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Perfect, pure, total, authoritarian, certain. Complete, pure, faultless, unblemished, ideal, whole, untarnished. Unalloyed, stark, sheer, unadulterated, unmixed, unqualified, decided. Entire, unmitigated, unbounded, unconditional, unlimited, unqualified, unrestricted. Peremptory, supreme, autocratic, strict, despotic, tyrannical. Unequivocal, undeniable, definite, indubitable, categorical, sure, affirmative.
Theoretical, separate, abstruse, summary, essence, separate, steal, dissociate, condense. Hypothetical, ideal, transcendent, conceptual, unpractical. Apart, isolated, special, unrelated. Obscure, complex, complicated, deep, difficult. Abridgment, brief, compendium, condensation, digest, epitome, gist. Argument, condensation, core, distillation, heart, idea, substance. Distill, withdrawn, draw away, fractionate, remove, take away. Rob, appropriate, pilfer, rifle, purloin, shoplift, loot. Disjoin, disunite, isolate, separate, disengage, divert. Abbreviate, abridge, epitomize, summarize, distill, outline, edit.
Ridiculous. Senseless, foolish, idiotic, stupid, asinine, inane, nonsensical.
Action, law, performance, do, behave, dramatize, fake. Step, accomplishment, achievement, exploit, feat, performance, transaction. Award, verdict, decree, order, edict, writ, judgment. Sketch, impersonation, scene, routine, stint, turn. Bear, execute, officiate, make, transact, react. Deal, seem, comport oneself, appear, conduct, deport, perform. Present, play, imitate, simulate, rehearse, impersonate, parody. Pretend, couterfeit, impersonate, feign, sham, imitate.
Existence, true, real. Presence, life, reality, being, animation. Absolute, existent, categorical, extant, certain, factual, decided. Present, existent, tangible, substantive, concrete, material.
Abundance. Enough, plenty, sufficiency.
Tasteful, cultured. Beautiful, pleasing, appreciative, elegant, artistic. Cultivated, artistic, inventive, refined, polished, discriminating.
Assertion, avowal, certification, asset, approve. Statement, avowal, declaration, announcement, pronouncement, attestation. Affidavit, confirmation, testimony, sworn statement, oath, attestation, profession. Acceptance, endorsement, sanction, warranty, corroboration. Declare, swear, maintain, warrant, aver, claim, depose. Confirm, endorse, establish, ratify.
Breakdown, examination, Freudian therapy. Breakup, dissection, ratiocination, separation, subdivision, resolution. Inquiry, investigation, study, summary, explication, critique, report. Psychiatry, psychoanalysis.
Part of speech. But, neither, although, conjunction, for.
Confident expectation, foresight, forecast, expect, preclude. Expectation, expectancy, outlook, prospect, awaiting. Apprehension, forethought, intuition, premonition, foreboding. Foresee, predict, envision, prognosticate, augur, prophesy. Prepare, hope for, await, count on, wait for. Obviate, nullify, intercept, prevent, forestall, hinder.
Arrival, aspect. Rise, showing, seeming, semblance, emergence, presentation, show. Demeanor, mien, air, cast, bearing, expression, countenance.
Undergo. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, experience.
Desire, liking. Hunger, craving, longing, thirst, lust, demand. Relish, penchant, gusto, propensity, inclination, zest.
Use, bearing, petition, software, persistence. Utilization, function, operation, employment, practice, usage. Relevance, aptitude, aptness, connection, pertinence, suitability. Inquiry, bid, appeal, document, request, solicitation, questionnaire. Program, module, procedure. Diligence, industry, attention, assiduity, effort, devotion, study.
Anxiety, understanding, seizure, idea. Alarm, trepidation, uneasiness, worry, misgiving, mistrust, dread. Perception, intelligence, comprehension, grasp, perspicacity, reason. Arrest, capture, catching. Knowledge, opinion, sentiment, view, sense, belief.
Supposition, arrogance, appropriation. Conjecture, surmise, presupposition, assuming, presumption, hypothesis. Nerve, haughtiness, conceit, pride, contumely, effrontery, forwardness. Assuming, accepting, usurpation.
Mindfulness, courtesy, observance. Alertness, application, focus, concentration, thoroughness, care, fascination. Civility, politeness, consideration, care, concern, regard. Tact, notice, observation, regard, reflection, thoughtfulness.
Disposition, perspective. Manner, demeanor, feeling, bearing, temperament, spirit, approach. Stand, point of view, position, posture, viewpoint, outlook, opinion.
Command, head, law, permission, testimony, writer, creator. Power, strength, sway, influence, control, supremacy, rule. Expert, critic, adjudicator, master, arbiter, administrator, connoisseur. Rule, ruling, statute, government. Authorization, justification, power, permit, sanction, liberty, warrant. Witness. Novelist, poet, producer. Inventor, designer, originator, producer.
Fundamental principle. Basis, theory, conception, philosophy, truth, law, postulate.

Setting, credentials. Environment, framework, horizon. Antecedents, qualifications, education, preparation.
Courier, manner, relation, bearings, ball bearing, animal, support, transport, bear down, produce, tolerate, relate, merit, aim, behave, demonstrate. Express, dispatcher, runner. Behavior, carriage, demeanor, posture, mien, presence, conduct. Concern, relevance, significance, connection, pertinence, reference, kinship. Orientation, course, direction, location, position, aim. Pivot, fulcrum, block, swivel. Grizzly. Hold up under, shoulder, sustain, uphold, carry on, keep up. Carry, conduct, convey, transfer, take, guide. Drive, force, press, push, thrust, pressure, shove. Beget, give birth to, bring forth, turn out, litter, spawn. Abide, suffer, endure, be capable of, sustain, brook, hold up under. Pertain, be pertinent, concern, appertain, be relevant, affect, tend. Deserve, warrant, be worthy of, invite. Turn, veer, curve, bend, deviate. Act, conduct, operate, succeed, work, govern. Display, broadcast, exhibit,show, spread, transmit, utter.
Existence, essence, entity, live. Presence, life, reality, actuality, animation. Substance, nature, marrow, principle, quintessence. Animal, human, spirit, soul, god. Exist, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive.
Creed, conviction, faith. Notion, tenet, thought, view, doctrine, idea, opinion. Hypothesis, assurance, postulate, philosophy, inference, persuasion, conclusion. Acceptance, assent, credence, credit, trust, confidence.
Set, pertain, be akin to. Go, fit in, conform. Appertain, concern, relate, vest. Reside, inhere, occupy.
Sightless, impetuous, heedless, concealed, dead end, cover, ambush, ruse. Eyeless, purblind. Hasty, headlong, uncontrolled, rash, unreasonable, irrational, undiscerning. Oblivious, careless, unaware, ignorant, indiscriminate, unenlightened, thoughtless. Secluded, hidden, dark, dim, obscure, confused. Closed, obstructed, blocked, shut off. Curtain, screen, shade, visor. Trap, hiding place, pitfall, snare. Cover, front, decoy, trick, pretense, pretext, stratagem.
Trunk, main part, person, cadaver, association, central idea. Torso, frame, flesh, size, build, physique, bones. Majority, bulk, assembly, core, substance, hull. Somebody, individual, human being, soul, character. Carrion, carcass, corpse, remains. Company, troop, corporation, clique, collection, society, band. Substance, text, consistency, density, thesis, thickness, argument.
Associate. Relate, correlate, attribute, connect, identify with, assign, equate.

