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perpetually eternally evermore everlasting ever always

The validity of the nebular hypothesis upon which the demonstration
efficacy force power effect weight
concerning connected with respecting in regard to about
conjecture assumption guess postulate presupposition notion presumption supposition
on over above touching in contact with covering on top of about
exhibit presentation display show showing presentation of evidence illustration explanation proof induction documentation peace march protest rally march
Found corked in a bottle and floating on the Mare Tenebrarum
discovered met detected rescued lay the foundation establish begin create set up fix firmly erect
object that floats buoy float
inside of surrounded by within pertaining to during while wilst meanwhile at in the act of
narrow mouth jar glass carafe
object that floats buoy cork platform on wheels platform stay afloat bob drift hover swim levitate waft
upon over above touching in contact with covering on top of about against next close to in contact with near beside adjacent to bordering close to forward ahead onward advancing along forth toward approaching toward proceeding at moving

Imagination of man. If I propose to ascertain the influence of one
fantasy daydream fancy dream nightmare
concerning connected with respecting in regard to about
human beings humankind mankind humanity populace race folk male fellow chap guy gentleman beau swain blade partner lover spouse husband boyfriend married man staff garrison people station guard protect defend fortify
condition supposition provided supposing granting in case in the event whether or not
suggest offer propound prefer present volunteer proffer nominate name intend design mean plan purpose pose posit present propound state
until as far as toward facing through
verify prove establish demonstrate substantiate learn determine find out
power authority control sway effect prestige predominance rule sway affect bias direct control impres carry inspire induce incite persuade impel instigate move activate actuate
concerning connected with respecting in regard to about
single lone sole solitary separate only particular unique special uncommon especial individual different peculiar singular united joined connected linked related associated wed single item unit whole person thing digit individual integer unity entirety totality solidarity oneness togetherness

Such a force, we find it no less difficult to reconcile their
Now, I am aware that the worked hypothesis is a ponderous
This will be found the sole absolute assumption of my
Eureka--The Universe
At least 2 sextillions, 200 quintillions of tons. Let us suppose
Voice of a greater than Madler--of one, moreover, to whom
madder madders madeira madly mailer made madeiras mailers maker
Of similar form--no atoms which can ever approximate,
Recent scientific speculations." New Eclectic Magazine
Eureka--The Universe
Everywhere show signs of exhaustion--in the planets, first, and
Newton deduced it from the laws of Kepler. Kepler admitted
keeper kegler keepers keglers kelp kelps
Would not, even in the slightest particular, be disturbed,