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'Twas autumn, and a calm and placid day
Fell audibly. And with a startling sound.
O there is blessing in the gentle breeze,
I settle on some British theme, some old
As to myself pertained. I made a choice
To add meanwhile assurance of some work
Flying, found shelter in the Fortunate Isles,
Above the cavern of the willow-tree,
From paramount impulse not to be withstood;
A farewell to the city left behind,
Whereat, being not unwilling now to give
Meanwhile, the precipices rang aloud;
Beneath a tree, slackening my thoughts by choice
From some hill-top on sunny afternoons
Thoughtfully fitted to the Orphean lyre;
Of childhood didst thou intertwine for me
Fell audibly, and with a startling sound.
Of glory there forthwith to be begun--
With silver clouds and sunshine on the grass,
And the whole beauteous fabric seems to lack
In one society. Ah me, that all
Still hurrying, hurrying onward. Moon and stars
As at the touch of lightning, seeking him
Two hours declined towards the west, a day
The heart is almost mine with which I felt
Internal echo of the imperfect sound--
Of curling mist, or from the level plain
Perhaps too there performed. Thus long I lay
Discordant elements, and makes them move
Perfect, pure, total, authoritarian, certain. Complete, pure, faultless, unblemished, ideal, whole, untarnished. Unalloyed, stark, sheer, unadulterated, unmixed, unqualified, decided. Entire, unmitigated, unbounded, unconditional, unlimited, unqualified, unrestricted. Peremptory, supreme, autocratic, strict, despotic, tyrannical. Unequivocal, undeniable, definite, indubitable, categorical, sure, affirmative.
Blessed the infant babe--
Theoretical, separate, abstruse, summary, essence, separate, steal, dissociate, condense. Hypothetical, ideal, transcendent, conceptual, unpractical. Apart, isolated, special, unrelated. Obscure, complex, complicated, deep, difficult. Abridgment, brief, compendium, condensation, digest, epitome, gist. Argument, condensation, core, distillation, heart, idea, substance. Distill, withdrawn, draw away, fractionate, remove, take away. Rob, appropriate, pilfer, rifle, purloin, shoplift, loot. Disjoin, disunite, isolate, separate, disengage, divert. Abbreviate, abridge, epitomize, summarize, distill, outline, edit.
Among the leaves were stirring, and the sun,
Ridiculous. Senseless, foolish, idiotic, stupid, asinine, inane, nonsensical.
When all the ground was dark and the huge clouds
Action, law, performance, do, behave, dramatize, fake. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, feat, performance, transaction. Award, verdict, decree, order, edict, writ, judgment. Sketch, impersonation, scene, routine, stint, turn. Bear, execute, officiate, make, transact, react. Deal, seem, comport oneself, appear, conduct, deport, perform. Present, play, imitate, simulate, rehearse, impersonate, parody. Pretend, couterfeit, impersonate, feign, sham, imitate.
Sublimer joy, for I would walk alone
Existence, true, real. Presence, life, reality, being, animation. Absolute, existent, categorical, extant, certain, factual, decided. Present, existent, tangible, substantive, concrete, material.
For calmer pleasures--when the beauteous forms
Abundance. Enough, plenty, sufficiency.
Among the leaves were stirring, and the sun,
Tasteful, cultured. Beautiful, pleasing, appreciative, elegant, artistic. Cultivated, artistic, inventive, refined, polished, discriminating.
With giddy motion, but the time approached
Assertion, avowal, certification, asset, approve. Statement, avowal, declaration, announcement, pronouncement, attestation. Affidavit, confirmation, testimony, sworn statement, oath, attestation, profession. Acceptance, endorsement, sanction, warranty, corroboration. Declare, swear, maintain, warrant, aver, claim, depose. Confirm, endorse, establish, ratify.
Returned from the half-yearly holidays,
Breakdown, examination, Freudian therapy. Breakup, dissection, ratiocination, separation, subdivision, resolution. Inquiry, investigation, study, summary, explication, critique, report. Psychiatry, psychoanalysis.
Most audible then when the fleshly ear,
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
With lilies-of-the-valley like a field,
Confident expectation, foresight, forecast, expect, preclude. Expectation, expectancy, outlook, prospect, awaiting. Apprehension, forethought, intuition, premonition, foreboding. Foresee, predict, envision, prognosticate, augur, prophesy. Prepare, hope for, await, count on, wait for. Obviate, nullify, intercept, prevent, forestall, hinder.
We ran a boisterous race, the year span round
Arrival, aspect. Rise, showing, seeming, semblance, emergence, presentation, show. Demeanor, mien, air, cast, bearing, expression, countenance.
Returned from the half-yearly holiday,
Undergo. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, experience.
A hermit's history. In such a race,
Desire, liking. Hunger, craving, longing, thirst, lust, demand. Relish, penchant, gusto, propensity, inclination, zest.
Society made sweet as solitude
Use, bearing, petition, software, persistence. Utilization, function, operation, employment, practice, usage. Relevance, aptitude, aptness, connection, pertinence, suitability. Inquiry, bid, appeal, document, request, solicitation, questionnaire. Program, module, procedure. Diligence, industry, attention, assiduity, effort, devotion, study.
In storm and tempest, or in starlight nights
Anxiety, understanding, seizure, idea. Alarm, trepidation, uneasiness, worry, misgiving, mistrust, dread. Perception, intelligence, comprehension, grasp, perspicacity, reason. Arrest, capture, catching. Knowledge, opinion, sentiment, view, sense, belief.
That ancient woman, and her board, supplied.
Supposition, arrogance, appropriation. Conjecture, surmise, presupposition, assuming, presumption, hypothesis. Nerve, haughtiness, conceit, pride, contumely, effrontery, forwardness. Assuming, accepting, usurpation.
And what my waking thoughts, supplied to nurse
Mindfulness, courtesy, observance. Alertness, application, focus, concentration, thoroughness, care, fascination. Civility, politeness, consideration, care, concern, regard. Tact, notice, observation, regard, reflection, thoughtfulness.
We rested in the shade, all pleased alike,
Disposition, perspective. Manner, demeanor, feeling, bearing, temperament, spirit, approach. Stand, point of view, position, posture, viewpoint, outlook, opinion.
Hence rustic dinners on the cool green ground--
Command, head, law, permission, testimony, writer, creator. Power, strength, sway, influence, control, supremacy, rule. Expert, critic, adjudicator, master, arbiter, administrator, connoisseur. Rule, ruling, statute, government. Authorization, justification, power, permit, sanction, liberty, warrant. Witness. Novelist, poet, producer. Inventor, designer, originator, producer.
In pennyless poverty. But now, to school
Fundamental principle. Basis, theory, conception, philosophy, truth, law, postulate.
And human knowledge, to the human eye

Out-blackens Erebus, and the full-caverned earth

Thus daily were my sympathies enlarged,
Setting, credentials. Environment, framework, horizon. Antecedents, qualifications, education, preparation.
Of vigorous hunger, for our daily meals
Courier, manner, relation, bearings, ball bearing, animal, support, transport, bear down, produce, tolerate, relate, merit, aim, behave, demonstrate. Express, dispatcher, runner. Behavior, carriage, demeanor, posture, mien, presence, conduct. Concern, relevance, significance, connection, pertinence, reference, kinship. Orientation, course, direction, location, position, aim. Pivot, fulcrum, block, swivel. Grizzly. Hold up under, shoulder, sustain, uphold, carry on, keep up. Carry, conduct, convey, transfer, take, guide. Drive, force, press, push, thrust, pressure, shove. Beget, give birth to, bring forth, turn out, litter, spawn. Abide, suffer, endure, be capable of, sustain, brook, hold up under. Pertain, be pertinent, concern, appertain, be relevant, affect, tend. Deserve, warrant, be worthy of, invite. Turn, veer, curve, bend, deviate. Act, conduct, operate, succeed, work, govern. Display, broadcast, exhibit,show, spread, transmit, utter.
And yet the building stood, as if sustained
Existence, essence, entity, live. Presence, life, reality, actuality, animation. Substance, nature, marrow, principle, quintessence. Animal, human, spirit, soul, god. Exist, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive.
And to my friend who knows me I may add,
Creed, conviction, faith. Notion, tenet, thought, view, doctrine, idea, opinion. Hypothesis, assurance, postulate, philosophy, inference, persuasion, conclusion. Acceptance, assent, credence, credit, trust, confidence.
Nor is my aim neglected if I tell
Set, pertain, be akin to. Go, fit in, conform. Appertain, concern, relate, vest. Reside, inhere, occupy.
To beat along the plain of Windermere
Sightless, impetuous, heedless, concealed, dead end, cover, ambush, ruse. Eyeless, purblind. Hasty, headlong, uncontrolled, rash, unreasonable, irrational, undiscerning. Oblivious, careless, unaware, ignorant, indiscriminate, unenlightened, thoughtless. Secluded, hidden, dark, dim, obscure, confused. Closed, obstructed, blocked, shut off. Curtain, screen, shade, visor. Trap, hiding place, pitfall, snare. Cover, front, decoy, trick, pretense, pretext, stratagem.
We came with purses more profusely filled,
Trunk, main part, person, cadaver, association, central idea. Torso, frame, flesh, size, build, physique, bones. Majority, bulk, assembly, core, substance, hull. Somebody, individual, human being, soul, character. Carrion, carcass, corpse, remains. Company, troop, corporation, clique, collection, society, band. Substance, text, consistency, density, thesis, thickness, argument.
It was the pastime of our afternoons
Associate. Relate, correlate, attribute, connect, identify with, assign, equate.
An old stone table and a mouldered cave--

