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A woman alone

Boy on the bus with a bomb

Who killed Cock Robin?

The usher at the Bijou

An attack on space and time


Radio City

The Statue of Liberty

Music Hall shootout

The world is choosing up sides

And I know which side I'm on

Sacco and Vanzetti

I might have lived my

Life talking at streetcorners

To scorning men.  I

Might have died unknown, unmarked

Our career and our triumph




Black French officer

Handsome brave intelligent

He uses his hands

As a cup for the water

He gives to the white soldiers

Saint Joan

Freedom of conscience

When wil the world be ready

To receive Thy saints?

Betrayal, disavowal,

Retraction and assertion

St. Louis Blues

Blue nightfall above

Bring me someone to love

Then deep in my arms

Night wind gentle and tender

Teach your song of surrender


Sally of the Sawdust


Professor Eustace

McGargle sideshow juggler

Peyton persuades her

To appear at a masked ball

But the judge orders her out


Absolute power

Compounding degradations

Anything goes here

A banquet of excrement

Making Fascism unreal

Salome's Last Dance

I will kiss you know

I will bite your mouth the way

I bite at ripe fruit

Why don't you look at me, John

Your eyes so full of contempt


Improv confession

I've done a lot of you know

I've weaseled around

I'm a good-hearted person

Nothing really malicious

Every day looks

More like a watermelon

Green on the outside

Machete splits him open

Moscow red on the inside

Samson and Delilah

Delilah, What a

Dimpled dragon you can be

Flashing fire and smoke

No man could resist you, but

Only a fool would trust you


San Francisco


Immortal music

Tivoli opera house

This different world

Blackie's Paradise Cafe

Born on the Barbary Coast

San Quentin

I'll be out of here

Like a fish.  I got pals on

The outside who can

Pull strings.  I'll never sit in

A cell and go stir crazy




Finest breeding farm

Interesting persons are

Constantly saying

And doing interesting

And very amusing things


Satan Never Sleeps


The priests hesitate

In all good conscience to have

A rice wine nightcap

Because it's almost midnight

And there is communion fast

Saturday Night Fever

If I can't have you

I don't want nobody else

You should be dancing

Night fever staying alive

It's a disco inferno

I work a long time

On my hair and you hit it

Why do you hate me

When al I did was like you

You’re nowhere going no place


The Savage


Is it the pigment

Of a man's skin which makes him

A Miniconju?

It is beating within him

The smoothness of a white man

The Savage Seven

Johnnie Littlehawk

Protects his sister from a

Motorcycle gang

After a rape, Indians

Start killing off the bikers

Say One for Me

You can't love them all

The night that rock'n'roll died

I couldn't care less

You're starting to get to me

Girl most likely to succeed


Kill a red for fun

I want what’s coming to me

What’s coming to you?

Everything in the world

I gonna carve him up nice

Scarface: The Shame of A Nation

Get out of my way

You need an organ grinder

You're me and I'm you

Valentine's Day massacre

How do you like the view here?


The Scarlet Claw


We've accepted a

Commission from a victim

To find her killer

Consider the irony

We've been retained by a corpse

The Scarlet Clue

Yes, once the foremorst

Shakespearean actor of

My day but now I'm

The mask behind whom I hide

When I play the Mad Monster

Now that I am here

Safe becomes trap and papers

Inside are only

Bait to catch enemy rat

Better parts and more money

The Scarlet Empress

Catherine the Great

Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn

Grand Duke a grinning

Halfwit in a powdered wig

Plans to marry his mistress

Scenes from a Marriage

We're emotional

Illiterates taught about

The square root of pi

Whatever the hell it's called

Not a word about the soul

Schindler's List

One day this will all

Be over.  We'll have a drink.

I'd get one for you,

But the man who made it is

Probably dead.  I don't know.


School's Out


Tell me, Farina

What was Abraham Lincoln's

Gettysburg Address?

Sixteen forty-four South Main Street

Minstrel and Blackface Joke Book

The Seashell and the Clergyman

A dream on the screen

The meaning must emerge from

The very impact

Of these images themselves

The film is self-sufficient

Visual impact

Is ephemeral.  It's an

Impact you receive

Which suggests a thousand thoughts

Analogous to music

The Sea Wolf

Captain Wolf Larsen

Master of the scavenger

Ghost in the fog bank

Loses power to his crew

When he loses his eyesight

The Searchers

Duke Wayne plays an old

Confederate veteran

Looking for his neice

Kidnapped by the Indians

What happens when he finds her?

