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The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus



Instant people turn to sand

Instant fifth column

A shipping crate breaks open

The sand is mixed with concrete


The Wages of Fear


Waiting to explode

Opposing light with shadow

Change of mosquitos

Perilous turn of platform

Demolition of boulder


Wake Island

A clarion call

For the defense of freedom


Heroes do not pose as such

Fiction was more interesting


Wake Up and Live


A lull in my life

Never in a million years

I'm bubbling over

It's swell of you. I'm happy

I love you too much, baby


Wall Street


Greed is right.  Greed works.

Greed clarifies, cuts through and

Captures the essence

Of evulutionary

Spirit.  Greed in all its forms.


Greed is good--greed is

Good--greed is good--greed is good

I create nothing

Why did you wreck this company?

Because it was wreckable


War of the Satellites


Ring-a-ding ding, I'm

Warmer every second

It can't be Sputnik

We disfavor your efforts

To depart from your planet


The War of the Worlds


Mechanical claw

Strange, weird airships hovering

Like immense vultures

Leaving behind a trail of

Smoldering phosphorescence


The Warriors


The Gramercy Riffs

Invite you to a meeting

The Big Take-Over

Rogues, Orphans, Baseball Furies,

Warriors, come out to play!


The Wasp Woman


Miss Starlin is not

A human any longer

She will kill Mary

As any wasp will kill her

Enemy and devour her


Way Down East


She struggles against

Snow, rain, wind, a howling gale

Carried downstream on

An ice floe toward the falls

Now do that over again

We Want Our Mummy

Queen Hotsy Totsy

Wife of King Rootentooten

At you service night

And day.  If we don't get 'em,

You don't pay.  Excelsior!


We Who Are About To Die


For a bunch of mugs

That ain't allowed to pack guns

They sure do a lot

Of leading with their chins when

We're about to blow the lid

Wee Wee Monsieur

A maid on her night

Out winding her grandfather's 

Clock with her left hand

Where have you been all my life?

Down at Toidy-toid and Toid


Weird Woman


Weaving her dread spell

Circle of immunity


Dead because a woman lied

Reason and superstition


We're Not Dressing


Topsy turvydom

Social inequality

Roots in loam of truth

The admirable Crichton

Reverts to his butler's role


Once in a blue moon

May I love thy neighbor?  She

Reminds me of you

My lovely little lady

It's the animal in me


The Whales of August


Forty-six roses

White for truth, red for passion

I wish you were here

The moon will set before I

Have you completely undone


When Johnny Comes Marching Home


Make my dreams come true

Our lips meet and our hearts with

A thrill so sublime

In dreams I seem to hold you

To find you and enfold you


When Time Ran Out


Volcano erupts

At a luxury resor

Some run others stay

Where drinks and waterfalls are

Perpetually pouring


When the Wind Blows


Fine night for murder

Say, nothing ever happens

When I'm on the beat

I don't want to lick him, but

I want him to learn something


When Worlds Collide


The league of last days

Planetary collision

When you saved that child

You let in humanity

There will be no more lions


The Whip Hand


Infected the lare

Our master plan embraces

The entire country

Cities will be paralyzed

Disease will strike suddenly


White Christmas


When my bankroll is

Getting small, I think of when

I had none at all

And I fall asleep counting

My blessings instead of sheep


White Eagle


The Pony Express

Horse thieves, stagecoach robbers and

Governmental blue

Produced the heroes and scamps

That have thrilled big and little


White Heat


When he was a kid

He used to fake headaches in

Order to get his

Mother's attention away

From the rest of the children


On top of the world

Mercurial psychotic

Mistrusts his own wife

The henchman meets a swift end

Cody goes out in a blaze


The White Rose


Shadows on the Teche

A little worn outcast girl

Like an altar lamp

The terrible mystery

Of woman's unselfish love


White Sister


Some women give of

Themselves all there is to give

She sympathizes

With Annibal's ambition

To become a physician


White Zombie


Silhouettes stumble

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Framed by masonry

Or by staircase bannisters

Who is burning effigies?


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Fabricated pain

You're going bald.  So are you.

I'll rip you to pieces.

I have some terrible news.

Their electrifying charm.