Exclusion. Preclusion, prohibition, breach, omission, repudiation, elimination, slighting.
Degree. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, grade.
Basis, reason, produce, originate. Root, grounds, source, occasion, antecedent, rationale, motive. Purpose, aim, objective, end, motive, goal, object. Induce, bring about, make, work, procure, effect, occasion. Engender, provoke, give rise to, create.
Stop, terminate. Desist, interrupt, quit, pause, refrain, suspend. Culminate, disappear, end, halt, vanish, discontinue.
Sure, unequivocal, inevitable, particular, determined, reliable. Obvious, assured, secure, convinced, satisfied, confident, positive. Absolute, idisputable, incontestable, clear, unerring, plain, patent. Decided, inescapable, infallible, predestined, destined, determined, sure. Definite, specific, special, individual, especial. Established, decided, constant, given, fixed. Unfailing, dependable, unquestionable, trusty, authentic, trustworthy, sound.
Definition. Explanation, construciton, description, narration, exegesis, elucidation.
Categorizing, division. Arrangement, grouping, assortment, organization, allotment, allotting, apportionment. Class, order, group, kind, category, section, branch.
Being clear or uncomplicated, bright, distinct, apparent, certain, innocent, calm, free, unblemished, free, brighten, cleanse, absolve, extricate, liberate, jump over, profit. Distinctness, lucidity, simplicity, explicitness, clarity, monotony, unity. Transparent, lucid, limpid, crystal-clear, unclouded, crystalline, cloudless. Lucid, legible, comprehensible, intelligible, visible, perceptible, conspicuous. Explicit, unequivocal, unmistakable, unambiguous, evident, indisputable, manifest. Strong, assured, alert, keen, definite, positive, sure. Excused, absolved, exonerated, vindicated, irreproachable, acquitted. Serene, pacific, rainless, cloudless, untroubled, fair, sunny. Open, unobstructed, unencumbered, unhindered, unimpeded, unfettered. Clean, undefiled, unsullied, smooth, immaculate, pure, spotless. Remove, rid, flush, empty, drain. Lighten, expose, clarify, break up, illuminate. Wash, purify, wipe clean, erase, purge, blank out, expurgate. Pardon, clear up, resolve, explain, acquit, excuse, exonerate. Disentangle, free, disencumber, disengage, remove obstructions, vacate, cut away. Emancipate, free, let go, set free, unchain, unfetter, set loose. Hurdle, vault, go over. Earn, realize, net, make, receive.
Evidence, give information. Hint, intimation, mark, trace, sign, suggestion, cue. Intimate, suggest.
Meditation, ponder. Contemplation, reflection, study, rumination, thought, consideraton, attention. contemplate, study, think, reflect, meditate, muse, ruminate.
Harmony, incident rate of occurrence, direction of fall. Agreement, accordance, parallelism, correspondence, eventuality, consonance, accord. Fluke, event, accident, chance, unison, hazard. Occurrence, frequency, range, scope, spread, direction, trend. Tendency, drift, degree, slope, proportion, line, measure.
Aggregated, aggregate, accumulate, gather, harvest, settle. Consilidated, accumulated, concentrated, compiled, gathered. Cooperative, organization, unit, body. Pick, compile, pile, raise, amass, aggregate. Meet, convoke, muster, assemble, flock, convene, troop. Raise, secure, reap, glean, obtain, solicit. Negotiate, receive, handle, manage, dun, bill.
Coloration, pigment, outward appearance, tinge, blush, misrepresent. Hue, tint, cast, intensity, shade, brilliance, tone. Dye, stain, tincture, tint. Pretense, guise, deception, disguise, semblance. Dye, paint, tint, imbue, stain, stipple, daub. Flush, redden, bloom, glow. Distort, slant, twist, disguise, corrupt, pervert, deceive.
Order, mastery, demand, rule, dominate. Dictate, regulation, decree, mandate, behest, ordinance, bidding. Authority, ascendancy, head, dominion, control, power, domination. Order, charge, bid, direct, decree, impose, instruct. Control, dominate, govern, superintend, oversee, lead, supervise. Overlook, tower above, eclipse.
Whole, concluded, downright, perfect, achieve, finish. Total, entire, integral, comprehensive, undiminished, radical, undivided. Finished, done, completed, terminated, consummated. Absolute, categorical, outright, utter, clear-cut, sweeping, exhaustive. Exemplary, flawless, ideal, unblemished, model, superlative, exquisite. Execute, accomplish, actualize, effectuate, effect, supplement, fulfill. End, close, clinch, terminate, conclude, consummate, realize.
Idea. Notion, thought, inspiration, conception, image, abstraction, impression.
Actual, physical, made of cement, pavement. Specific, particular, real, accurate, definite, solid, singular. Solid, firm, strong, compressed, hard, dense, tangible. Solid. Cement, mortar, asphalt.
Corroborate, ratify, strengthen. Establish, verify, bear out, resolve, authenticate, substantiate, justify. Sanction, accredit, approve, affirm, authorize, endorse. Fortify, reinforce, assure, support, establish, invigorate, make firm.
Discord, battle, oppose, contest, hostility, argument, antagonism, strife, friction, disharmony, disunity. Struggle, fight, skirmish, collision, strife, contention, contest. Clash, collide, differ, contradict, disagree, dispute. Fight, battle, combat, contend, struggle, interfere.
Symmetry. Conformity, harmony, balance, congruity, regularity, consistency, consonance.
Association, link, affiliation, amalgamation, relative. Relevance, correlation, bearing, pertinence, conjunction, dependence, coherence. Bond, attachment, tie, coupling, connective, junction, fastening. Kinship, reciprocity, respect, affinity, association, relationship, interdependence. Network, consolidation, incorporation, federation, alliance, circle, merger. Sibling, kin, relation, kinsman, kith.
Emotion, aware, aware, purposeful. Feeling, pathos, affection empathy, impression, passion. Known, awake, keen, alert, cognizant, attentive, knowing. Sentient, rational, reasoning, sensible, cognizant, sensitive, feeling. Calculated, deliberate, premeditated, intentional, studied, discerning.
Found, empower, draft, make up. Establish, create, develop, organize. Commission, appoint, authorize, delegate. Enact, decree, legislate, order. Compound, frame, compose, aggregate.
Satisfied, aggreeable, satisfaction, significance, makeup, appease. Comfortable, contented, pleased, gratified, sanguine, delighted, snug. Assenting, resigned, quiescent, tranquil, willing, peaceful. Contentment, happiness. Meaning, idea, theme, substance, gist, subject, topic. Composition, contents, filling, packing. Satisfy, reconcile, gratify, delight, please, gladden, cheer.
Eventuality, accident. Chance, possibility, event, likelihood, probability, circumstance, odds. Fortuity, incident, exigency, luck, predicament.
Proceed, last, remain, sustain, adjourn. Go ahead, carry through, keep on, pursue, keep up, persevere, persist. Outlive, endure, outlast, exist, persist, wear. Stay, abide, rest, linger, loiter, survive, tarry. Hold, maintain, keep, preserve, carry on, protract. Extend, suspend, postpone, carry over, lengthen.
Imitation, model, imitate, illustrate, reproduce, exactly, . Image, manifold, photostat, issue, duplicate, carbon. Exemplar, archetype, paragon, manuscript, prototype, standard, original. Reproduce, engross, duplicate, mimic, trace, manifold. Embody, epitomize, typify, personify, model. Represent, paraphrase, counterfeit, forge, cartoon, delineate, depict. Verbatim, word for word, precisely.
Tangible. Solid, material, palpable, physical, real, touchable, sensible.
Relate, interact. Associate, equate, compare, connect. Correspond, reciprocate, alternate, exchange.
Judge, faultfinder. Censor, commentator, connoisseur, analyst. Quibbler.