Why it is thus, one knows in heaven above:

In conversation betwixt man and man
Exclusion. Preclusion, prohibition, breach, omission, repudiation, elimination, slighting.
To gallop through the coury in blind zeal
Degree. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, grade.
Wishing to hope without a hope--some fears
Basis, reason, produce, originate. Root, grounds, source, occasion, antecedent, rationale, motive. Purpose, aim, objective, end, motive, goal, object. Induce, bring about, make, work, procure, effect, occasion. Engender, provoke, give rise to, create.
And what may rather have been called to life
Stop, terminate. Desist, interrupt, quit, pause, refrain, suspend. Culminate, disappear, end, halt, vanish, discontinue.
From personal and family regards,
Sure, unequivocal, inevitable, particular, determined, reliable. Obvious, assured, secure, convinced, satisfied, confident, positive. Absolute, idisputable, incontestable, clear, unerring, plain, patent. Decided, inescapable, infallible, predestined, destined, determined, sure. Definite, specific, special, individual, especial. Established, decided, constant, given, fixed. Unfailing, dependable, unquestionable, trusty, authentic, trustworthy, sound.
Some friends I had--acquaintances who there
Definition. Explanation, construciton, description, narration, exegesis, elucidation.
And faculties, whether to work or feel:
Categorizing, division. Arrangement, grouping, assortment, organization, allotment, allotting, apportionment. Class, order, group, kind, category, section, branch.
With undisordered sight. But leaving this,
Being clear or uncomplicated, bright, distinct, apparent, certain, innocent, calm, free, unblemished, free, brighten, cleanse, absolve, extricate, liberate, jump over, profit. Distinctness, lucidity, simplicity, explicitness, clarity, monotony, unity. Transparent, lucid, limpid, crystal-clear, unclouded, crystalline, cloudless. Lucid, legible, comprehensible, intelligible, visible, perceptible, conspicuous. Explicit, unequivocal, unmistakable, unambiguous, evident, indisputable, manifest. Strong, assured, alert, keen, definite, positive, sure. Excused, absolved, exonerated, vindicated, irreproachable, acquitted. Serene, pacific, rainless, cloudless, untroubled, fair, sunny. Open, unobstructed, unencumbered, unhindered, unimpeded, unfettered. Clean, undefiled, unsullied, smooth, immaculate, pure, spotless. Remove, rid, flush, empty, drain. Lighten, expose, clarify, break up, illuminate. Wash, purify, wipe clean, erase, purge, blank out, expurgate. Pardon, clear up, resolve, explain, acquit, excuse, exonerate. Disentangle, free, disencumber, disengage, remove obstructions, vacate, cut away. Emancipate, free, let go, set free, unchain, unfetter, set loose. Hurdle, vault, go over. Earn, realize, net, make, receive.
Beneath the pealing organ. Empty thoughts,
Evidence, give information. Hint, intimation, mark, trace, sign, suggestion, cue. Intimate, suggest.
If childlike fruitfulness in passing joy,
Meditation, ponder. Contemplation, reflection, study, rumination, thought, consideraton, attention. contemplate, study, think, reflect, meditate, muse, ruminate.
About my future worldly maintenance,
Harmony, incident rate of occurrence, direction of fall. Agreement, accordance, parallelism, correspondence, eventuality, consonance, accord. Fluke, event, accident, chance, unison, hazard. Occurrence, frequency, range, scope, spread, direction, trend. Tendency, drift, degree, slope, proportion, line, measure.
Collateral suspicion, else unknown.
Aggregated, aggregate, accumulate, gather, harvest, settle. Consilidated, accumulated, concentrated, compiled, gathered. Cooperative, organization, unit, body. Pick, compile, pile, raise, amass, aggregate. Meet, convoke, muster, assemble, flock, convene, troop. Raise, secure, reap, glean, obtain, solicit. Negotiate, receive, handle, manage, dun, bill.
And the first dazzle of the taper-light,
Coloration, pigment, outward appearance, tinge, blush, misrepresent. Hue, tint, cast, intensity, shade, brilliance, tone. Dye, stain, tincture, tint. Pretense, guise, deception, disguise, semblance. Dye, paint, tint, imbue, stain, stipple, daub. Flush, redden, bloom, glow. Distort, slant, twist, disguise, corrupt, pervert, deceive.
Which time, and place, and season do impress
Order, mastery, demand, rule, dominate. Dictate, regulation, decree, mandate, behest, ordinance, bidding. Authority, ascendancy, head, dominion, control, power, domination. Order, charge, bid, direct, decree, impose, instruct. Control, dominate, govern, superintend, oversee, lead, supervise. Overlook, tower above, eclipse.
By after-meditation. But delight,
Whole, concluded, downright, perfect, achieve, finish. Total, entire, integral, comprehensive, undiminished, radical, undivided. Finished, done, completed, terminated, consummated. Absolute, categorical, outright, utter, clear-cut, sweeping, exhaustive. Exemplary, flawless, ideal, unblemished, model, superlative, exquisite. Execute, accomplish, actualize, effectuate, effect, supplement, fulfill. End, close, clinch, terminate, conclude, consummate, realize.
And poor misguided shame, and witless fear,
Idea. Notion, thought, inspiration, conception, image, abstraction, impression.
Why should I grieve?--I was a chosen son.
Actual, physical, made of cement, pavement. Specific, particular, real, accurate, definite, solid, singular. Solid, firm, strong, compressed, hard, dense, tangible. Solid. Cement, mortar, asphalt.
Unknown, unthought of, yet was almost rich,
Corroborate, ratify, strengthen. Establish, verify, bear out, resolve, authenticate, substantiate, justify. Sanction, accredit, approve, affirm, authorize, endorse. Fortify, reinforce, assure, support, establish, invigorate, make firm.
And, more than all, a strangeness in my mind,
Discord, battle, oppose, contest, hostility, argument, antagonism, strife, friction, disharmony, disunity. Struggle, fight, skirmish, collision, strife, contention, contest. Clash, collide, differ, contradict, disagree, dispute. Fight, battle, combat, contend, struggle, interfere.
As if with a rebound my mind returned
Symmetry. Conformity, harmony, balance, congruity, regularity, consistency, consonance.
Even the loose stones that cover the highway,
Association, link, affiliation, amalgamation, relative. Relevance, correlation, bearing, pertinence, conjunction, dependence, coherence. Bond, attachment, tie, coupling, connective, junction, fastening. Kinship, reciprocity, respect, affinity, association, relationship, interdependence. Network, consolidation, incorporation, federation, alliance, circle, merger. Sibling, kin, relation, kinsman, kith.
Some fair enticing island, did but know
Emotion, aware, aware, purposeful. Feeling, pathos, affection empathy, impression, passion. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Well understood, or naturally endeared,
Found, empower, draft, make up. Establish, create, develop, organize. Commission, appoint, authorize, delegate. Enact, decree, legislate, order. Compound, frame, compose, aggregate.
To know that I was otherwise endowed.
Satisfied, aggreeable, satisfaction, significance, makeup, appease. Comfortable, contented, pleased, gratified, sanguine, delighted, snug. Assenting, resigned, quiescent, tranquil, willing, peaceful. Contentment, happiness. Meaning, idea, theme, substance, gist, subject, topic. Composition, contents, filling, packing. Satisfy, reconcile, gratify, delight, please, gladden, cheer.
I make short mention. Things they were which then
Eventuality, accident. Chance, possibility, event, likelihood, probability, circumstance, odds. Fortuity, incident, exigency, luck, predicament.
Is smitten thence with an unnatural taint,
Proceed, last, remain, sustain, adjourn. Go ahead, carry through, keep on, pursue, keep up, persevere, persist. Outlive, endure, outlast, exist, persist, wear. Stay, abide, rest, linger, loiter, survive, tarry. Hold, maintain, keep, preserve, carry on, protract. Extend, suspend, postpone, carry over, lengthen.
Upon the matron temples of a place
Imitation, model, imitate, illustrate, reproduce, exactly, . Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, carbon. Exemplar, archetype, paragon, manuscript, prototype, standard, original. Reproduce, engross, duplicate, mimic, trace, manifold. Embody, epitomize, typify, personify, model. Represent, paraphrase, counterfeit, forge, cartoon, delineate, depict. Verbatim, word for word, precisely.
In this recess which I have bodied forth
Tangible. Solid, material, palpable, physical, real, touchable, sensible.
No longer haunting the dark winter night.
Relate, interact. Associate, equate, compare, connect. Correspond, reciprocate, alternate, exchange.
Like a sick lover, then his dog was used
Judge, faultfinder. Censor, commentator, connoisseur, analyst. Quibbler.
By birth and call of nature preordained

