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Assimilate, occupy, understand. Cushion, sop, incorporate, soak up, sponge, consume, devour. Engross, engage, employ. Assimilate, grasp, learn, sense.
Valley. Depth, gulf, pit, shaft, well, crater, chasm.
Sarcastic, corrosive. Cutting, biting, incisive, ill-natured, poignant, ill-tempered, satirical. Erosive.
Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, chemical.
Formless. Unformed, indistinct, shapeless, distorted, deformed, misshapen, inchoate.
With angles, bony, awkward. Jagged, angled, pointed, forked. Lank, lean, gaunt, skinny, spare, gangling. Ungainly, stiff, unbending.
Gaseous envelope, ambience. Air, sky, biosphere, stratosphere. Character, impression, sense, milieu, feel, decor, taste.
Low, menial, inferior, corrupt, disreputable, foundation, stand. Dirty, sordid, contemptible, cowardly, villainous, mean, degraded. Abject, lowly, squalid, beggarly, ignoble, degrading. Shabby, cheap, poor, coarse, counterfeit, tawdry, unworthy. Evil, foul, tainted, sinister, vile, ungodly, wretched, dishonorable, disgraceful, infamous, notorious, scandalous, shameful. Substructure, basis, basement, groundwork, grounds, bed, bedrock. Bottom, foot, seat, rest.
Cellar, foundation. Excavation, vault. Footing, wall, bed, bottom, groundwork. Base.
Seashore, put aground. Shore, seaside, strand.
Gaseous envelope. Air, sky, atmosphere, stratosphere.
Wash. Marsh, swamp, slough, morass, fen.
Imitation. Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, copy.
Cast of characters, hint, fortune, fling, appearance, kind, inclination. Casting, character. Hue, tinge, tint, conplexion, shade, color, dash. Predicition, lot, conjecture, forecast, prophesy, turn, twist. Pitch, lob, throw, hurl, toss, launch, sling. Mien, semblance, demeanor, form, guise, shape. Fashion, sort, style, type. Bent, proclivity, tendency, propensity, leaning, trend, turn.
Adhesive, stick. Glue, mortar, epoxy, grout. Paste, glue, fasten, mortar, plaster, tar, connect.
Containing alkali. Basic, caustic, antacid, alkaline.
Type of earth, made of clay. Loam, loess, terra cotta, adobe. Earthen, terra cotta, adobe.
Violation. Division, infraction, fracture, breaking.
Final, shut, sealed. Ended, finished, concluded, inactive, adjourned. Shut off, locked up, shut down. Shut, fastened, tight, locked. Close.
Application. Consolidation, converging, concentration, compacting.
Agreeing. Alike, harmonious, unanimous, concerted, accordant, concurrent, unified. Concord.
Using, disease. Use, expenditure, depletion, burning, diminution, exhaustion, reduction.
Country. Nation, fatherland, region, province, land.
Essence, center. Gist, kernel, heart, substance, contents. Hub, nucleus, pivot, focus.
Erosion. Fret, gnawing.
Climb. Trail, run.
Clear. Cloudless, bright, limpid, pelludid, transparent.
Odium. Dishonor, disgrace, shame, obloquy, opprobrium, scandal. Degrade, gradation.
Evaporate. Desiccate, parch, dry, concentrate.
Declaration, discharge. Attestation, allegation, affirmation, announcement. Displacement, removal, degradation. Position.
Embankment. Dam, barrier, wall, gate.
Immersion, swim, drop, immerse, drop, scoop. Plunge, soaking. Plunge, bath, dive. Sag, slip, decline. Submerge, baptize, dive, slosh, douse, duck, steep. Set, decline, slope, subside, recede, incline, slip. Ladle, spoon, lade, bale.
Emission, shooting, fulfillment, unpack, get rid of, shoot, release. Flow, ejection, remission, evacuation, expulsion, removal. Detonation, firing. Satisfaction, execution, observance, performance. Empty, disburden, issue, relieve, unburden, unload. Teem, eject, send, void, emit, flow. Detonate, blast, fire, set off. Absolve, let go, acquit, clear, exonerate, free, liberate.
Conflicting. Antagonistic, clashing, contrary, antipathetic. Discord.
Separateness. Detachment, separation, distinctness, dissimilarity, division, isolation. Dissociate.