Show, explain, political protest. Teach, confirm, illustrate, prove, present itself. Describe, display, express, make clear, illustrate, establish. Protest, maifest, exhibit, display, parade, picket, march.
Entitle, propose. Address, call, term baptize, tally, name, label. Name.
Subordination, contingency, reliance. Yoke. Sequence, connection, interdependence, relationship. Trust, belief, credence, faith.
Picture. Delineate, describe, draw, imagine, paint, represent.
Conclude, obtain, slice. Educe, determine, evolve. Acquire, procure, receive. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, cut, carve.
Report, classification. Narration, portrait, story, recital, version, portrayal. Order, genus.
Variance, distinction. Division, contrariety, feud, contrast, misunderstanding, disagrement, opposition. Dash, discrimination, idiosyncrasy, tone.
Straight, immediate, open, guide, instruct, aim. True, uninterrupted, undeviating. Evident, prompt, personal, simple, unbroken. Main, categorical, naked, downright, officious, earnest, plump. Enjoin, advise, head, conduct, influence, control, oversee. Require, bid, command, inform, will, wish, order. Level, sight, turn, point.
Training, punishment, control, rules, instruct, punish. Cultivation, drill, development, exercise, instruction, practice. Castigation, chastisement, correction. Limitation, government, order, regulation, subjection, subjugation. Code. Form, prepare, drill, control, harden, educate, exercise. Subdue, penalize, castigate, limit, chastise, correct.
Separation. Division, parting, interruption, cessation, cleavage, disruption, intrusion.
Break, joining. Crack, split, cleavage, fissure, severing, fracture, breach. Connection, close, union.
Length, way, outskirts, affectation. Reach, stretch, span, range, compass. Hinterland, background, outpost, horizon, objective. Pose, air, carriage, attitude, position, mannerism.
Single, clear, audible. Only, particular, different, discrete, dissimilar, diverse. Express, fair, definite, lively, plain, lucid. Clear, plain, sharp.
Unchangeable, dictatorial. Inevitable, categorical, immovable, formal, unqualified, eternal, positive. Bigoted, egotistical, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical.
Distrust, hesitancy, question, hesitate. Hazard, disbelief, problem, faltering, quandary, hesitancy, hesitation. Skepticism, scruple, perplexity, suspense, dilemma, demurral, quandary. Oppugn, wonder at, distrust, discredit, mistrust, supect. Scruple, vacillate, ponder, stagger, waver, query, stick.

Dictatorial, selfish, smart aleck. Bigoted, dogmatic, stubborn, opinionated, overbearing, arrogant, tyrannical. Egoistic, illiberal, egotistical, self-seeking. Know-it-all, busybody.
Manifest, organize. Actualize, externalize, incarnate, materialize. Combine, include, establish, incorporate, integrate.
Seat of passion. Breast, feeling, spirit, response, soul, pity, heart.
Experimental. Provisional, speculative, hypothetical.
Vacant, superficial, expressionless, discharge. Barren, blank, vacuous, bare, uninhabited, emptied, clear. Hypocritical, insincere, delusive, lone, dishonest, hollow, tame. Trifling, stupid, foolish, frivolous, blank. Exhaust, dump, teem, drain, void, evacuate, spill.
Cause, procreate. Get, produce, bring about, create, raise, excite, give rise to. Raise, beget, breed, create, generate.
Surroundings, setting. Atmosphere, condition, climate, circumstances, milieu. Ambience, entourage, medium, decor, milieu, scene.
Basic nature, distilled spirits. Nature, core, gist, pith, sum and substance, spirit. Spirit, distillation, juice, elixir, alcohol, liquor.
Morality. Morals.
Indication, documentation, show. Sign, signal. Affidavit, data, deposition, confirmation, exhibit, information, proof. Denote, demonstrate, connote, make clear, designate, manifest.
Literal, demanding, careful, compel, extort,. Verbatim, accurate, close, correct, faithful, precise. Exacting, rigid, rigorous, scrupulous, severe, strict, unbending. Perfect, critical, methodical, nice, orderly, precise, punctilious. Call for, demand, force, require. Extract, wrest, wring.
Demonstration, evidence, display. Performance, display, presentation, exhibition, exposition, manifestation, offering. Testimony. Betray, expose, disclose, feature, present, evince, express.
Be. Live, breathe, continue, move, subsist, be alive.
Prospect, anticipate, require. Anticipation, possibility, contemplation, verisimilitude. Count, contemplate, await, hope, calculate, count on. Demand, insist on, exact.
Encountering, knowledge, undergo. Occurrence, feeling. Training, skill, seasoning, sagacity, maturity, practice, wisdom. Brave, encounter, have, sense, endure, see, apperceive.
Solve. Explain, unravel, untangle, resolve.
Explicit, particular, accurate, fast, courier, declare, exhibit, signify, press out, dispatch, newsmen, compress, crowd, flatten. Considered, categorical, deliberate, clear, willful, definite, distinct. Especial, signal, set, singular, specific, special. Close, exact, faithful, precise, true. Quick, direct, accelerated, nonstop, rapid, swift. Bearer, dispatcher, runner. Couch, assert, tell, air, phrase, asseverate, signify. Expose, indicate, manifest, represent, reveal, show. Denote, designate, indicate. Expel, distill, squeeze out. Forward, ship, send. Constrain, crowd, crush, jam, mash, push, squash. Cram, crush, jam, squash, squeeze. Iron, smooth.
Stretch out, enlarge, bestow, be inclined, care for. Mantle, attenuate, draw, draw out, elongate, continue, lengthen. Diffuse, continue, dilate, reach, expand, fill out. Give, grant, impart, offer, yield. Be disposed, lean. Attend to, guard, watch over, protect, keep, take care of.