Budded, and swelled, and, full-blown, shed full showers

Old men and matrons, staid, promiscuous rout,
Show, explain, political protest. Teach, confirm, illustrate, prove, present itself. Describe, display, express, make clear, illustrate, establish. Protest, manifest, exhibit, display, parade, picket, march.
Perhaps than if it had been more desired,
Entitle, propose. Address, call, term baptize, tally, name, label. Name.
A passenger approaching, would he turn
Subordination, contingency, reliance. Yoke. Sequence, connection, interdependence, relationship. Trust, belief, credence, faith.
Though earnest--doubtless with a little pride,
Picture. Delineate, describe, draw, imagine, paint, represent.
At our domestic table; and, dear friend,
Conclude, obtain, slice. Educe, determine, evolve. Acquire, procure, receive. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, cut, carve.
Had lain awake on breezy nights to watch
Report, classification. Narration, portrait, story, recital, version, portrayal. Order, genus.
Remembering the importance of his theme
Variance, distinction. Division, contrariety, feud, contrast, misunderstanding, disagrement, opposition. Dash, discrimination, idiosyncrasy, tone.
A satire on myself. My aged dame
Straight, immediate, open, guide, instruct, aim. True, uninterrupted, undeviating. Evident, prompt, personal, simple, unbroken. Main, categorical, naked, downright, officious, earnest, plump. Enjoin, advise, head, conduct, influence, control, oversee. Require, bid, command, inform, will, wish, order. Level, sight, turn, point.
In comfort, I entreated that henceforth
Training, punishment, control, rules, instruct, punish. Cultivation, drill, development, exercise, instruction, practice. Castigation, chastisement, correction. Limitation, government, order, regulation, subjection, subjugation. Code. Form, prepare, drill, control, harden, educate, exercise. Subdue, penalize, castigate, limit, chastise, correct.
That time can lay upon her, how on earth
Separation. Division, parting, interruption, cessation, cleavage, disruption, intrusion.
Was as a volume to me; some I hailed
Break, joining. Crack, split, cleavage, fissure, severing, fracture, breach. Connection, close, union.
A pleasant sight it was when, having clomb
Length, way, outskirts, affectation. Reach, stretch, span, range, compass. Hinterland, background, outpost, horizon, objective. Pose, air, carriage, attitude, position, mannerism.
Was given, that I should be--else sinning greatly--
Single, clear, audible. Only, particular, different, discrete, dissimilar, diverse. Express, fair, definite, lively, plain, lucid. Clear, plain, sharp.
Like recognitions, but with some constraint
Unchangeable, dictatorial. Inevitable, categorical, immovable, formal, unqualified, eternal, positive. Bigoted, egotistical, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical.
At sight of such an emblem that shewed forth
Distrust, hesitancy, question, hesitate. Hazard, disbelief, problem, faltering, quandary, hesitancy, hesitation. Skepticism, scruple, perplexity, suspense, dilemma, demurral, quandary. Oppugn, wonder at, distrust, discredit, mistrust, supect. Scruple, vacillate, ponder, stagger, waver, query, stick.
Was with me, at my side; she guided me,

A yielding up, a cradling on her care.

Of poesy, affecting private shades
Dictatorial, selfish, smart aleck. Bigoted, dogmatic, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical. Egoistic, illiberal, egotistical, self-seeking. Know-it-all, busybody.
Which I had loved, even as a blessed spirit
Manifest, organize. Actualize, externalize, incarnate, materialize. Combine, include, establish, incorporate, integrate.
Had watched her with fixed eyes, while to and fro
for fri fry frog from fray free froth freon
Seat of passion. Breast, feeling, spirit, response, soul, pity, heart.
The boyish spirit flagged, and day by day
Experimental. Provisional, speculative, hypothetical.
But now was come a change--it would demand
Vacant, superficial, expressionless, discharge. Barren, blank, vacuous, bare, uninhabited, emptied, clear. Hypocritical, insincere, delusive, lone, dishonest, hollow, tame. Trifling, stupid, foolish, frivolous, blank. Exhaust, dump, teem, drain, void, evacuate, spill.
Among my schoolfellows I scattered round
Cause, procreate. Get, produce, bring about, create, raise, excite, give rise to. Raise, beget, breed, create, generate.
But now there opened on me other thoughts,
Surroundings, setting. Atmosphere, condition, climate, circumstances, milieu. Ambience, entourage, medium, decor, milieu, scene.
Nor knapsack; in his very dress appeared
Basic nature, distilled spirits. Nature, core, gist, pith, sum and substance, spirit. Spirit, distillation, juice, elixir, alcohol, liquor.
Returned my salutation, then resumed
Morality. Morals.
Spirits upon the stretch, and here and there
Indication, documentation, show. Sign, signal. Affidavit, data, deposition, confirmation, exhibit, information, proof. Denote, demonstrate, connote, make clear, designate, manifest.
Like a sick lover, then his dog was used
Literal, demanding, careful, compel, extort,. Verbatim, accurate, close, correct, faithful, precise. Exacting, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, severe, strict, unbending. Perfect, critical, methodical, nice, orderly, precise, punctilious. Call for, demand, force, require. Extract, wrest, wring.
Than those which now we have been passing by.
Demonstration, evidence, display. Performance, display, presentation, exhibition, exposition, manifestation, offering. Testimony. Betray, expose, disclose, feature, present, evince, express.
Gently on infant minds as does the sun
Be. Live, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive.
A worshipper of worldly seemliness-
Prospect, anticipate, require. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Count, contemplate, await, hope, calculate, count on. Demand, insist on, exact.
Rich with indigenous produce, open ground
Encountering, knowledge, undergo. Occurrence, feeling. Training, skill, seasoning, sagacity, maturity, practice, wisdom. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, apperceive.
Was Euclid's Elements. 'And this,' said he
Solve. Explain, unravel, untangle, resolve.
The stranger,' said my friend continueing,
consigning continuing containing continuant continues continued continuer convincing contingent
Explicit, particular, accurate, fast, courier, declare, exhibit, signify, press out, dispatch, newsmen, compress, crowd, flatten. Considered, categorical, deliberate, clear, willful, definite, distinct. Especial, signal, set, singular, specific, special. Close, exact, faithful, precise, true. Quick, direct, accelerated, nonstop, rapid, swift. Bearer, dispatcher, runner. Couch, assert, tell, air, phrase, asseverate, signify. Expose, indicate, manifest, represent, reveal, show. Denote, designate, indicate. Expel, distill, squeeze out. Forward, ship, send. Constrain, crowd, crush, jam, mash, push, squash. Cram, crush, jam, squash, squeeze. Iron, smooth.
That self-same village church: I see her sit--
Stretch out, enlarge, bestow, be inclined, care for. Mantle, attenuate, draw, draw out, elongate, continue, lengthen. Diffuse, continue, dilate, reach, expand, fill out. Give, grant, impart, offer, yield. Be disposed, lean. Attend to, guard, watch over, protect, keep, take care of.
'Stretched forth the shell towards me, with command

