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The Naked Jungle


You're not dressed, Madam

I'll come back another time

I don't like humor

Sorry.  And you interrupt

I could tell you needed me




The flag as a sail

Burst the limits of the screen

To make the viewer

Himself become an actor

As panorama unfolds




Let me be the one

Do you believe in Jesus?

It don't worry me

For the sake of the children

Won't you let me try again?


Mass market salesmen

Marriage of convenience

We are all involved

We must be doing something

Right to last two hundred years


National Velvet


Persuasive dreamer

Wins a horse in a raffle

Embittered jockey

Believes in the girl and horse

Trains them to win steeplechase


Native Son


She did not hate him

With the hate of other whites

And he hated her

Blot out all reality

Except that which I give him


Naughty Marietta


Klutz and the diva

Indian scout and princess

I'm falling in love

Ah, sweet mystery of life

Tramp, tramp, tramp, boys are marching


Owl and the Polecat

Antoinette and Anatole

Neath the southern moon

Falling in love with someone

Ah, sweet mystery of life


The Naughty Ninetys


The St. Louis team

Who's on first, What's on second

I Don't Know on third

That's what I want to find out

Tell me the names of the team


Neopolitan Carousel


Sal Esposito

Eternal organ grinder

And his family

Commedia dell'arte

Mime, ballet and opera


Neptune's Daughter


I'd love to get you

On a slow boat to China

Out on the briny

With a moon big and shiny

There is no verse to this song


I really can't stay

But baby it's cold outside

This evening has been

Been hoping that you'd drop in

Listen to the fireplace roar




I'm mad as hell and

I'm not going to take this

Chairman of the bored

One vast ecumenical

Interlocked directorate


Cleansing clarity

I feel connected to all

It's not a breakdown

It's the exalted flow of

The space time continuum


Nevada Smith


The swamp is our wall

Filled with quicksand, moccasins

And malaria

Don't be looking at this gun

They want you to go for it


Never Give a Sucker an Even Break


I was in love with

A beautiful blonde once, dear

She drove me to drink

Somebody put too many

Olives in my martini


Never Let Me Go


Love outwits the Reds

Rips through the Iron Curtain

Baltic rendezvous

Command ballet performance

Broadcasts coded messages


New Jack City


Cash Money Brothers

You've got to rob to get rich

All the world is mine

Including my best friend's girl

What can he do about it?


Gone are the days of

Hustling on the street corner

You change the product

And you change the marketing

What motors the human soul


The New Janitor


Drops pail of water

On his boss standing below

The blundering boob

Returns to save the typist

From a safecracking burglar


The New Moon


Shoulder to shoulder

Bolder and bolder they grow

Give me some men who

Are stout-hearted men who will

Fight for the right they adore


Night after Night


Do you believe in

Love at first sight.  I dunno

But it sure saves time

Goodness, what gorgeous diamonds

Goodness had nothing to do


Night and Fog


The Death Factory

Warehousing social rejects

Disassembly line

Who would want to recycle

Somebody's smelly old shoes?


A Night at the Opera


If any of the

Parties participating

In this contract is

Shown not to be in their right

Mind, that's a sanity clause


A Night in Casablanca


The finest swordsman

My name is Ronald Kornblow

I stop at nothing

It's like living in Pittsburg

If you can call that living


Night of the Blood Beast


That sounds like Wyman

May be a part of me now

You can't destroy them!


Suspended animation


The Night of the Iguana


The Aztec Two-Step

The lost world of innocence

You're larger than life

I'll get you back up, baby

I'll always get you back up


The Night Porter



Parody of therapy

Concentration camp

Anxiety grappling with

The archangel of anguish


Night Shift


I'll be on your side

In good times and in bad times

That's what friends are for

Then if you can remember

You can always count on me


Nine to Five


Tumble out of bed

And stumble to the kitchen

Pour myself a cup

Of ambition and yawn and

Stretch and try to come to life




Amazing wonders

Nothing like it ever seen

The Anti-Sex League

Will ecstacy be a crime

In the world of the future?


Long live Big Brother!

Thought police, two minute hate

Arrogant, assured

Compassionate yet aloof

Neither expects love to last




The cat who has cream

On his whiskers had better

Find good excuses

The mass trials were a success

Fewer but better Russians

No Census, No Feeling

Dizzy questioneers

Are you married or happy?

Quarterback, hunchback

There was a litter of three

And I was the one they kept


No Highway in the Sky


Energy caused by

Vibration is absorbed by

The metal itself

And the tailplane will snap off

Sincerity overwhelms


Noah's Ark


Sacred oxen of

India, rare okapi

Of the Congo, yaks,

Single-striped zebras and the

Dik-dik, smallest of the deer


Norma Rae


Workers known as trash

Get youself all together

The only way we're

Going to get our own voice

To hear it raised someplace else


They stood by his side

They had fought battles with him

Bound the wounds with him

Had earned bread together and

Had broken it together


Ain't no miracle

Bless the hands of a worker

And maybe what's good

Gets a little bit better

And maybe what's bad gets gone


North by Northwest


They meet on a train

In search of the McGuffin

Dodging cropduster

Motiveless malignity

Climbing across Mount Rushmore


Best disposed of from

A great height over water

Better luck next time

When the wind is southerly

I know a hawk from a saw


Nothing Sacred


New York, skyscrapers

Champion of the world, where

Truth crushed rises up

Couldn't elevate them to

The depths of degradation


Twenty-seven halls

Peace be to you.  Peace and the

Blessings of culture

Sort of a cross between a

Ferris wheel and a werewolf


Not of This Earth


An umbrella bat

And protoplasmic robot

Dark of the Earth star

Agglutin disintegrates

At uninterrupted rate




Someone is coming

Wait.  I'm going to kiss you

He'll only think that

It's what I want him to think

Alex, will you come in please?


No risk is too great

For a love so enticing

Sharp, sure, velvet smooth

Wide angle of the party

Extreme closeup of the key


Nude on the Moon


Do they or don't they?

Nudist camp panorama

Take pictures, make notes

She seems to understand what

He says but does not answer


Number One


You're not worth the price

Of a ticket any more

Do you want to quit?

I think you do what you do

Better than anybody

Nuts to You

K-9 Dog Laundry

A baby on the doorstep

Fine brat of a lad

Is he on the bottle yet?

He doesn't drink, smoke or chew


The Nutty Professor


Approach the problem

From the chemistry standpoint

Buddy's Purple Pit

You may as well like yourself

How do you expect others