Second Fiddle

An old fashined tune

Always new when winter comes

Sorry for myself

Poured my heart into a song

The song of the metronome

Just keep in time with

The song of the metronome

Listen to it tick

Ragtime is dead, so is jazz

Nothing's forgotten so soon

Secret Agent

Hunt and kill a spy

Kills an innocent tourist

Instead by mistake

Chocolate factory spies

A train wreck kill the real spy

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Pulp mag proofreader

Dominated by mother

Armchair adventures

Gambler, surgeon and pilot

Gunfighter and designer


The Secret Six


Bootleggers Johnny

Scorpio and the Gouger

Pull a double cross

Two reporters set out to

Investigate the killings

Sergeant York

Hillbilly hero's

Motives and influences

Pious pacifist

I picked them off from behind

Like shooting ducks from a blind


He wouldn't take bribes


Alienates him

From his fellow officers

Nothing came of his long fight

Seven Beauties

I don't want to die

I want to live though it's been

A disgusting life

I've been miserable but

I don't want it to end yet

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The sobbin' women

He can't treat people this way

Banished to the barn

Agonized celibacy

I pronounce you men and wives

Seven Days in May

Kidnap president

A state of emergency

Military coup

The Navy declines to play

A jarhead figures it out

Seven Days Leave

You speak my language

I can't get out of this mood

A touch of Texas

Softhearted Puerto Rico

Won't you leave my love alone?

Seven Sinners

South sea singer is

Deported after a brawl

I fall overboard

I have been in love before

The man is in the navy

The Seven Year Itch

Now I am going

To take you in my arms and

Kiss you very hard

Nothing like this happened to

Me before in all my life

The Seventh Seal

I see them, Mia

There against the dark stormy

Sky.  They are all there

The smith and the knight and Skat

And Death invites them to dance

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad

From the land beyond

From the world past hope and fear

I bid you appear

Hungry men don't ask, they take

I shall try, sir, I shall try

Sex Kittens Go to College

Woo Woo Grabowski

Faints whenever she is near

Thinko the Robot

Also bets on the horses

Vampira, Conway Twitty

Shadow of a Doubt

The cities are full

Of women, husbands dead, who've

Spent their lives making

Fortunes and then they die and

Leave their money to their wives


We live in shadows

The sun is always shining

Somewhere else round a

Bend in the road over the

Brow of a hill.  Shadowlands.


Little Joey cries,

"Shane, look out!" and "Shane, come back!"

"You speakin' to me?

I don't see nobody else."

They dig out a stubborn stump.

This isn't worth a

Life, anybody's life.  What

Are you fighting for?

Man has to be what he is

Shane did what he had to do

Shanghai Express

It took more than one

Man to change my name, Captain

Grand Hotel on wheels

The White Flower of China

Chang tries to put his eyes out

Night in Bastille not

Exactly bed of roses

Sometimes better to

Lull suspected person with

False sense of security


I am yesterday

I'm today and tomorrow

I am sorrow and

Longing and hope unfulfilled

I'm She Who Must Be Obeyed

She Demons

Sense of decency

That was your fatal mistake

American swine

To get even with the world

In that worm-ridden body

She Done Him Wrong

When women go wrong

The men go right after them

A wolf at my door

A gun in your pocket or

Are you just glad to see me?

She Loves Me Not

Straight from the shoulder

I'm humming, I'm whistling, I'm 

Singing a love song

Put a little rhythm in

Ev'ry little thing you do


Sherlock Holmes


A beautiful girl

An impetuous lover

A menace removed

What can come but wedding bells?

Elementary, my dear


Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon


Poor Moriarty

I neglected to warn him

Some careless person

Came across his trap door and

Left it open.  Come along!

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

Musgrave ritual

The old days of grab and greed

Are on their way out

Some were murderers and worse

Battered, shapeless diadem

Sherlock Holmes in Washington

A small match folder

Incredibly inventive

The man who has it

Doesn't know that he has it

A document I must have


Look up there ahead

The heart of Democracy

It is not given

For us to peer into the

Mysteries of the future


Sherlock Jr


The projectionist

Daydreams himself into films

Walking down the aisle

Climbing up on the stage and

Into the motion picture

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Contain the white tide

Raid properties, kill settlers

Powwow with the chief

Unable to control young

Present him with a gold watch

Don't apologize

It's a sure sign of weakness

The sun and the moon

Change.  The army is the same.