Phoebe is fairer far--O gaze no more.--

Too learned, or too good, but wanton, fresh,
Truth, event, act, substantiality, being. Actuality, certainty, reality, verity, certitude, truism. Happening, phenomenon, occurrence, incident, experience, episode, manifestation. Action, deed, proceeding, accomplishment, transaction, affair, performance. Solidity, stability, permanence. Existence, entity.
Make green peninsulas one's Thwaite's Lake.
Elegant, decorated, capricious, fantasy, conception, caprice, preference, sensitivity, imagine, like. Choice, distinctive, deluxe, fine, custom. Adorned, elaborate, ornate, lavish, resplendent. Extravagant, fanciful, irregular, whimsical. Daydream, imagination, dream, nightmare. Hallucination, idea, image, impression, notion, thought. Crotchet, humor, quirk, vagary, whim. Fondness, inclination, liking. Judgment, sensitiveness, taste. Conceive, envision, picture. Be pleased with, prefer.
But so it is; and in that dubious hour,
Experience, believe, appear, examine. Sense, know, perceive, savor, observe, taste. Consider, credit, deem, hold, sense, think. Exhibit, suggest. Explore, handle, manipulate, finger, grip, clutch, grope.
It might have well beseemed me to repeat
Make full, supply, occupy, choose. Pack, fill up, inflate, pour, pump up, replenish. Execute, discharge, perform. Stand in, pervade, permeate, take up, distend. Find, appoint, name, elect, nominate.
Where it lies hidden in its endless home
Limber, adaptable. Elastic, stringy, malleable, ductile, plastic. Compliant, manageable, gentle, docile, tractable, yielding.
Touches him not. Briefly, the moral part
Frontage, land, base, establish, instruct. Exterior, anterior, obverse, facade, bow, front, forehead. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
The honors of thy high endowments; there
Appearance, model, kind, group, ceremony, business form, formula, cast, make, arrange, teach, invent. Plan, conformation, cast, framework, configuration, structure, cut. Mold, pattern. Arrangement, manner, order, sort, style, type. Assemblage, organization. Ceremonial, conformity, liturgy, convention, formality, formula, ritual. Application, duplicate, blank, questionnaire, pattern, document, paper. Approach, method, mode, practice, procedure, system. Design, construct, contrive, fashion, carve, frame, chisel. Create, originate, produce, compose, constitute, make up, invent. Combine, dispose, order, organize, systematize. Discipline, rear, educate, instruct, train. Contrive, devise, frame.
Behold a race of young ones like to those
Forward. Out.
And Sabra in the forest with St. George!
Perimeter, tasseled border. Edge, borderline, border, periphery, frontier. Border, trimming, edging, knitting.
'This other,' pointing to the shell, 'This book
Brimming, occupied, abundant, broad, resonant, loose, mature. Teeming, big, laden, brimful, voluminous, saturated, jam-packed. Assigned, reserved, taken. Complete, copious, ample, bounteous, plentiful, plenteous, sufficient. Unlimited, extensive. Rounded, throaty, deep, loud. Flapping, baggy, flowing. Grown, entire, complete.
And heard that instant in an unknown tongue,
Duty, reception, perform. Business, service, capacity, purpose, office, utility, province. Celebration, meeting, party. Act, officiate, go, operate, run, work.
While questioning himself what this strange freight

Leading the way, young damsels danced along.

And their high privilege of lasting life
Widespread, common, miscellaneous, indefinite. Extensive, broad, limitless, endless, inclusive, comprehensive, comprehending. Ordinary, commonplace, customary, natural, prevailing, prevalent, matter-of-course. Unrestricted. Inexact, vague, ill-defined, uncertain, imprecise, lax.
Was growing in him when, behold, at once
Classification. Order, description.
By the highways and hedges: ballad-tunes,
Granted, transferred, forename. Supplied. Offered, expended.
My honored mother, she who was the heart
Glimpse, shine, reflect. Sight, look, gleam, glitter. Gleam, glisten, glitter, scintillate, flash, glimpse. Cast.
Destruction to the children of the earth
Almighty. The supreme being, the creator.
Or whatsoever else the heart holds dear--
Degree, slope, year in school, military rank, scholastic rating, rate scholatically. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, category. Incline, gradient, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch. Class, form, rank, status, standard. Rank, status, position, title. Mark, category, incomplete, passing. Rate, evaluate.
Unheard by her, that she, not falsely taught,
Grip, mastery, comprehension, clutch, understand. Hold, clutches. Hold, possession. Reach, scope, compass. Grab, grip, hold, catch, clasp, seize. Comprehend.
Was sitting there in the wide wilderness
Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundaton, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
In childhood ere he was full ten years old.
Assembly, collection, assemble, classify. Gathering, crowd, band, assemblage, bunch, crew, party. Set, sort, array, batch, bunch, bundle, clump. Collect, gather, cluster. Rank, assort, arrange, file, associate, link.
The trunk and master branches everywhere
Leader, sign, lead. Director, helmsman, pathfinder, pilot, escort, steersman. Mark, signal, beacon, key. Conduct, direct, pilot, steer.
Moves through the air, or as a fish pursues

There came upon my face in plenteous showers,

A different worship. Finally, whatever
Illusion. Apparition, vision, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.
Up from the ground and almost to the top
Listen, attention. Consider, mind, notice, observe, regard, obey, mark. Caution, consideration, heedfulness, notice, care, observation, vigilance.
And loveliness of imagery and thought.
Composite. Elaborate, compound, conglomerate, multiple, mixed, manifold, complex.
The stationary blasts of waterfalls,
Outskirts. Hinterland, background, outpost, distance, objective.
Of printed books and authorship, began
Conjecture. Assumption, guess, postulate, presupposition, notion, presumption, supposition.
Midled as to these latter not alone
mudded muddled muddied misdate misdeed misdeeds minded misdated middler

Thy mossy footstool shall the altar be

My choice, did I at nights frequent our groves
ogees gofers gores ogles ogres ogress gophers gorse gooses
Concept, belief, goal. Notion, thought, inspiration, conception, image, abstraction, impression. Opinion, view, judgment, supposition, sentiment. Aim, object, objective, intention, plan.
Though not familiarly, my mind put on;
Perfect, imaginary, typical, model, goal. Absolute, ultimate, consummate, complete. Theoretical, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, impractical, unreal, chimerical. Classic, classical, exemplary, model, representative. Epitome, standard, archetype, exemplar, example, conception. Aim, object, objective, target.
Through hours of silence till the porter's bell,
Categorizing, means of verifying identity. Classification, naming, description, grouping. Passport, credentials, badge, letter of credit, letter of introduction.
Upon the bosom of the gentle Soane
skeane scone skeaned skeanes sconce zone soigne shine skean
Falseness, deception. Fallacy, deception, delusion, chimera, mirage, fantasy.
Day after day, up early and down late,
Representation, idea, facsimile, imagine. Figure, likeness, semblance, form, icon, idol, statue. Notion, conception, perception. Copy, match, mirror, counterpart, reflection. Conceive, depict, portray, render, describe.
We took our way, direct through hamlets, towns,
Fantasy, think, understand. Daydream, fancy, dream, nightmare. Think, understand. Hypothesize, suppose, picture, conjecture, conceive, assume. Assume, suppose, believe, expect, gather.
And ruling business, happy is the strength
Something implied, entanglement, affect. Connotation, inference, insinuation, assumption, indication, ramification, hypothesis. Link, connection, association, involvement, reference. Relate to, pertain to, depend upon, concern, apply to, include, belong to.
For utterance, to think how small a change
utterance utterances
Foreign-made, introduce from abroad. Foreign, exotic, imported, from abroad. Introduce.
Went back to Granta's cloisters--not so fond
granites grandams grantors grandmas grandpas granters grantees grainy grants
Imprint, idea, edition, sensation. Impress, indentation, stamp, print. Concept, notion, perception, image. Printing. Feeling, understanding, sense.
Producing like effect from outward cause
Impelling force, inspiration, whim. Impetus, shock, surge, thrust, stimulus, push, pressure. Desire, motivation, proclivity, inclination, bent, stimulus. Flash, fancy, vagary, thought, urge.
But here I must break off, and quit at once,
Insecurity, shortcoming, abundance. Inferiority, incompetence, failing, ineptitude, weakness, impotence. Deficiency, drawback, defect, shortage, flaw, lack, blemish. Enough, plenty, sufficiency.
My heart leaped up when first I did look down
Disagreement, going together well, harmony. Objection, contrariety, discord, difference, distaste, opposition, disfavor. Unity, agreement, adaptability. Consonance, proportion, concord, balance, agreement, cohesion, congruity.
Of modest sympathy, such aspect now,
Growth, expand, bend back. Expansion, addition, enlargement, extension, augmentation. Grow, multiply, greaten, enlarge, add to, aggrandize, extend. Pleat, fold, double, crimp, gather.
The present, with us in the times to come.
Freedom, subordination, contingency, reliance. Autonomy, liberty, autocracy, sovereignty. Yoke. Sequence, connection, interdependence, relationship. Trust, belief, credence, faith.
The only one, who had been lingering there
Pointer. Arrow, needle, directive, gauge, sign.
What, and what kind they were, My inner knowledge
Single, person. Separate, singular, specific, distinct, particular, personal, distinctive. Human being, animal, thing, one, unit, woman, man.
That hung in yellow tassels and festoons,
Reasoning, making electricity, initiation. Deduction, inference, judgement, conjecture, rationalization, reason. Installation, conscription, investiture, selection.
Upon the stretch when winds are blowing fair.
Deduction, conclusion. Supposition, reason, judgment, illation. Deduction, reason, judgment, decision, corollary, illation.
The trunk and master branches everywhere
Infinite distance. Space, outer space, cosmos, universe.
A mansion not unvisited of old
Extra pages, put in, interject. Addition, enclosure, appendage, inclusion. Input, tuck in. Inject, speak up, interpolate, introduce, break in, include, instill.
The trunk and master branches everywhere
Understand, vision, noteworthy scene. Recognition, perception, sense, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Eyesight, perception, seeing, view, inspection. Scene, spectacle, display, show, view, eyesore.
Summoned from school to London--fortunate
Power, anxiety, concentrated, profound, strained, nervous. Vigor, force, strength, concentration, depth, fervor, passion. Anger, tenseness, stress, nervousness, agitation, excitement, perturbation. Fierce, vehement, furious, violent, unwavering, desperate, vicious. Strong, deep, extreme, hard. Rigid, taut, tight, stretched. High-strung, agitated, excited, strained, neurotic.
Nothing is listened to. But these I fear
Universal, civil, nationwide, people, realm. Cosmopolitan, worldly, catholic, general, generalized. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.
Face after face--the string of dazzling wares,
Premonition. Hunch, feeling, clue, anticipation, prescience, presentiment.
In twain, yet leaving the same outward shape.
Reverse. Inverse, transpose, revert.
Was one, a cripple from the birth, whom chance

