoint. Do, complete, perform, execute, effect, produce. Put away, imprison, confine, lock up.
Fatal Curiosity
Beloved. Darling, dear, favorite, lover, friend, love.
So profusely lavished on me, and for which I must ever
Similar, equal. Alike, comparable, uniform, analogous, consonant. Equivalent, match, corollary, counterpart.
To reach the goal: and because I know not but it may
Touch, fondle, baby. Stroke, feel, kiss. Touch, embrace, cuddle, nuzzle, stroke, snuggle, graze. Coddle, pamper, favor, cosset.
You, but to hang, stab, or drown myself;
Gaiety, happy, bright. Animation, cheerfulness, delight, fun, cheer, glee, merriment. Delighted, pleased, elated, contented, gratified. Happy, joyful, joyous, cheerful, light, lighthearted, merry.
Of melancholy reflections of the dangers, the terrors,
Enjoyment, indulgence, preference. Delectation, fruition, delight, gladness, gratification, happiness. Luxury, sensuality. Choice, desire, inclination, mind, predilection, purpose, will.
The Unfortunate Mistress
Affection, favor, similar, equal. Fondness, favor, partiality, preference, tendency, propensity, proclivity. Fancy, prefer, relish, enjoy. Alike, comparable, uniform, analogous, consonant. Equivalent, match, corollary, counterpart.
Could not bear it;--and being, by Myrtano's watchfulness
Fondness, affinity, affection, love, devotion, friendship, loyalty, affix, affiliate, attribute, attract, assign, preempt. Bond, bonding, fastening, fixture, tie, junction. Accessory, appendage, addition, device, annex, apparatus. Lien, garnishment, expropriation, sequestration. Fasten, bind, connect, hitch, join, stick on. Associate, join forces with, adhere, belong, accompany, combine, go with. Charge, assign, impute, ascribe, pertain, associate. Captivate, charm, enamor, engage, endear. Appoint, detail, name. Entail.
Willing to be at liberty to pursue new conquests;
Dedication, affection, eagerness, piety. Consecration. Party, attachment. Enthusiasm, ardor, fealty, fidelity, love, loyalty, zeal. Grace, devoutness, homage, faith, religion, godliness, sanctity.
Is already done, the monster threatens me with more
Fondness, inclination. Tenderness, love, warmth, regard, devotion, friendship, respect. Passion, bent, liking, bias, disposition, feeling, partiality.
Fatal Curiosity
Eagerness, abandon. Devotion, fervor, enthusiasm, passion, zeal, mettle. Lust, passion, fire, glow, heat, feverishness, warmth.
Constancy in Distress
Affinity, devotedly attached. Attraction, bond, affection, attachment, liking, closeness, alliance. Attached, cherished, loving, indulgent.
In this manner:
Emotion, desire, anger. Anger, outburst, ardor, enthusiasm, desire, fire. Infatuation, affection, craving, fancy, attachment, fondness, love. Fury, indignation, ire, rage, resentment, vehement, wrath.
Started back immediately, and got into the
Loved, sweetheart. Dearest, cherished, adored, precious, revered, worshiped. Lover, darling.
As well as words, let her see he was not to be moved.
Dear, beloved, term of endearment. Beloved, dearest, cherished, favorite. Sweetheart, dear, favorite, lover, friend, love. Lover, sweetheart, precious, dearest, sugar.
The Unfortunate Mistress
Female child, sweetheart. Child, lass, coed, young woman, maiden. Girlfriend, lover, mistress, darling.
Before had formed; and as soon as she saw him come
Beloved, costly, familiar, loved one. Intimate, cherished, sweet, darling, esteemed, loved, precious. Rich, prized, valuable, exorbitant, expensive, high, uneconomical. Close, intimate. Sweetheart, love.
Her name. It would have been a ridiculous piece of
Sweetheart, whet. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, love, sweet. File, sharpen, grind, taper, finish, mill.
Angels to be witness of her vow, swore she would
Sweetened, pure, melodious, aromatic, agreeable, dear. Honeyed, syrupy, luscious, saccharine, sugary. Clean, fresh, new. Harmonious, musical, tuneful, euphonious, smooth, winsome, mellifluous. Redolent, ambrosial, fragrant, perfumed. Amiable, pleasant, pleasing, kind, gentle, gracious, lovable. Beloved, darling, precious, dearest.
