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The Lacemaker


A genre painting

What links people to others

What makes them unique

The audience can see things

The characters don't notice


Lady Be Good


Trees were dressed for Spring

Lovers walked beneath those trees

Birds found songs to sing

I dodged the same old taxis

The last time I saw Paris


The Lady Eve


Over to your left

There's a girl pining for you

See those nice store teeth

Why, she recognizes you

She's coming over to speak


Hit on the head by

A falling flowerpot which

Was meant for Miss Froy

Secret message encoded

In lullaby's melody


Lady L


Anarchist plot to

Assassinate Prince Otto

Of Bavaria

She marries Lord Lendale and

Keeps her lover as chauffeur


Lady Liberty


The bride can enter

The United States, but not

The mortadella

I would like to be sincere

And honest all of the time

Land of the Pharaohs

The barbarous love

That left The Great Pyramid

On this night of nights

 The world came crashing to bits

Seven sins were not enough

Lassie Come Home


Swim rivers, climb mountains

Fight both dogs and human thugs

Whatever it takes

Elective affinity

Bond of selfless love so strong


The Last Laugh


In his uniform

The doorman is no longer


But the instrument of a

Larger organization


The Last Man on Earth


My name is legend.

They pound on my door at night

And call out my name.

You are a monster to them.

Freaks, all of you!  I'm a man.


The Last Mile


Turn those machine guns

Loose on all the empty cells

Get bombs on the walks

If the machine guns don't stop

Them, we'll blow up the cell block


The Last of the Mohicans


Heywood and Hawkeye

Disguised as a medicine

Man and his trained bear

Rescue one of the daughters

Of frontier Colonel Monro


The Last Picture Show


Anarene, Texas

Everything is flat here

There's nothing to do

The main show has just started

I'll just charge you thirty cents


The Last Temptation of Christ


You're not the son of

King David.  You're not a man.

You're the son of man

And more, the son of God and

Do you want to ask me more?


The Last Tycoon


The inventor of

The factory system of

Movie production

Gets drunk and takes a swing at

The union organizer


Last Woman on Earth


What's the difference?

A big bomb, an act of God

The result's the same

I killed him.  We never learn.

You are the thinkingest man


Last Year at Marienbad


Lyrical dream world

The complexity of thought

Train a camera

On the inner minds rather

Than external behavior


La Strada


Aerial ballet

This pebble serves some purpose

A riderless horse

Abandoned by the roadside

Everyone needs someone


Laughing Boy


Finds her in the house 

Where she meets her white lovers

Near the railroad tracks

He kills her with an arrow

Intended for the white man




Laughter can take this

Whole life of yours--home, people,

Jewels--and blow them

To pieces.  You're dirty rich

And laughter can make you clean.





Falls in love with her portrait

Suspects Lydecker

Vows she should never

Belong to anyone else


Lawrence of Arabia


Motorcycle wreck

Poet, scholar, warrior

Attempts to play god

It will not happen again

Any man is what I am


The Leech Woman


I have to make sure

I'm getting the right product

Why not? You're my wife

I'm beginning to hate men

For a man, age has rewards


The Legend of Sleep Hollow


When you're riding home

Make the bridge with all your might

The Headless Horseman

Will be down near the hollow

Looking for a head to take


Legend of the Lost


Two men and a dame

Can put a strain on any


Alone in the flaming sand

Rescued by a caravan




I'll Cry Tomorrow

Do you mean Lillian Roth?

No, Susan Hayward.

An addict and apostle

Persecuted paranoid


Who was that mask man?

I'm not a comedian

The world is sick.  I'm

A surgeon with a scalpel

Lenny was very naive


Leon the Pig Farmer


Marriage counselling

First--Second Floor, Premature


Mixed up insemination

Fireplace headboard furniture


The Leopard


Don Calogero's

Olive groves and bags of gold

Go with his daughter

If we want things to stay as

They are, things will have to change


Lethal Weapon


Do you really want

To jump?  Do you want to?  Well,

Then that's fine with me

God hates me.  That's what it is.

Hate him back.  It works for me.


Let's Do It Again


Sidney Potier

Swindling like a Robin Hood

I tell you, I knew

This bird from another life

Bug-eyed with comic terror


Taking a slow burn

It was great while it lasted

Anyone but you

These are things I remember

The call of the wild music




Freighter torpedoed

Microcosm of the war


Strata of democracy

Confusion and self-pity


The Life of Brian


A boy called Brian

He had arms, legs, hands and feet

And he grew to be

A teenager called Brian

And his face became spotty


If life seems rotten

There's something you've forgotten

Look on the bright side

When chewing on life's gristle

Don't grumble, give a whistle


The Life of Emile Zola


This Dreyfus affair

A supreme slap at all truth

It's a fearful truth

Not easily worried--crime

I'm gonna explode a bomb


Life with Father


Clarence Day:  I am

The character of my home

Pointing with his cane

Commanding disposition

Unyielding authority


The Light in the Forest


Young True Son lives with

The Delaware Indians

Until a treaty

Forces them to send him back

To his natural parents


The Lightning Warrior


The Wolf Man incites

The Indians to attack

Who will save the day?

