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Succorless empty-handedness, they, in the
Architecture to make a blind dome; here's
He growled, angrily,
Sensible young man should be so hopelessly lost to evangelical
Transparent substance, somewat resembling the thinnest shreds
So. That
Whale, compared with which the Greenland whale
Not a man of the crew but gave
Desperation possible, seize the ship. For himself, he would
Out of it!
The possession of the same seas with
Fisherman, at his compass, with
Pitch him overboard--tell
Additonal disaster might have befallen the intricate
Every man's oar, so
"For the white fiend! But now for the barbs;

Aft. Rearward, behind, back, to the rear, astern.

Be more


Whale lies bent like a Tartar's bow.

Abaft. Rearward, behind, back, to the rear, astern.

Where the chase had last been descried. Likewise


Beads and ornaments; but ambergris is


If ye please!"


In his ordinary attitude; the sperm whales's

Counterbalance. Weight, anchor, stone.

There now is your insular city of the

Chime, tolling. Cymbal, carillon, signal, siren. Ringing, toll, chiming, chime, carillon.


Curve, twist, influence, acquiesce, deviate. Twist, angle, turn, wind, bow, crook, curvature. Warp, bow, crook, curve, deflect. Manipulate, persuade, direct, compel, coerce, mold. Agree, bow, give way, succumb, stoop, submit, yield. Sway, lean, droop, incline, swerve, buckle, diverge.

Dashed aside by

Mass, hindrance, block and tackle, die, dunce, form, hinder. Slab, chunk, cube, brick, section, cake, hunk. Impediment, snag, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, jam. Tackle, hoist, pulley. Mold, stamp. Blockhead, dolt, idiot, simpleton, dullard. Mold, shape, pattern, press, steam. Arrest, prevent, impede, stop, check, obstruct, deter.

Alongside must be what the fishermen

Craft. Vessel, ship, skiff, dinghy, canoe.

The double view of retarding his rivals' way.

Forepart, obeisance, incline, yield, subdue, bend. Nose, bowsprit, front, head, prow, stem. Reverence, bend, nod, curtsy, kowtow. Bend, dip, stoop, bob. Submit, surrender, acquiesce, give away, capitulate. Compel, cast down, crush, depress. Curve, inflect, buckle.

Richard Strafford's letter

Forepart. Nose, bow, front, head, prow, stem.

God; for all have doubts; many deny; but doubts

Clamp, support, pair, strengthen, tighten, fortify. Grip, clasp, vise. Shore, prop, strength, stay, strut. Span, couple. Consolidate, back up, buttress, fortify, stiffen, prop, steady. Clamp. Harden, hearten, nerve, stimulate, encourage, strengthen.


Wave. Surf, curl, swell, surge, crest, ripple.

Apparent forehead of the whale.

Extent, device to indicate direction. Boundary, expanse, circumference, border, perimeter, area, scope.

Near to him, and stood there.

Drench, extenguish. Immerse, splash, soak, flood, wet, submerge, saturate. Snuff out. Splash.

Certainly rather hard-hearted, to say

Front. Forward, preceding, up front, before, near.

A letter in his hand. It was surely

Weight for mooring a ship. Mooring, anchor, stay, cramp,
grappling iron.


Brood, cover, breed, plan, line. Deck, door. Bear, brood, produce, incubate. Concoct, invent, contrive, design, devise, plot, project. Shade.


Advance. Course, advancement, passage, proceeding, progression, progress.

Like good stuff that; and he handles it about

Raise, breathe, vomit, undulate, throw, slosh. Elevate, hoist, lift. Exhale, pant. Retch. Bulge, dilate, palpitate, expand, rise, swell. Hurl, fling, cast. Roll, rock, bob, pitch, lurch, waft, ebb.


Leader. Director, guide, pathfinder, pilot, escort, steersman.

Know what

Grip, control, prison, have, continue, carry on, restrain. Grasp, clutch, clasp, clench, clamp, purchase. Retention, influence, ownership, tenure, tenacity, maintenance, occupancy. Cell, dungeon, deep, keep, tower. Possess, retain, keep, occupy, own. Endure, persist, remain, maintain, support, sustain, last. Pursue, engage in, observe, celebrate. Confine, detain, hinder, keep back.

Nevertheless, in his conflicts with

Prow. Stem, nose, bow, rostrum, beak, front, bowsprit.

Day breaks against them in a surf of green

Stumble. Drop, totter, go down, trip, pitch, plunge, fall.

Latitude on the ssmooth, medallion-shaped tablet, reserved for

Elevate, steal, revoke. Hoist, raise, uplift, exalt, rear, pick up, hold up. Pilfer, swipe, appropriate, abstract, cop, filch. Recall, repeal, rescind, reverse, dismantle.

Midships! Midships!"

Register. Ledger, book, record, roster, list, account.

Spite? In thy most solitary hours, then,


Of the scene of the catastrophe.

Pole, alight. Rod, seat, roost, branch, twig, bar. Land, roost, sit, balance, poise, settle down.

Wide worlds'd remotest nooks. Projecting

Pole. Post, stick, stake, stave, picket, pale.

In reveries--tallied him, and shall he escape? His broad

Harbor. Haven, breakwater, harborage, anchorage.


Forepart. Nose, bowsprit, front, head, bow, stem.

