Yuletidal Rave

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Miser, tightwad, skinflint, churl, niggard.
Distinctness; being now a thing with
Badge of honor, badger, badgering, badly, badly written, badmouth, badness, baffle,

Scrooge lay in this
Miser, skinflint, cheapskate, scrooge, piker, penny pincher.
Hot chestnuts, Jesus Christ, mincemeat pie, Santa Claus.

And to be the
Lie, deception, imposter, cheat.
Cranberries, Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, mincemeat pie,

Chin and left the office with a growl.
Miser, cheapskate, tightwad, piker, penny pincher, scrooge.
Shopping mall, Jingle Bells, sugarplum, guiding star,

They had never lived
Baffled, bafflement, bag, bagatelle, baggage, baggy, bail, bail out,
Mincemeat pie, midnight clear, mincemeat pie, hollyhock,

They were not."
Boor, rustic, yokel, peasant, bumpkin, curmudgeon, brute, wretch.
Guiding star, Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, Old St. Nick,

They really
Fake, fraud, hoax, deception, trick, imposture.
Jingle Bells, mistletoe, 3 wise men, mistletoe,

Miser, tightwad, skinflint, scrooge, niggard.
Jesus Christ, silent night, hot chestnuts, shopping mall,

He had made a point always of standing
Bait, bake, baked, baker, balance, balanced, balcony, bald,
Silent night, credit card, Santa Claus, mincemeat pie,

You have the
Miser, cheapskate, tightwad, scrooge, stiff, skinflint.
Roast turkey, mistletoe, tannenbaum, shopping mall,

Chambers I
Sham, falseness, hypocrisy, charlatanism, pretense.
Hot chestnuts, mincemeat pie, roast turkey, peppermint,

Inclined myself to regard a
Tightwad, niggard, miser, skinflint.
Old St. Nick, Jesus Christ, bah humbug, cranberries,

Balderdash, baldheaded, bale, baleful, balk, balky, ball, ball bearing,
Mistletoe, Bethlehem, Santa Claus, Jesus Christ,

Put on his hat.
Miser, cheapskate, tightwad, skinflint, penny pincher, scrooge.
Sugarplum, 3 wise men, mistletoe, hollyhock,

Turned down the lamps as he gave utterance to the
Charlatan, cheat, deceiver, swindler, pretender, confidence man, quack.
Holiday, cranberries, evergreen, cranberries,

Name cast a dark shadow on the party
Tightwad, niggard, miser, skinflint.
Credit card, bah humbug, Jesus Christ, guiding star,

What there is particularly dead
Ballad. balladeer, ballast, ballerina, ballet, ballet dancer, balloon, ballot,
Hollyhock, nutcracker, tannenbaum, sugarplum,

The chin and left the office with a growl
Miser, cheapskate, tightwad, skinflint, penny pincher, scrooge.
Credit card, candy cane, guiding star, nutcracker,

Shall not disturb it or the country's
Deceive, delude, dupe, fool, swindle, trick.
Bah humbug, midnight clear, sugarplum, bah humbug!

Their breasts and stamping their feet upon the
Miser, cheapskate, tightwad, piker, skinflint, scrooge.
I'd rather be a baby. Hallo! Whoop! Hallo there!"