And then, behold! Large Neptune on his throne

The changeful language of their countenances
Gladness, pleasure. Delight, exultation, rapture, satisfaction. Bliss, ecstasy, happiness, transport, enchantment.
Of Westminster, the giants of Guildhall,
Estimate. Calculation, appraisal, computation, appraisement, estimation, assessment, opinion.
There was a time when whatsoever is feigned
Excuse. Repentance, plea, defense, amends, apology.
Most delicate, a lurking eyelet, small

Pillars, and frieze, and high fantastic roof,

Inviting; with buffoons against buffoons
Information, understanding. Wisdom, learning, enlightenment, erudition, lore, science, scholarship. Comprehension, perception, judgement, wisdom, insight, discernment, apprehension.
Have left behind them, foremost I am crossed

Then there was pictured the regality

Upon his person, verily, though strange
The courts, legislature, enactment, principle, study of law, law enforcement, Christian scriptures. Code, constitution. Decree, edict, statute, ordinance, ruling. Precept, foundation, origin, source, ultimate cause, axiom, maxim. Equity. Police, sheriff, constabulary. Bible, scripture, revelation.
Or given upon report by pilgrim friars
Lawful, regular, authorize. Legal, official, sanctioned, licit, justifiable, rightful. Reasonable, sensible, valid, logical, proper, correct, warranted. Endorse, justify, legalize.
Together joined their multifarious aid
Flat, horizontal, equal, uniform, even, flatten, aim. Flush, even, smooth, plane, plain, uniform. Flat, balanced. Equivalent. Even, equable. Equalize, flatten, smooth, grade, press. Raze, demolish, destroy. Direct, guide, point, sight.
A minuet course, and, winding up his mouth
Boundary, constraint, demarcate. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier. Restraint, hindrance, restriction, check, precinct. Restrict, confine, hinder, define, restrain, circumscribe.
An under-sense of greatest, sees the parts
Rationalism. Common sense, intellect, reason, intelligence, judgement, understanding, discernment.
But on the mother's cheek the tints were false,
Glance, search, appearance, see, seem, expect, expression, seek. Gaze, stare, gape, eye, peep. Perusal, investigation, examination. Air, manner, mien, aspect. Stare, gaze, glance, watch, scrutinize, mind. Appear. Anticipate, await, wait for, hope. Countenance, face, cast, front.
Of the world's greatness, winding round with train
Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.
Do I remember her; but I behold

O let it blush so ever! Let it soothe

Face to face--the string of dazzling wares,
Human beings, male, partner, staff. Humankind, mankind, humanity, populace, race, folk. Fellow, chap, guy, gentleman, beau, swain, blade. Lover, spouse, husband, boyfriend, married man. Garrison, people, station, guard, protect, defend, fortify.
All loosely put together, hobbled in
Border, leeway. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.
Are vomiting, receiving, on all sides,
Tangible, important, substance, textile, information. Solid, corporeal, palpable, physical, real, touchable, sensible. Substantial, considerable, significant, meaningful, momentous, consequential, weighty. Matter, stuff, object, element, body, component. Cloth, fabric. Data, facts, figures.
After short absence, and I first set eyes
Arithmetic. Calculation, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, computation.
Yet richly graced with honors of its own--
Substance, affair, trouble, subject, pus, count, discharge pus. Material, element, medium, body, stuff, thing, substantiality. Business, undertaking, circumstance, concern, situation. Diffuculty, distress, perplexity. Topic, content, essence, focus, theme, resolution, interest. Sore, infection, maturation. Value, mean, signify, weigh, import. Fester, decay.
The fame of which is scattered through the land,
Meaningful, definition, purpose, inferior, shabby, contemptible, stingy, average, average, intend, signify. Significant, poignant, expressive, pointed, knowing. Message, import, idea, significance, signification, interpretation, gist. Intent, intention, object, aim, design. Insignificant, unessential, inconsequent, unimportant, nonessential, low, paltry. Coarse, common, ignoble, low, plebeian, undignified, vulgar. Despicable, vile, wretched, repellent, base, treacherous, fraudulent. Miserly, mercenary, niggardly, selfish, tight, parsimonious, penurious. Mediocre, medium, moderate, middling, intermediate, middle, median. Middle, midpoint, median, center. Propose, contemplate, anticipate, expect, design, foreordain, purpose. Indicate, imply, express, symbolize, designate, import, denote.
Yet something of a girlish childlike gloss
Bodily. Intestinal, organic, constitutional, physical, internal, visceral, abdominal.
Girt round with mists they stood, and looked about
Procedure, order. Routine, formula, manner, mode, process, technique, way. Arrangement, classification, system, disposition, rule.
But calm and mild, gentle and beautiful,
Mixture, combine, fraternize. Concoction. Amalgamate, fuse, admix, blend, merge, commingle, incorporate. Hobnob, associate, socialize, consort, join, mingle.
And watch their goings, whatsoever track
Manner. Tone, expression, condition, habit.
With prospect underneath of striding edge
Change. Alteration, shift, variation, movement, transformation, mutation, turn.
Of an aerial island floating on,
Account. Ground, consideraton, grounds, excuse, purpose, reason.
Delicious, seeing that the sun and sky,
Increase, reproduce, calculate. Augment, double, add, boost, enlarge, expand. Propagate, generate, populate, produce. Compound, repeat, aggregate, raise, square, cube, increase.
In our affectations. I have singled out

Of dolphins bob their noses through the brine.

Scene linked to scene, and ever-growing change,
Character, universe, environment, physics. Temper, temperament, qualifications, kind, constitution. Earth, cosmos, creation, world, macrocosm. Out-of-doors, scenery, view, seascape. Fission.
With gleams of sunshine on the eyelet spots
Need, requirement, fate, exigency. Qualification, demand, vital part, postulate, essential, imperative, necessary. Compulsion, destiny, inevitability, karma, kismet. Indigence, pinch, need, stress, neediness, urgency.
had shed its bells, and stood by the wayside
Denial, opposite, neutralize, deny. Contradiction, repudiation, refutation, refusal, rejection, veto, cancellation. Antithesis, absence, reverse, contradiction, converse, contrary. Annul, counteract, cancel, repeal, retract, redress, frustrate. Refute, oppose, contradict, belie, cross, impugn, contravene.
To either brink, nor could he summon up
Indeterminate, uninvolved, impartial, nonpartisan. Abstract, drab, colorless, vague, dull. Noncombatant, nonpartisan, inactive, disengaged, inert. Detached, unbiased, nonchalant, dispassionate, disinterested, impersonal.
Girt round with mists they stood, and looked about
Mean. Average, normal, median, par, standard, mean proportion.
The elements, and seasons in their change,
At this time, today, immediately. At the moment. Soon, presently, promptly, nowadays, in a minute. At once, instantly, forthwith, right away.
At length I did unto myself first seem
Matter, basis, center. Meat, heart, gist, pith, kernel, essence. Principle, foundation, premise, crux. Heart, core, hub, focus, pivot.
I had may face towards the truth, began

Thy soul of care, by heavens, I would offer

To have some meaning which I could not find--
Thing, objective, intention, recipient, protest. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something. Mission, aim, wish, destination, end, goal, target. Motivation, base, basis, intent, motive, purpose, reason. Target, victim, receiver. Demur, take exception, except, remonstrate, disapprove, dispute.
Beside the well-known charnel-house had then
Unclear, unknown, remote, indistinct, dark, conceal. Ambiguous, deep, shadowy, doubtful, cryptic, esoteric. Little known, inconspicuous, rate, nameless, indistinguishable, uncelebrated, unnoticed. Hidden, devious, retired, covered, lonesome, secluded, removed. Dark, blurred, adumbrate, unclear, blurry, becloud, dim. Clouded, dense, cloudy, hazy, dim, dusky, gloomy. Darken, dim, fog, shadow, gray, cloud, overshadow.
Girt round with mists they stood, and looked about
Procedure, effect, affair, administration, promoting, surgery, work, function, produce, move, contact, convey, remove. Act, action, execution, deed, manipulation, handling, doing. Action, efficacy, force, influence, virtue. Agency, business, course, maneuver, transaction. Guidance, superintendence, ordering, order, maintenance, supervision, control. Compelling, enforcement, advancement. Dismemberment, removal, vivisection, dissection, acupuncture, section, excision. Drive, act, behave, handle, run, turn, use. Carry on, conduct, manage, administer, perform, command, serve. Bring about, fulfill, cause, effect, occasion. Progress, advance, proceed, go. Hit, engage. Transport, contain.
On all sides from the ordinary world
Briefing, alignment, far east, align, familiarize. Adjustment, introduction, bearings. Direction, placement, arrangement, adjustment. Asia, Middle East, china. Adjust, line up, lead, turn, direct, locate, determine. Accustom, acclimate, adapt, conform.
Through the hard time, long as the storm is 'locked'
Source, birth, start, nucleus, producer, cause. Beginning, birthplace, cradle, derivation, foundation, fountainhead, root. Seed, descent, germ, extraction, stock, heritage, ancestry. Rise, genesis, commencement, outset, incipience, inception. Egg, sperm, embryo, principle, element. Author, creator, heart, begetter, progenitor, determinant, agent. Motive, inducement, inspiration.
When but a half-hour's roam through such a place
Different, additional. Distinct, opposite, separate, diverse, dissimilar, disparate. Further, added, extra, more, another, new, else.
Least understood--of this adulterate power,

Lulled with its simple song his fluttering breast.