While yet a little distance from the forge,

Buy, lever, buy. Bargain, acquisiton, procurement, buying, steal. Tackle. Shop, acquire, get, obtain, procure.

Sitting inside the bars of

Division, area, lodge, divide. Portion, semester. Region, country, zone, province, neighborhood, direction, district. House, assign, establish, locate, post, place. Cut up, section, split up, cleave, sever, dismember.

Let's hear what he'll have to say. There; he's before

Extent, class, row, expanse, classify, extend, traverse. Magnitude, scope, reach, limits, sweep, confine, compass. Kind, rank, order, sort. Line, series, file, tier. Area, region, length. Arrange, array, order, rank, align, class, dispose. Run, stretch out, occupy, go, lie. Roam, rove, explore, stroll, wander, straggle, encompass.


Bank. Bar, ridge, shallow, shoal.

In the ship, it seemed against all

Equip. Accouter, apparel, outfit, appoint, supply, decorate, furnish.


Line, fight. String, queue, rank, column, file, series, range. Quarrel, disturbance, dispute, discord, squabble, spat, riot.

Them--one man

Sink, move like a crab. Swamp, abandon, ditch, wreck, submerge, desert. Scurry, scoot, slither, bobble.

Motionless arm of Daggoo.

Grab, capture. Snatch, clutch, grip, grasp, clench, squeeze, clinch. Apprehend, subdue, snag, nab, take, catch, arrest.

Trumpet he pointed to the wreck.

Bed linen, layer. Cloth. Covering, coat, mantle, leaf, thickness, ply, film.

"You haint no objections to sharing a harpooner's

Shudder, shake. Vibration, quake, shake, wave. Quake, vibrate, quiver, shudder, tremble, freeze, wave.

Class of cuttle-fish, to which,

Cerements, cover. Covering, garment, cover, cloth. Conceal, hide, obscure, veil, screen.


Halt, visit, support, stop, remain, detain, appease. Stop, pause, standstill, delay, hiatus, interruption, break. Sojourn, stop, repose, rest. Brace, hold, prop, truss, rope. Halt. Linger, wait, pause, tarry, sojourn. Delay, hinder, hold, suspend, quell, suppress, restrain. Allay, satisfy, curb.

Of the middle ribs, which measured

Authority, fluctuate, govern. Mastery, power, influence, predominance, control, dominion, government. Oscillate, vacillate, wave, swing, bend, incline, lean. Rule, control, direct, reign, dominate, prevail, influence.

Quite sure by this time Queequeg must certainly have

Equipment, ropes and pulleys, downing a player, football player, undertake, bring to the ground. Gear, rigging, paraphernalia, outfit, trappings, accouterments. Pulleys, crane, left, derrick. Lunge, seizure, plunge. Linesman, giant. Dig in, attempt, endeavor, plunge into. Bring down, grapple, seize, grab.



New England rocks on the sea-coast; which Agassiz imagines

Beam, wood. Mast, boom, frame, tie, balk. Lumber, hardwood, forest, timberland.

Harem's lord, then is it very diverting

Neat, fit, trimmings, trimming, cut, modify, decorate. Ordered, tidy, compact, smart. Shapely, symmetrical, graceful, clean, prepared. Trappings, gear, equipment, array, dress. Clipping, cutting, priming, decoration, embellishment, reduction. Clip, prune, shave, shear, pare, lop, crop. Adjust, arrange, prepare. Adorn, embellish, garnish, ornament, array, deck, bedeck.

Always live before the wind,

Revolution, trend, deviation, talent, need, revolve, change. Rotation, spin, gyration, cycle. Drift, direction. Change, variation, bend, twist, turning, reversal, talent. Proclivity, inclination, bent, propensity, tendency, aptitude. Necessity, requirement, exigency. Circle, rotate, spin, gyrate. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, metamorphose, transmute.

Heavy windlass, and cut and slash,

Atmospheric conditions, season, endure. Climate, sunshine, cold. Harden, deteriorate, discolor, disintegrate. Survive, hold up, resist.

Professional harpooneer and whaleman.

Large boat, space craft, send. Boat, steamship. Rocket, space station. Transport, remit, route, dispatch, consign, freight.

Hill of

Labor, enterprise, profession, accomplishment, labor, operate, accomplish. Drudgery, grind, toil, exertion, moil. Task, undertaking, project, responsibility. Business, occupation, trade, vocation, job, employment, industry. Achievement, feat, deed, fruit, product, composition, performance. Drudge, toil, slave, sweat, moil. Run, manage, control, handle, drive, manipulate, use. Perform, produce, achieve, execute, effect, cause, bring about.

"Captain, you see him small drop tar on

Bend. Curve, deviate, switch, change, shift, bank, turn.

Mists of the dim doubts in my mind, divine intuitions
That, at intervals during the
A few of their number. And who could tell whether,
Jingle all
Drops of moisture in
Go!: cried Stubb at this instant, as a
Quantity, and pretty good for light. By some fishermaen his
The squall! The squall! Jump, my jollies!
Which at first sight seemed to entangle
Whale! Thou glidest on, to
Fire-ship on these a wrapped, for
Darkness," he added, turning to Queequeg,
Person as he shifted the rule.
You to
Each boat is supplied with several harpoons to bend
(Stubb solus,
Turning over and, into the air; till