Disintegration, termination, death. Decomposition, decay, destruction, resolution. Adjournment, end, ending, dismissal, death. Extinction, demise, release, slaughter. Solution.
Essence. Argument, condensation, core, abstract, heart, idea, substance. Distill, distillate.
Unlike. Distinct, altered, opposite, changed, special, contrary, different.
Separate, distribute, alienate, arrange. Rend, cleave, disconnect, tear, cut off, disjoin, part. Parcel, apportion, deal, wall, deal out, dole, partition. Disunite, estrange. Articulate, partition, classify, distinguish, distribute, sort.
Arch. Vault, arcade, ceiling, roof.
Sewer, draw, deplete, trickle, bail out. Cesspool, duct, channel. Draft, milk, divert, bleed, pump, remove. Exhaust, empty, weary, sap, tax. Ooze. Pour, dump.
Dismiss, throw out. Boot, dislodge, chase, oust, reject, chuck. Chuck, expel, expatriate, expulse, ostracize, displace, excommunicate.
Flexible, effervescent. Stretchable, pliant, resilient, plastic, springy, stretch. Airy, bouncy, buoyant, expansive, resilient, volatile.
Springiness. Spring, buoyancy, vigor. Elastic.
Period of time. Date, period, era, day, term, course, spell.
Time. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season.
Peel. Flake, scale, skin.
Jutting. Outstanding.
Defect, error, delinquency, responsibility, fail. Blemish, failing, flaw, foible, frailty, imperfection, shortcoming. Blunder, mistake, misdeed, slip. Culpability, solecism, wrongdoing, indiscretion, impropriety, misdeed, dereliciton. Liability, accountability, blame. Bungle, err, blunder.
Distillation. Effervescence, boiling, ebullition, seething, working. Ferment.
Break. Crack, split, cleavage, fracture, severing, disjunction, breach.
Deluge, glut, inundate. Downpour, surge, cataclysm, drencher, tide, cataract. Oversupply. Deluge, engulf, flow, immerse, swamp, overflow, submerge.
Point of convergence, converge, adjust lens. Focal point, center, locus. Convene, concentrate, center, emphasize, attract.
Ancient. Antique, hoary, antediluvian, venerable, archaic, prehistoric, bygone.
Piece. Bit, fragment, grain, crumb, particle, speck, scrap,
Coat with ice. Coat, ice, freeze, turn to ice, congeal.
Evaporating quickly. Vaporous, expansive, explosive, effervescent, volatile.
Earthly. Tellurian, terrestrial, planetary. Globe.
Degree, slope, year in school, military rank, scholastic rating, rate scholastically. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, category. Incline, gradient, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch. Class, form, rank, status, standard. Rank, status, position, title. Mark, category, incomplete, passing. Rate, evaluate.
Slope. Incline, grade, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch.
Stone. Boulder, rock, slab.
Gravitation, importance. Weight, heaviness, pressure, pull, force. Magnitude, significance, weight, enormity, concern, solemnity, seriousness. Grave.
Hothouse. Arboretum, nursery.
Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
Solid, difficult, complicated, stormy, cruel, severe, irrefutable. Adamantine, compact, firm, impenetrable, inflexible, resistant. Arduous, burdensome, exhausting, fatiguing, laborious, onerous, toilsome. Complex, effortful, formidable, difficult, intricate, perplexing, puzzling. Inclement, severe, tempestuous, vigorous, violent. Grinding, harsh, oppressive, rough, severe, unmerciful, unrelenting. Adamant, austere, callous, cruel, exacting, harsh, relentless. Incontrovertible, undeniable.
Frozen water, coat with ice, decorate a cake. Frost, hail. Coat, frost, freeze, turn to ice, congeal. Decorate, frost, trim, adorn, embellish, mist.
Busybody. Officious, meddlesome, prying, busy, forward.
Made of iron, like iron, metal, smooth clothing. Wrought iron, steel. Hard, stern, harsh, unyielding, unfeeling, inexorable, indomitable. Wrought iron, steel, andiron. Smooth, press, flatten, steam.
Cooperative, connection, dive. Shared, collective, mutual. Coupling, junction, juncture, union, joining, seam. Dump, slum.
Mellifluous, fluid. Soft, mellow, honeyed. Elixir, solution, liquor.
Type of earth. Loam, clay, terra cotta, adobe.