Fatal Curiosity
Like. Love, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of.
Improper to go directly to her own house,
Like, heave. Adore, love, cherish, affection, be fond of. Bulge, dilate, palpitate, expand, rise, swell.
Love in a Maze
Treasure, nourish, harbor. Esteem, appreciate, honor, prize, value, revere, idolize. Nurse, nurture, support, sustain, succor, shelter, comfort. Imagine, cling to, indulge, entertain, foster, humor, encourage.
Other's case, that it was to the temple of love the
Fondness, inclination. Tenderness, love, warmth, regard, devotion, friendship, respect. Passion, bent, liking, bias, disposition, feeling, partiality.
Ask no more. O unjust gods! cryed Abdomar, in a voice
Like. Love, care, be inclined, be disposed.
She found it, at her arrival, infinitely
Caress. Touch, embrace, cuddle, nuzzle, stroke, snuggle, graze.
Love in a Maze
Fondle. Touch, embrace, caress, nuzzle, stroke, snuggle, graze.
Thee, keep still the secret in thy burdened breast, but
Smack. Greeting, smooch.
Constancy in Distress
Favorite, caress. Beloved, darling, love, dear. Baby, cuddle, kiss, fondle, embrace, indulge, stroke.
Mulyzeden cannot but glory in the exchange.--All of us
Emit semen. Come, climax, copulate, ejaculate.
Already done in favor of the chevalier.--If so, I have indeed
Court, solicit. Charm, date, pursue. Address, cultivate, allure, entice, entreat, blandish, supplicate.
Which had so much surprised Briscilla
Pleasure, satisfy, whitish, buoyant, unsubstantial, agile, happy, frivolous, dizzy, dawn, aspect, descend, ignite, illuminate. Happiness, delectation, ecstasy, enjoyment, joy, rapture, transport. Enliven, gratify, charm, amuse, entrance, enchant, fascinate. Blanched, pale, fair. Weightless, easy, lightsome. Trivial, trifling, slight, shallow, petty, minor, inconsiderable. Nimble, airy, effortless, easy, docile, alert. Carefree, cheerful, cheery, gay, light-hearted. Easy, loose, giddy, lightsome, light-headed, volatile, whorish. Light-headed, delirious, giddy. Daybreak, daylight, illumination, radiance. Perspective, angle, point of view, viewpoint, approach. Land, come down, get down, disembark, alight. Inflame, set afire, set fire to, fire, kindle. Brighten, lighten, illume.
If you look on anything that I have done (said he)
Celebration, triumph, brag. Triumph, jubilation, joy, ecstasy. Delight, rejoice, glory, cheer, celebrate. Gloat, crow, bluster, boast, bully.
Her;--the passion she had for Myrtano, which her
Ecstacy. Bliss, transport, joy, happiness.
Whom she had bribed to that inhuman deed, gave her
Contentment, compensation. Gratification, happiness, complacency, relief, comfort, joy. Gratification, atonement, amends, settlement, recompense, remuneration, restitution.
And practising as much as she had observed, at that
Paradise. Ecstasy, rapture, delight, glory, transport, joy.
Mismanagement and follies of her past life. Now
Transport. Bliss, rapture, joy, happiness.
Another time reason and modesty, assisted by
Satisfaction, merriment, glad, fortunate, fitting, laughing, exhilarated. Rapture, blessedness, bliss, tranquillity. Mirth, cheer, vivacity, laughter, delight, exuberance. Blissful, blithe, cheerful, contented, delighted, gay, gladdened. Advantageous, favored, lucky, propitious, prosperous, successful. Appropriate, apt, befitting, felicitous, opportune, pertinent. Shouting, cheering, sparkling, jesting, smiling. Rapt, intoxicated, ecstatic, overjoyed, vivacious, rollicking.
Without communicating the secret. To those insensibles
Carrier, ecstasy, move, harbor. Transportation, conveyance, conveyor, mover. Bliss, rapture, joy, happiness. Carry, convey. Haven, breakwater, harborage, anchorage.
With all the soft endearments suitable to so surprising
Fascination, bewitch, delight. Allure, attractiveness, appeal, charisma, charm, grace, seductiveness. Entrance, enthrall, take, captivate, fascinate, transport. Gratify, charm, enrapture.
Love in a Maze
Fatal Curiosity