Of nature and of man that this was so,
Perceiving, insight. Apprehension, cognition, discernment, recognition, understanding. Observation, viewpoint, thought.
Of opposition, such as showed itself
Individual, character. Human, human being, man, one, personage, somebody. Part, role.
Or Gehol's famous gardens, in a clime
jealous zealous jehovah's zealots
Viewpoint, panorama. Standpoint, outlook, position, stand, attitude, bias. Landscape, vista, sweep, view, scene, distance, range.
To me was like an index of delight,
Step. Level, stage, procedure, point, round, degree, rest.
I hasten: there, by novelties in speech,
Extraordinary, exceptional. Sensational, spectacular, marvelous, amazing, astonishing. Remarkable, unique, unusual, uncommon, outstanding, singular, rare.
Was busy with an action far advanced.
Event, marvel. Circumstance, aspect, appearance, fact, happening, incident, occurrence. Miracle, prodigy, wonder.
We summoned up the honorable deeds
Study of truth, fundamental principle, outlook. Theory. Basis, theory, conception, axiom, truth, law, postulate. View, belief, opinion, attitude, conviction, viewpoint.
Of self-respect, and virtue in the few
Bodily, material, medicate. Corporal, corporeal, mortal. Visible, natural, tangible, real, palpable, sensible, concrete. Treat, doctor, cure, drug, dose, attend, nurse.
And glad--could living man be otherwise?--
Representation, likeness, description, film, depict. Piece, drawing, illustration, portrait, painting, photograph. Image, representation, semblance, similitude. Account, portrayal, delineation, representation. Cinema, motion picture, movie, photoplay. Delineate, describe, draw, imagine, paint, represent.
Of kings, their vices and their better deeds,
Enjoyment, indulgence, preference. Delectaton, fruition, delight, gladness, gratification, happiness. Luxury, sensuality. Choice, desire, inclination, mind, predilection, purpose, will.
Amused and satisfied, I scarcely felt
Various. Many, multiform, manifold, several.
Of my associates were prepared for flight
Location, rank, job, arrangement, pose, assertion, place. Locale, locality, place, post, site, situation, spot. Place, standing, status. Employment, place, post, situation. Array, disposition, placement. Attitude, deportment, color, stance, posture, stand, circumstances. View, contention, dictum, doctrine, principle, proposition. Locale, put, settle, situate, discover, fix.
Did Dion hold with Plato, ripened thus
din tin disown duoing diana diane dins dine dint
platy pluto plat plate plateau platoon plai platys plutos
Incontestable, decided, emphatic, assured, pose. Absolute, categorical, certain, clear, definite, direct, explicit. Arbitrary, decisive, determined, unconditional. Peremptory, expressed, obstinate, stated, assertive, resolute. Cocksure, confident, convinced, dogmatic, obstinate, overbearing, unhesitating. Propose, present, propound, state.
Though not without some strong incumbencies,
Conceivable, contingent, expedient. Feasible, likely, imaginable, workable, potential, thinkable. Fortuitous, adventitious, indeterminate. Desirable, welcome, acceptable.
Nor wanted such half-insight as grew wild
Likely, possibility, powerful, effective, useful. Able, possible, capable, dormant, latent, implied, inherent. Capacity, possibilities, ability, potentiality, hope, attitude. Mighty, puissant, strong. Cogent, efficacious, persuasive, influential, convincing. Efficient, stiff, effective.
Draw from obscurity a tragic tale,
Ability, strength, authority. Skill, arm, capability, endowment, beef, capacity, dint. Energy, vigor, force, stamina, might. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, omnipotence.
A single picture merely, hunted out
Way, exercise, exercise. Custom, habit, routine, wont, mode, manner. Application, repetition, drill, recitation, training, experience, study. Carry out, repeat, do, rehearse, drill, perform.
And how the multitude of men will feed
Establish. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, base.
Pointed upon occasion to the site
Taste. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition.
The shock of these concussions, unconcerned,
Current, now, gift, submit, show, perform, direct. Attendant, modern, contemporary, immediate, existing, existent, latest. Nowadays, today. Benefaction, bonus, boon, donation, grant, gratuity, largess. Bestow, confer, donate, endow, grant. Afford, furnish, offer, proffer, yield. Display, exhibit, manifest, expose, introduce. Act, enact, imitate, impersonate, personate, represent. Aim, level, point.
Into a theater of which the stage
Assume, undertake. Infer, conclude, believe, presuppose, suppose. Venture.
Or seemed so--yet it was not vanity,
Presume. Infer, give, assume, suppose, deem, believe.
Though not without some strong incumbencies,
Principal, earliest, fundamental, immediate. Chief, first, highest, main. Beginning, aboriginal, prime, first, original, primeval, primitive. Basic, beginning, elementary, opening. Direct.
Devoutly that a spirit was abroad
Previous. Primitive, early, former.
Of history, the past and that to come!
Regulation, postulate, belief, ideal. Canon, rule, standard, test. Axiom, source, fundamental, law, maxim, proposition. Faith, doctrine, system, opinion, tenet. Goodness, honesty, honor, integrity, probity, rectitude, trustworthiness.
And from the rubbish gathered up a stone,
Possibility. Likelihood, odds, chance, contingency.
It was Angelica thundering through the woods
wa wh way wham what wad wag wan war
Creation, exhibition. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.
Of all these various objects which may show
Impervious, evidence, trial, impression. Firm, impenetrable, invulnerable, steadfast. Credentials, certification, substantiation, confirmation, attestation, demonstration, affidavit. Essay, examination, test. Slip, pull, revise.
With him did I discourse about the end
Mind. Reason, understanding, soul, consciousness, intellect.
(Save only one, hereafter to be named)
Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.
The beauty of his person, doing wrong

Ourselves whole summers by a river glade;

Of builders and subverters, every face
Characteristic, rank, accomplishment, distinction. Attribute, affection, character, mark, peculiarity, feature, property. Condition, merit, caliber, description, worth, grade, place. Attainment, deed, feat. Class.
Yielding in part to old remembrances,
Inquiry, dispute, ask, doubt. Inquisition, interrogation, inquest, query. Controversy, discussion. Quest, examine, seek, inquire, petition, interrogate, solicit. Distrust, mistrust, challenge, suspect, dispute.
From a small village where I tarried then,