Truth, event, act, substantiality, being. Actuality, certainty, reality, verity, certitude, truism. Happening, phenomenon, occurrence, incident, experience, episode, manifestation. Action, deed, proceeding, accomplishment, transaction, affair, performance. Solidity, stability, permanence. Existence, entity.
Elegant, decorated, capricious, fantasy, conception, caprice, preference, sensitivity, imagine, like. Choice, distinctive, deluxe, fine, custom. Adorned, elaborate, ornate, lavish, resplendent. Extravagant, fanciful, irregular, whimsical. Daydream, imagination, dream, nightmare. Hallucination, idea, image, impression, notion, thought. Crotchet, humor, quirk, vagary, whim. Fondness, inclination, liking. Judgment, sensitiveness, taste. Conceive, envision, picture. Be pleased with, prefer.
Experience, believe, appear, examine. Sense, know, perceive, savor, observe, taste. Consider, credit, deem, hold, sense, think. Exhibit, suggest. Explore, handle, manipulate, finger, grip, clutch, grope.
Make full, supply, occupy, choose. Pack, fill up, inflate, pour, pump up, replenish. Execute, discharge, perform. Stand in, pervade, permeate, take up, distend. Find, appoint, name, elect, nominate.
Limber, adaptable. Elastic, stringy, malleable, ductile, plastic. Compliant, manageable, gentle, docile, tractable, yielding.
Frontage, land, base, establish, instruct. Exterior, anterior, obverse, facade, bow, front, forehead. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundation, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
Appearance, model, kind, group, ceremony, business form, formula, cast, make, arrange, teach, invent. Plan, conformation, cast, framework, configuration, structure, cut. Mold, pattern. Arrangement, manner, order, sort, style, type. Assemblage, organization. Ceremonial, conformity, liturgy, convention, formality, formula, ritual. Application, duplicate, blank, questionnaire, pattern, document, paper. Approach, method, mode, practice, procedure, system. Design, construct, contrive, fashion, carve, frame, chisel. Create, originate, produce, compose, constitute, make up, invent. Combine, dispose, order, organize, systematize. Discipline, rear, educate, instruct, train. Contrive, devise, frame.
Forward. Out.
Perimeter, tasseled border. Edge, borderline, border, periphery, frontier. Border, trimming, edging, knitting.
Brimming, occupied, abundant, broad, resonant, loose, mature. Teeming, big, laden, brimful, voluminous, saturated, jam-packed. Assigned, reserved, taken. Complete, copious, ample, bounteous, plentiful, plenteous, sufficient. Unlimited, extensive. Rounded, throaty, deep, loud. Flapping, baggy, flowing. Grown, entire, complete.
Duty, reception, perform. Business, service, capacity, purpose, office, utility, province. Celebration, meeting, party. Act, officiate, go, operate, run, work.

Widespread, common, miscellaneous, indefinite. Extensive, broad, limitless, endless, inclusive, comprehensive, comprehending. Ordinary, commonplace, customary, natural, prevailing, prevalent, matter-of-course. Unrestricted. Inexact, vague, ill-defined, uncertain, imprecise, lax.
Classification. Order, description.
Granted, transferred, forename. Supplied. Offered, expended.
Glimpse, shine, reflect. Sight, look, gleam, glitter. Gleam, glisten, glitter, scintillate, flash, glimpse. Cast.
Almighty. The supreme being, the creator.
Degree, slope, year in school, military rank, scholastic rating, rate scholatically. Step, rank, class, stage, classification, level, category. Incline, gradient, slant, descent, downgrade, ascent, pitch. Class, form, rank, status, standard. Rank, status, position, title. Mark, category, incomplete, passing. Rate, evaluate.
Grip, mastery, comprehension, clutch, understand. Hold, clutches. Hold, possession. Reach, scope, compass. Grab, grip, hold, catch, clasp, seize. Comprehend.
Land, base, establish, instruct. Dirt, soil, earth, loam, mold. Basis, foundaton, motive, premise, reason, factor, cause. Found, set, settle, fix, base. Educate, train, indoctrinate.
Assembly, collection, assemble, classify. Gathering, crowd, band, assemblage, bunch, crew, party. Set, sort, array, batch, bunch, bundle, clump. Collect, gather, cluster. Rank, assort, arrange, file, associate, link.
Leader, sign, lead. Director, helmsman, pathfinder, pilot, escort, steersman. Mark, signal, beacon, key. Conduct, direct, pilot, steer.

Illusion. Apparition, vision, ghost, specter, phantom, phantasm, chimera.
Listen, attention. Consider, mind, notice, observe, regard, obey, mark. Caution, consideration, heedfulness, notice, care, observation, vigilance.
Composite. Elaborate, compound, conglomerate, multiple, mixed, manifold, complex.
Outskirts. Hinterland, background, outpost, distance, objective.
Conjecture. Assumption, guess, postulate, presupposition, notion, presumption, supposition.

Concept, belief, goal. Notion, thought, inspiration, conception, image, abstraction, impression. Opinion, view, judgment, supposition, sentiment. Aim, object, objective, intention, plan.
Perfect, imaginary, typical, model, goal. Absolute, ultimate, consummate, complete. Theoretical, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, impractical, unreal, chimerical. Classic, classical, exemplary, model, representative. Epitome, standard, archetype, exemplar, example, conception. Aim, object, objective, target.
Categorizing, means of verifying identity. Classification, naming, description, grouping. Passport, credentials, badge, letter of credit, letter of introduction.
Falseness, deception. Fallacy, deception, delusion, chimera, mirage, fantasy.
Representation, idea, facsimile, imagine. Figure, likeness, semblance, form, icon, idol, statue. Notion, conception, perception. Copy, match, mirror, counterpart, reflection. Conceive, depict, portray, render, describe.
Fantasy, think, understand. Daydream, fancy, dream, nightmare. Think, understand. Hypothesize, suppose, picture, conjecture, conceive, assume. Assume, suppose, believe, expect, gather.
Something implied, entanglement, affect. Connotation, inference, insinuation, assumption, indication, ramification, hypothesis. Link, connection, association, involvement, reference. Relate to, pertain to, depend upon, concern, apply to, include, belong to.
Foreign-made, introduce from abroad. Foreign, exotic, imported, from abroad. Introduce.
Imprint, idea, edition, sensation. Impress, indentation, stamp, print. Concept, notion, perception, image. Printing. Feeling, understanding, sense.
Impelling force, inspiration, whim. Impetus, shock, surge, thrust, stimulus, push, pressure. Desire, motivation, proclivity, inclination, bent, stimulus. Flash, fancy, vagary, thought, urge.
Insecurity, shortcoming, abundance. Inferiority, incompetence, failing, ineptitude, weakness, impotence. Deficiency, drawback, defect, shortage, flaw, lack, blemish. Enough, plenty, sufficiency.
Disagreement, going together well, harmony. Objection, contrariety, discord, difference, distaste, opposition, disfavor. Unity, agreement, adaptability. Consonance, proportion, concord, balance, agreement, cohesion, congruity.
Growth, expand, bend back. Expansion, addition, enlargement, extension, augmentation. Grow, multiply, greaten, enlarge, add to, aggrandize, extend. Pleat, fold, double, crimp, gather.
Freedom, subordination, contingency, reliance. Autonomy, liberty, autocracy, sovereignty. Yoke. Sequence, connection, interdependence, relationship. Trust, belief, credence, faith.
Pointer. Arrow, needle, directive, gauge, sign.
Single, person. Separate, singular, specific, distinct, particular, personal, distinctive. Human being, animal, thing, one, unit, woman, man.
Reasoning, making electricity, initiation. Deduction, inference, judgement, conjecture, rationalization, reason. Installation, conscription, investiture, selection.
Deduction, conclusion. Supposition, reason, judgment, illation. Deduction, reason, judgment, decision, corollary, illation.
Infinite distance. Space, outer space, cosmos, universe.
Extra pages, put in, interject. Addition, enclosure, appendage, inclusion. Input, tuck in. Inject, speak up, interpolate, introduce, break in, include, instill.
Understand, vision, noteworthy scene. Recognition, perception, sense, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Eyesight, perception, seeing, view, inspection. Scene, spectacle, display, show, view, eyesore.
Power, anxiety, concentrated, profound, strained, nervous. Vigor, force, strength, concentration, depth, fervor, passion. Anger, tenseness, stress, nervousness, agitation, excitement, perturbation. Fierce, vehement, furious, violent, unwavering, desperate, vicious. Strong, deep, extreme, hard. Rigid, taut, tight, stretched. High-strung, agitated, excited, strained, neurotic.
Universal, civil, nationwide, people, realm. Cosmopolitan, worldly, catholic, general, generalized. Public, societal, governmental, political, federal, sovereign, state. Interstate, widespread, sweeping, general, inland, internal. Ethnic group, population, race, stock, tribe. Community, commonwealth, republic, country, monarchy, kingdom, dominion.
Premonition. Hunch, feeling, clue, anticipation, prescience, presentiment.
Reverse. Inverse, transpose, revert.