Captivating. Inviting, irresistible, alluring, appealing, faxcinating, attractive, drawing.
Size, importance. Extent, breadth, dimension, enormity, bulk, mass, measure. Consequence, significance, degree, distinction, eminence, renown, repute.
Layer. Covering, sheath, blanket, snowfall.
Border, leeway. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.
Maze, wander. Labyrinth, intricacy. Ramble, wind, twist, turn, stroll.
Automatic, standardized, machinery, perfunctory. Automated, programmed. Stereotyped, monotonous, unchanging, fixed. Machine, physics, production, fabrication. Regular, thoughtless, involuntary, artificial, habitual, unreasoning. Mechanic.
Change. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, turn, transmute.
Momentary. Ephemeral, fleeting, short, short-lived, temporary, transient, brief.
Inorganic, inorganic substance. Rock, metallic. Rock, fossil, crystal, metal, petroleum.
Form, distinctive nature, fungus, fashion, influence, decay. Model, cast, die, matrix, pattern, shape, cavity. Type, cast, class, character, sort, kind, stamp. Mildew, mould, parasite, decay. Form, model, shape, make, forge. Bend, govern, transform, develop, convert, transfigure. Mildew, rot, spoil, molder, rust.
Minute, importance, momentum. Flash, instant, jiffy, second, trice, twinkling. Consequence, consideration, gravity, import, significance, weight. Drive, force, impetus, power.
Embalm. Preserve, wither, shrivel, mortify.
Change, deviation. Modification, variation, alteration, variety, turn, permutation, innovation. Anomaly, aberration. Mute.
Slanting, indirect, askew. Inclined, sloping, tilted, angled, inclining. Devious, circuitous, furtive, roundabout, underhanded, vague, obscure. Awry, crooked, lopsided, twisted, distorted, skew, askance.
Mud, seep, spurt, perspire. Mire, fluid, slime. Trickle, drip, leak, drop, flow, exude, percolate. Well, issue. Sweat, swelter.
Uncovered, admissible, unoccupied, debatable, exposed, honest, perforated. Unclosed, denuded, naked, patent. Accessible, permitted, available, allowable, free, public, unrestricted. Unfulfilled, emptied. Controversial, disputable, questionable, undecided, uncertain, undetermined, unsettled. Bare, unguarded, uncovered, liable, insecure, undefended, unsafe. Above-board, plain, artless, straightforward, candid, fair, frank. Airy, filigree, penetrable, porous.
Combustion. Burning, flaming, fire, explosion, firing, kindling.
Burn. Consume, burn up, incinerate, flame.
Like, harmonic, counterpart, resemblance, match. Comparative, analogous, conforming, correspondent, identical, corresponding, equal. Tonic. Analogue, match, correlation. Analogy, correspondence, likeness, similarity. Correlate, resemble, correspond.
Duration, cycle. Age, day, epoch, era, interval, term, time. Course.
Interfuse. Pervade, saturate, impregnate, percolate.
Ossify, frighten. Harden, solidify, clarify, fossilize, strengthen, stiffen.
Bodily, material. Corporal, corporeal, mortal. Visible, natural, tangible, real, palpable, sensible, concrete. Physic.
Cushion. Sham, bolster, mat, pad, seat.
Sphere. Earth, star.
Pliable, synthetic, artificial product. Flexible, supple, impressionable, elastic, pliant, ductile, mobile. Substitute, molded, cast, artificial, fake, erzatz, phony. Synthetic, substitute.
Bravery, pick. Boldness, courage, determination, mettle, nerve, resolution, spirit. Jerk, pull, rip, snatch, tear, tug, yank.
Infernal. Plutonian.
Perforated. Airy, filigree, penetrable, open.
Principal, earliest, fundamental, immediate. Chief, first, highest, main. Beginning, aboriginal, prime, first, original, primeval, primitive. Basic, beginning, elementary, opening. Direct.
Previous. Primitive, early, former.
Particle of matter. Molecule, atom, electron, nucleus, iota.
Hot. Dangerous, active, poisonous.
Economic slump, going back. Stagnation, decline, depression, inflation, slowdown. Withdrawal, regression, reversal, respite, retreat, receding.
Decrease, alleviation. Reducing, decline, lessening, diminishing, lowering, contraction. Relaxation, mitigation, relief, decrease, slackening, abatement.