It flashed, that Circe might find some relief--

Where Etna looks down on Syracuse
eden ethane ethnic ten eta edens telia tens tenant
Reasonable, discerning, sane, portion, allot, relative amount, incidence, pace, appraise. Sensible, intelligent, judicious, sagacious, wise. Discriminating, discreet, prudent, collected, circumspect, perspicacious, enlightened. Sound, normal, logical, consequent, lucid, responsible, sober. Allowance, share, allotment, apportionment, measure, food. Distribute, apportion, deal, dole, mete, parcel out. Fare, freight, percentage, commission, allowance. Frequency, occurrence, proportion, fraction, ratio, standard. Gait, speed, velocity, clip, tempo, dash, momentum. Evaluate, rank, assess, grade, reckon, calculate, measure.
And only one, solicitude for all.
Existence, genuine, material. Presence, life, being, actuality, animation. Actual, authentic, true, sincere, indisputable, undeniable, factual. Existent, tangible, substantive, physical, incarnate, palpable, corporal.
From every object pleasant circumstance
Objective, explanation, rationalism, sanity, argue, think. Aim, incentive, intention, motive, purpose, impetus, design. Justification, rationalization, excuse, rationale, ratiocination. Common sense, intellect, logic, intelligence, judgement, understanding, discernment. Mind, acumen. Dispute, debate, contend, convince, persuade, influence, discuss. Contemplate, infer, deliberate, reflect, analyze, examine, rationalize.
And hinted at in other sentiments,
Decrease, alleviation. Reducing, decline, lessening, diminishing, lowering, contraction. Relaxation, mitigation, relief, decrease, slackening, abatement.
And as it should be, yet no cure for those
Direct, concern, mention. Designate, submit, consign, deliver, commit. Pertain, relate, apply, involve, include, belong, obtain. Allude, suggest, cite, bring up, point, hint at, ascribe.
With more success. For me that strife had never
Mirror, think, resonate. Copy, rebound. Consider, contemplate, deliberate, ponder, cogitate, meditate, muse. Echo, reverberate, emulate, rebound, follow.
Of a false prophet. But, roused up, I stuck
Area. Sector, zone, section, territory, domain, belt, district.
Yes, afterwards, truth painful to record,
Relative numbers, restate, repeat. Number, occurrence, recurrence, regularity, frequency, rotation, ratio. Repeat, echo, relate, recapitulate, reproduce, recite. Reiterate, recite, rehearse, say.
Great was my glee of spirit, great my joy
Recall, bear in mind. Recollect, commemorate. Treasure, bethink, cite, memorize, mind, retain.
But indignation works where hope is not,
Picture, personify. Piece, drawing, illustration, portrait, painting, photograph. Depict, characterize, impersonate, portray, delineate.
Of wild belief engrafted on their names
Duplicate, creation, exhibition. Copy, replica, match, transcript, twin, mate, likeness. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.
On painful things--slow, somewhat, too, and stern
Perseverance, formal expression, resolving, clarity. Spunk, tenacity, determination, firmness, resolve, fortitude, steadfastness. Proclamation, declaration, decree, judgment, verdict, pronouncement. Solution, answering, outcome, denouement, issue, end result, explanation. Visibility, brightness, focus, crispness.
No longer justify themselves through faith
Keep, remember, employ. Hold, detain, maintain, preserve, reserve, withhold. Recall, recollect, recognize. Hire, engage.
I saw that it was neither these nor aught
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim, rectitude, directly, precisely, justly, suitably, favorably. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, justice, equity. Immediately, straight. Actually, truly. Equitably, fairly, rightfully, uprightly, lawfully, rightly, righteously. Appropriately, fittingly, properly, fitly. Advantageously, well.
Pay fruitless worship to humanity,
Competitive, competitor, compete, slice. Opposing, vying, opposed, combatant, conflicting. Opponent, antagonist, competition, contestant. Oppose, equal, match, compete with, contend with, emulate. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, cut, carve.
Griefs bitterest of ourselves or of our kind,
bittered bitterish bitters bitterness bitterns bittersweet bittern
Law, control, govern, decide. Dictum, regulation, precept, order, principle, standard. Command, dominion, direction, mastery, domination, government, authority. Administer, order, command, direct, control, decree, lead. Decree, deem, judge, order, establish, settle, demand.
That objects, even as they are great, thereby

The dashing fount poured on, and where its pool

And losing, in no other way than light
Drench, sate. Suffuse, immerse, douse, imbue, impregnate, soak. Satiate, surfeit.
Of those atrocities (I speak bare truth,
Project, plot, pattern, plan. Design, plan, purpose, program, system. Conspiracy, stratagem, cabal, intrigue, machination, contrivance. Arrangement, diagram. Contrive, design, devise, plot, project, intrigue.
Yet every thing was wanting that might give
Body of knowledge, skill. Discipline, physics. Proficiency, expertise, mastery, ability, adeptness, finesse.
For zeal to enter and refresh herself,
Subordinate, indirect. Second, lesser, lower, subsidiary, petty, inferior, small. Derived, subsequent, dependent, resultant, proximate, consequent.
By ancient lawgivers. In this frame of mind
Diocese, observe, understand, experience, receive, accompany, consider. Parish, bishopric. View, witness, notice, look, watch, behold, spy. Comprehend, discern, distinguish, perceive, recognize, determine, ascertain. Feel, know, undergo, suffer. Consult, discuss, entertain. Attend, escort. Think, deliberate.
Justice, and make an end of liberty.
Reason, understanding, significance, feeling, recognize. Intellect, knowledge, reasoning, intelligence, brains, mind, wit. Recognition, perception, insight, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Meaning, denotation, connotation, import, signification. Impression, thought, idea, sensation, estimation, sentiment, opinion. Perceive, discern, appreciate, apperceive, feel.
This history, my friend, has chiefly told
Feeling, agitation. Sense, impression, perception, emotion, sentiment, passion, response. Stimulation, perturbation, excitement, commotion, animation.
Although a strong infection of the age,
Exciting, dramatic, feeling, agitation. Spectacular, marvelous, thrilling, moving, incredible, astonishing, breathtaking. Excessive, melodramatic, startling. Sense, impression, perception, emotion, sentiment, passion, response. Stimulation, perturbation, excitement, commotion, animation.
Of something false and weak, which could not stand
Feeling. Sensorial, sensuous, tactile, pleasing, sexual, sharpened, sensual.
And plain beneath. Ere I to school returned
Arena, predetermined, fixed, rigid, collection, group, inclination, scenery, position, value, install, sink, harden. Theater, stage, scene, spot, locate, environment, region. Fixed, foreordained, resolved. Firm, stable, solid, determined, settled, customary, usual. Stubborn, unyielding, immovable, obstinate, stiff, relentless. Assemblage, assortment, kit, pack, outfit, series. Organization, company, clique, class, faction, coterie, sect. Attitude, direction, bent, disposition, position, bearing, aspect. Decoration, setting, scene, stage. Arrange, fix, appoint, put, establish, place, lay. Estimate, price, evaluate, rate, prize. Adjust, arrange, regulate, calibrate, mount, frame, order. Decline, dip, wane. Solidify, thicken, stiffen, congeal, jell, cake.
Can aught be more ignoble than the man
Appearance, ghost, state, configuration, become, mold, term. Form, figure, build, contour, frame, silhouette, outline. Specter, phantom, apparition, shade, wraith. Health, fitness. Pattern, order, arrangement, mold, cast, condition, situation. Embody, develop, crystallize, grow, streamline. Model, form, fashion, sculpt, carve, chisel. Express, word.
Shall I avow that I had hope to see
Indication, symbol, prediction, indicate, endorse, bless, hire. Hint, clue, suggestion, symptom, portent, gesture, countersign. Emblem, badge, mark, abbreviation, flag, beacon. Omen, premonition, foreshadowing, foreboding, portent, presage, divination. Gesture, signal, express, wave, mean, betoken, signify. Confirm, approve, acknowledge, inscribe, initial, autograph. Ordain, hallow, consecrate, dignify. Employ, contract, engage.
Their sentence was, I thought, pronounced--their rights
Mark. Cross, franchise, seal, sign, frank.
Which with their passionate sounds might often make
Meaning. Significance, point, import, sense, purport.
Sensuous and intellectual as he is,
Likeness, agreement, harmony, relationship, alike. Semblance, correspondence, resemblance, similitude, parallelism, mimicry. Analogy, approximation, closeness, kinship, affinity. Correspondence, conformity, concurrence, coincidence, homogeneity. Kinship, parity, relation, reciprocity, community, correlation, simile. Identical, matching, akin, same, like, cognate.
When, in the blessed time of early love,
Strange, unique. Unusual, remarkable, extraordinary, surprising, odd, curious, peculiar. Individual, rare, uncommon, sole, separate, only, single.
In daily presence of this very scene,
Thing. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifetation, object.
And their disastrous issues. What availed,
Spirit, mind, heart, human being. Essence, ghost, being, shadow, wraith. Reason, understanding, psyche, consciousness, intellect. Sentiment, love, idealism, reverence, honor. Mortal, person, fellow, chap, being, creature, man.
Of poets, pregnant with more absolute truth.
Off-planet, room, infinite distance, time, range. Extraterrestrial, unearthly. Area, gap, chasm, expanse, amplitude, distance, spread. Infinity, outer space, cosmos, universe. Period, extent, stretch, interval, span, while, stage. Arrange, line up, align, keep apart, spread, organize.
The choice uncertain. There I repaired
Class. Order, genus, family, subdivision.
Fell on the historian's page, and even on that
Detail, particular. Circumstance, particular, feature, item, particularity, point. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.
And shall perform, to exalt and to refine--
Plain. Informal, candid, extemporaneous, impromptu, unpretentious, unrehearsed, unprompted.
Until that natural graciousness of mind
Point of view. Perspective, viewpoint, outlook, slant, point, angle, position.
Were limited. I had not at that time
Announcement, account, government, condition, form, position, nation, say. Declaration, proclamation, allegation, communication, assertion, remark, avowal. Budget, bill, audit, invoice, check, charge. Public. Case, circumstances, plight, predicament, situation, position, standing. Phase, structure, constitution. Rank, standing, station, estate. Republic, commonwealth, country, community, federation, government, land. Speak, declare, pronounce, assert, authorize, determine, fix.
The life of Nature, by the God of Love
Gait, phase, stair, move. Tread, footfall, pace, footprint, stride. Level, stage, procedure, point, round, degree, rest. Tread, rung, run, path, way, jog. Go, advance, proceed, walk, go on, stride, tread.
From all the sources of her former strength;
Sensual, excitement, mix, excite. Stimulating, moving. Commotion, disorder, tumult, uproar, agitation, bustle. Agitate, move, shake, disturb, beat. Awaken, arouse, incite, provoke, rouse, stimulate, foment.
More perfectly of purer creatures--yet
Illusory, biased, introspective, essential. Fancied, imaginary, mental, unreal, imagined, dependent, liable, theme, dependent, control, expose. Prejudiced, individual, personal. Contemplative. Inherent, substantial. Contingent, subordinate, subservient, conditional, inferior. Susceptible, prone, open, exposed. Content, substance, topic, subject matter, thesis, point, argument. Subordinate, minion. Dominate, subjugate, subordinate, enslave, govern, subdue, influence. Lay open, make liable.
More grand, more fair, more exquisitely framed,
Inferior, underling. Minor, lower, subject, junior, insignificant, secondary, dependent. Inferior, subject, assistant, helper, aide, collateral, sub.
Too forcibly, too early in my life,
Essential. Key, obligatory, urgent, necessary, indispensable, wanted, organic.
For future restoration. Yet another
Offer. Propound, submit, advise, propose.
(I mean that future times would surely see)
Presume. Infer, give, presuppose, assume, deem, believe.
The open eye of reason. Then I said,
Emblem, character. Sign, badge, mark, token, attribute. letter, figure, numeral, representation.
Is scattered through the abyss of ages past,
Building a whole, combination. Creation, combination, union, integration, formation, construction. Organization, organism, amalgam, formation, arrangement, assembly, aggregate.
Inevitable, sure alternative?