Gladness, pleasure. Delight, exultation, rapture, satisfaction. Bliss, ecstasy, happiness, transport, enchantment.
Estimate. Calculation, appraisal, computation, appraisement, estimation, assessment, opinion.
Excuse. Repentance, plea, defense, amends, apology.

Information, understanding. Wisdom, learning, enlightenment, erudition, lore, science, scholarship. Comprehension, perception, judgement, wisdom, insight, discernment, apprehension.

The courts, legislature, enactment, principle, study of law, law enforcement, Christian scriptures. Code, constitution. Decree, edict, statute, ordinance, ruling. Precept, foundation, origin, source, ultimate cause, axiom, maxim. Equity. Police, sheriff, constabulary. Bible, scripture, revelation.
Lawful, regular, authorize. Legal, official, sanctioned, licit, justifiable, rightful. Reasonable, sensible, valid, logical, proper, correct, warranted. Endorse, justify, legalize.
Flat, horizontal, equal, uniform, even, flatten, aim. Flush, even, smooth, plane, plain, uniform. Flat, balanced. Equivalent. Even, equable. Equalize, flatten, smooth, grade, press. Raze, demolish, destroy. Direct, guide, point, sight.
Boundary, constraint, demarcate. Border, limitation, confine, bound, end, extent, frontier. Restraint, hindrance, restriction, check, precinct. Restrict, confine, hinder, define, restrain, circumscribe.
Rationalism. Common sense, intellect, reason, intelligence, judgement, understanding, discernment.
Glance, search, appearance, see, seem, expect, expression, seek. Gaze, stare, gape, eye, peep. Perusal, investigation, examination. Air, manner, mien, aspect. Stare, gaze, glance, watch, scrutinize, mind. Appear. Anticipate, await, wait for, hope. Countenance, face, cast, front.
Commitment, sweetheart, like, caress. Liking, attachment, devotion, affection, ardor, fondness, passion. Beloved, darling, girl, dear, honey, sweet. Adore, adulate, cherish, affection, be fond of. Fondle, cuddle, kiss, pet, fornicate, woo.

Human beings, male, partner, staff. Humankind, mankind, humanity, populace, race, folk. Fellow, chap, guy, gentleman, beau, swain, blade. Lover, spouse, husband, boyfriend, married man. Garrison, people, station, guard, protect, defend, fortify.
Border, leeway. Edge, boundary, perimeter, periphery, skirt, lip, shore. Latitude, play, allowance, freedom, room, elbowroom.
Tangible, important, substance, textile, information. Solid, corporeal, palpable, physical, real, touchable, sensible. Substantial, considerable, significant, meaningful, momentous, consequential, weighty. Matter, stuff, object, element, body, component. Cloth, fabric. Data, facts, figures.
Arithmetic. Calculation, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, computation.
Substance, affair, trouble, subject, pus, count, discharge pus. Material, element, medium, body, stuff, thing, substantiality. Business, undertaking, circumstance, concern, situation. Diffuculty, distress, perplexity. Topic, content, essence, focus, theme, resolution, interest. Sore, infection, maturation. Value, mean, signify, weigh, import. Fester, decay.
Meaningful, definition, purpose, inferior, shabby contemptible, stingy, average, average, intend, signify. Significant, poignant, expressive, pointed, knowing. Message, import, idea, significance, signification, interpretation, gist. Intent, intention, object, aim, design. Insignificant, unessential, inconsequent, unimportant, nonessential, low, paltry. Coarse, common, ignoble, low, plebeian, undignified, vulgar. Despicable, vile, wretched, repellent, base, treacherous, fraudulent. Miserly, mercenary, niggardly, selfish, tight, parsimonious, penurious. Mediocre, medium, moderate, middling, intermediate, middle, median. Middle, midpoint, median, center. Propose, contemplate, anticipate, expect, design, foreordain, purpose. Indicate, imply, express, symbolize, designate, import, denote.
Bodily. Intestinal, organic, constitutional, physical, internal, visceral, abdominal.
Procedure, order. Routine, formula, manner, mode, process, technique, way. Arrangement, classification, system, disposition, rule.
Mixture, combine, fraternize. Concoction. Amalgamate, fuse, admix, blend, merge, commingle, incorporate. Hobnob, associate, socialize, consort, join, mingle.
Manner. Tone, expression, condition, habit.
Change. Alteration, shift, variation, movement, transformation, mutation, turn.
Account. Ground, consideraton, grounds, excuse, purpose, reason.
Increase, reproduce, calculate. Augment, double, add, boost, enlarge, expand. Propagate, generate, populate, produce. Compound, repeat, aggregate, raise, square, cube, increase.

Character, universe, environment, physics. Temper, temperament, qualifications, kind, constitution. Earth, cosmos, creation, world, macrocosm. Out-of-doors, scenery, view, seascape. Fission.
Need, requirement, fate, exigency. Qualification, demand, vital part, postulate, essential, imperative, necessary. Compulsion, destiny, inevitability, karma, kismet. Indigence, pinch, need, stress, neediness, urgency.
Denial, opposite, neutralize, deny. Contradiction, repudiation, refutation, refusal, rejection, veto, cancellation. Antithesis, absence, reverse, contradiction, converse, contrary. Annul, counteract, cancel, repeal, retract, redress, frustrate. Refute, oppose, contradict, belie, cross, impugn, contravene.
Indeterminate, uninvolved, impartial, nonpartisan. Abstract, drab, colorless, vague, dull. Noncombatant, nonpartisan, inactive, disengaged, inert. Detached, unbiased, nonchalant, dispassionate, disinterested, impersonal.
Mean. Average, normal, median, par, standard, mean proportion.
At this time, today, immediately. At the moment. Soon, presently, promptly, nowadays, in a minute. At once, instantly, forthwith, right away.
Matter, basis, center. Meat, heart, gist, pith, kernel, essence. Principle, foundation, premise, crux. Heart, core, hub, focus, pivot.