Well, that ain't my department!

The Shining

All work and no play

Make Jack a dangerous boy

With an ax to grind

Until he is frozen hard

In the apiary maze

Here's Johnny!  Wendy,

Darling, light of my life, I'm

Not gonna hurt you

I'm gonna bash your brains in

If I can find my way out

A haunted hotel

Events in the past leave tracks

All work and no play

Happy sense of deja vu

Waking into a nightmare

The Ship of Lost Men

A mystery ship

Carrying a motley crew

Of pirates, smugglers,

Escaped convicts on the run

Rescues crashed aviatrix


The Shop Around the Corner


Why did you put me

In that situation in

Front of the whole shop?

Sorry, but it's not my fault.

Whose fault was it?  Mine?  Well, yes.

A Shot in the Dark

You should get out of

These clothes immediately

You'll catch your death of

Pneumonia.  Probably will.

It's part of life's rich pageant


That Old Man River

Magnolia falls for Gaylord

He keeps on rolling

The World's Fair in Chicago

I have Negro blood in me

The Sign of the Cross

Circus Maximus

Spectacle for the people

Boxing with spiked gloves

Christians executed in

Various diverting ways


The Sign of Venus


A country cousin

Wishes to attract romance

To line their pockets

Men take advantage of her

Off with the fortune teller

The Silence of the Lambs

A census taker

Tried to test me.  I ate his

Liver with fava

Beans and a nice Chianti

Having a friend for dinner

Silk Stockings

Does this office have

A copy of Who's Still Who?

Paris loves lovers

Glorious Technicolor

Breathtaking Cinemascope


My hair feels awful

Wish I had conditioner

Ask her to send some

I been thinkin' 'bout your nails

I'm taking good care of them

Sincerely Yours

My dear young lady,

What are you doing with my

Piano?  Teasing?

Where did you practice your scales?

Reaching for a martini?

Sing a Song of Six Pants

Unaccustomed men's

Furnishings, cleaning, pressing

And altercations

Pip Boys Lary, Moe and Shemp

Fifty...How'd that get in there?

Singin' in the Rain

Fit as a fiddle

All I do is dream of you

You were meant for me

Wedding of the Painted Doll

We stayed up the whole night long

Fit as a fiddle

I'm laughing at clouds so dark

Always dignity

The Duelling Cavalier

Everyone knows you love me

I got no glory

I got no big mansion and

I got no money

But I've got--What have I got?

A shimmering glowing star

The Singing Kid

I love sing-a

My how this country has changed

Here's looking at you

You're the cure for what ails me

Save me sister save me please

Sis Hopkins

That man with the hoe

Making fields of taters grow

That's the USA

Hooray for the little guy

He's more a hero than I

Sitting Pretty

Good morning glory

Ever see a dream walking

Many moons ago

Meander with Miranda

Lights, action, camera, love!

Skirts Ahoy

Hilda Matilda

I'm glad to have you aboard

Hold me close to you

I got a funny feeling

We will fight the Navy waltz

The Sky Dragon

Tired man's idea

Sometimes very much like child's

Nightmare easily

Dispelled by bright light of day

Please quiet!  The show!  The show!

The Sky's the Limit

It's a quarter to three

And there's no one in the place

Except you and me

Drop another nickel in

Make it one for my baby

Slap Shot

Play old time hockey

You will always be a kid

I'm going to fold

The team for a tax write-off

Right back where we started from


He's unstuck in time

No beginning, no middle

No end, no suspense

No causes and effects

Schizophrenic telegraph


Favorite organ

It's hard to believe that you

Haven't had sex for

Two hundred years.  Two hundred

Four, if you count my marrriage

Sleeping Beauty

They say if you dream

A thing more than once, it's sure

To come true.  Father,

You're living in the past; this

Is the fourteenth century

In this gift to thee

Not in death but just in sleep

Prophesy you'll keep

From this slumber you shall wake

When true love's kiss the spell break

Slippery Silks

A riding habit?

There'd be trouble picking out

Which one was the horse

Does this dress have too much train?