You'll get over that

I swear if you existed

I would divorce you

Don't pay any attention

What a dump.  Hey, what's that from?

Whoops, I'm an Indian

You get a moose and

I'll run down an elk.  I'll try

Knights of Columbus

For you I have a grand surprise

Me too, if you only knew


Wife versus Secretary


The traditional

Home office love triangle

Eats her heart out with

Dignity, as a lady

Should until the very last


The Wild Angels


Blue cranks up his hog

We know sho stole Loser's bike

Loser wants a beer

Loser leaves the hospital

This is your party, Loser!


The Wild Bunch


If they move, kill them

The posse's bridge collapses

Lyle and Tector Gorch

Misfits, drifters, lawbreakers

Slow-motion ballet of death


William Holden said

Violence was cathartic

And purgative and

In effect proved deterrent

To actual bloodletting


Wild in the Streets


14 or fight for

The psychedelic Congress

We're wild in the streets

Max Flowtow & The Troopers

Its the shape of things to come


The Wild Women of Wongo


Perhaps God is more

Particular than you think

The Coral Castle

We do not want to live and

Grow old and die without men


Will Penny


Wild they were lady

Maybe a hundred caught us

And them two in there

They ran away and left me

Never speak to them again


Willie Dynamite


No one crosses him

He's tight, together and

He uses them all

He's got to be Number One--

But nothing like Trash Gordon


Winnie the Pooh


Up-down touch-the-ground

I improve my appetite

When I exercise

I'll be a little black cloud

Under the sky blue balloon


The Winslow Boy


Too bad for Winslow

He's dismissed for petty theft

Father goes to court

Boy and the Magna Carta

Suddenly found themselves fused




Love, exaltation,

Faith, justice and integrity

Steadfastness and truth

A rat hole where killers hide

Look toward the bridge and dream


The Witches of Eastwick


Women are the source.

The only power.  Nature.

Birth.  Rebirth.  Cliche.

When a woman unloads a

Husband, she blossoms like fruit.


Witness for the Prosecution


Scarfaced cockney slut

Sells a packet of letters

Written by Christine

The lowdown on that trollop

What's she up to?  What's her game?


Wives and Lovers


Time to get ready

Run to his arms the moment

He comes home to you

There are girls at the office

And men will always be men


The Wizard of Oz


We're not in Kansas

Follow the yellow brick road

Scarecrow, tin woodman

And the cowardly lion--

The man behind the curtain


I've a feeling we're

Not in Kansas any more

Over the rainbow

Follow the yellow brick road

If ever a wiz there was


Over the rainbow

If I only had a brain

Munchkin jitterbug

We're off to see the Wizard

The merry old land of Oz


Woman of the River


Love for a lifetime

Desired by the lawkeeper

And the lawbreaker

Escapes from prison to learn

His son drowned in the river




Moran suffers from

His family trait--many

Have been sent away

She'll become part of the plant

To bring the dead back to life

Woman Haters

Quiet not riot

Otherwise we can't proceed

Romance is a crime

And now I'll tell the lady

I'll never see her again


The Women


Those eyes that run up

And down men like a searchlight

A frozen asset

Nature abhors an old maid

There's a name for you ladies


Stephen and I are

Equals.  I won't qualify

That relationship

Don't confide in your girl friends.

I had a wise mother, too.


Women without Names

You should be very

Popular here.  Most of the

Fish in this jail are

Just small fry.  We've never had

Any cop killers before



Going up the country

Morning maniac music

Star Spangled Banner

It's been a long time coming

Gonna be a long time gone


The World of Suzie Wong


The house collapsed in

A rainy season landslide

As painter watches

She conducts traditional

Services for the dead child


The World, The Flesh and The Devil


Ralph Belafonte

Trapped in a caved-in coal mine

Gotta travel on

Nearly mad with loneliness

He picks up voices in French


Wreck of the Mary Deare


When you were dangling

Over the side of the ship

You trusted me.  Now

I'm on the end of a rope

Do I have to beg you, Sands?


The Wrong Man



Handcuffed and fingerprinted


Musician at The Stork Club

Mistaken for another


Wuthering Heights

What do they know of

Heaven or hell, Cathy, who

Know nothing of life?

Haunt me.  Haunt your murderer

Take any form.  Drive me mad