Stand in. Surrogate, substitute, proxy, alternate, deputy, equivalent, double. Replace, placement.
Address. Abode, headquarters, domicile, dwelling, habitation, location, house.
Facing. Abreast, fronting, contrasting, against, opposite, opposing, diametrical.
Fracture. Cleft, crack, break, split, tear, rupture, division.
Inflexibility. Hardness, stiffness, austerity, acerbity, formality. Rigid.
Wave, undulate, fret. Undulation. Vibrate, purl, wave, ruffle, oscillate. Agitate, curl, dimple, riffle.
Stone, foundation, rock music, rock and roll, move to and fro. Boulder, granite, slab. Support, footing, bedrock, bastion, solidity. Rock and roll, pop, jazz. Dance, gyrate, swing, undulate, shake, shimmy. Oscillate, sway, totter, undulate, wobble, jiggle.
Salted, sodium chloride, various mineral chlorides, wit, add salt. Pickled, preserved, cured, marinated. Condiment, seasoning. Spice, humor, relish, piquancy, pungency, bite. Season, cure, flavor, preserve.
Subordinate, indirect. Second, lesser, lower, subsidiary, petty, inferior, small. Derived, subsequent, dependent, resultant, proximate, consequent.
Division. Region, portion, compartment, province, fraction, part, dominion.
Dregs, loess. Deposit, settlings, residue, grounds, precipitate, lees. Sand, silt, grit, soot, powder, alluvium.
Winding. Bent, hooked, bending, tortuous, curved, bowed, crooked.
Carnal. Sensual, lustful, libidinous, lascivious, lecherous, prurient, lewd.
Hint, shade, follow. Intimation, implication, suggestion, suspicion, phantom, shade, specter. Adumbration, silhouette, eclipse, darkness. Tail, trace, track, stalk, trail, watch, dog.
Cut. Clip, prune, shave, trim, pare, lop, crop.
Bed linen, layer. Cloth. Covering, coat, mantle, leaf, thickness, ply, film.
Defense, protect. Protection, armor, guard, cover, buffer, aegis. Shelter, defend, mask, conceal, fend off, preserve, cover.
Coast, brace, support. Beach, seashore, seaside, seacoast, lakeside. Stay, support, prop, post, beam, buttress, strut. Prop, brace.
Dirt, sully. Earth, mud, silt, loam, clay. Contaminate, taint, stain, disgrace, dirty, debase, degrade.
Answer, homogenous mixture. Discovery, resolution, conclusion, clarification, explanation, explication, settlement. Suspension, emulsion, mixture, solvent.
Particular. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.
Circular. Round, ring-shaped, rotund.
Springtime, jump, springiness, crack, origin, jump, recoil. Prime. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Elasticity, buoyancy, vigor. Split, fissure, bend, warp. Beginning, source, fountainhead, head, mouth. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Rebound, fly back.
Balanced, constant, steadfast, stabilize. Even, stable, fixed, firm, steadfast, regular. Continuous, invariable, regular, unchanging, uninterrupted, unremitting, unvarying. Poised, staid, firm, unwavering, settled, cool, calm. Brace, firm, stiffen.
Standard, goods, livestock, stalk, lineage, handle, store. Regular, normal, typical, customary, commonplace, ordinary, usual. Merchandise, produce, inventory, provision, store, supplies, reserve. Cattle, sheep. Stem, trunk, plant. Ancestry, species, breed, parentage, pedigree, race, descent. Haft. Supply, hoard, equip, fill, furnish.
Made of stone, rock. Granite, adamantine, rocky, stony, craggy. Boulder, gravel, precious stone, bedrock.
Effort, injury, breed, suggestion, anxiety, stretch, exert. Exertion, force, pressure. Twist, sprain, bruise, wrench. Species, ancestry, race, descent, stock, extraction, family. Hint, trace, streak. Tension, stress, pressure. Tauten, tighten. Strive, labor, try, endeavor.
Atmosphere. Medium, air, ether, sky.
Importance, anxiety, emphasize, pressure. Emphasis, force, weight, significance, accent. Tension, apprehension, trepidation, disquietude, affliction, misgiving. Accent. Strain, tension, intensity, traction.
Hit, light, impress, picket, discover. Beat, slap, knock, buffet, clout, cuff. Ignite, inflame, burn. Affect, overwhelm. Boycott, oppose, resist, stop, quit. Unearth, find, uncover.
