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Consequently. Therefore, hence.
Abundant, a great deal, very, often, nearly. Ample, considerable, substantial, profuse, plentiful, voluminous, countless. Plenty, plethora, abundance, profuseness, heap, lot, wealth. Largely, extremely, greatly, eminently, uncommonly. Frequently, repeatedly, regularly, habitually. Almost, somewhat, rather, practically, most, all but, about.
Depend. Cling. Adhere, hang, rely, rest.
On. Over, above, touching, in contact with, covering, on top of, about.
In. Inside of, during. Surrounded by, within, pertaining to, while, whilst, meanwhile, at, in the act of.
Colored, color, communist. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, sanguine, cerise. Ruby, crimson, cherry, scarlet, carmine, cerise, maroon. Comrade, Bolshevik.
Disk, turn. Roller, hoop, cogwheel, sprocket. Roll, rotate, revolve, drive, ride, spin.
Burial. Vault, mausoleum, sepulcher, mound, tomb, grave.
Glassy, enamel, put glass in, coat with glaze. Lustrous, burnished, vitreous, translucent, finished. Finish, varnish, polyurethane. Glass. Coat, enamel, varnish, burnish, overlay, encrust.
By. Among, at, along with, beside.
Deluge. Pour, cover, inundate, shower, drench, engulf, overcome.
Liquid, irrigate. Rain, ice, pond, pool, puddle, reservoir. Sprinkle, douse, drench, soak, flood.
Close. Abutting, aside, near at hand, adjacent, neighboring, near, adjoining.
Textual discourse, texture, textured surface, thalassic, thank, thank you, thankful, thankfulness, thankless, thanks, thanksgiving, that, thatch, thaw, the archfiend, the arts, the birth of Christ, the courts, the creator, the crown, the devil, the movies, the number enrolled, the one, the one preferred, the same, the supreme being, the upper story, the whole thing, the works.
Color, fair-skinned, pale. Milky, chalky, bleached, frosty, frosted. Aryan, fair. Wan, pallid, anemic, chalky, ashen, bloodless, peaked.
Chicken, kind of bird, avis. Bird, duck, goose, crow, turkey. Game, bird.