Thing, objective, intention, recipient, protest. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something. Mission, aim, wish, destination, end, goal, target. Motivation, base, basis, intent, motive, purpose, reason. Target, victim, receiver. Demur, take exception, except, remonstrate, disapprove, dispute.
Unclear, unknown, remote, indistinct, dark, conceal. Ambiguous, deep, shadowy, doubtful, cryptic, esoteric. Little known, inconspicuous, rate, nameless, indistinguishable, uncelebrated, unnoticed. Hidden, devious, retired, covered, lonesome, secluded, removed. Dark, blurred, adumbrate, unclear, blurry, becloud, dim. Clouded, dense, cloudy, hazy, dim, dusky, gloomy. Darken, dim, fog, shadow, gray, cloud, overshadow.
Procedure, effect, affair, administration, promoting, surgery, work, function, produce, move, contact, convey, remove. Act, action, execution, deed, manipulation, handling, doing. Action, efficacy, force, influence, virtue. Agency, business, course, maneuver, transaction. Guidance, superintendence, ordering, order, maintenance, supervision, control. Compelling, enforcement, advancement. Dismemberment, removal, vivisection, dissection, acupuncture, section, excision. Drive, act, behave, handle, run, turn, use. Carry on, conduct, manage, administer, perform, command, serve. Bring about, fulfill, cause, effect, occasion. Progress, advance, proceed, go. Hit, engage. Transport, contain.
Briefing, alignment, far east, align, familiarize. Adjustment, introduction, bearings. Direction, placement, arrangement, adjustment. Asia, Middle East, china. Adjust, line up, lead, turn, direct, locate, determine. Accustom, acclimate, adapt, conform.
Source, birth, start, nucleus, producer, cause. Beginning, birthplace, cradle, derivation, foundation, fountainhead, root. Seed, descent, germ, extraction, stock, heritage, ancestry. Rise, genesis, commencement, outset, incipience, inception. Egg, sperm, embryo, principle, element. Author, creator, heart, begetter, progenitor, determinant, agent. Motive, inducement, inspiration.
Different, additional. Distinct, opposite, separate, diverse, dissimilar, disparate. Further, added, extra, more, another, new, else.

Perceiving, insight. Apprehension, cognition, discernment, recognition, understanding. Observation, viewpoint, thought.
Individual, character. Human, human being, man, one, personage, somebody. Part, role.
Viewpoint, panorama. Standpoint, outlook, position, stand, attitude, bias. Landscape, vista, sweep, view, scene, distance, range.
Step. Level, stage, procedure, point, round, degree, rest.
Extraordinary, exceptional. Sensational, spectacular, marvelous, amazing, astonishing. Remarkable, unique, unusual, uncommon, outstanding, singular, rare.
Event, marvel. Circumstance, aspect, appearance, fact, happening, incident, occurrence. Miracle, prodigy, wonder.
Study of truth, fundamental principle, outlook. Theory. Basis, theory, conception, axiom, truth, law, postulate. View, belief, opinion, attitude, conviction, viewpoint.
Bodily, material, medicate. Corporal, corporeal, mortal. Visible, natural, tangible, real, palpable, sensible, concrete. Treat, doctor, cure, drug, dose, attend, nurse.
Representation, likeness, description, film, depict. Piece, drawing, illustration, portrait, painting, photograph. Image, representation, semblance, similitude. Account, portrayal, delineation, representation. Cinema, motion picture, movie, photoplay. Delineate, describe, draw, imagine, paint, represent.
Enjoyment, indulgence, preference. Delectaton, fruition, delight, gladness, gratification, happiness. Luxury, sensuality. Choice, desire, inclination, mind, predilection, purpose, will.
Various. Many, multiform, manifold, several.
Location, rank, job, arrangement, pose, assertion, place. Locale, locality, place, post, site, situation, spot. Place, standing, status. Employment, place, post, situation. Array, disposition, placement. Attitude, deportment, color, stance, posture, stand, circumstances. View, contention, dictum, doctrine, principle, proposition. Locale, put, settle, situate, discover, fix.
Incontestable, decided, emphatic, assured, pose. Absolute, categorical, certain, clear, definite, direct, explicit. Arbitrary, decisive, determined, unconditional. Peremptory, expressed, obstinate, stated, assertive, resolute. Cocksure, confident, convinced, dogmatic, obstinate, overbearing, unhesitating. Propose, present, propound, state.
Conceivable, contingent, expedient. Feasible, likely, imaginable, workable, potential, thinkable. Fortuitous, adventitious, indeterminate. Desirable, welcome, acceptable.
Likely, possibility, powerful, effective, useful. Able, possible, capable, dormant, latent, implied, inherent. Capacity, possibilities, ability, potentiality, hope, attitude. Mighty, puissant, strong. Cogent, efficacious, persuasive, influential, convincing. Efficient, stiff, effective.
Ability, strength, authority. Skill, arm, capability, endowment, beef, capacity, dint. Energy, vigor, force, stamina, might. Ascendancy, domination, jurisdiction, command, hegemony, omnipotence.
Way, exercise, exercise. Custom, habit, routine, wont, mode, manner. Application, repetition, drill, recitation, training, experience, study. Carry out, repeat, do, rehearse, drill, perform.
Establish. Fasten, build, found, ground, rest, stay, base.
Taste. Disposition, fondness, partiality, affection, liking, predilection, predisposition.
Current, now, gift, submit, show, perform, direct. Attendant, modern, contemporary, immediate, existing, existent, latest. Nowadays, today. Benefaction, bonus, boon, donation, grant, gratuity, largess. Bestow, confer, donate, endow, grant. Afford, furnish, offer, proffer, yield. Display, exhibit, manifest, expose, introduce. Act, enact, imitate, impersonate, personate, represent. Aim, level, point.
Assume, undertake. Infer, conclude, believe, presuppose, suppose. Venture.
Presume. Infer, give, assume, suppose, deem, believe.
Principal, earliest, fundamental, immediate. Chief, first, highest, main. Beginning, aboriginal, prime, first, original, primeval, primitive. Basic, beginning, elementary, opening. Direct.
Previous. Primitive, early, former.
Regulation, postulate, belief, ideal. Canon, rule, standard, test. Axiom, source, fundamental, law, maxim, proposition. Faith, doctrine, system, opinion, tenet. Goodness, honesty, honor, integrity, probity, rectitude, trustworthiness.
Possibility. Likelihood, odds, chance, contingency.
Creation, exhibition. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.
Impervious, evidence, trial, impression. Firm, impenetrable, invulnerable, steadfast. Credentials, certification, substantiation, confirmation, attestation, demonstration, affidavit. Essay, examination, test. Slip, pull, revise.
Mind. Reason, understanding, soul, consciousness, intellect.
Mental. Cerebral, intellectual, emotional.

Characteristic, rank, accomplishment, distinction. Attribute, affection, character, mark, peculiarity, feature, property. Condition, merit, caliber, description, worth, grade, place. Attainment, deed, feat. Class.
Inquiry, dispute, ask, doubt. Inquisition, interrogation, inquest, query. Controversy, discussion. Quest, examine, seek, inquire, petition, interrogate, solicit. Distrust, mistrust, challenge, suspect, dispute.