Construction, edifice. Fabrication, configuration, arrangement, composition, organization, form, shape. Building, bridge, dam, framework.
Elevated, outstanding. Lofty, inspiring, imposing, majestic, noble, virtuous, stately. Excellent, superb, peerless, marvelous, splendid, wonderful, grand.
Exterior, rise. Outside, covering, face, plane, superficies. Appear, crop up.
Hang, postpone, reject. Attach, dangle, swing. Delay, intermit, hold up, withhold, defer, hold off, arrest. Refuse, exclude, bar, omit.
Respite. Stay, recess, intermission, discontinuity, hiatus, interruption, break.
Grand, distention, growth, surge, dandy, expand. Elegant, stylish, fashionable, first-rate, fine. Inflation, swelling. Increase, bulge, augmentation, protuberance. Billow, surf, sea, wave. Blade, buck, fop, coxcomb. Increase, enlarge, balloon, inflate, bloat, bulge, grow.
Board, chart, postpone. Counter, stand, desk, console. Appendix, index, summary, tabulation, record, schedule, report. Delay, defer, shelve.
Embankment. Earthwork, trench, ditch.
Anxiety, tautness. Pressure, strain, stress, unease. Force, tightness.
End, computer screen. Boundary, limit, termination, terminus, extremity. Monitor, screen.
Trial, exam, try. Inquest, investigation, inquiry, inspection, experiment, analysis, probation. Examination, quiz, questionnaire. Experiment, examine, analyze, prove, verify, assay, inquire.
Fiber. Grain, fabric, nap, striation, warp, woof, tendency.
Slender, sparse, rare, insubstantial, dilute. Slim, lean, skinny, gaunt, lank, scrawny, emaciated. Scanty, meager, insufficient, inadequate, scarce. Attenuate, attenuated, tenuous, fluid. Slight, poor, flimsy, weak, faint, shallow, sketchy. Weaken, diminish, reduce, attenuate, expand.
Drive, jab. Ram, shove, plunge, lunge, jab, dig, propulsion. Stick, stab, pierce, puncture, penetrate, shove.
Drawer, cultivate. Compartment, bin, receptacle, tray. Farm, labor, harrow, grow, work.
Trail, mark, track, investigate, draw. Sign, vestige, footprint, mark, record, track, spoor. Evidence, indication, hint, suggestion, shred, fragment, dash. Trail, pursue, hunt, follow. Discover, determine, ascertain, find out. Outline, copy, sketch, diagram, delineate.
Pressure. Strain, tension, intensity, stress.
Change. Avert, divert, alter, convert, turn, metamorphose, transmute. Form.
Transit. Carriage, transport, conveyance, movement.
Bower. Alcove, arbor, gazebo, retreat, lattice, hideaway.
Three-way, three times, increase threefold. Treble. Triad, threesome, trio. Treble, triplicate.
Obscured. Vaporous, misty, foggy, cloudy, indistinct, obscure, thick.
Tumultuous. Riotous, uproarious, violent.
Unvaried, plain, constant, similar, clothing. Regular, unchanging, unwavering, invariable, unvarying, unchanged. Solid. Consistent, unchanging, regular, even, unchanged. Alike, comparable, corresponding, analogous, akin, agreeing. Wardrobe, habit, robe, dress, livery. Form.
Interior. Upriver, inland, hinterland, backwoods.
Rehabilitation. Upgrade, restoration.
Depth. Abyss, gulf, pit, shaft, well, crater, chasm.
Pace. Gait, speed, rate, clip, tempo, dash, momentum.
Coherence. Texture, hardness, softness, density, firmness, consistency, flexibility.
Bulwark, obstacle, enclose. Barrier, bastion, bunker, rampart, dike, battlement. Barrier, obstruction, impediment, hindrance, resistance. Partition, divide, shut off, protect, immure.
Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.
Atmospheric conditions, season, endure. Climate, sunshine, cold. Harden, deteriorate, discolor, disintegrate. Survive, hold up, resist.
Breeze, hint, vanity, bend, coil. Gale, gust, bluster, blast, air, draught. Gossip, report, suggestion, intimation. Flatulence, emptiness. Curve, twist, turn, swerve, snake, meander, convolute. Curl, twist, twine, entwine, corkscrew, encircle.