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Creole Seasons

Springtime, jump, springiness, crack, origin, jump, recoil, dart, derive, grow, warp. Prime. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Elasticity, buoyancy, vigor. Split, fissure, bend, warp. Beginning, source, fountainhead, head, mouth. Leap, hop, bound, vault. Rebound, fly back. Fly, shoot. Emanate, originate, start, emerge, rise, arise, issue. Develop, increase, thrive, wax. Bend, crack, split.
Summertime. Vacation. Time, vacate. Holiday, liberty, furlough, leave, absence. Go. Desert, abandon, leave, depart from, withdraw from, escape from.
Descend, stumble, succumb, decline, regress, occur. Drop, lower. Drop, totter, go down, trip, pitch, plunge, keel. Go down, yield, go under, submit, surrender. Abate, dwindle, decrease, diminish. Relapse, recede, ebb, subside. Happen, befall, arrive.
Window covering, windstorm, windy, wine, wing, winged, wink, wink at, winner, winning, winning approval, winnings, winnow, winsome, wintry, wipe, wipe clean, wipe out, wire, wire fence, wire twist, wired, wiretap, wiring.

Jacket, jackpot, jade, jaded, jag, jagged, jail, jailbird, jailed, jailer, jam, jam-packed, jammed, jangle, jar, jargon, jarred, jarring, jarring impact, jaundiced, jaunt, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jazz, jazz up, jealous, jealously, jeer.
Fealty, fear, fearful, fearfulness, fearless, feasible, feast, feat, feather, feature, featured item, features, febrile, feckless, fecund, fecundity, fed up, federal, federate, federation, fee, fee for transports, feeble, feeble-minded, feeble-mindedness, feebleness, feed, feed in, feed on.
Progression, hike, music, military walk, stride. Advance, development, growth, rise, movement. Journey, trek, procession, route, walk, tramp. Parade, step, tread, tramp, move. Stalk, flounce, saunter, promenade, stroll, strut, sashay.
Appropriate, appropriately, appropriateness, appropriation, approval, approve, approve of, approved, approving, approximate, approximately, approximation, appurtenance, appurtenant, apropos, apt, aptitude, aptness, aquatic, Arab, arable, arbiter, arbitaray, arbitrate, arbitration, arbitrator, arbor, arboretum, arcade, arcane.
Be permitted, be possible, ma. Can. Might, will. Mother. Mom, mama, mater, mommy, mummy.
Judicial, judiciary, judicious, judiciously, juice, juicy, jumble, jumbled, jump, jump out, jump over, jumpy, junction, juncture, junior, junket, junkie, juridical, jurisdiction, just, just as though, just begun, justice, justifiable, justificaton, justified, justify, justly, jut, jut out.
Joyous, jubilant, jubilation, jubilee, Judas, judge, judgement, judgment, judicial, judiciary, judicious, judiciously, juice, juicy, jumble, jumbled, jump, jump out, jump over, jumpy, junction, juncture, junior, junket, junkie, juridical, juriddiction, just, just as though, just begun.
Noble, eighth month. Eminent, venerable, princely, elegant, superb, glorious, stately. Vacation.
Sententious maxim, sententiousness, sentient, sentiment, sentimental, sentimental drivel, sentimentality, sentinel, sentry, separate, separated, separately, separateness, separation, septic, sepulcher, sepulchral, sequel, sequence, sequential, sequester, sequestration, seraph, serene, serenity, serf, serial, serialized story, series, series of songs.
Occasionally, occlude, occult, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupied, occupy, occur, occur again, occur with, occurrence, ocean, oceanic, ocular, odd, oddball, oddity, odds, odds and ends, ode, odious, odium, odor, odoriferous, odorize, odorless, odorous, of, of course.
Notified, notify, noting, notion, notoriety, notorious, notwithstanding, nourish, nourishing, nourishment, novel, novelist, novella, novelty, novice, novitiate, now, now and then, nowadays, noxious, nozzle, nuence, nub, nuclear, nuclear bomb, nuclear fission, nuclear weapon, nucleus, nude, nudge.
Decadence, decamp, decapitate, decay, decayed, decaying, decease, deceased, deceit, deceitful, deceive, deceived, deceiver, deceiving, decency, decent, decently, deception, deceptive, decide, decided, deciding, decipher, decision, decisive, deck, deck out, decking, declaim, declamation.

Mollifying, mollycoddle, molten, mom, moment, momentary, momentous, momentum, mommy, monarch, monarchical, monarchy, monastery, monastic, monetary, monetary affairs, money, money coming in, moneyed, mongrel, monitor, monitory, monk, monkey, monkey business, monody, monograph, monolith, monologue, monomaniac.
Truthful, truthfulness, try, try by artful means to get, trying, trying out, tryout, tryst, tub, tube, tuber, tuberculosis, tuck, tuck in, tuft, tug, tuition, tumble, tumbling, tumescent, tumid, tummy, tumor, tumult, tumultuous, tune, tune in, tune up, tuneful, tunnel.
Wear out, wearied, weariness, wearing away, wearisome, weary, weather, weave, weaving machine, web, wed, wedding, wedge, wedlock, wee, weed, weedy, weekend, weep, weeping, weigh, weigh down, weigh more, weight, weight for mooring, weightless, weightlessness, weighty, weird, weirdo.
Throw out, throw up, throwback, thrust, thud, thug, thumb, thump, thunder, thunderclap, thundering, thunderous, thunderstorm, thunderstruck, thus, thwart, thwarting, tick, ticket, tickle, ticklish, tidbit, tide, tidily, tidings, tidy, tidy up, tie, tie down, tie up.
Fresh, fresh maize, freshen, freshen up, freshly, freshman, freshness, fret, fretful, Freudian therapy, friable, friar, fricassee, friction, fried, friend, friendless, friendliness, friendly, friendly and sincere, friendly intercourse, friendly with, friendship, frieze, fright, frighten, frightened, frightful, frigid, frigidity.
Satiated, satin, satire, satiric, satirical, satirize, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy, satisfying, saturate, saturated, saturation, Saturday and Sunday, sauce, saucer, sauciness, saucy, sauna, saunter, saute, savage, savageness, savagery, savant, save, saved, saving, savings.
Sum total, sum up, summarize, summarized, summary, summation, summer, summertime, summing up, summit, summon, summons, sumptuous, sun, sunder, sundown, sundry, sunken or fallen, sunless, sunlight, sunny, sunrise, sunset, sunshine, sup, super glue, superabundance, superabundant, superannuated, superb.

Hostility, hot, hot-headed, hot-tempered, hot air, hot and humid, hot coal, hot dog, hotchpotch, hotel, hotheaded, hothouse, hotness, hound, house, house built for birds, house of worship, house painter, housebreak, housebreaker, housebreaking, household, housekeeper, housemother, hovel, hover, howbeit, however, howl, howling.
Small, detailed, moment. Diminutive, microscopic, infinitesimal, miniature, little, tiny. Critical, exact, precise. Instant, flash, jiffy, twinkling, second.
Next, moment. Another, secondary, every other, subsequent, subordinate. Twinkling, instant, flash, wink, trice, jiffy.
At this time, today, immediately. At the moment. Soon, presently, promptly, nowadays, in a minute. At once, instantly, forthwith, right away.
Endless time, everlastingness. Infinity, forever. Afterlife. Aftertime. Posterity, afterward, infinity, future, hereafter, millennium.