Reasonable, discerning, sane, portion, allot, relative amount, incidence, pace, appraise. Sensible, intelligent, judicious, sagacious, wise. Discriminating, discreet, prudent, collected, circumspect, perspicacious, enlightened. Sound, normal, logical, consequent, lucid, responsible, sober. Allowance, share, allotment, apportionment, measure, food. Distribute, apportion, deal, dole, mete, parcel out. Fare, freight, percentage, commission, allowance. Frequency, occurrence, proportion, fraction, ratio, standard. Gait, speed, velocity, clip, tempo, dash, momentum. Evaluate, rank, assess, grade, reckon, calculate, measure.
Existence, genuine, material. Presence, life, being, actuality, animation. Actual, authentic, true, sincere, indisputable, undeniable, factual. Existent, tangible, substantive, physical, incarnate, palpable, corporal.
Objective, explanation, rationalism, sanity, argue, think. Aim, incentive, intention, motive, purpose, impetus, design. Justification, rationalization, excuse, rationale, ratiocination. Common sense, intellect, logic, intelligence, judgement, understanding, discernment. Mind, acumen. Dispute, debate, contend, convince, persuade, influence, discuss. Contemplate, infer, deliberate, reflect, analyze, examine, rationalize.
Decrease, alleviation. Reducing, decline, lessening, diminishing, lowering, contraction. Relaxation, mitigation, relief, decrease, slackening, abatement.
Direct, concern, mention. Designate, submit, consign, deliver, commit. Pertain, relate, apply, involve, include, belong, obtain. Allude, suggest, cite, bring up, point, hint at, ascribe.
Mirror, think, resonate. Copy, rebound. Consider, contemplate, deliberate, ponder, cogitate, meditate, muse. Echo, reverberate, emulate, rebound, follow.
Area. Sector, zone, section, territory, domain, belt, district.
Relative numbers, restate, repeat. Number, occurrence, recurrence, regularity, frequency, rotation, ratio. Repeat, echo, relate, recapitulate, reproduce, recite. Reiterate, recite, rehearse, say.
Recall, bear in mind. Recollect, commemorate. Treasure, bethink, cite, memorize, mind, retain.
Picture, personify. Piece, drawing, illustration, portrait, painting, photograph. Depict, characterize, impersonate, portray, delineate.
Duplicate, creation, exhibition. Copy, replica, match, transcript, twin, mate, likeness. Output, origination, manufacture, making, engendering, yield, construction. Composition, piece, presentation, drama, performance, staging.
Perseverance, formal expression, resolving, clarity. Spunk, tenacity, determination, firmness, resolve, fortitude, steadfastness. Proclamation, declaration, decree, judgment, verdict, pronouncement. Solution, answering, outcome, denouement, issue, end result, explanation. Visibility, brightness, focus, crispness.
Keep, remember, employ. Hold, detain, maintain, preserve, reserve, withhold. Recall, recollect, recognize. Hire, engage.
Just, suitable, correct, sane, front, rightful, claim, rectitude, directly, precisely, justly, suitably, favorably. Fair, equitable, legitimate, upright, honest, good, lawful. Appropriate, proper, correct, convenient, fit, befitting, becoming. Precise, valid, accurate, true, proper, perfect. Normal, rational, sound, reasonable, wise. Outward, outer, upper, top, principal, obverse. Lawful, fitting, legitimate, legal, genuine. Ownership, privilege, title, interest, due. Integrity, virtue, uprightness, fairness, justice, equity. Immediately, straight. Actually, truly. Equitably, fairly, rightfully, uprightly, lawfully, rightly, righteously. Appropriately, fittingly, properly, fitly. Advantageously, well.
Competitive, competitor, compete, slice. Opposing, vying, opposed, combatant, conflicting. Opponent, antagonist, competition, contestant. Oppose, equal, match, compete with, contend with, emulate. Haggle, chisel, bisect, dissect, mangle, cut, carve.
Law, control, govern, decide. Dictum, regulation, precept, order, principle, standard. Command, dominion, direction, mastery, domination, government, authority. Administer, order, command, direct, control, decree, lead. Decree, deem, judge, order, establish, settle, demand.

Drench, sate. Suffuse, immerse, douse, imbue, impregnate, soak. Satiate, surfeit.
Project, plot, pattern, plan. Design, plan, purpose, program, system. Conspiracy, stratagem, cabal, intrigue, machination, contrivance. Arrangement, diagram. Contrive, design, devise, plot, project, intrigue.
Body of knowledge, skill. Discipline, physics. Proficiency, expertise, mastery, ability, adeptness, finesse.
Subordinate, indirect. Second, lesser, lower, subsidiary, petty, inferior, small. Derived, subsequent, dependent, resultant, proximate, consequent.
Diocese, observe, understand, experience, receive, accompany, consider. Parish, bishopric. View, witness, notice, look, watch, behold, spy. Comprehend, discern, distinguish, perceive, recognize, determine, ascertain. Feel, know, undergo, suffer. Consult, discuss, entertain. Attend, escort. Think, deliverate.
Reason, understanding, significance, feeling, recognize. Intellect, knowledge, reasoning, intelligence, brains, mind, wit. Recognition, perception, insight, discernment, awareness, reasonableness, discretion. Meaning, denotation, connotation, import, signification. Impression, thought, idea, sensation, estimation, sentiment, opinion. Perceive, discern, appreciate, apperceive, feel.
Feeling, agitation. Sense, impression, perception, emotion, sentiment, passion, response. Stimulation, perturbation, excitement, commotion, animation.
Exciting, dramatic, feeling, agitation. Spectacular, marvelous, thrilling, moving, incredible, astonishing, breathtaking. Excessive, melodramatic, startling. Sense, impression, perception, emotion, sentiment, passion, response. Stimulation, perturbation, excitement, commotion, animation.
Feeling. Sensorial, sensuous, tactile, pleasing, sexual, sharpened, sensual.
Arena, predetermined, fixed, rigid, collection, group, inclination, scenery, position, value, install, sink, harden. Theater, stage, scene, spot, locate, environment, region. Fixed, foreordained, resolved. Firm, stable, solid, determined, settled, customary, usual. Stubborn, unyielding, immovable, obstinate, stiff, relentless. Assemblage, assortment, kit, pack, outfit, series. Organization, company, clique, class, faction, coterie, sect. Attitude, direction, bent, disposition, position, bearing, aspect. Decoration, setting, scene, stage. Arrange, fix, appoint, put, establish, place, lay. Estimate, price, evaluate, rate, prize. Adjust, arrange, regulate, calibrate, mount, frame, order. Decline, dip, wane. Solidify, thicken, stiffen, congeal, jell, cake.
Appearance, ghost, state, configuration, become, mold, term. Form, figure, build, contour, frame, silhouette, outline. Specter, phantom, apparition, shade, wraith. Health, fitness. Pattern, order, arrangement, mold, cast, condition, situation. Embody, develop, crystallize, grow, streamline. Model, form, fashion, sculpt, carve, chisel. Express, word.
Indication, symbol, prediction, indicate, endorse, bless, hire. Hint, clue, suggestion, symptom, portent, gesture, countersign. Emblem, badge, mark, abbreviation, flag, beacon. Omen, premonition, foreshadowing, foreboding, portent, presage, divination. Gesture, signal, express, wave, mean, betoken, signify. Confirm, approve, acknowledge, inscribe, initial, autograph. Ordain, hallow, consecrate, dignify. Employ, contract, engage.
Mark. Cross, franchise, seal, sign, frank.
Meaning. Significance, point, import, sense, purport.
Likeness, agreement, harmony, relationship, alike. Semblance, correspondence, resemblance, similitude, parallelism, mimicry. Analogy, approximation, closeness, kinship, affinity. Correspondence, conformity, concurrence, coincidence, homogeneity. Kinship, parity, relation, reciprocity, community, correlation, simile. Identical, matching, akin, same, like, cognate.
Strange, unique. Unusual, remarkable, extraordinary, surprising, odd, curious, peculiar. Individual, rare, uncommon, sole, separate, only, single.
Thing. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifetation, object.
Spirit, mind, heart, human being. Essence, ghost, being, shadow, wraith. Reason, understanding, psyche, consciousness, intellect. Sentiment, love, idealism, reverence, honor. Mortal, person, fellow, chap, being, creature, man.
Off-planet, room, infinite distance, time, range. Extraterrestrial, unearthly. Area, gap, chasm, expanse, amplitude, distance, spread. Infinity, outer space, cosmos, universe. Period, extent, stretch, interval, span, while, stage. Arrange, line up, align, keep apart, spread, organize.
Class. Order, genus, family, subdivision.
Detail, particular. Circumstance, particular, feature, item, particularity, point. Definite, certain, special, individual, especial.
Plain. Informal, candid, extemporaneous, impromptu, unpretentious, unrehearsed, unprompted.
Point of view. Perspective, viewpoint, outlook, slant, point, angle, position.
Announcement, account, government, condition, form, position, nation, say. Declaration, proclamation, allegation, communication, assertion, remark, avowal. Budget, bill, audit, invoice, check, charge. Public. Case, circumstances, plight, predicament, situation, position, standing. Phase, structure, constitution. Rank, standing, station, estate. Republic, commonwealth, country, community, federation, government, land. Speak, declare, pronounce, assert, authorize, determine, fix.
Gait, phase, stair, move. Tread, footfall, pace, footprint, stride. Level, stage, procedure, point, round, degree, rest. Tread, rung, run, path, way, jog. Go, advance, proceed, walk, go on, stride, tread.
Sensual, excitement, mix, excite. Stimulating, moving. Commotion, disorder, tumult, uproar, agitation, bustle. Agitate, move, shake, disturb, beat. Awaken, arouse, incite, provoke, rouse, stimulate, foment.
Illusory, biased, introspective, essential. Fancied, imaginary, mental, unreal, imagined, dependent, liable, theme, dependent, control, expose. Prejudiced, individual, personal. Contemplative. Inherent, substantial. Contingent, subordinate, subservient, conditional, inferior. Susceptible, prone, open, exposed. Content, substance, topic, subject matter, thesis, point, argument. Subordinate, minion. Dominate, subjugate, subordinate, enslave, govern, subdue, influence. Lay open, make liable.
Inferior, underling. Minor, lower, subject, junior, insignificant, secondary, dependent. Inferior, subject, assistant, helper, aide, collateral, sub.
Essential. Key, obligatory, urgent, necessary, indispensable, wanted, organic.
Offer. Propound, submit, advise, propose.
Presume. Infer, give, presuppose, assume, deem, believe.
Emblem, character. Sign, badge, mark, token, attribute. letter, figure, numeral, representation.
Building a whole, combination. Creation, combination, union, integration, formation, construction. Organization, organism, amalgam, formation, arrangement, assembly, aggregate.