So from the arbor roof down swelled an air

I called upon the darkness, and it took--
Word, period of time. Phrase, name, designation, terminology, locution, expression. Period, session, semester, quarter, duration.
A silent station in this beauteous world.
Another, the one. Particular. This one, who.
Oh, next to such enjoyment of our youth,
Hypothesis, philosophy. Guess, conjecture, speculation, assumption, rationale, explanation. View, conception, outlook, contemplation.
If man's estate, by doom of nature yoked
Proposition, research paper. Opinion, side, contention, argument, assumption, belief, assertion. Research, study, investigation, dissertation, monograph, treatise.
For my instructor, studious more to see
Object. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something.
Why may not many be? What bars are thrown
Such a person. The same, such.
Great truths, than touch and handle little ones.
Thinking, idea, expectation, attention. Belief, concept, conviction, idea, notion, opinion, judgment. Theory, hypothesis, postulate, supposition, plan, design, intent. Anticipation. Heed, regard, consideration, care, solicitude.
Again I took the intellectual eye
Duration, term, era, tempo, gauge. Past, present, future, continuance. Interval, period, space, span, spell, year. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season. Measure, beat, rhythm, cadence, rate, swing. Measure, regulate.
Ambition, folly, madness, in the men
Complete, whole, add. Absolute, entire, final, utter, whole, finished, unqualified. Gross, totality, entirely, sum, aggregate. Calculate, figure, amount to.
Of whom we read, the man whom we behold
Of remarkable degree, ideal. Primordial, intuitive, otherworldly, intellectual, original. Exquisite, perfect, total, consummate, supreme, ripe, ultimate.
The constellations), I was gently charmed,
Veracity, integrity. Actuality, genuineness, accuracy, exactness, precision, reality, fact. Honesty, sincerity, candor, frankness, uprightness, virtue, fidelity.
Great truths, than touch and handle little ones.
Revolution, trend, deviation, talent, need, revolve, change, aim, form, bend, distract, sour. Rotation, spin, gyration, cycle. Drift, direction. Change, variation, bend, twist, turning, reversal, talent. Proclivity, inclination, bent, propensity, tendency, aptitude. Necessity, requirement, exigency. Circle, rotate, spin, gyrate. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, metamorphose, transmute. Direct, point, set. Mold, shape, fashion. Curve, swerve, veer, deviate, twist, deflect, dodge. Disturb, infatuate, derange, infuriate. Acidify, curdle, ferment.
An image, and a character, by books
Sort, example, symbol, typewrite, arrange. Kind, classification, form, class, breed, group, family. Pattern, model, representative, prototype, original, sample, specimen. Character, image, sign, form, figure, device, stamp. Copy, transcribe. Class, sort, categorize, standardize.
Of man, no composition of the thought,

Yea, or my veined pebble-floor, that draws

Was firmer in the feelings which had stood
Oneness, harmony, system, section. Totality, union, synthesis, singularity, singleness, individuality. Symphony, agreement, concert, unison, unanimity, concord, rapport. Complement, element, component, member, part, total, assemblage. Piece, square, block, factor, joint, length, quantity.
With loftiest promises of good and fair.
General, concept, nature, poetry, stanza. Ubiquitous, entire, whole, total, sweeping, common. Understanding. Earth, cosmos, creation, world, macrocosm. Meter, rhyme, sonnet. Section, line, stave.
For good in the familiar face of life,

Upon his arm he braces Pallas' shield,

Of kindred permanence, the gifts divine
Obscure, lax. Nebulous, indistinct, indeterminate, indefinite, imprecise, unspecific, undetermined. Loose, unfixed, unclear, unknown.
My sense of what was excellent and right,
Sound, genuine. Logical, substantial, satisfactory, authoritative, convincing, binding. Authentic, true, original, factual, authoritative, bona fide.
To watch and question those I met, and held
Worth, cost, evaluation, significance, price. Importance, merit, caliber, account, desirabiliity, benefit, eminence. Expense, price, amount, charge, assessment, appraisal, profit. Estimation, valuation. Substance, content, meaning, import, purpose, force. Appraise, assess, estimate, evaluate, rate, judge, reckon.
'Of these,' said I, 'shall be my song. Of these
Check. Trial, inspection, test.
Why may not many be? What bars are thrown
Ocular, visible. Optic. Perceptible, obvious, seeable, viewable, ocular.
To ascertain how much of real worth,

With universal tinge of sober gold,

Abstraction, shadow, image, but the man
Certification, justification, guarantee, authorizaton, guarantee, authorize, justify. Acceptance, endorsement, sanction, affirmation, corroboration. Authorization, sanction, commission. Assurance, pledge, certify, warranty, security, guaranty, surety. Commission, license, permit, certificate, order, writ, chit. Certify, approve, authorize, justify, sanction, assure, vouch for. Sanction, license, delegate, empower. Explain, bear out.
To seek in man, and in the frame of life
Importance, heaviness, counterbalance. Significance, import, consequence, influence, mement, power. Mass, density, ballast. Ballast, anchor, stone.
In what we blazon with the pompous names
Decision, desire, command, command, bequeath. Choice, determination, resolution, volition, resoluteness, forcefulness. Determination, purpose, inclination, disposition, fancy, pleasure, wish. Decree, direction, order, bidding, behest, insistence. Bid, decree, direct, determine, decide. Bequest, leave, devise.
To ascertain how much of real worth,
Desire, ambition, desire, command, hope. Craving, will, inclination, want. Aspiration, dream, goal, promise. Crave, yearn, long for, want, need, covet, lack. Direct, order, bid, instruct. Beg, pray for, entreat, request, solicit, invoke.
That I have dared to tread this holy ground,
Expression, pledge, report, password, bidding, express. Assertion, declaration, statement, utterance, asseveration, designation, locution. Promise, guarantee, assurance, commitment, warrant. News, information, account, intelligence, advice, tidings. Catchword, signal, coutnersign, shibboleth. Command, order. Voice, phrase, put, formulate, style, couch.
Such meditations bred an anxious wish
sough sue cue us shun shush shut scud scum
Earth, realm. Globe, orb, planet, biosphere. Sphere, domain, circle, kingdom, province, environment.
A balance, and ennobling interchange
Value, deserving. Importance, merit, account, credit, valuation, quality. Valued at.
The promise of the present time retired
Touching our very feet; and from the shore
Exhibited by putting forth, and that
That summer when on Quantock's grassy hills
The perfect image of a mighty mind,
mind minds ming mint mined min minn mid mien
Grand in itself alone, but in that breach
Usurped upon as far as sight could reach.
With all the objects of the universe:
All over this still ocean, and beyond,
Upon the lonely mountain when the scene
The feeling of life endless, the one thought
Made visible--a genuine counterpart
The perfect image of a mighty mind,
Touching our very feet; and from the shore
Had passed away, and it appeared to me
Prophets of Nature, we to them wil speak
Familiar, and a favorite of the stars;
That domination which she oftentimes
The falsest of all worlds, in place of that
Calling upon the more instructed mind
The last and later portions of this gift
proteins protons protein pertains pronouns pervious pertain prolongs proton
Of what was given me), and where now I roam,
Like transformation, for themselves create
That even the grossest minds must see and hear,
When looking back you see, in clearer view
Of individual character. Herein
Exhibited by putting forth, and that
A like existence, and, whenever it is
Exerts upon the outward face of things,
Had passed away, and it appeared to me
Upon the lonely mountain when the scene
Mounted the roar of waters, torrents, streams
Thus violate thy bower's sanctity!