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Origins of Oriental Civilization



gigantopithecus apes


agriculture ancestor

cemeteries animals


giantism death

gigantolith bulletin

marsupials dry

microlithic burial

prehistory burials


shamanism earth

tertiary creodonts

diffusion carbon

dinosaurs central climate

erosion culture deserts


heavenly farming

history fishing glaciers

migrations grasslands

oracle houses hunting

pottery metals mother


religion mountain

ritual mountains polar

tropical primates

ungulates rainfall sculpture

villages solo warfare


volcanoes yellow

east ice life man mount north race

rice scrub stone tombs tools traits wood





antiquity ancestor


barbarians archery

constitution bribery



declaration character


democracy chivalry

diplomatic cockfighting



divination compromise


dualism covenants

education eloquence



enlightenment example


equality family

fatalism filial



feudalism funerals


heredity government

legalism happiness



meditation legalists


metaphysics library

mutilation ministers



philosophers natural


polygamy oracle

propaganda poetry


psychology bronze

revolution punishments

skepticism forged

scientific religion

sincerity ritual


superstition land

sacrifice classics control

slavery decree

dragons envoys ethics league

friendship heaven human names


incest innate rites

magic middle money sage

mourning music serfs

pleasure prayer revenge vote

scholars spirits study way


teacher treaties wealth

virtue wisdom women young


Sayings of Mencius





impartiality air

indiscrimination bear’s



adaptation abridgment


adversity agreement

agriculture animals



analysis appointments


antiquity archery

anxiety arrogance



architecture attitude


barbarians avarice

ceremony buffalo



democracy calendar


dialectic capital

differences carpentry



economics charity


education cleanliness

environment communists



exceptionals compassion


exploitation conferments

festivity confidence



feudatory consecrate


hegemony descendants

humanities desertion



innovation dialects


intuition dictators

mobility domestic



morality emperor

etiquette action

overwhelming example

panaceists excellence


family ancients

patriarchy filial

funerals anger

politicians government

prerogative graciousness


granaries annals

prolixity hierarchy

highwaymen armor

propriety history

psychology ideals


important bandits

rigidity inertia

interviews banish

security loyalty

self-improvement maligning


medicine bigness

simplicity officials

paragons bourgeois

sincerity parental

speculator personal


perspective bronzes

temperateness persuasion

pettiness cattle

unorthodox posthumous

vitality poverty


promotion chastise

protocol chickens children

religion classes

salaries cockcrow coffin

seventy commerce compass


sovereign cycles

succession daughter defense

warehouses depose

desires discourse distort books

divine donor duty bribe


dwelling early cede

eating eclipse famine chess

father fathers climb

feasting feudal fickle crafts

finger forty freedom dance


friendship gangsters dawn

golden goodness gossip death

gourmet greatness dogs

hardships human hunting drought

innate jewels jujubes drown


level manhood duke

manner marriage measure eyes

middle mighty fate

minstrels moral mourning fire

music nature otter fish


parents pastor five

petty poems power flood

process profit food

public punish quarrels force

rainbow rashness reason four


reject relief games

remove renown respect gifts

reply robber grants

royal sandals second great

selfish seven shaman hawk


social solstice heart

sophists standard subjects high

success succinct host

summons support taboos jade

tally taxes teaching jay


tigers tribute land

travel tung-oil valor law

vengeance visits leagues

water weapons whiteness lies

women worry life love man


might mind nine oath palm

pig pitch please right rites sage scales

schools sham shame shun sky

smile speech springs sprouts square state sung

thief three thrift touch truth two types


wall war wealth

well wife will

wine words work


Genghis Khan



accouterments alliance


astrologers ambition

The Emperor of All Men



education ancestry


literary appearance

The Emperor of All Men


battlefront allies

non-combatants burial

character answer

obedience chroniclers

The Emperor of All Men


commanders attacks

crusaders battle birthplace

descendants boyhood

edema capture conquests

The Emperor of All Men


enemies costume

governing council crusades

history culture

inherits demands desert

The Emperor of All Men


instructions effects

invasion empire envoys

loyalty escape

maneuvers fakirs father’s

The Emperor of All Men


mystery first-born

nucleus grandson holy

opinion horse-posts

paladins hunting horses

The Emperor of All Men


personal iron

physicians jihad judgment

policy lion

religion liquors marriage

The Emperor of All Men


religions memoirs

soothsayers message mourning

speculum pony

power prayer prestige birth

The Emperor of All Men


raging reproach black

scriptures shaman soldiers book

statecraft stories chief

temper torture transport code

The Emperor of All Men


travels tribute court

women wounded writing death

flight gifts home horde laws

maps names night notes post roads roof

The Emperor of All Men


seal short sons

strength tours trade

war wines wives

The Emperor of All Men


Sources of Chinese Tradition


Chinese tradition


Chinese tradition

calendar-construction art

existentialism books


Chinese tradition

imperialism change

Chinese tradition

utilitarian clan

annihilation action


Chinese tradition

disciplinary being

Chinese tradition

examination canals

immortality canon


Chinese tradition

inequality civil

Chinese tradition

manufacturing classics

nationalism clergy


Chinese tradition

naturalism commerce

Chinese tradition

rationalism culture

reciprocity ego


Chinese tradition

relativism ethics

Chinese tradition

reincarnation eunuchs

spontaneity evil


Chinese tradition

subjectivism farming

Chinese tradition

terminology fishing

uniformity flower


Chinese tradition

agriculture aesthetics

Chinese tradition

architecture alchemy

astrology ancestor


Chinese tradition

astronomy causelessness

Chinese tradition

benevolence contentment

bureaucracy creation


Chinese tradition

celibacy decorum

Chinese tradition

centrality destiny

communism dynasties


Chinese tradition

concentration emperor

Chinese tradition

cosmology emptiness

disarmament etiquette


Chinese tradition

divination existence

Chinese tradition

economics funeral

education gentleman


Chinese tradition

enlightenment government

Chinese tradition

epigraphy history

eternity humaneness


Chinese tradition

fatalism industry

Chinese tradition

feudalism militia

geography nonaction


Chinese tradition

humanity nonbeing

Chinese tradition

humility oracle

intuition perceptions


Chinese tradition

legalism phonetics

Chinese tradition

literature poetry

mathematics politics


Chinese tradition

meditation principle

Chinese tradition

metaphysics punishment

morality religion


Chinese tradition

mysticism righteousness

Chinese tradition

naturalness ritual

nihilism salvation


Chinese tradition

nonexistence scholarship

Chinese tradition

non-ultimate taxation

patriarchal timeliness


Chinese tradition

pessimism treatises

Chinese tradition

philology universe

philosophy vehicles


Chinese tradition

phonology freedom death

Chinese tradition

political heaven dreams

propriety insight earth


Chinese tradition

quietism knowledge good

Chinese tradition

realism labor hell

retribution magic land


Chinese tradition

revolution mandate law

Chinese tradition

seriousness merchants love

sincerity mercy man


Chinese tradition

superstition merit mean

Chinese tradition

tranquility money mind

transformation moral monks


Chinese tradition

transmigration mountains moon

Chinese tradition

vacuity music nuns

mystic nature number peace


Chinese tradition

omens painting paper price

Chinese tradition

peasants portents power pure

printing public reason race


Chinese tradition

rebirth reform righteous rain

Chinese tradition

rivers rulers sage-kings rites

sagehood scholar social roads


Chinese tradition

spirits substance supreme sage

Chinese tradition

tortoise triad values slave

virtue writing yellow soul


Chinese tradition

speech spheres stars state sun

Chinese tradition

time trade truth war way

Chinese tradition