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Cipher. Naught, blank, goose egg.
Single, unique, united, single item, unity. Lone, sole, solitary, separate, only, particular. Special, uncommon, especial, individual, different, peculiar, singular. Joined, connected, linked, related, associated, wed. Unit, whole, person, thing, digit, individual, integer. Entirety, totality, solidarity, oneness, togetherness.
Twice as much. Duplicated, paired, second, twofold, double, twin.
Thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness, thralldom, thrash, thread, threadbare, threaded fastener, threaded metal rod, threadlike, threat, threaten, threatening, three-dimensional, three-way, three times, threesome, threshold, thrift, thriftless, thrifty, thrill, thrilled, thrilling, thrive, thriving, throat, throaty, throb..
Fossilize, foster, foul, foul dirt, foul up, foully, foulness, found, foundation, founder, founding, foundling, fountain, fountainhead, four-sided, four hundred, foursome, foxy, foyer, fracas, fraction, fractionate, fractious, fracture, fragile, fragility, fragment, fragmentary, fragments, fragrance.
Fissure, fist, fisticuffs, fistula, fit, fit in, fit out, fit to be inhabited, fitful, fitly, fitness, fitted, fitting, fittingly, fix, fix firmly, fix on, fix the limits of, fix up, fixation, fixed, fixedly, fixing, fixture, fizz, fizzle, flabbergasted, flabby, flaccid, flag.
Sinner, sinuous, sip, sire, siren, sirocco, sissy, sit, sitcom, site, sitting room, situate, situated toward the east, situation, sizable, size, sizzle, sizzling, skate, skeletal, skeleton, skeptic, skeptical, skepticism, sketch, sketcher, sketchy skew, skewed, skewer.
Set to work, set type, set up, set upon, setback, settee, setting, setting free, settle, settle down, settle the score, settled, settlement, settlings, sever, several, severance, severe, severe pain, severed, severely, severing, severity, sew, sew lightly, sewer, sewing instrument, sex, sexual, sexual organs.
Effusive, egg, egghead, egocentric, egoism, egoistic, egotism, egotist, egotistic, egotistical, egregious, egress, egret, eiderdown, eighth month, ejaculate, ejaculation, eject, ejection, elaborate, elaborate plan, elaboration, elan, elapse, elapsed, elastic, elasticity, elate, elated, elation.
Niggling, nigh, night, night before, night club, nightfall, nightly, nightmare, nighttime, nihil, nihilism, nimble, nimbus, nincompoop, nip, nipping, nipple, nirvana, nitwit, nix, no, no holds barred, no kidding, no longer soft, no one, nobility, noble, nobleman, nobleness, nobody.
Tempered, tempest, tempestuous, temple, tempo, temporal, temporarily, temporary, temporary accommodation, temporary suspension, tempt, temptation, tempting, temptress, tenable, tenacious, tenaciously, tenacity, tenancy, tenant, tend, tendency, tender-hearted, tenderly, tenderness, tending, tending to produce, tenement, tenet.
Electroplate, eleemosynary, elegance, elegant, elegy, element, elemental, elementary, elephantine, elevate, elevated, elevated structure, elevation, elevator, elf, elfin, elicit, elide, eligible, eliminate, eliminate from the body, eliminated, elimination, elite, elitist, elixer, ell, ellipse, elliptical, elocution.
Turning red, turnkey, turnout, turnpike, turpitude, turquoise, tusk, tussle, tutelage, tutor, tutorial, tutoring, twaddle, tweet, twelve p.m., twerp, twice as much, twig, twilight, twin, twine, twinge, twinkle, twinkling, twirl, twist, twist grip, twisted, twister, twisting.
Thin and weak, thin layer, thin rope, thing, things, think, think about, think over, think up, thinkable, thinking, thirst, thirstiness, thirsty, thirty-six-inch ruler, this one, thither, thong, thorax, thorn, thorny, thorough, thoroughbred, thoroughfare, thoroughly, thoroughness, though, thought, thoughtful, thoughtfully.