Word, period of time. Phrase, name, designation, terminology, locution, expression. Period, session, semester, quarter, duration.
Another, the one. Particular. This one, who.
Hypothesis, philosophy. Guess, conjecture, speculation, assumption, rationale, explanation. View, conception, outlook, contemplation.
Proposition, research paper. Opinion, side, contention, argument, assumption, belief, assertion. Research, study, investigation, dissertation, monograph, treatise.
Object. Commodity, fact, article, matter, manifestation, something.
Such a person. The same, such.
Thinking, idea, expectation, attention. Belief, concept, conviction, idea, notion, opinion, judgment. Theory, hypothesis, postulate, supposition, plan, design, intent. Anticipation. Heed, regard, consideration, care, solicitude.
Duration, term, era, tempo, gauge. Past, present, future, continuance. Interval, period, space, span, spell, year. Age, period, date, epoch, generation, cycle, season. Measure, beat, rhythm, cadence, rate, swing. Measure, regulate.
Complete, whole, add. Absolute, entire, final, utter, whole, finished, unqualified. Gross, totality, entirely, sum, aggregate. Calculate, figure, amount to.
Of remarkable degree, ideal. Primordial, intuitive, otherworldly, intellectual, original. Exquisite, perfect, total, consummate, supreme, ripe, ultimate.
Veracity, integrity. Actuality, genuineness, accuracy, exactness, precision, reality, fact. Honesty, sincerity, candor, frankness, uprightness, virtue, fidelity.
Revolution, trend, deviation, talent, need, revolve, change, aim, form, bend, distract, sour. Rotation, spin, gyration, cycle. Drift, direction. Change, variation, bend, twist, turning, reversal, talent. Proclivity, inclination, bent, propensity, tendency, aptitude. Necessity, requirement, exigency. Circle, rotate, spin, gyrate. Avert, divert, alter, convert, transform, metamorphose, transmute. Direct, point, set. Mold, shape, fashion. Curve, swerve, veer, deviate, twist, deflect, dodge. Disturb, infatuate, derange, infuriate. Acidify, curdle, ferment.
Sort, example, symbol, typewrite, arrange. Kind, classification, form, class, breed, group, family. Pattern, model, representative, prototype, original, sample, specimen. Character, image, sign, form, figure, device, stamp. Copy, transcribe. Class, sort, categorize, standardize.

Oneness, harmony, system, section. Totality, union, synthesis, singularity, singleness, individuality. Symphony, agreement, concert, unison, unanimity, concord, rapport. Complement, element, component, member, part, total, assemblage. Piece, square, block, factor, joint, length, quantity.
General, concept, nature, poetry, stanza. Ubiquitous, entire, whole, total, sweeping, common. Understanding. Earth, cosmos, creation, world, macrocosm. Meter, rhyme, sonnet. Section, line, stave.

Obscure, lax. Nebulous, indistinct, indeterminate, indefinite, imprecise, unspecific, undetermined. Loose, unfixed, unclear, unknown.
Sound, genuine. Logical, substantial, satisfactory, authoritative, convincing, binding. Authentic, true, original, factual, authoritative, bona fide.
Worth, cost, evaluation, significance, price. Importance, merit, caliber, account, desirabiliity, benefit, eminence. Expense, price, amount, charge, assessment, appraisal, profit. Estimation, valuation. Substance, content, meaning, import, purpose, force. Appraise, assess, estimate, evaluate, rate, judge, reckon.
Check. Trial, inspection, test.
Ocular, visible. Optic. Perceptible, obvious, seeable, viewable, ocular.

Certification, justification, guarantee, authorizaton, guarantee, authorize, justify. Acceptance, endorsement, sanction, affirmation, corroboration. Authorization, sanction, commission. Assurance, pledge, certify, warranty, security, guaranty, surety. Commission, license, permit, certificate, order, writ, chit. Certify, approve, authorize, justify, sanction, assure, vouch for. Sanction, license, delegate, empower. Explain, bear out.
Importance, heaviness, counterbalance. Significance, import, consequence, influence, mement, power. Mass, density, ballast. Ballast, anchor, stone.
Decision, desire, command, command, bequeath. Choice, determination, resolution, volition, resoluteness, forcefulness. Determination, purpose, inclination, disposition, fancy, pleasure, wish. Decree, direction, order, bidding, behest, insistence. Bid, decree, direct, determine, decide. Bequest, leave, devise.
Desire, ambition, desire, command, hope. Craving, will, inclination, want. Aspiration, dream, goal, promise. Crave, yearn, long for, want, need, covet, lack. Direct, order, bid, instruct. Beg, pray for, entreat, request, solicit, invoke.
Expression, pledge, report, password, bidding, express. Assertion, declaration, statement, utterance, asseveration, designation, locution. Promise, guarantee, assurance, commitment, warrant. News, information, account, intelligence, advice, tidings. Catchword, signal, countersign, shibboleth. Command, order. Voice, phrase, put, formulate, style, couch.
Earth, realm. Globe, orb, planet, biosphere. Sphere, domain, circle, kingdom, province, environment.
Value, deserving. Importance, merit, account, credit, valuation, quality. Valued at.