Flaming arrows, drums of doom

Rin Tin Tin to the rescue




All life is desire

The quality of longing

Hangs over the flaws

Like a luminous cloud of

Sympathetic genius


The Lion


Bob saves the life of

A dying chief abandoned

To the elements

Who orders his son to kill

A lion to prove himself


Little Big Man


Indians believe

Everything is alive

That's the difference

World without Human Beings

Doesn't know where the center is


Little Caesar


Sam can't take the heat

Shoot first and argue after

Hides out on skid row

Have your own way or nothing

This game ain't for guys that's soft


You can dish it out

But you can't take it no more

Listen you crummy

Flat-footed copper, I'll show you

Whether I've lost my nerve


The Little Foxes


Thou shalt not covet

Jealousy, hatred and greed

Safe deposit box

Regina on the divan

Why was he climbing the stairs?


A Little Night Music


Quick, send in the clowns

One who keeps tearing around

Don't bother they're here

Me here at last on the ground

Making my entrance again


Little Shop of Horrors


Feed Audry, Junior

I'm hungry!  I want some chow!

I could eat a hearse

Small, out-of-the-way places

I never enjoyed myself


I didn't mean it

Close your eyes and go to sleep

Now open your eyes

Back in a flash with the cash

We got one that makes smart cracks


The Llano Kid


The gambler is a 

Very remarkable man

No man of danger

He tries to take a stranger

A double-dyed deceiver


Lock Up


I earned my masters

In astral projection.  I

Learned how to project

Myself into whatever

Time or space I wanted to

Lodge Night

Farina doesn't

Know what the lodge is about

But is in favor

Initiation night at

The Cluck Cluck Klan's headquarters


The Lodger


Eerie, pulsating

Pathological murder

Drenched in swirling fog

After an exiting chase

He crashes through a window


Lonely Are the Brave


Too many fences

A modern Don Quixote

A helicopter

Don't stick your head up to far

Play by the rules or you lose




Bankrupt emotion

A flute choked with saliva

Bending in the wind

You can't involve yourself with

The problems of the whole world


Long Day's Journey into Night


Foghorn blows all night

Clouds of family dischord

Heartbreaking pathos

A buildup of bickering

Gripes and self-revelations


The Long Goodbye


What's this all about?

Inadequate adjustment

We ask the questions

Down mean streets a man must go

Neither tarnished nor afraid


The Long Hot Summer


I'm sick of that sight

I've seen fifty fires like that

Maybe a hundred

I've watched men with shirts ablaze

How terrible for a boy


The Long Journey Home


Bound east for Cardiff

The moon of the Caribees

Burial at sea

Hard work, small pay and bum grub

With submarines in the zone


The Long Long Trailer


Flashback resume

Trailerites with ferneries

He sings, she pratfalls:

Trying to cook on the trip

Lucy becomes a pinball


The Longest Day


Has a long moustache

Molasses brings forth cognac

Three dots and a dash

Monotonous languor wounds

Never so effectively


The Longest Yard


You spend fourteen years

In this tank and you begin

To understand you've

Only got two things let they

Can't sweat out of you--your balls!


The Lord of the Rings


The dark riders come

Looking for Bilbo Baggins

Bearer of the Ring

Gandolf waltzes the balrog

Throw it in the volcano




Meyer to Maitland:

I want you to be disturbed

He'd been lightning quick

You had no satisfaction

Top Lust!  Top Hate!  Top Heavy!


Lost Continent


Who can explain it?

A monster I've never seen


We're right in the middle of

An impossibility


Lost Horizon


Locus amenus

Place of pure tranquility

Time seems to stand still

Wisdom of the world contained

Fascination and suspense


Lost in Yonkers


She turned me to her

You never had any one

Who loved you enough

To want to touch you because

You didn't want to be touched


The Lost Weekend


Alcoholic hides

Bottle in the light fixture

Pawns his typewriter

Devious and deceitful

Bats flying out of the walls


Louisiana Purchase


In our simple plot

You'll notice quite a lot of

Reference to crooks

Who have monkeyed with their books

It's purely accidental


Love Affair


Just keep on wishing

The curtain of night will part

If you are certain

Dreams come true it's no mistake

Wishes are the dreams we dream


Love Me or Leave Me


You're going to work

Here so you don't get so big

You're going places

You don't have to do a thing

I've got to.  It's all I've got


Martin "Gimp" Snyder

Sitting on top of the world

Shake the blues away

Stay on the right side sister

I'll never stop loving you


Love Me Tonight


The son of a gun

Is nothing but a tailor

The poor Apache

Isn't Mimi romantic?

That is the song of Paree


Paris starts to cry

Each morning like a baby

I'm an Apache

The thing that makes me happy

Is to make a woman cry


Love on the Run


Heiress abroad leaves

Prince Igor of Taluska

At the altar and

Takes refuge at her hotel

Baron is a flying spy


The Love Parade


Dream lover, fold your

Arms around me.  Dream lover,

Romance has found me

Knowing well dreams never tell

Obedient and docile


Paris, stay the same

Anything to please the queen

Who is always right

The march of the grenadiers

Nobody's using it now


Love Story


Where do I begin

To tell the story of how

Great a love can be

With her first hello she gave

Meaning to the empty world


Lucky Me


I speak to the stars

Take a memo to the moon

Superstition song

Wanna sing like an angel

Of how I love you dearly


Lust for Life


The language of paint

If they interfere with your work

You cut them off

Wonder if there will ever

Come a happy time for him