Two boxcars and a caboose



Big beaming banalities

The inner beauty

Another evening of

Sarcasm and self-pity


The Smiling Lieutenant


Boudoir brigadiers

So you play the piano?

Get hot!  Not so hot

It sounds like 1850

You've got it now, that's nifty

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It's a big heigh ho

And it's off to work we go

Whistle while you work

Magic mirror on the wall

Who's the fairest of them all?

Fairest one of all

Don't let anybody in

Off to work we go

Watch out for your stepmother

Now here's an apple for you

Wicked queen transforms

Mummy dust to make me old

An old hag's cackle

Blast of wind to fan my hate

A thunderbolt to mix it




Sally bares her breasts

Awash in booze and starlets

Lesbian agent

Dr Feelgood to the stars

Film proves an expensive flop


So Red the Rose


You been slaves enough

You want what belongs to you

No more work for us

We'll all be sitting in the

Golden chairs in the big house

Sodom and Gomorrah

Nothing is evil

All that gives pleasure is good

Where do you come from?

In the name of righteousness

You have abandoned yourself

Soilent Green

More room, make more room

Population explosion

Crowds everywhere

Where's refuge from this warren?

Soilent Green's made from people.


Specular object

What she seems, not what she is

And she can't stand it

So she keeps killing herself

She can't be what she is not

The Solid Gold Cadillac

Do you like Shakespeare?

Well, I've read a lot of it

Well, take my advice

Don't play it.  It's so tiring

They never let you sit down

Solomon and Sheba

Real wisdom is the

Ability to decide

Between true and false

We enjoy life and pleasure

Gina Lollobrigida


Some Came Running


Let me fix you a

Martini that's pure magic

Be in love with me

But you gotta remember

I'm human--"After You're Gone"

Some Like It Hot

They just curdle me

Look at that:  Look how she moves

Like Jello on springs

Syncopators?  Does that mean

You play very fast music?

Some More of Samoa

Puglis Persimmon

On the Isle of Rhum Boogie

Is sought by the stooges

Elite Painless Tree Surgeons

The Biggest Grafters in Town

Something for the Boys

Wouldn't it be nice?

I wish we didn't have to

Outside Atlanta

Boom brachhe samba boogie

In the middle of nowhere

Something Wild

Lulu Pandora

Self-invented seductress

Turns into Audrey

Breaking all rules to do good

See right into her feelings


Song of Freedom


A carved royal disc

A snatch of song which has

Haunted him from birth

Witch doctor incites the tribe

Zinga remembers the song

Song of Songs

Lily poses nude

As The Song of Solomon

She marries baron

When the sculptor has left her

The cottage is set aflame

Song of the Islands

What's buzzin' cousin

Way down on Ami Ami

Oni Oni Isle

O'Brien's gone Hawaiian

Blue shadows white gardenias

Song of the South

I'se gonna roast you

I been to my laughin' place

I'll get you for this

You smart alecky rabbit

As sassy as a jaybird

Son of Frankenstein

He could have crushed me

As I would have crushed an egg

Hellbent on vengeance

He was destroyed years ago

Struck by lightning while hunting


Soul Soldier


They were black troopers

Who fought and killed the red man

For white government

Saber charge was the war cry

Of the Buffalo Soldiers

The Sound of Music

My favorite things

I have confidence in me

Climb ev'ry mountain

An ordinary couple

Doe--a deer, a female deer

Raindrops on roses

The hills will reverberate

Whiskers on kittens

Few of my favorite things

Curdle the milk of kindness

Raindrops on roses

Packages tied up with strings

Crisp apple strudels

White dresses with blue satin

And then I don't feel so bad

Small white clean and bright

You look happy to meet me

Blossom of the snow

Forevermore bloom and grow

Bless my homeland forever

South Pacific

Dite moi, pourquoi

Wash that man right out of my hair

You've got to be taught

A special island calls you

Bloody Mary's betel nuts

Southern Comfort

Breaux Bridge Barbizon

They must be hunting us just

For the fun of it

Survival of the fittest

The cool and intelligent

The Space Children

Polio victim

Sees something fall from the sky

Egg absorbs the girl

With ominous vibrations

Kathy is healed of lameness




Orphans crawl across

A rotten tree constantly

Slipping and sliding

Threatening to tumble them

To hungry alligators


I am Spartacus

Shouts each and every one

We want to be free

Strike here, here and here to maim

Then go for the heart to kill


The Speckled Band


Twitching, glowering

Conspiring and threatening

Satanic shadows

I like a machine, Watson

It keeps me up to the mark


Spider Woman


Trapped in the deadly

Web of a silken killer

Directing them is

One of the most fiendishly

Clever minds on all Europe

The Spiral Staircase

Mute apprehension

Flickering lights, creaking doors

Sudden gusts of wind

Cantankerous old lady

Frightened by shadows and noise

Splendor in the Grass

I'm not a nice girl

Can't even face my friends

The day I was born

Can't get along without you

Anything you asked me to

Your father never

Laid a hand on me until

We were married and

Then I just gave in.  Find

Strength in what remains behind

Squareheads of the Round Table

We will behead you

I can't die, I haven't seen

The Jolson Story

I kept popping rivets so

I had the tailor spot weld


Monument Valley

Grand Hotel or Ship of Fools

Folk mythology

Doctor, drummer, gambler, wife,

Hooker, sheriff, driver, thief

Whooping Indians

Flaming arrows and gunfire

A fiery finish

Should warm an arsonist's heart

You're all going to be scalped

Stage Door

Footlights boarding house

We started off on the wrong

Foot.  Let's stay that way.

Imaginary applause

A different race of people

Calla lilies are

In bloom. Such a strange flower.

I carried them on

My wedding day and now I

Place them here in memory

Stage Door Canteen

American boy

She's a bombshell from Brookly

Don't worry island

A rookie and his rhthm

In the funniest places

Stage Fright

Aspiring actress

Hides him aboard father's boat

Flashbacks should not lie

The Laziest Gal in Town

A chase through the theater

Doll in bloodstained dress

The only murderer here

Is the conductor

The laziest girl in town

Broadcasting her confession

Stalag 17

Nobody beat me

We were playing pinochle

Always remember

Just because the Krauts are dumb

That doesn't mean they're stupid


Cocky self-serving


Cynical shifty

In style if possible, in

Comfort at the minimum

Stardust Memories

I don't want to make

Funny movies any more

They can't force me to

I look around the world and

I see human suffering

Doesn't the man know

He's got the greatest gift that

Anyone could have

The gift of laughter.  What does

He have to suffer about?

The Starfish

A flower of flesh

If flowers were made of glass

A flower of fire

A partly peeled banana

Superimposed explosion

A Star Is Born

What price Hollywood

Contempt for the audience

The soul has moved out

As innocent of his death

As she is of her success

I have found with you

One love that is shared by two

Seldom seen by two

Love ageless and evergreen

Love fresh as the morning air

Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove

Bold and ambitious

And vicious and glamorous

Tragic, pitiful

Tawdry, tremendous, absurd

Stupendous, shoddy and cheap

Star Spangled Rhythm

That old black magic

Icy fingers down my spine

When your eyes meet mine

A flame with burning desire

Your kiss can put out the fire

That old black magic

A sweater, a sarong and

A peek-a-boo bang

I'm doing it for defense

He loved me till the all clear

Star Wars

Vader was seduced

By the dark side of The Force

It penetrates us

It surrounds us and it binds

The galaxy together

State Fair

Papa's big fat hog

Two kids at the awkward age

And Mother's mincemeat

Proper parties win prizes

It's a grand night for singing

I'm as restless as

A willow in a windstorm

I'm as busy as 

A spider spinning daydreams

But I know it isn't spring

State of Seige

Torture tools smuggled

In diplomatic pouches


Antagonist for hooded

Inquisitors of the left

Stella Dallas

All my life, I just

About died to go to the

Real places and get

In with the right crowd.  You've seen

Enough.  Move along.  Come on

Step Lively

Where does love begin?

Come out wheerver you are

And then you kissed me

Muse there be an opening?

As long as there is music


The Sting

Take a look at him

I've known him since we were six

If he found out I

Can be beat by a low-life

Grifter, I'd have to kill him


Bob carries the plot

You meet me at the corner

And I'll phone the guy

And then we'll cross the street and

The bell will ring four times and...

Stir Crazy

They say I'm crazy

Just a little out of whack

Freedom is a crime

I like to act my dreams out

The call me a maniac


Stormy Weather


Faithful black spaniel

Snuffling in the tracks of a

Dainty yellow bitch

Brilliant dancing ensembles

Tuneful songs and melodies

The Story of GI Joe

Whirlpool of discord

Broken English spoken here

War correspondent

Foxhole authenticity

Without a single false note


The Story of Three Loves


The jealous love

Paganini rhapsody


Proclaiming love in slow verse

And even slower motion

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

Yama yama man

Only when you're in my arms

You're here and I'm here

When they were dancing around

Take me back to New York Town


Strange Cargo


Fugitive convicts

In the New Guinea jungle

Their guilty conscience

Wild mystic with a Bible

Not too narrow, not too deep

Strangers on a Train

You kill my father

And I'll kill your estranged wife

Cigarette lighter

Eyeglasses reflect her death

Chase on a merry-go-round


Straw Dogs


I got all of them

This is my home.  This is me.

I will not allow

Violence against this house

But I don't know my way home

The Strawberry Blonde

Kiss her any time

I will kiss her any place

Kiss her anywhere

The kind of hairpin I am

When I want to kiss my wife

A Streetcar Named Desire

Stanley Kowalski

Got off on Elysian Fields

Mistress Blanche Du Bois

Gaudy but faded plumage

Loves the kindness of strangers


The Struggle


If Christ came today

We'd call him a bootlegger

And arrest him for

Turning water into wine

As a blessing not a curse

Studio Stoops

We'd better hurry

Before our adversaries

Come back, says Larry

Since when did you get so smart?

He had his good suit on, too


Submarine Command


XO submerges

Under enemy attack


Leaving his captain topside

To inevitably drown


Suddenly Last Summer


I'm afraid I'd make

A miserable jester

I get concerned when

People stop wanting to cry

I'd like to hear about that

Sullivan's Travels

Brother, where art thou?

Pretend to be a hobo

Poverty firsthand

Prison farm publicity

I am my own murderer

Summer Holiday

Turn of the century

Ah, Wilderness!--Our Home Town

Our Stanley Steamer

I think you're the sweetest kid

Exact mood of a dead past

Dan Dan Danville High

I think you're the sweetest kid

That I've ever known

I'm afraid to fall in love

Weary blues never again

Summer of 42

The summer knows and

Unashamed she sheds her clothes

Smooth and restless sky

Warms the sand on which you lie

Sees the doubts within your eyes

A Summer Place

Do you care if I

Kiss you in front of God and


When I have a naughty dream

Do I have to feel guilty?

Summer Stock

Memory Island

If you feel like singing sing

You wonderful you

Dig dig dig for your dinner

Happy harvest friendly star

Summer Storm

The shooting party

Quest for social advancement

Professional cad

Voluptuous but shallow

Hedonism and decline

Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood horror

You made a rope of words and

Strangled this business

Person who's been kind to me

I have a lifetime contract

That's the homicide

Squad, complete with detectives

And newspapermen

Used to be big.  I am big.

It's the pictures that got small.

They want to see me

Haven't they got any eyes?

The dream enfolded

Still wonderful, isn't it?

It's the pictures that got small.


Money is the key

Power comes out of a gun

So grab what you can

The American Dream is

TV in every room


Able to leap tall

Buildings at a single bound

Look, up in the sky

Strange visitor with powers

Beyond those of mortal men




Knock that queer stuff off

We're gonna do this my way

Or no way at all

I like a good cigar but

I take it out of my mouth

The Sure Thing

If I flunk English

I can kiss college goodbye

Don't know what I'll do

A six-month grace period

Then I gotta get a job


Grows from doubt based on

Circumstantial evidence

The threat of murder

He brings her a glass of milk

She almost jumps from the car

A roguish playboy

Charming but unprincipled

Reason to wonder

Atmosphere of doubt and fear

Proves substantial in the end

Suzanna of the Mounties

Burning at the stake

Indians are persuaded

To smoke a peace pipe

When Shirley Temple explains

To the understanding chief

Sweeney Todd

The demon barber

Drops victims through a trap door

Bakes them into pies

Draws razor across her throat

And plunges into the fire

Sweet Bird of Youth

I'd like a room for

Alexandra del Lago

Send up some vodka

Don't tell them I'm back in town

I could get my nuts cut off

Swing Time

We should be like a

Couple of hot tomatoes

Burt you're as cold as

Yesterday's mashed potatoes

Good fellow, I'll take Jello